Walking Dead Reminds Carol That All 5 Of Her Children Are Dead

Warning! SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10 ahead!

The Walking Dead season 10 gives Carol a harsh reminder of the many children she’s lost since the outbreak began. Of course, many characters have lost loved ones over the course of the series, but it’s Carol whose had the misfortune of losing not just one but five children who she’s cared for over the years.

This season on The Walking Dead, Carol is in a very difficult spot. Since returning from her time away at sea (where she assumed a role Michonne had in the comics), Carol has been constantly reminded of everything that happened before she left – mainly, Henry’s murder and her resulting break up with Ezekiel. She’s in a bad place, mentally, and it’s beginning to affect her judgement. Carol wants revenge for Henry and she doesn’t care how she gets it, blatantly crossing the border to antagonize Alpha. She is doing all she can to start a war with Whisperers, seeing that as her best opportunity to kill Alpha.

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Carol’s recklessness continues in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 3, “Ghosts”, as she forgoes sleeping and is instead taking pills to keep herself awake and alert. But when people don’t sleep, they begin to hallucinate, and as the hours drag into days, Carol starts seeing things that aren’t real. These hallucinations take an especially hurtful twist while Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and the others who meet with Alpha spend the night in an abandoned school. While wandering the halls, Carol picks up a home economics text book with a cover photo of a happy mother serving dinner to a table of smiling children. When Carol looks more closely, though, the image distorts to show a picture of herself as the mother serving dinner to the five children she cared for who’ve died – Sophia, Lizzie and Mika Samuels, Sam Anderson, and of course, Henry.

The image is a gruesome and cruel reminder of the many children of Carol’s who are now dead, showing them seated at the table and staring accusingly back at Carol. Included are Sophia, Carol’s biological child from her previous marriage who dies from a walker bite in season 2 and is later shot by Rick Grimes when her zombie form is discovered in Hershel’s barn; Lizzie and Mika, the two girls Carol adopts in season 4 and ultimately must kill Lizzie after she, in her disturbed state of mind, kills Mika; Sam, the young boy Carol bonds with over baking cookies in season 6 who dies when he (and his actual mother, Jessie) gets eaten while fleeing a herd; and lastly, Henry, who was among Alpha’s victims and had his head placed on a pike to mark the Whisperer border in season 9.

In all of these instances, Carol blames herself for the deaths of these children – whether she was actually responsible for killing them or not. Carol is a mother wracked with so much guilt it is driving her mad, and the only outlet for her pain is killing the one person who most recently hurt her. Whether or not she succeeds is The Walking Dead season 10’s story to tell, but it’s clear Carol isn’t going to give up until at either she or Alpha is dead.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday, October 27th with “Silence the Whisperers” at 9pm/8c on AMC.

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Sarah Moran

Walking Dead Backs Up Major FTWD Beta Identity Theory

The Walking Dead appears to be hinting at Beta’s real identity being a singer, which would confirm a theory that developed during the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead. Of course, while characters from the main series have crossed over into the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead still takes place several years before the events of The Walking Dead. But in the recent season, one episode saw Daniel Salazar come across an impressive record collection – and what transpired next could have set up a major twist.

In Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 14, “Today and Tomorrow”, a group of walkers closed in on Daniel and Grace, and in order to survive, Daniel had to leave his newfound record collection behind. Right when they dropped everything and fled, viewers got a quick glimpse at the records that were lying on the ground. One of the covers seemed to have a photo of actor Ryan Hurst, who portrays Beta on The Walking Dead. It spawned a theory that Beta is a singer in The Walking Dead TV series – and now, it seems that theory might be correct.

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In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 2, “We Are The End Of The World”, viewers see how Alpha and Beta first met – and their meeting, along with the brief disappearance of Lydia, highlights how the Whisperers were created. But what’s more interesting, is the episode backs up the Fear the Walking Dead theory. Throughout the episode, the only time Beta truly snaps at Alpha is when she starts humming. He tells her, “Don’t do it again.” And then, “I like it – the sound of the dead. It’s the only song I never want to end.”

Later on, when Alpha removes Beta’s mask, it’s visible on her face that she recognizes him (though audiences don’t get to see his face yet). Taking all the evidence into account, especially since the one thing that sets him off is Alpha’s singing (not the fact she rummages through his things or defies him in leaving the hallway), seems to suggest that the Fear the Walking Dead theory is right. But it still hasn’t been confirmed, and it might not be confirmed for quite some time.

Just like in The Walking Dead comics, Beta almost never removes his mask in the TV series. While it’s implied that he’s unconditionally devoted to Alpha and the Whisperers, the truth is that he was once someone famous – before the zombie apocalypse – and people would easily recognize him if he removed his mask. In the comics, it was revealed that he was a star basketball player. So while it makes sense that he was also someone famous in the TV series, perhaps the writers and producers have chosen to make him a former singer instead of an athlete.

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How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 10 Live & Online

The Walking Dead season 10 is an AMC series, but it’s quite easy for people to watch it live and online around the world. Once one of the most popular shows in the world, The Walking Dead‘s ratings have fallen on hard times, but with showrunner Angela Kang at the helm, the series’ quality started to pick up again in season 9.

No matter how many viewers record The Walking Dead and watch it sometime after it airs, millions of people still tune into the show live and perhaps millions more watch it online. It’s still quite a popular series, even this far into its run (as well as the apocalypse), so it makes sense that people would want the option to watch it either live or online.

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The good thing is that it doesn’t all ride on AMC’s shoulders; The Walking Dead franchise airs on several networks and multiple streaming services around the world. So watching The Walking Dead season 10 live and online is easier than ever before.

The Walking Dead season 10 airs new episodes on AMC every Sunday at 9 pm EDT. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead is not a simulcast series, so people in other time zones, such as those living on the west coast of the United States, have to wait until it’s 9 pm in their areas as well. Those with AMC Premiere subscriptions, however, can watch new episodes two days early – on Fridays.

In the United States, new episodes of The Walking Dead season 10 air live on AMC and only on AMC. People can watch The Walking Dead on-demand via their local cable providers or online on the AMC website after airing by using their cable subscription. Episodes can also be streamed through the AMC app on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Windows, Fire Tablets, Roku, and Xbox One. Furthermore, viewers can also purchase episodes after airing on Amazon Prime.

Just as in the United States, The Walking Dead season 10 airs exclusively on AMC in Canada. However, there are considerably fewer options when it comes to streaming The Walking Dead online. Of course, the one-time purchase options for new episodes are also available.

In order to watch The Walking Dead live and online in the UK, viewers will have to tune into FOX UK. Unfortunately, new episodes of The Walking Dead air one day late – on Monday nights – in the UK. Viewers can obtain access to FOX UK through Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and NowTV. Just like in North America, episodes can be purchased after airing on Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes.

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10 Characters On The Walking Dead Who Should Still Be Alive

The Walking Dead is a TV show that seems to kill off its characters faster than it can even introduce them. It’s hard to count how many different characters have been killed for just about every imaginable reason, in just about every imaginable fashion. Anyone who ever goes into an episode of TWD expecting their favorite characters to come out alive doesn’t understand the show that they’re watching.

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However, like any show, there are some deaths on TWD that just totally work and make complete sense, and there are some that are the absolute opposite. It doesn’t really matter how these characters died or why these characters died, because these deaths were just badly written and had no logical explanation. None of the characters on this list should be dead, or at the very least should not have died in the way they did. Needless to say, watch out for heavy spoilers throughout!

10 Lizzie Samuels

Look, we understand that Carol is oftentimes the character who has to make the hard decisions because no one else is willing to, but was there really no other option in this scenario? Lizzie was an extremely confused kid, but she was still just a kid. She had time to learn and understand what was so wrong about her behavior and perspective.

On one hand maybe it was slightly merciful, because coming to the realization that she murdered her little sister would probably be difficult, but Carol shouldn’t have had to live with that on her conscience, especially when there had to be another way.

9 Denise Cloyd

The randomness of deaths on The Walking Dead can be difficult to deal with sometimes, but this particular death was bordering on absurd. Dwight outright explains why Denise dies: basically because Dwight was aiming for Daryl but just missed.

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That seems like an awfully convenient excuse for why one of the most popular characters was in danger but didn’t actually get hurt or killed, but it’s also a difficult twist to believe. So, Dwight is such a poor shot that he was aiming for Daryl and winds up hitting Denise, but he somehow hits Denise with one of the most perfect head shots in the history of TWD?

8 Reg Monroe

In the grand scheme of things, Reg Monroe was obviously a fairly minor supporting character. It was clear that Dr. Pete was a problem that needed to be handled post haste, but it’s pretty bizarre that Pete became a man who randomly kills an acquaintance literally overnight.

Reg’s death was obviously a plot device that was used to give Rick a reason to immediately kill Pete in front of the rest of the Alexandrians (and Morgan) with their support, but it was so strange and out of nowhere that it made its role as plot device way too obvious.

7 Noah

Something that The Walking Dead typically does a really good job with is demonstrating how random, pointless, and sudden that death can really be, especially in this post-apocalyptic world. While Noah’s death may be one of the best in terms of how memorable and incredibly gory it was, it is another plot twist that really stretches the bounds of believability.

Using the revolving door was actually an interesting idea, but it’s tough to buy the idea of Glenn and Noah getting stuck on one side and Nicholas getting stuck on the other, and it’s even tougher to buy the idea that Nicholas could out-muscle Glenn and Noah at the same time.

6 Arat

Don’t get us wrong, Arat is one of the characters on TWD who absolutely deserved to die, but it still doesn’t mean that she logically should have died. Arat didn’t get a lot of development as a character, but we do know that she distinguished herself as enough of a badass that Negan wanted her to be one of his very few close allies.

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Arat also knows what she did to so many of these people, and she could just as easily survive on her own or find another group. No-one that savage would rely on the kindness of other people for their survival, and if she had any sense she wouldn’t have given anyone the opportunity to exact revenge on her.

5 Sasha Williams

Sasha obviously had to be written off of The Walking Dead because Sonequa Martin-Green booked the leading role on Star Trek: Discovery, so the questionable nature of her death can be somewhat excused by the fact that the writers had to get rid of her character really quickly. However, Sasha is way too smart to pull a move like she did.

Or rather, she’s too smart to literally gamble her life like that. Yes, her walker form did throw Negan for a loop and give the group a window, but a lot of things had to go exactly right in order for that to happen, and Sasha wouldn’t have just killed herself for the small hope of things going right.

4 Shane Walsh

Up until very recently, Rick Grimes was obviously always the lead of The Walking Dead. Killing Shane Walsh was a necessary experience for Rick to become more of the ruthless leader that he needed to become. But that doesn’t mean that Shane getting killed made a lick of sense.

Rick is undoubtedly one of the toughest dudes in the history of the show, but so is Shane, and Shane was more brutal and unforgiving than Rick ever was. So, there is no way that Rick would have gotten to the point where he was willing to kill Shane before Shane got to the point where he was willing to kill Rick.

3 Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes’ sudden death certainly proved controversial. If the writers really wanted him to die, then they should have figured out a better way to make that happen. Something that The Walking Dead doesn’t seem to have evolved on is how its characters would die, even though it really should.

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The thing is, if any character is still alive in a later season of TWD, then they have clearly distinguished themselves as extremely capable survivors. They shouldn’t be dying because of a rogue walker or two. That is exactly why Carl dies, though, and it really made no sense.

2 Tyreese Williams

In the same vein of Carl’s death, characters who are as badass as Tyreese should not be taken out by one rogue walker. Tyreese isn’t just your average tough dude, he’s a man who managed to keep two children and a baby alive all on his own for quite a while.

The amount of situational awareness and brute strength that would take is incredible, so some random walker jumping out of the closet and biting him is just too absurd to be believed. Obviously, he ultimately died of blood loss, but it was too hard to suspend disbelief about Tyreese even being bitten in the first place.

1 Beth Greene

Beth Greene’s death was perhaps one of the most absurd in the show’s history. In any normal circumstance, it would be no surprise if Beth died (she wasn’t a survivor on the level of most of the other characters), but her accidental shooting was so unexpected and bizarre that it was hard to even tell what happened on the first episode watch.

TWD clearly wanted to kill Beth off no matter what, but almost any other death would have made more sense than the one she actually got.

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Watch The Walking Dead Season 10’s Opening Minutes Right Now!

AMC has released the first few minutes of The Walking Dead season 10 ahead of its premiere tonight. Since season 10’s trailer at SDCC, fans have been anticipating the long-awaited war against the Whisperers.

There’s been a lot of discussion about The Walking Dead as of late. Despite entering its tenth season, the overall franchise seems to just be getting started. AMC recently released the trailer for the third Walking Dead series, which focuses on a younger group of characters 10 years after the start of the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes is returning for a trilogy of films, the first of which is scheduled for a theatrical release in the future. Back on the main show, Danai Gurira is leaving after a number of years wielding a sword as Michonne. But, just as one fan-favorite leaves, another returns. AMC confirmed recently that Lauren Cohan’s Maggie would be returning as a series regular for season 11. Clearly, The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere yet. All eyes will be on the season 10 premiere later tonight, and now fans can check out the first few minutes.

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Although The Walking Dead’s season 10 premiere has long been fully available for AMC Premiere subscribers, AMC has now released the first few minutes for all fans to see. Check them out below.

The first few minutes feature Judith, Michonne, and more as the groups systematically kill Walkers from what appears to be a destroyed boat. Fans will enjoy the visceral zombie killings from Michonne’s sword, giving a glimpse of the kind of action to expect from season 10. Almost all the major players are in this sequence, such as Aaron, who is leading the charge, and Magna, who unleashes an axe on Walkers.

The Walking Dead has seen declining ratings in recent years, but the last season was highly acclaimed. Season 9 ended with the communities united once again, showing a sense of hope despite a number of lost friends at the hands of Alpha. Season 10 promises to be grand, not hiding that the characters appear to be going on the offensive against Alpha and her band of Whisperers. There’s nonetheless an aura of mystery surrounding the story. Will Michonne be the one to win the war, using Negan’s infamous baseball bat? Will Carol get to lay the smackdown on Alpha, as producer Greg Nicotero teases? There are plenty of unanswered questions, but they should begin to be answered soon.

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The Walking Dead season 10 premieres tonight on AMC.

Source: AMC

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Third Walking Dead Series Trailer Shows Life After The Zombies

The first trailer for the third series in The Walking Dead‘s universe teases what life looks like after the zombie outbreak. Its been almost ten years since The Walking Dead premiered on AMC, and even though rating have declined as of late, the output of the universe is climbing. Season 10 of the main Walking Dead series is just one day away from premiering, while the first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, recently wrapped up its fifth season. In addition to a Rick Grimes solo film on the way, the premiere of a third series set in the Walking Dead universe is approaching.

Up until recently, details on the third series largely remained a mystery. The main cast was announced earlier this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing Aliyah Royale (Iris), Annet Mahendru (Huck), Alexa Mansour (Hope), Nicolas Cantu (Elton) and Hal Cumpston (Silas) as part of the ensemble. Since then, Nico Tortorella joined the series as Felix in what is described as the lead role. With production still underway, fans of the apocalyptic franchise have only recently received their first glimpse at the cast. But now, following the release of those images, the first trailer for the new series has arrived.

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Debuting at New York Comic Con, the full trailer for the still-untitled third The Walking Dead series has made its way online. Picking up 10 years after the apocalypse, the trailer focuses on the primary cast that has already been announced. While the two prior shows in the franchise have shown the fear and dread of living in a world with zombies, that reality is all these kids have known. However, they also live in a location that is largely protected and allows them to live semi-normal lives. This young ensemble has not experienced life beyond this safe haven though, which inspires them to see what else the world has to offer.

What is immediately clear with this trailer is the new approach and tone that it has when compared to the other entries in the franchise. This third series has more of a coming-of-age feel, which, if applied throughout the duration of the series, should help it stand apart from what else the Walking Dead universe has to offer. Most of this footage appears to be from early on in the series, which is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Even though the trailer didn’t bring an official release date or title for the series, those who are interested in continuing or jumping back into The Walking Dead‘s universe can do so with this show in the spring of 2020. The first season is only going to be ten episodes long, so, hopefully, that points to a fast-paced story. In any case, this trailer is a promising start to the promotional campaign for the third The Walking Dead series.

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The Walking Dead Season 11: Lauren Cohan Returning as Maggie

Lauren Cohan is now confirmed to be rejoining the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead for its eleventh season. Having taken a break from the series halfway through its ninth season, Cohan has decided to come back to the apocalyptic wasteland that was her second home for several years.

The Walking Dead, adapted from the comics series by Robert Kirkman, has been AMC’s biggest hit for nearly a decade, with a thriving, active viewership. So when Cohan’s fan-favorite character, Maggie, disappeared from the on-screen proceedings this past season, her absence was deeply felt. The explanation for her disappearance after a mid-season six-year time jump was that Maggie left her leadership role at the Hilltop to aid the mysterious Georgie in setting up a new community. But it now seems that this cryptic fate for the character will be fleshed out after just one more Maggie-less season, the premiere of which airs tomorrow night.

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Variety reported today that AMC has announced the official renewal of The Walking Dead for an eleventh season, and with it, Cohan’s return to the show as a series regular. Both showrunner Angela Kang and AMC Networks Ent. Group/AMC Studios president Sarah Barnett were present at the Paleyfest Walking Dead panel to relay the news, and to express their joy in welcoming Cohan back to the show.

Barnett stated to the crowd, “We’re delighted to welcome back Lauren Cohan. She has meant so much to this show and its passionate, global fanbase, who are in for a fantastic ride over the coming months.” Kang spoke in depth about the creative process involved in running the show. Alluding loosely to Cohan’s departure and return, she talked about how her team is always thinking about future seasons, and that, while plans may change, this affords a deeper dive into the evolution of characters and their journey within the story.

With that sentiment in mind, viewers are left wondering how Maggie’s return will play out on screen, and how her activities during her time away will factor into the narrative. While Georgie’s community is a mystery on the show, it is likely to be revealed as The Commonwealth from the comic book storyline.  In the comics, the Commonwealth is immense, and much more advanced a society than any depicted on the show thus far. Further, the recent conclusion to the comics series depicted a future human ‘safe zone,’ which has absorbed both Alexandria and the Commonwealth. Maggie serves as the elected President of this zone. Will Maggie’s trajectory follow the same path in live-action? We’ll have to wait until season 11 to find out.

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The Walking Dead returns with its season 10 premiere tomorrow night, October 6, on AMC.

Source: Variety

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Jason Robbins

The Walking Dead: 5 Times Daryl Dixon Was The Best (& 5 Times He Was Terrible)

The Walking Dead is entering its tenth season this year, and after that long on the air, obviously all of the characters that are left standing have evolved beyond anything that the audience could have ever expected. And after the exit of Rick Grimes last season, it would seem that Daryl Dixon has become the new male lead of the series.

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Daryl started off the show as the unlikeliest of heroic leading men, but over the course of his character’s evolution, he has transformed into a character that the fans adore and that is more than capable of carrying a lot of the show’s load. Daryl has had a lot of ups and downs throughout the series, and there were undoubtedly times where many people thought he was completely irredeemable or thought that he was the best character on the show. So here are five times that Daryl Dixon was the best character on the show, and five times he was the worst.

10 Best: When He Saved The Family On The Bridge And Went Against Merle

If we’re really being real here, Daryl Dixon at the beginning of The Walking Dead was a flaming bag of trash. He and his brother Merle were two of the least appealing characters in the entire crew of survivors, and it was hard to imagine that there was anything worthwhile about the younger Dixon.

But as time went on, he actually became a really wonderful person. And when Merle showed up, he seemed to be reverting back to his much less appealing version, however when they came across a family that was being attacked Daryl didn’t hesitate to help them, and even held his brother at crossbow-point when Merle attempted to rob them.

9 Terrible: When He Made A Necklace Out Of Ears

When Sophia Peletier was lost, everyone in the group dealt with it in their own way, but for a hot minute there Daryl went completely nuts. After getting seriously injured and going on a hallucinatory journey, Daryl manages to battle his way back to the Greene farm, only to nearly get shot by Andrea when he finally returns.

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However, in one particularly gross and confusing decision, Daryl decides to cut the ears off of the walkers that he encounters and he makes a necklace out of them. Presumably, he was doing this to look badass, but it was really just gross and bizarre.

8 Best: When He Never Kneeled

Everyone already had an inkling that Daryl was the toughest dude in the history of TWD, but he erased all doubt about that once Negan got his hands on him. Negan was very eager for Daryl to join his ranks, and he was going to torture Daryl into submission if Daryl wasn’t going to join up willingly.

Daryl wrongfully blamed himself for Glenn’s death, but that was his key motivation in never once giving in to Negan despite all of the suffering he endured and all of the relief that Negan offered. Who would have thought that Daryl simply saying his own name would be one of his most powerful moments as a character?

7 Terrible: When He Loses It On Carol After Sophia Dies

For most of season one, Daryl stuck with the rest of the group for the sake of survival, but it didn’t seem like he had any emotional attachment or really any interest in any of them at all. But once Sophia wound up going missing Daryl started to actually get invested, and when everyone realized that Sophia was already dead it was a devastating blow for him.

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And because he was an ignorant jerk with no emotional maturity and coping skills, he decided to completely unload on Carol and blame her for her own daughter’s death as a way of dealing with the pain he couldn’t handle.

6 Best: When He Saved Noah

Old Daryl definitely wouldn’t have hesitated to beat the living hell out of Noah for leaving him and Carol with hardly any weapons or means of defense, that is if he didn’t just straight up kill him. But in an interesting flip of the script, when Carol goes to shoot Noah Daryl redirects the gun to save Noah’s life.

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And when Carol admonishes him for the move, Daryl defends his decision by saying that he was just a kid. And of course, his decision to save him is ultimately rewarded when he realizes that Noah not only knows Beth, but he knows where to find her too.

5 Terrible: When He Left The Group For Merle

Granted Daryl and Merle had a somewhat complicated relationship, but the development that he got as a person due to his relationships with the group as well as how much everyone in the group really loved him should have stopped him for hitting the road with Merle as soon as he showed up again.

Oh yeah, and there was also the fact that the conflict between the group and the governor was heating up and guaranteed to reach a boiling point sooner or later. He’s only one person, but he was one of their strongest people, and leaving the people who loved him when they really needed him was the wrong move. Thankfully he realized that eventually.

4 Best: When He Gave Carol A Cherokee Rose

Daryl Dixon is a character who is terrible at dealing with emotions and terrible at expressing himself, so when he tries to do both at the same time it’s exponentially worse. And that’s why Daryl’s speech to Carol about the Cherokee rose was so incredibly moving.

Carol is obviously devastated when Sophia goes missing, and in Daryl’s first genuine display of emotion he brings Carol a Cherokee rose and explains the mythology behind it. He then says that he believes that the rose is a sign for her daughter, and that she shouldn’t give up hope. Carol cried, and so did we.

3 Terrible: When He Was A Racist, Ignorant Redneck

If you had told anyone at the start of TWD that Daryl would be a fan-favorite character, no one would have believed it. Because he was the rudest, most ignorant jerk in the group after Merle was gone. Thankfully, he softened up a bit as time went on, and the show put in a wonderful little Easter egg to demonstrate just how far he’d come.

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Early on in the series, Daryl refers to Glenn as a “Chinaman”, and Glenn responds by saying he’s Korean. And then later on when Daryl takes off with Merle, Merle also refers to Glenn as a “Chinaman,” and Daryl defensively retorts by informing Merle that he’s Korean.

2 Best: When He Offered His Life In Exchange For Those He Loves

After the governor attacked the prison the entire group was split up and adrift. After losing touch with Beth, Daryl finds himself in the company of a very dangerous gang of dudes who live by a pretty brutal code. One of their own has been recently killed, and they’re looking to find the killer.

Once they catch up with their quarry, Daryl realizes that Rick is the one who they’re looking for, and they’re about to kill Rick, Michonne, and Carl. So Daryl offers up his life in exchange for theirs. It was an incredibly touching moment, and luckily his offer was moot since the reunited squad promptly killed all of the evil dudes.

1 Terrible: When He Killed Children

One of the great mysteries in the latest season of The Walking Dead is why Michonne and Daryl have seemingly isolated themselves from everyone around them, and when that mystery is finally revealed it’s easy to understand why they wanted to leave the world behind as much as possible.

After inviting a dangerous woman and her group of brainwashed kids into the community, they leave town and abscond with Judith. Daryl and Michonne hunt them down, and the kids try to kill them. And sadly it seems that their only option to save themselves is to kill these kids. Daryl clearly hates himself for it, but honestly, who wouldn’t.

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Hilary Elizabeth

The 10 Most Brutal Deaths On The Walking Dead | ScreenRant

When the word “dead” is literally in the title of a TV series, it’s safe to assume that there will be a lot of dying within the actual show. The Walking Dead takes that expectation and amps it up to the highest level that anyone could possibly imagine. So many characters have died for so many reasons and in so many ways, at this point it’s almost impossible to keep track and remember them all. How can they possibly top what’s come before?

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Of course, there are some deaths that are just worse than others. Some are the saddest, some are the most unfair, and some are the most brutal that anyone could even conceive of. The Walking Dead has never shied away from copious amounts of blood and guts, but they have managed to kill off some characters in such gruesome and unusual ways that it’s impossible to forget. Let’s take a look at some of the grisliest deaths in the show’s history. Needless to say, this article’s full of spoilers if you aren’t up to date with the series!

10 Spencer Monroe

Spencer Monroe clearly wasn’t cut out for the new world that exists within The Walking Dead, and it’s a shame that he didn’t have someone like Rick to warn him how far in over his head he was right before Negan killed him.

We can’t imagine why Spencer thought that Negan would ever respect someone like him as a leader, and clearly he would have been better off if he had just let sleeping dogs lie and stayed off of his radar completely. Of course, he didn’t, and that’s why Negan gutted him like a fish in front of his entire community.

9 Dr. Carson

Dr. Carson’s death was a brutal one, even in TWD terms, but what really makes this one extra awful is that he wasn’t even guilty of anything to warrant that kind of execution in the first place. Dwight framed Dr. Carson for Sherry’s abrupt absence, and although Carson didn’t actually do anything wrong, he admits his guilt when Negan threatens him with the iron.

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The good doctor begs Negan to leave his face intact, and so Negan just throws the doctor face first into the flaming furnace. Most people would prefer being eaten by walkers or any other manner of typical TWD death over that.

8 Abraham Ford

Obviously, Negan kills his new subjects in such a horrendous way to make a very clear point, but with Abraham Ford it felt like an extra tragic death, simply because Abraham deserved to at least go out swinging.

Abraham would probably destroy Negan in any one-on-one fight, but he presumably decided to take those hits for the team because fighting back could have put everyone else in much more danger. Abraham still managed to give Negan some classic Abraham attitude before being beaten to death with a barbed wire-covered baseball bat, though.

7 The Scavengers

As far as human deaths go, being shot is actually probably one of the best ways to go in the world of The Walking Dead, but these people really didn’t deserve to all be massacred because Simon was annoyed and wanted to be rid of them.

However, when Jadis is the only one left alive, she has to do something about her newly zombified comrades, and her way of taking care of them is gruesome to say the least. There is a metal grinder in the junkyard, which she activates before leading all of the walkers into it, turning them all into zombie paste.

6 Aiden Monroe

Plenty of characters on The Walking Dead meet their maker by being devoured by walkers, but Aiden Monroe’s death was particularly gory and seemed unbearably painful. Aiden finds himself too close to the blast of a grenade when it goes off, the force of explosion knocks him back to the wall, and he’s impaled on some metal bars… but miraculously still alive.

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Nicholas tries to help him for a moment, but in typical Nicholas fashion, he panics and runs. Glenn and Noah are forced to leave him behind because of the incoming walkers, and Aiden is eaten alive.

5 Noah

Regardless of which deaths follow Noah’s on this list, one thing is clear: the writers of The Walking Dead must have intentionally tried to make Noah’s death into the most brutal and gory death in the history of the series.

For a moment it looks like the walkers are just going to drag him into the crowd, but at the last second he’s pressed up against the glass as the walkers begin to eat him. Glenn’s horrified face is enough to sell the moment, but the scene cuts back as the walkers literally begin ripping Noah’s head apart. No TWD fan will ever forget that moment.

4 Hershel Greene

Realistically speaking, Hershel Greene was probably always living on borrowed time once he lost his leg, but he still didn’t have to go out like that. Everyone knew the governor was dangerous, and when he rolled up on the prison with a tank and two hostages, it was clear that things were going to go badly.

For a brief moment, when Rick is trying to talk to everyone and resolve things amicably, it looks like everything might be okay. That is, until the governor starts hacking Hershel’s head off with Michonne’s sword in front of literally everyone who loves Hershel. He’s an inexperienced swordsman, too, so it takes a few whacks.

3 Lori Grimes

Lori isn’t the only character on The Walking Dead who died because she was basically cut in half, but it was a beyond gruesome and painful death that was tragic on a lot of levels. It’s sweet that she got to say goodbye to Carl, and it’s sweet that she was willing to die for her baby, but that experience obviously changed Carl and Maggie forever.

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Plus, one thing that differentiates Lori’s death from everyone else’s is that she was a willing participant and knew exactly what was coming. Heck, she even had to stay still while Maggie cut her open, which must have been a torturous way to go.

2 Dale Horvath

For our next character who dies by being cut in half, we have Dale Horvath. While walking around one night at the Greene farm, Dale abruptly finds himself face to face with a walker when he’s completely unarmed. He initially manages to stave off the walker without being bitten, but once the walker has him pinned on the ground it literally rips open Dale’s stomach and basically disembowels him.

Rick tries his best to put Dale out of his misery, but even he can’t manage it. After a moment, Daryl actually does put Dale out of his misery, and he truly was doing his friend a favor.

1 Glenn Rhee

When it comes to TWD deaths that are just brutal and absolute heartbreakers on every level, it’s going to be hard to ever top Glenn Rhee’s exit from the series. Obviously, his death at the hands of Negan and Lucille is as gory as everyone would expect, but there is the added element that he is surrounded by everyone he loves, including his wife Maggie, and they’re all helpless to do anything to save him or even give him an easier death.

Plus, it was only Daryl’s behavior that caused Negan to go back for round two, which only twists the brutality knife further.

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Fear The Walking Dead: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Season 5

Fear The Walking Dead, spin-off of AMC’s The Walking Dead, just wrapped up its fifth season. There have been many twists and turns as the group navigates how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The group has banded together on a mission to help those in need, and made some admirable, but also dumb, decisions along the way.

They’ve expanded, met new adversaries, and honed new skills. Still, a few things don’t make sense now that we look back on the last season. Note: spoilers ahead right up to the season finale.

10 They Let Luciana Go That Easily

After the oil fields were discovered, the group had to make a tough decision. Luciana agreed to stay to show the thieving pioneer settlers how everything works in exchange for everyone else being able to leave, unharmed. Instead of fighting or coming back to save Luciana, they all seemingly shrugged their shoulders and left.

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Considering the group consistently refuses to back down and goes to great lengths to save one another, they let Luciana go far too easily. Her name wasn’t even spoken of again until they saw her from afar. Were they secretly hatching a plan to get her back, or had they just written her off? It seems contrary to their usual behavior.

9 June Changing Into a Wedding Dress

We get that the apocalyptic wedding between June and John was a sweet moment to prove they had something to live for, and a middle finger to Virginia. And we love that they conveniently had costumes to play dress up. But was it really the most practical decision for June to put on an ill-fitting and uncomfortable dress right before being taken away?

You’d think she’d want to be in her own comfortable clothes, especially in a world where running from and fighting off flesh-eating zombies is par for the course. Attire is sort of a big deal.  Why didn’t she quickly change back into her own clothes after the “I dos?”

8 Virginia Not Killing Morgan

We understand that Virginia’s first two attempts to kill Morgan were unsuccessful, but why did she simply leave him for dead instead of finishing the job? Given how ruthless and cruel she can be, why wouldn’t she have grabbed his stick and driven it through his skull, or hit him hard enough to cause blunt force trauma?

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Maybe that was too harsh a means of murder for her, but let’s not forget that she had just attempted to shoot him point blank in the face. She also seems like far too smart a leader to leave his death to chance. For this reason, we suspect that Morgan survives.

7 The Group Saving One At The Expense Of Many

There’s something called “the greater good,” but in the eyes of this group, every life matters even if it means the death of many. They risked everyone’s lives and ended up in dire circumstances in order to find saline for a presumed dying Grace. Morgan put himself and the others at risk multiple other times as well, like when creeping through land mines and chasing down an injured Dwight.

For a group that focuses so much on saving as many people as they possibly can, they sure risk the lives of many to try and save one, often times ending in the death of someone anyway.

6 Tom’s Death

After most of the group successfully made it across a falling bridge, Tom decided that he had a few seconds to stop and record some footage to praise the group’s efforts and the good, honest work they were doing.

It made zero sense that he would be so irresponsible. He wasn’t live streaming. Grab the camcorder, run to safety, then record your video. Sadly, the dimwitted decision led to Tom’s demise. Weirdly, it was caught on tape. How Al was able to procure that tape given that Tom plummeted to his death is yet another mystery.

5 Grace Not Being Sick

We love the underlying message behind the group sacrificing so much to save a dying woman only to discover that she was actually pregnant and malnourished.

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We understand that maybe this thought never crossed Grace’s mind, since she conceived seemingly during a one-night stand with a former colleague who had since perished. Plus. She was convinced she was dying from exposure to radioactive chemicals from the plant. But if she’s perfectly fine, what was the point of that whole radioactive storyline? Does this mean that Alicia will be the one who gets sick? Or was that storyline just a waste of time?

4 The Video Recorder Always Having Power

Al sure loves to record every moment, and she somehow has the time (and resources) to make copies where people, once again, have VCRs, television, and power to play them. Where are they getting all of this power?

Maybe there are a lot of packaged batteries lying around, or there’s some serious solar gear. Nonetheless, she seems to have no problem always having the camera ready and powered up when she needs it.

3 Why The Group Gave Up So Easily

It must have been a total bummer to arrive at Humbug’s Gulch only to find that it was overrun with Walkers. But this isn’t the first time the group has encountered such adversity. Usually, they’d devise a clever plan to clear them out. So why did they give up so easily?

We get that they had just been through a lot, were tired, dehydrated, and defeated. But they still could’ve come up with elaborate plans to draw the Walkers out and burn them, kill them one by one – whatever it takes. Given that Morgan understood exactly what Dwight meant when he referenced having been through a similar situation before (with Negan) and not wanting to do it again, he should have practiced his own constant “there has to be a better way” preaching.

2 The Consistent Western Theme

Fear the Walking Dead is not a Western, nor should it be. It’s a post-apocalyptic horror drama, so stop trying to make it something it’s not. We were fine with the quick-shooting John Dorie because it made sense given his occupation and extra-curricular activities pre-apocalypse.

But Virginia with her hat and cowboy boots, and the consistent Western-themed music made some episodes of the season seem more kitsch than dramatic. It doesn’t make sense and seems to be shifting the show into completely different territory.

1 They All Know How To Ride Horses

Maybe everyone had ridden a horse before, and Virginia and her settlers are clearly in their element. But the others, who come from all across America, all seemed to have a pretty good knack for riding. They not only expertly led horses into a field strategically in front of a herd of Walkers, but also weaved in and out, back and forth as they followed.

Even the actors noted that they needed to learn before filming (Morgan had previously ridden on The Walking Dead). So how are we to expect that they would all be so comfortable hopping on a horse and being able to keep it on the right path, like professional equestrians?

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