Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Says Daryl Needs Closure on Rick’s Fate

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus claims that Daryl needs closure on exactly what happened to Rick Grimes after his disappearance earlier this season. The midway point of The Walking Dead season 9 was punctuated by the dramatic departure of lead actor Andrew Lincoln, who had portrayed protagonist Rick Grimes since the show began in 2010. However, Rick’s exit was far from clear cut. Instead of succumbing to a zombie bite or being shot by ruthless villains, Rick blew up a bridge he was standing on in order to stop a horde of zombies reaching his fellow survivors. Having survived the initial blast, Rick washed up on the river bank with serious injuries and was secretly spirited away in a helicopter by the mysterious Jadis.

Many of the remaining characters assume Rick to be dead, despite having never found a body, but some refuse to give up hope. Rick’s partner Michonne has been seen in flashbacks scouring the river for any signs of her missing lover, but in the present timeline is more preoccupied with leading a community and raising two children. Daryl Dixon, on the other hand, is far more devoted to the idea that Rick may still be alive. Daryl has separated himself from the other survivors in order to focus on finding out what happened to Rick, swearing to never give up on finding his friend.

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Norman Reedus, the actor who has played the popular character since season 1, has now weighed in on Daryl’s ongoing hunt for Rick and his inability to move on like the others in his community have. Speaking on AMC’s The Walking Dead analysis and interview show Talking Dead (via Comicbook), Reedus stated:

“If he [Rick] died, where’s his body? And he’s [Daryl] a master tracker; he can get you from here to there no problem. He’s very intuitive and he’s very observant, and he just can’t find it. It makes no sense to him. Michonne’s doing it a little bit, and she kind of even says something to the effect of, ‘We have to go forward.’ I don’t know. I think it’s hard for him to swallow. I think he needs closure. There’s a piece of this puzzle missing.”

In recent episodes, Daryl has perhaps started to have put his search to one side, as he deals with the oncoming threat of the Whisperers and the task of protecting teenage sweethearts Henry and Lydia from the latter’s abusive mother. These responsibilities have arguably helped Daryl move away from his isolated mission to discover Rick’s fate and back towards the communities that his friends are trying to build a future for.

Having said that, Rick’s story would no doubt feel very incomplete if no one ever found out he survived the explosion. Michonne and Daryl are currently in a state a limbo, and since viewers know that Rick is still alive, they are willing Rick’s loved ones to discover the truth for themselves, rather than continue to wrongly assume he perished. While Andrew Lincoln’s time on The Walking Dead may be over, at least one Rick-centric movie has been confirmed by AMC. This project would provide a perfect opportunity for the show to tie off those loose emotional ends and give Daryl the closure he desperately needs.

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The Walking Dead continues tonight with “The Calm Before” on AMC.

Source: Talking Dead (via Comicbook)

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Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker to Star in Post-Apocalyptic Monster Problems

The Walking Dead star Michael Rooker is set for a leading role in Monster Problems, from Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy. In addition to playing Daryl Dixon’s bad guy brother Merle on TWD, Rooker also made a lot of fans for his portrayal of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel. Yondu indeed became a central character in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and his send-off gave the film an unexpectedly poignant touch.

Long before joining the MCU as the man who kidnapped Peter Quill, Rooker made a skin-crawling impression in his debut feature, the intense drama Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Rooker would make more memorable supporting appearances in big movies throughout the ’80s and ’90s, including Mississippi Burning, JFK, Cliffhanger and Tombstone. His movie career had largely dried up however by the time Frank Darabont enlisted him to play Merle in season 1 of The Walking Dead. Later, Merle would return to TWD as a minion of the villainous Governor.

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As reported by Deadline, Rooker will once again find himself battling his way through the post-apocalypse, as he’s set to take on a starring role in the movie Monster Problems. Directed by Michael Matthews, the film is a coming of age story set in a post-apocalypse where monsters have overrun the earth. The film, produced by Stranger Things’ Levy, sees Rooker playing an expert hunter named Clyde who teaches survival skills to the film’s lead character Joel Dawson, who’s played by Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner). Reportedly, Paramount Players sees the film as a potential franchise starter.

Monster Problems is just the latest high-profile project to involve Levy after the breakout success of his Netflix series Stranger Things. On the directorial side of things, Levy will next tackle Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds as a bank teller who discovers he’s a character in an open world video game. Levy is also attached to the long-gestating sequel to John Carpenter’s Starman, as well as the sci-fi movie Crater. The producer-director will also make time to launch a new incarnation of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix. Of course, Levy’s Stranger Things is also getting set to return for a third season.

Given his track record as a genre producer and director with a horror bent, it’s not much of a surprise to see Levy once again conjuring monsters for his new movie Monster Problems. Fans of The Walking Dead‘s Merle Dixon will no doubt be delighted to see Rooker back out there doing battle with post-apocalyptic creatures again, this time as the good guy (and hopefully with both hands intact).


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The Walking Dead Explains Daryl & Michonne’s “X” Scars

The Walking Dead finally explains what Daryl and Michonne’s “X” scars mean – including what happened and when – in season 9, episode 14, “Scars”, which also takes place early on in the six-year time jump that transformed the series. After Andrew Lincoln’s departure as Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead jumped forward six years, and in one of the first episodes, audiences noticed that Michonne had an “X” scar on the lower side of her back.

It was later revealed that Daryl also had an “X” scar in the same spot. This, coupled with the fact that Michonne and Alexandria have been hesitant to accept outsiders, meant that something bad happened in The Walking Dead‘s time jump. Given that Hilltop and Kingdom weren’t as apprehensive, and that tensions between Hilltop and Kingdom aren’t as strained as they are with Alexandria, it was deduced that whatever happened in The Walking Dead‘s time jump only occurred to Alexandria – and, more specifically, to Daryl and Michonne. And after all this time, we finally have some answers.

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The Walking Dead episode “Scars” mostly takes place several months into the time jump, with Michonne pregnant. One day, a woman named Jocelyn and several kids are brought into Alexandria, and it turns out that Jocelyn is an old friend of Michonne’s, from before the apocalypse. So, of course, they accept them in. But that was a mistake. When Judith and other Alexandrian kids were sleeping over at Jocelyn’s place (and playing with her adopted kids), Jocelyn took them away in the middle of the night.

Upon discovering that Judith and the rest of the children from Alexandria had been taken, Michonne went out searching for them along with Daryl. They find them at an abandoned building and are quickly taken captive since they’re reluctant to hurt children – and that’s what ultimately led to them receiving their “X” scars. While captive, Jocelyn forced the children to brand Daryl and Michonne; it was part of Jocelyn’s way to teach the children to adapt to the new, real world. The kids brand their targets and then hunt them (which itself doesn’t make sense, considering the “X” branding is on the lower back).

Since only Daryl and Michonne were the only people to find the children, it seems they are the only ones who were branded, and eventually developed the “X” scars on their backs. It’s unclear what the actual purpose was of the “X” scars and how it hardened Jocelyn’s children, but at least The Walking Dead viewers now know where those “X” scars came from and from whom, which is why Michonne is so suspicious of outsiders, even people she knows personally.

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The Walking Dead: 10 Dead Characters We Miss

Ever since its very first season, The Walking Dead has been killing off major characters. Along with Game of Thrones, it helped to establish characters coming and going, dying in horrific ways and being quickly replaced after spending a couple of seasons becoming everyone’s favorite character, as the new norm for TV drama.

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Over the past nine seasons, The Walking Dead has introduced and subsequently killed off dozens of characters. There might even be more dead characters than alive characters. Naturally, there are some we wish were still alive. So, without further ado, here are 10 Dead TWD Characters We Miss.

10 Tyreese

Tyreese was an awesome character. Played brilliantly by The Wire’s Chad L. Coleman, he was one of the strongest characters on the show, tearing through a cabin full of walkers with his bare hands and then kicking down the front door to save Judith from a cannibal on the outskirts of Terminus.

He had such an unceremonious death, too. The group was checking out a gated community that they might be able to live in, or at least find some supplies to pilfer, and he suffered a little nip from a walker he didn’t notice until it was too late.

9 Olivia

Olivia was killed by Negan for standing up to the Saviors. Everyone else just got down on their knees and bowed before him and did his bidding, because they were terrified of him, but not Olivia. She stood up to Negan, and because of that, she became popular with the fans.

The popularity of the character was unexpected, but given what a strong soul she is, it’s hardly surprising. Ann Mahoney, who played Olivia, said, “There’s a part of me that worried that people would not care that I was gone so I’m really pleasantly surprised that everyone was so upset.”

8 Shiva

As a tiger, Shiva didn’t have any lines, but she was a really important character. She had a great backstory, pledging allegiance to King Ezekiel after he saved her from a zoo at the time of the zombie outbreak.

Watching her struggle against a crowd of walkers as she was simply outnumbered and overpowered by them, eventually giving up and allowing herself to be eaten, was just heartbreaking. She was one of the Kingdom’s greatest assets, as she pounced on Saviors and tore them to pieces with her razor-sharp teeth. It’s a real shame that she’s no longer with us.

7 Sasha

It was clear that Sasha was on her way out as soon as Sonequa Martin-Green signed on to star in Star Trek: Discovery. She went out in a really cool way, poisoning herself while she was transported to Alexandria so that when Negan opened the coffin she was in, she would lunge out at him, zombified, and maybe bite him – or at least give her friends the chance to pounce.

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But as exemplified by her selfless suicidal act, Sasha is one of the smartest, strongest, quickest-thinking, most level-headed characters in TWD history and she deserved to live much longer than that.

6 Noah

While his epic revolving door death scene allowed for the hilarious “Everybody Ate Chris” meme and also made for a haunting moment in the show’s history, Tyler James Williams’ character Noah deserved to stick around for longer.

He forged a strong friendship with Beth at the hospital – telling her, “They think I’m scrawny. They think I’m weak. But they don’t know s**t about me, about what I am, about what you are,” setting himself up for an awesome future on the show – and he became a valued member of the group before he was killed by a horde of walkers.

5 Jesus

Poor Tom Payne. The Jesus character had so much more potential. As Payne pointed out himself, he was happy when Jesus was killed off, because he wasn’t being properly utilized anyway: “I was kind of frustrated with what I had gotten to do on the show and I was kind of a bit bored with it. If I wasn’t being given anything, I was kind of ready to go.”

Still, he got to go out with style. His chilling graveyard death scene in the season 9 midseason finale is what signaled the arrival of the Whisperers in the TV series.

4 Denise

We want Tara to be happy, because she’s one of the most lovable characters on the show, and with Denise, she finally found the happiness she was looking for. And then, as quickly as she got it, she lost it. The arrow bursting through Denise’s face after Dwight shot Daryl’s crossbow at the back of her head was meant for Abraham.

That’s who meets his end that way at that point in the comics. However, in the show, that death scene was given to Denise and a character who was just becoming interesting was cut down in her prime. It was certainly a harrowing moment, but at what cost?

3 Beth

If only we could take back seeing the look of devastation on Maggie’s face when she saw Daryl emerge from the hospital with Beth’s corpse slumped in his arms, we want Beth back. Emily Kinney was always great in the role. Also, Beth’s demise wasn’t really fitting for a character as smart and fierce and lovable as her.

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She wanted to stand up for herself, but she chose the worst time and the worst way to do it. The police officer who’d been bullying her did deserve her comeuppance, but Beth stabbing the trigger-happy cop in the shoulder with a pair of scissors right at the moment they were releasing her was dumb.

2 Hershel

The sad thing about this is that even if Hershel had survived, he wouldn’t be on the show anymore, because Scott Wilson, the actor who played him, unfortunately passed away last year. He had a great career, going all the way back to the violent 1967 film adaptation of Truman Capote’s true crime novel In Cold Blood.

He was always one of the warmest and most beloved characters on The Walking Dead – whether he was getting adjusted to being an amputee or suggesting “Spaghetti Tuesdays,” he was the kind, old Santa lookalike who always kept the group of survivors together. He went out in the most brutal way possible at the hands of the Governor.

1 Glenn

It’s safe to say that if Negan hadn’t knocked Glenn’s eye out of its socket in the season 7 premiere just to prove a point to Daryl, a lot of people who tuned out of TWD years ago would still be watching it. His death is what lost the show a lot of its dedicated fans, because it was unnecessarily violent and drawn-out – and we’d just groaned through that gimmicky dumpster fake-out death, so it wasn’t exactly his time.

And Glenn was always one of the most popular characters on the show, with a romantic storyline and a soon-to-be parent storyline.

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Fear The Walking Dead: All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5

With the wild success of The Walking Dead, creators followed up the series’ fifth season with Fear The Walking Dead, a spin-off series following the Clark family and other survivors in Texas. FTWD has received fairly positive reviews, but it struggled in the shadow of TWD. Recently, though, it’s moved out from that shadow and become its own, strong journey. Oddly enough, it only took getting rid of most everyone it started with and adding a fan-favorite from TWD: Morgan.

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Changing the series has thus far pleased fans, but next season will see if the improvements stick. In season 5, the group will be heading out on a hero’s journey to try to save other survivors. Only time will tell what they find along the way. While a lot of characters have been lost along the way, there are still quite a few left around.

Here are All The Characters Making An Appearance In Season 5.


After having a pretty rough time on The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones transferred over to FTWD to pull his life back together. By now, he’s lost his wife, son, and almost lost his humanity. What else does he have to lose? Though he leans into violence in the face of the zombie apocalypse, Morgan shows time and time again that he can be a good person, underneath it all.

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When fans last left him, he chose to cuff the mad Martha instead of lose his life or end hers. Ultimately, he just focuses on just trying to save his new family, with Al and the other survivors. Furthermore, he’s decided he doesn’t just want to survive, he wants to help save people, too.


As the only main character left by season 5, Alicia Clark has a lot of emotional baggage on her. She started out the series as a young volunteer nurse and now is a vital member of the survivors. Not only does she help heal, but she’s tough and worn. This whole zombie situation has changed her, and time will only tell how much more she changes.

When the finale happened, Alicia just joined back up with the survivors and saved Al from some walkers. After learning she’s the last member of her family alive, she had to face mortality and what this meant for her. Season 5 will see Alicia as the only living Clark using her skills to help heal others on the road.


Between several aliases and nurse skills that haunt her, June has always been a complex, tortured character. Fans meet when she holds a gun to Maddie Clark’s head in season 4. Since then, June has found a way to integrate into the group and find her own way. She’s even started a romance with fellow survivor John.

In season 5, viewers will find June working with the others to help other survivors. As a nurse, she’ll be a vital part of the team. however, she’ll probably have to see even more grief and loss. Will she stay reformed or go back to her secretive, evasive ways?


Before the apocalypse, John was a cop and a great shot. While his actions helped protect the town, eventually a fatal event leaves him feeling guilty and he secluded himself. Once the zombies started, he stayed a recluse until a woman named “Laura” came to his door. They fell in love, but she ditched him out of fear, and John finally left his sanctuary to find her.

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Then he meets the core cast of survivors and finds her, really named June, all over again. Where fans last left him, he was reaffirming his feelings for June and surviving the anti-freeze scare. Though he’s given up his gun aversion, Season 5 will tell if picking up a rifle again was worth it.


In season 4, Althea joins the cast of survivors as an ex-journalist seeking the truth. She specialized in taped interviews, trying to get stories from people. However, it’s revealed her tapes aren’t just of strangers, but also people she loved and lost, making them all the more important to her. When her life was in danger, she even made a tape to ask whoever found them to keep them safe.

Though Althea has several close brushes with peril in the last season, she’s made it to season 5 and is en route to help others on the road. Her compassion, friendliness, and survivalist instincts make her a fan favorite.


Selfish and strong, Victor was once a wealthy man with some knowledge on how the zombies came to be. When he’s first introduced, he’s a ruthless man who believes in survival of the fittest. His own worth comes before others, and he thinks that makes him strong. However, after time with the core survivors, he wants to make a change for the better.

Though Strand questions Morgan’s season 4 finale plan to help survivors on the road, he still sticks with the group and supports them. Season 5 will likely see more of his growing compassion. That is, unless so much risk to help others slides him back into his old ways.


Ex-girlfriend of complicated Clark son, Nick, Luciana joined the group in season 3 when they escaped the depot of armed soldiers. In her time with the survivors, she grew close to Nick’s family, Maddie and Alicia. Despite losing Nick, she stayed with them. Brave and resourceful, Luciana has become a vital member of the group. Ultimately, her chat with dying survivor Clayton, about getting him a beer, saves everyone from anti-freeze poisoning.

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In season 5, Luciana’s street-wise skills will become even more important, rustling up supplies and keeping out of sight from walkers. However, she still needs to find belonging in this world without Nick.


Though initially appearing charismatic and helpful, Troy has a dark streak to him that always posed danger to his fellow survivors. He embraced the new life among zombies, an unsettling but useful trait. Unfortunately, Troy’s cruel streak catches up to him and he turns into the bad guy by the end of season 3. After all, leading a zombie horde to your home isn’t something you can spin to sound good.

While Maddie bludgeoned the guy, apparently it didn’t end his life. Troy will be back in season 5. Only time will tell if it’s for redemption or vengeance.


When it comes to characters, Grace is the ultimate mystery. Unlike all other confirmed cast for season 5, Grace is going to be a newcomer that fans know nothing about. Played by Karen David of Once Upon a Time and Galavant fame, this role will likely be much more serious than her most famous fare.

At best, fans can presume she’ll likely be a survivor the group meets on the road that they help. As she’s to become a season regular, she’ll probably stay after they’ve assisted her. But will she be a new good guy or a bad guy with a sweet face?


Coming from The Walking Dead, Dwight was a Saviors underling who helped Rick dethrone Negan. After all, he took his wife for himself. When Negan is downed, Sherry has run away and Dwight heads out on a new journey to find her. Somehow, that lands him in Texas with the FTWD folks. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look very happy at all. Does this mean Sherry didn’t make it?

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Dwight is a good man with a cruel bone in him, one that lets him be a vicious Savior for the sake of his wife. However, has that cruel bone infected the rest of his body without Sherry to protect?


As an ex-CIA agent, Daniel Salazar knows how to take down an enemy. Though that can make him intimidating, he also can be a caring man who regrets all the terrible truths of his past. After losing his wife and daughter, he becomes more hardened and cautious of others. Last fans saw him was in season 3 at the dam, facing off against Nick, his fate left ambiguous.

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With two seasons of time missing, Daniel is supposed to be coming back for season 5. It will reveal what he’s been up to and why he’s met up with the main cast of survivors again.


A child warped by The Vultures, Charlie was sent to Morgan’s group as a spy. Since her parent’s turning in front of her eyes, she just focused on survival. Though she started off helping the enemy and sending information, she bonded with the main cast and turned on her original party. Finding a father figure in John and growing to care for the others, she has a home again. Even though she ended Nick’s life, they ultimately accept her.

With the others, Charlie will be back for season 5. As the youngest member of the group and an ex-villain, her growth in the coming season will be complex.

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The Walking Dead’s New Highwaymen Are Replacing The Saviors

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 9, episode 13.

The Walking Dead season 9 introduces a new group of survivors – The Highwaymen – making them new allies as well as a replacement for the Saviors. Since the time jump, The Walking Dead has gone through all kinds of changes, but the biggest change is how the communities are now so estranged from one another. Before Rick “died”, the communities were on their way to rebuilding civilization, but since then, they’ve each grown more isolated and paranoid.

The Walking Dead season 9 also sees the survivors up against a new enemy – the Whisperers. They’re a group who disguise themselves with the skins of the dead, moving among herds of walkers, and are led by a cruel woman who goes by the name, Alpha. The Whisperers are unlike any enemy the survivors have fought before and they are without a doubt the most dangerous threat they’ve faced. And in order to fight this most dangerous enemy, the survivors are going to need all the help they can get.

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Earlier this season, The Walking Dead introduced a mysterious symbol that appeared to mark a border of some kind. And originally, we speculated this symbol was linked to the Whisperers and might be setting up an attack on the fair. Now, however, it’s been revealed that the symbol belongs to the Highwaymen – a new group who are patrolling the roads nearby the Kingdom and stealing from unsuspecting passersby, just as their name would suggest. So who are the Highwaymen and how might they be replacing the Saviors?

Who Are The Walking Dead’s Highwaymen?

The Highwaymen make their first appearance in The Walking Dead season 9 episode “Chokepoint”, coming in to conflict with the Kingdom. They first attack a group being led by Jerry, holding them a gunpoint and stealing their armor, weapons, and other supplies. They give Jerry a letter (marked by that strange symbol that looks like sideways “K”) to deliver to Ezekiel, informing the Kingdom that they must either give the Highwaymen the supplies they demand or all those traveling to the fair will be forced to pay a toll.

Outraged at the fair’s success being held for ransom, Ezekiel – along with Carol, Jerry, and others from the Kingdom – head out to confront the Highwaymen. And initially, Ezekiel believes their only option will be to kill them, but Carol sees another way. She believes that since the Highwaymen didn’t kill Jerry’s group when they so easily could have, then they may be people with whom they can talk and maybe even strike a deal. At the meeting place, the Kingdom makes them a new offer: the Highwaymen are welcome to come and trade at the fair in return for keeping the roads safe and clear for those traveling to the Walking Dead‘s upcoming fair.

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And at first, the Highwaymen aren’t all that interested, believing their original offer is still the better deal for them. Then Carol pulls out her trump card – if the Highwaymen come to fair, they can watch a movie thanks to the Kingdom recently having secured a new bulb for their projector. And the promise of a such treat proves to be more than enough to sway the Highwaymen into agreeing to their terms. When Tara’s group are traveling from Alexandria and run in to trouble on the road, the Highwaymen come to their rescue, and later on in the episode, the Highwaymen are officially welcomed to the Kingdom.

How The Highwaymen Will Replace The Saviors

The Highwaymen’s transition from enemies into friends is faster than any group ever encountered on The Walking Dead, but there’s a good reason why – there are spots for five communities to sign Walking Dead‘s charter, but only four communities remain: Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Oceanside. The Sanctuary no longer exists, having been abandoned during the time jump, and the only remaining Saviors were killed by Carol after they attacked her and Henry on their way to Hilltop. That leaves a vacancy the Highwaymen could very easily fill.

Ezekiel’s plan is for all the communities who come to the fair to sign the charter, symbolizing that they are again a unified people. Bringing the Highwaymen into that union only makes sense given how quickly they made peace with the Kingdom. Obviously, the Highwaymen are not bad people. If they were, they’d have killed Jerry’s group as well as Ezekiel and Carol when they came to bargain. In which case, The Highwaymen are replacing the Saviors by being that fifth community to sign the charter, but they aren’t going to be anywhere near as dangerous or difficult of a community.

With threats like the Whisperers not going away anytime soon, the survivors need all the allies they can get. Having the Highwaymen join alongside the other communities only makes sense, better preparing them for war that’s sure to come.

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The Walking Dead season 9 airs Sundays on AMC.

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5 Characters Who Will Survive Season 9 Of The Walking Dead (And 5 Who Won’t)

If there’s one the thing The Walking Dead does better than any other TV show, its character deaths. 9 seasons in and The Walking Dead has given us some of the most memorable TV deaths this decade. Who could forget Abe and Glenn’s brutal death-by-bat double whammy? Or Hershel’s decapitation? Or Carl’s slow death after a fatal run-in with some walkers? Whatever criticisms you can give the show, its handling of character deaths have all been different and all memorable.

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Which brings us to season 9. After the introduction of the Whisperers, this season has been the scariest and most unpredictable one yet. It’s not completely clear yet who will make it out of the series alive but there are ways we can have a very good guess. Read on to see who will probably get out of the season lives intact and those who definitely won’t. Beware, spoilers for both the TV show and comic book follow.

10 Alive: Daryl

To nobody’s surprise, our newly crowned leading man will not be killed off this season. After Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes was miraculously flown away on a helicopter, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon has taken over the reins as the show’s number 1. Despite it looking as if he’s going to be in a couple of tight spots in the remaining season 9 episodes (a huge showdown with Whisperer number 2, Beta, is on the horizon) he’s going to stick around for a good while longer.

Reedus loves the show and he’s shown no sign of quitting, renegotiating his contract after Lincoln left. He’s a fan favorite character too, and The Walking Dead wouldn’t be the same without him. At the very least, he’s got to stick around until we’ve found out what those ‘X’ shaped scars are all about.

9 Dead: Ezekiel

Comic book readers might have a head start (ha) when it comes to the fate of dear old King Ezekiel. While the communities hold the much talked about fair (something the show is building up), Alpha disguises herself as an Alexandrian and infiltrates the fairgrounds. Slowly, she starts luring people away from the fair and decapitating them. Then along the border of the Whisperers’ land, she puts the numerous heads on wooden pikes which, surprisingly, includes the leader of the Kingdom and occasional Michonne love interest; King Ezekiel.

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The show currently differs slightly in that Ezekiel doesn’t have an on-again-off-again relationship with Michonne, but rather a full-blown marriage to Carol.  Which means if Khary Payton’s TV show Ezekiel gets his comic book counterpart’s death, it’s going to be even more surprising.

8 Alive: Connie

Now this one might be a bit of a guess but the show does seem to be building up the importance of Lauren Ridloff’s Connie and to kill her off now would be a waste. If the name Connie doesn’t ring a bell that’s because she’s one of the show’s newest characters, introduced as a member of Magna’s group.

The whole group is interesting and diverse, but Connie stands out because of her badass attitude, holding her own against resident badass Daryl Dixon, despite being deaf. And in recent episodes, it seems like there’s a budding romance between Daryl and Connie, indicating that perhaps Connie is destined to stick around on the show for a little while longer.

7 Dead: Rosita

Similarly to seeing King Ezekiel’s newfound marital bliss, news of Rosita’s pregnancy will have had readers of The Walking Dead comics shaking in their boots. In the comics, Rosita was also pregnant (although we never found out the father) but this turned out to be short-lived, as before long Rosita was lured away by Alpha and decapitated.

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Rick and the gang later found her head adorning the border wall of the Whisperer’s land along with Ezekiel. Perhaps the show will not be so cruel as killing a pregnant woman, and a badass fan favorite character at that, but we wouldn’t be so sure. If there’s one thing The Walking Dead likes, it’s surprising deaths of our favorite characters (see: Glenn).

6 Alive: Negan

If a couple of years ago, you’d told fans of The Walking Dead TV show that Negan – the man who brutally beat Abraham and Glenn to death – was soon going to be one of the good guys, they’d laugh in your face. But that’s what comic book readers have been thinking ever since his 2016 introduction.

‘Good guy’ might be an exaggeration but it’s certainly true that in the comics Negan is released and helps Rick and the communities in the whisperer war arc. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan in the show isn’t there yet, but he’s getting close. Episode 12 of season 9 “Guardians” saw Negan pleading with Michonne that he’s changed and to let him help. She turned him down of course but it won’t be long before she goes crawling back. Negan is going to be around for quite a bit longer.

5 Dead: Henry

A controversial choice perhaps, after all, Henry has only recently begun to take center stage and with Carl gone, he’s been taking on many of Carl’s comic book storylines (namely the Carl and Lydia romance plot line). But the show has never been that obvious with its adaptation of the comics and how better to pull the rug from under us than my killing off someone unexpected? By first killing off her husband and then her ‘son’, these deaths are going to hit Carol the hardest.

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But that sets up a perfect Carol versus Alpha showdown; two mothers, both changed into hardened killers by the apocalypse. It almost writes itself! Like they did with Negan’s memorable introduction, the show is not going to recreate iconic moments from the comics shot-for-shot. Killing Henry would be an ideal way of shaking things up.

4 Alive: Judith

This one is obvious; the show is not going to kill off Judith Grimes. Not only because she is a child, although I think that would be a little too grim even for this show, but because she has taken over the mantle of Sherrif Grimes. Like her father and brother before her, she wears the iconic cowboy hat.

Despite her comic book counterpart being long dead by this point, she’s got many more storylines left to play out. As the last Grimes standing she’s going to take on not just Carl’s storylines, but maybe some of Rick’s too. Her quasi-fatherly relationship with Negan is only just blossoming too and will continue playing a big part in Negan’s turn to the good side.

3 Dead: Father Gabriel

Does anyone remember what Father Gabriel was doing at this point in the comics? Because I don’t. At some point in the whisperer war, Gabriel is forgettably killed by Beta. But his TV counterpart is so much better than comic book Father Gabriel, it’s almost a shame to put him in this list. However, Gabriel’s time is almost up.

The Rosita love triangle he’s found himself in has too many people in it. The camp’s doctor, Siddiq, is too important to kill off and Eugene has lots of stories left. But Gabriel has already had his full arc; going from cowardly vicar to badass, gun-toting, one-eyed preacher. There are not many places the character can go at this point and when characters are at their happiest, that’s when tragedy strikes.

2 Alive: Michonne

Not long after the departure of the show’s leading man, we are also going to lose its leading woman too. Danai Gurira, who plays the sword-wielding Michonne, is set to leave the show sometime in season 10 having signed on for a handful of episodes in that season.

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Michonne has been a main cast member of the show since season 3 and season 9 has seen her taking on some of Rick’s comic book storylines as the leader of Alexandria. But the sad news that she is leaving in season 10 means one thing is for certain; we won’t be seeing Michonne die in season 9. What happens next season is anyone’s guess but for now she is safe.

1 Dead: Jerry

This hurts to write. Jerry is always happy, whether he’s eating cobbler or singing along to ‘It’s Alright Now’ by Eddie Harris. Recently we’ve heard that Jerry and his wife Nabila have recently had kids, three of them in fact, something which makes Jerry even happier. And as we’ve previously seen with Glenn, Abe, Noah, Lori, and so many others; tragedy strikes when these characters are at their happiest.

Jerry is a fan favorite character, something that might ordinarily protect him, but he’s also not that important. Killing him would provoke the right reaction from the audience but without the show having to lose one of its main players. Unfortunately, it looks as if Jerry’s time is up.

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Tom Bumby

The Fallen Cast Of The Walking Dead: What They’re Up To Now

The cast of The Walking Dead sees a lot of turnover. In a world inhabited by hordes of zombies, it makes sense not many people last long. We’ve seen a lot of characters die on the show over the years; some have been fan-favorites we hated to see go, while other characters have been gone before we could remember their names.

Along with the long line of death, the show has also featured some great actors. And just because they might have met grim ends on The Walking Dead, doesn’t mean we can’t follow them to their next projects. Check out what some of the fallen Walking Dead cast members are up to now.

10 Jon Bernthal As Shane

Shane was first introduced as partner and friend to Rick Grimes. But given his relationship with Rick’s wife, Lori, you knew he wasn’t going to last long. By the second season, Shane had become unhinged and cold-blooded. Eventually, he tried to kill Rick, but Rick managed to kill him first.

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Jon Bernthal is one of the most successful actors to come out of The Walking Dead. The role of Shane led to plenty of movies and the titular role in The Punisher series. Though The Punisher is now canceled, Bernthal has several high-profile film projects on the horizon, including the Sopranos prequel film.

9 Xander Berkeley As Gregory

Gregory was the leader of the Hilltop Colony when Rick and the other survivors showed up. While he seemed fond of his position of power, he is shown to be cowardly and lets Negan do whatever he wants with his people. After Maggie takes over as leader, Gregory tries to have her killed but fails. He is hanged for his troubles.

Xander Berkeley is one of those character actors who pops up everywhere. Since leaving The Walking Dead, he’s worked steadily. He recently appeared in the Johnny Depp film, City of Lies as well as an episode of Supergirl.

8 Lawrence Gilliard Jr. As Bob

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. was already well-known to television audiences, having starred on two seasons of The Wire. He joined The Walking Dead in season four as Bob Stookey. Bob managed to last until season five when he was bitten, harvested by cannibals, turned into a Walker, and eventually put down.

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These days, Gilliard Jr. can be seen in a much safer television environment. He reunited with The Wire creators for the new series The Deuce. Gilliard has played Detective Chris Alston on two seasons of the HBO show.

7 Jeffrey DeMunn As Dale

Dale was one of the rare good people in this post-apocalyptic world. He was kind, wise, and something of a father-figure for the group. Needless to say, he wasn’t going to last long. After being bitten by a Walker, Rick was forced to put him out of his misery.

DeMunn in a frequent collaborator of Frank Darabont, which is how he found himself on The Walking Dead. However, after Darabont left the show in the second season, DeMunn followed. He is currently a part of a new cast on Showtime’s Billions which is now in its fourth season.

6 Chad Coleman As Tyreese

Like Lawrence Gilliard Jr, Chad Coleman is a former cast member of The Wire. He later joined the cast of The Walking Dead in season three as Tyreese, one of the most popular characters from the comic series. Despite the popularity of the character, he would only last until season five when Tyreese was bitten and died of blood loss.

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Nowadays, you might not even recognize Coleman in his new role. He currently plays Klyden, an alien and life partner of Lieutenant Commander Bortus, in Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi series, The Orville. The show is in its second season on Fox.

5 Laurie Holden As Andrea

Laurie Holden was part of the original cast of The Walking Dead as the strong and brave Andrea. She managed to make it until season three when she The Governor locks her in a room with a Walker and is fed upon.

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Holden was another of Frank Darabont’s frequent collaborators, having appeared in The Majestic and The Mist. After leaving The Walking Dead, she appeared in several high-profile projects like The Americans and is now in the new series, Proven Innocent. She can also be seen alongside Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn in the cop drama, Dragged Across Concrete.

4 Sonequa Martin-Green As Sasha

Joining the show in the third season, Sasha was Tyreese’s sister and a fierce survivor. However, after watching her brother and several close friends die, and then being taken by Negan, Sasha decides to stop fighting. She kills herself so her reanimated corpse can attack Negan and his people.

Sonequa Martin-Green has seen a lot of success since leaving The Walking Dead. She went from having a small role on that show to landing the starring role in Star Trek: Discovery, where she plays Michael Burnham. The CBS All-Access show is currently in its second season.

3 Michael Rooker As Merle

Merle was a pretty awful racist and violent man who was only made tolerable thanks to Michael Rooker’s performance. He is first seen as a member of the main group of survivors but reappears as part of The Governor’s crew. After betraying the Governor, he is killed and turns in to a Walker.

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After The Walking Dead, Rooker found his biggest success to date, playing Yondu in the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films. Expect him to have some kind of role in his pal James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2, as well.

2 Steven Yeun As Glenn

Glenn was one of the show’s most popular characters, having been around since the beginning. After many close-calls, Glenn finally meets his end at the hands of Negan. Glenn is beaten to death with a baseball bat in one of the show’s most controversial deaths.

Since The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun has slowly been building a strong resume of stellar film roles. In 2018, he appeared in the critically-acclaimed film Sorry to Bother You. He also received great acclaim for his truly unsettling performance in the South Korean mystery, Burning.

1 Chandler Riggs As Carl

Carl Grimes started the show as the cute and quiet son of Rick and Lori. But over the course of eight seasons, he grew in both size and personality. Carl became more violent and dark thanks to the world of death around him. Finally, Carl is bitten and decides to kill himself after saying goodbye to his father and Michonne.

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Chandler Riggs basically grew up on The Walking Dead. We first met him as a young boy and saw him leave as an adult. Though his exit from the show is somewhat controversial, he has moved on, recently guest starring on the series A Million Little Things.

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All The Walking Dead Villains, Ranked

In the first couple of seasons of The Walking Dead, the only villains were the undead roaming the Earth. That seemed to be enough to keep the audience’s interest. But when that turned out to be untrue, the show started bringing in human villains. This fit in with the premise of a post-apocalyptic world in which other surviving humans are a bigger threat than zombies.

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Now that the show’s been on the air for almost a decade, we’ve gotten to know quite a few different villains. As the show rounds out its ninth season, here are all The Walking Dead Villains, ranked.

10 Gregory

It can’t be stressed enough just how hated Gregory was as a character. He never made any firm allegiances with anyone. He led the Hilltop and refused to help anyone, and then begged for help when he was threatened by Negan. Then he went and sided with Negan because it seemed like the easy option, and when Negan kicked him out, he tried to get back into the Hilltop.

Eventually, Maggie was sick of this slimy dude screwing everyone around, so she had him publicly hanged. Gregory was one of TWD‘s most hated characters, but he was never menacing in the slightest, so he wasn’t a great villain.

9 Dwight

When we met Dwight in season 6, he seemed like a complete jerk. Daryl had helped him, and then to return the favor, Dwight went and stole Daryl’s motorcycle and crossbow. After that, he was dead to most of The Walking Dead‘s fan base, the same fan base that popularized the “If Daryl dies, we riot” campaign.

However, as it turns out, that wasn’t the full story. Dwight has been forced into doing Negan’s bidding. He’s not necessarily a bad guy, and he definitely doesn’t side with Negan, but he did murder Denise and offer to do the same to Daryl, so he’s also not a saint.

8 Jadis

Not a lot of people know the name of Jadis’ group, the Scavengers, so they are better known as “the garbage people.” They live at the dump and are much smarter than that would suggest. Her motto is: “We take. We don’t bother.” But she has shown that she doesn’t follow this very closely as she double-crossed Rick and turned on his group, simply because Negan came to her with a better offer. Rick was pretty bothered by that.

Ultimately, Jadis isn’t very powerful, since Simon took out her entire group while he was in a tantrum, but she is an intriguing and duplicitous character.

7 Merle

This is tough to judge because Merle was a great character, but that’s not because he’s a great villain; it’s because he redeemed himself by the end and became a hero. When he first appeared in the second episode of the first season and he was spouting racist language and didn’t care about anybody, viewers would’ve laughed in your face if you told them they’d be close to tears when this guy died in season 3.

But then, since we got to see his path to redemption and his relationship with his brother Daryl, that scene was heartbreaking. He’s a great character, but not necessarily a great villain.

6 Simon

Simon probably wouldn’t have been as memorable if he hadn’t been played by Steven Ogg, best known for voicing Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V. But since he was, what could’ve just been Negan’s lackey suddenly became a character of his own. Simon always did a great job of intimidating the communities under Negan’s thumb, and his relationship with Gregory was particularly tense.

Plus, Simon’s snap decision to eliminate all the Scavengers besides Jadis established him as a man with a dangerous mind. Unfortunately, it also established him as a man that Negan would soon kill for disobeying his orders.

5 The Governor

What makes the Governor stand out as a villain is that he was the first main villain on the show. We’d had Shane, but he didn’t really count. He wasn’t leading an army against Rick like most TWD villains are; he was just crazy. The Governor had a whole gated community called Woodbury and turned out to be a complete psycho.

He held sadistic zombie games and kept his undead daughter chained up in his house and he had a weird severed head aquarium. The Governor worked as a villain the audience hated, but unfortunately, he’s let down by the three episodes that were dedicated to him in season 4. That’s too much Governor.

4 Owen

We first met Owen, the heartless leader of “the Wolves,” back in season 5 when he and another Wolf tried (and failed) to rob Morgan. Sure enough, he wasn’t gone for good. He came back later after finding Aaron’s backpack and he and the rest of the Wolves attacked Alexandria.

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Benedict Samuel played the role brilliantly, with a truly psychotic demeanor. He made Owen a chilling presence, as did the “W” etched into his forehead. Whenever this character was on-screen, viewers were certainly unnerved. After he was gone, he wasn’t entirely memorable, but he did make an impact in the episodes he was in.

3 Gareth

The second half of season 4 took an interesting structure, as the chaos at the prison had broken up the group and they all separately followed the signs to Terminus. Back then, everyone was optimistic that it would be a safe haven. But of course, as they all arrived there, they realized it was anything but.

The Termites, led by Gareth, were luring people into their community so they could eat them. It was perhaps the show’s darkest storyline up to that point. Since Gareth comes and goes in such a short time period, he doesn’t have much time to make an impact. But thanks to Andrew J. West’s unsettling smirk, the character was an unforgettable psychopath.

2 Shane

What makes Shane a great villain is that he started out as one of the good guys. He was the one who put the hospital bed in front of Rick’s room and saved him from being eaten by walkers in his coma. He kept Rick’s family safe and looked after his wife (if a little too closely). That’s what made his fall from grace so tragic.

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This guy devolved into insanity as he shaved his head, left Otis to die, and tried to sexually assault Lori. In the words of Harvey Dent, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Well, Shane lived long enough to see himself become the villain and then he died, so he got the worst of both worlds.

1 Negan

Of course Negan is top of the list. Who else would be? This guy is the daddy of all Walking Dead villains. Fans eagerly awaited his debut on the show for six long years before he finally showed up, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not disappoint. After the hiccup of the brutally violent season 7 premiere that made a lot of people tune out forever, Negan became the villain you loved to hate.

He would do something horrific like pop Glenn’s eye out with a baseball bat, but then he would also have a sweary one-liner that made you laugh. It’s a difficult line to walk, but Morgan nailed it.

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Walking Dead Renewed For Season 10 at AMC

Ahead of its midseason premiere, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a tenth season. While season 9 is only half over, fans of the post-apocalyptic zombie series can look forward to the show continuing into 2020.

Major changes were made to The Walking Dead during the first half of season 9, beginning with a huge time skip which saw the show jump forward by 18 months. After five episodes, the show lost its lead, when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was supposedly killed while blowing up a bridge. Rick’s “death” was followed by an even bigger time jump. Six years passed, and the entire landscape of The Walking Dead has gone through a massive transformation. The last few episodes have introduced new allies and new villains, known as the Whisperers. The Whisperers are a mysterious gang of humans who pretend to be zombies.

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The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang posted a video on Instagram announcing that the series had been renewed for season 10, which will air in October. The video includes a shot of the Whisperers, which is a clear indication of what direction the show will take when it returns for its tenth season. Eight more episodes remain in season 9, so it was never likely that the new storyline would be resolved in such a short time, particularly since the coming of the Whisperers culminated in the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a key character on the show.

The Whisperers are one of the biggest antagonists in The Walking Dead comics, so it’s not surprising that they’ll be sticking around for more than one season. The storyline involving Negan, for example, lasted for three seasons, so it remains to be seen how long Alexandria and the other communities will have to deal with them.

A tenth season for The Walking Dead was expected, despite all the recent talk of falling ratings. The show’s numbers have been declining since season 7, and its low ratings have broken records several times in its current season, causing some to question the show’s future. However, AMC has expressed plenty of confidence in The Walking Dead brand. In fact, AMC has a decade of content planned for The Walking Dead universe, though its not clear how many more seasons the show itself is expected to last. It should be noted that though The Walking Dead certainly isn’t at its highest point, it remains one of the highest-rated shows on TV.

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10, on AMC.

Source: Angela Kang

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