10 Characters The Walking Dead Wants Us To Forget

When a show has been on the air for as long as The Walking Dead has, it’s understandable – even expected – that the writers would make their share of questionable decisions. This is especially true when it comes to TWD. 

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Through controversy, backlash, and even driving their fanbase away on multiple occasions, the series’ writers have made several decisions that wound up hurting the show. Some of these decisions included introducing characters that failed to win the audience’s affections, or killing off beloved characters.

Because of that, TWD, of course, has quite a collection of characters that it would most likely want the fans to forget. Let’s explore 10 of the characters that The Walking Dead writers want us to forget.


From what was pretty much the very beginning of the series, a large portion of the Walking Dead fanbase adopted a passionate dislike for Lori Grimes. She was barely in the show for three seasons, but that was all it took for the fans’ dislike to morph into absolute hatred.

Sure, Lori had her flaws. She did make questionable decisions, and her parenting skills weren’t always the greatest. But did she really deserve all the hate she got? TWD writers didn’t seem to care about the answer to that question, as Lori is now a forgotten aspect of the show.


It has been nearly seven years since T-Dog met his heartbreaking demise. He was not a major character, but he garnered enough screen time and memorable scenes to live on in the audience’s memories.

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But The Walking Dead writers don’t seem to share the same sentiment, seemingly having forgotten all about T-Dog. This is most likely the writers’ attempt to bury the age of Darabont, the show’s first show-runner, as T-Dog was his original character. But despite that, T-Dog is still missed to this day.


Due to her major role in the comics, it came as a shock to many when Andrea’s less-than-intelligent decisions in season 3 accumulated in the finale to cause her untimely death. She had a significant presence in the show, but after her death, she was rarely ever mentioned by anyone.

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Many fans weren’t too happy with Andrea’s sudden demise, as they were expecting her to carry on a storyline similar to the one she had in the graphic novels. Perhaps this uproar provoked the TWD writers to bury Andrea’s character in the deepest archives of the series’ history, having many of the characters seemingly forget about her.


Dale Horvath was only on TWD for two seasons. But he made his mark nonetheless, from inserting himself into everyone else’s business to the point where it was almost humorous, and to his heartbreaking death.

The death of this wise character made for some pretty heavy drama and tension in Rick’s group. Dale’s departure broke the hearts of many, other characters and viewers alike. But TWD writers didn’t have much choice in killing Dale. In fact, actor Jeffrey DeMunn actually asked for his character to be written out of the show. Considering that DeMunn was a close friend of former showrunner, Frank Darabont’s (who was fired by AMC in 2011), it does make sense that the TWD writers would want Dale to vanish from the audience’s memories.


Morgan may be one of the lead characters on Fear The Walking Dead, but his exit from the main series at the end of season 8, still felt unjust, with his lengthy history on the show. Morgan made his first appearance in TWD‘s series premiere. He remained a major part of the series’ story, despite not appearing again until late season 3.

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At this point, when Rick, Michonne, and Carl accidentally stumbled upon Morgan, he was reeling from the death of both his son and (zombified) wife. Morgan was so traumatized from these horrors that he nearly killed Rick on multiple occasions in the episode, and even begged Rick to kill him. Due to Morgan’s breakdown, Rick, Michonne, and Carl left him. It wasn’t until season 5 when Morgan came back to the show and became a series regular. Lennie James’ portrayal of Morgan made him very likeable, but TWD writers utilized this in all the wrong ways; sending Morgan to Fear The Walking Dead and effectively making the characters cease to speak of him ever since.


Eric was an underdeveloped character best known for being Aaron’s boyfriend. Though he made very few appearances, it was always good to see LGBTQ characters represented on The Walking Dead. But when there is a decent amount of gay characters on this show, viewers have learned to be prepared to say goodbye pretty fast.

Eric’s heartbreaking death occurred early in season 8, when he was fatally shot by a Savior while assisting his community with an ambush. Tragically, Aaron is forced to leave Eric to bleed out. Later, Aaron finds that Eric has reanimated. Viewers are only shown a distant shot of the walker version of Eric, but this is nonetheless unsettling. Aaron is left to raise Gracie, an orphaned baby, on his own. Walking Dead writers have since left Eric’s memory in the dust, most likely in hopes of quieting the complaints of their habit of killing so many LGBTQ characters.


Perhaps one of the biggest, most regrettable mistakes that the TWD writers have ever made was killing Glenn Rhee. He was a fan-favorite since the very beginning, and it’s a popular opinion among The Walking Dead‘s fanbase that Glenn was significantly mistreated by the writers.

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This was a character who proved to be the heart of the show on multiple occasions, who was always making selfless and decisions. Glenn was one of the few characters whose humanity remained intact, and who always strived to honor his dead loved ones. Given this lovely character and Steven Yeun’s strong talents, TWD writers should have treasured Glenn Rhee. But instead, they killed him off for cheap shock value and the lame excuse of “following the comics”. Given the immense amount of backlash Glenn’s death evoked, it’s obvious that Walking Dead writers would, shamefully, want to keep Glenn’s time on the show a distant one.


Denise was not on the show for very long, but she had a memorable existence. In the days before the apocalypse, she was a psychiatrist. She originally went to medical school to be a surgeon, but due to her anxiety, she switched to psychiatry. This makes it even nobler when she becomes Alexandria’s doctor, and saves Carl’s life.

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Denise was timid and insecure, but many viewers grew quite attached to her quirky demeanor. Her relationship with Tara was short-lived but adorable. When Denise died late in season 6, The Walking Dead once again re-established its reputation for not only killing characters solely for shock value, but also frequently killing LGBTQ characters.


Season 6 was not The Walking Dead‘s strongest season, and one of the reasons for this was the entire storyline that surrounded the Anderson family. After Rick and co. arrive in Alexandria, Rick begins to show his problematic side.

He meets Jessie Anderson shortly after he arrives in Alexandria, and in TWD’s typical, heavy-handed style, viewers are treated to a scene of contrived flirtation as Jessie cuts Rick’s hair. This, of course, is only the beginning of a storyline that the majority of the fanbase hated with a passion. From Rick falling in love with Jessie within five minutes of knowing her, to Rick’s brawl with Jessie’s husband, Pete, and finally to Rick’s short, extremely contrived romance with Jessie – this storyline’s only real redeeming quality was its memorable end. Based on how badly received the Anderson family was, it’s understandable that TWD probably wants everyone to forget about this absurd arc.


Goodbyes are never easy on TWD, but one of the most peculiar instances of a character exit was Maggie Rhee’s. She had been a strong presence in the show since season 2, so it came as quite a shock to see the show dispose of her in such an unceremonious way. After the six-year time jump that followed Rick’s disappearance, it was alluded to that Maggie had left Hilltop. Apparently, no one really knows where exactly she is, and she is only mentioned a tiny handful of times after her departure.

Rick Grimes’ exit was monopolized and hyped for months before the episode aired. But it was Andrew Lincoln’s decision to leave the series, just as it was Lauren Cohan’s decision to leave. For Maggie, who was a very longterm major character, Walking Dead writers should have shown a little respect and given her a proper exit, rather than attempting to disintegrate her entire existence.

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Game Of Thrones: What Arya Wants Gendry To Make

In the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, Arya asks Gendry to build her a weapon, one made of dragonglass – but what was the weapon in the drawing? Arya and Gendry are just two people who’ve met once again after many, many years. At one point, Gendry decided to stay with the Brotherhood Without Banners, while Arya ultimately chose to go to Braavos, and they’ve only reunited in Winterfell ahead of the coming Battle of Winterfell.

Of course, Arya has become quite the deadly assassin in the years since they last saw each other, while Gendry had gone back to being a blacksmith. But instead of constructing armor and swords for the Lannisters in King’s Landing, Gendry is now arming the united armies of the North to defend the living against the dead. And so, it only makes sense that Arya would want to increase her stockpile of weapons by asking Gendry to make something for her. But just what exactly does Arya want Gendry to make?

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Based on the designs of Arya’s drawing, it appears that she wants Gendry to make her a dragonglass type of rocket launcher. Or, more accurately, a spear launcher. Having a dragonglass-based projectile weapon would be immensely helpful during the Battle of Winterfell. And Arya using Needle as well as her Valyrian steel dagger wouldn’t be of much help, unless she was fighting in close-quarters. So, a spear launcher with arrows made of dragonglass would undoubtedly be useful for her.

From what was shown in the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, it seems that the vast majority of weapons that Gendry is making are swords and spears. It makes sense given that those two weapons are the most common in Game of Thrones‘ world. However, constructing arrows out of dragonglass would also seem integral for arming the armies of the North. Perhaps making the spear launcher (if that is indeed what it is) for Arya will give him the idea to make more like it. But, then again, Arya may just want this to be only for her. Sandor Clegane, aka the Hound, felt the same way when he wanted Gendry to make a dragonglass-based axe for him.

Obtaining dragonglass was a crucial plot point of Game of Thrones season 7, and now that they have as much as they need (or could carry on their ships), they – and, specifically, Gendry – will be making as many weapons as possible. Arya’s personalized spear is going to be one of many. Perhaps something even more interesting will come out of all of this in the end.

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Game of Thrones season 8 continues Sunday, April 21, at 9 pm EDT.

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20 Characters The MCU Wants Us To Forget

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest movie franchise in the world right now. In fact, it has completely changed the way that movie franchises work by having various series running concurrently, each crossing over with one another, and the occasional event movie with an ensemble team-up element, all of them serving one long narrative arc.

The MCU can keep up with characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, who each have their own solo movies and large roles in the team-up movies. But the supporting characters are a different story. Sometimes the actors playing them aren’t available to return or there simply isn’t room for them in the story anymore. If one of the Avengers is in love, there might not necessarily be enough time for them to give that loved one a call while the end of the world is coming, even though that’s what they would do in real life, because there’s simply too many Avengers to keep track of within one movie. As a result, some characters have fallen by the wayside over the years.

Of course, some of these characters do eventually return, either due to popular demand, like when Loki was made the main villain of The Avengers, or in a surprising capacity, like when Red Skull appeared on Vormir as the guardian of the Soul Stone in Avengers: Infinity War. So, ahead of Avengers: Endgame, here are 20 Characters The MCU Wants Us To Forget.

20 Jane Foster

Because Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster was slammed by MCU fans as one of the most banal and mundane characters in film history, her role was reduced to the occasional passing reference after Thor: The Dark World, with excuses offered for why she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Now, she doesn’t even get a passing reference. Thor was supposed to be in love with this woman – she was depicted as the only reason he cared about Earth to begin with – and yet she doesn’t cross his mind whenever he risks his life or Earth is threatened. Fans don’t seem to mind, since no one really liked her anyway.

19 Abomination

The MCU pretty much wants us to forget about the entirety of The Incredible Hulk, including its primary villain, the Abomination, played by Tim Roth. He was shown to have survived at the end of the movie, and yet he hasn’t even been mentioned since.

This is probably because the Hulk as we now know him in the MCU is the Mark Ruffalo version. Ruffalo plays the character totally different from how Edward Norton played him in The Incredible Hulk, and due to Norton’s need for creative control grating on Marvel during the production of that movie, it seems as though they want to forget about it completely, villains with unresolved storylines and all.

18 Sif

Due to her commitments to the show Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander had her role as Sif in the MCU drastically cut down. It’s a shame, because she’s such a great character in the comics. Pretty much any Asgardian who isn’t Thor, Loki, or Odin has been forgotten about, since the Thor solo movies were among the weakest and most boring films in the MCU before Ragnarok took the story outside of Asgard and to the more interesting setting of Sakaar.

But if Thor and his allies, including Sif, had been given the proper treatment in the first place, we’d have a bunch of hardcore Asgardian warriors dominating the MCU.

17 Trevor Slattery

After the controversial plot twist in Iron Man 3 that revealed the fearsome Mandarin was actually an actor named Trevor Slattery (played by Sir Ben Kingsley in an uncharacteristically silly role,) Marvel made a short called All Hail the King that erased the twist and confirmed there was an actual Mandarin after all.

Slattery is still alive and in prison, but due to the fact that his only links to villainy were a big ruse and the villain he was pretending to be actually exists – and, of course, the fact that his whole character infuriated Marvel fans across the world – we’ll probably never see him again.

16 The Mandarin

The real Mandarin, that is, not the fake Trevor Slattery version – or the fake Aldrich Killian version. While the All Hail the King short revealed the Mandarin is actually out there, that also seems to have been forgotten about, since we haven’t seen or heard from him since the short was released.

In the short, a supposed documentary filmmaker visits Slattery in prison and tells him that the real Mandarin is furious that he and Aldrich Killian used his moniker, because he’s far more intimidating than them and they’ve made a mockery of his name. Now, he’s just waiting to strike (apparently). But we still haven’t seen him, so is her really out there or not?

15 The Leader

The arrival of the Leader, one of the Hulk’s most powerful villains, was teased at the end of The Incredible Hulk. Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns got some of Bruce Banner’s gamma-radiated blood in his head wound and a mutation began. The filmmakers were clearly hoping for a sequel, and while the franchise did continue, there never actually was a sequel.

Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo and his whole movie was pretty much swept under the rug, and due to various rights issues, Marvel Studios will probably never be able to produce another Hulk solo movie for the MCU. As a result, we’ll probably never see this setup get paid off.

14 H.Y.D.R.A.

After the big reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that H.Y.D.R.A. had been secretly controlling S.H.I.E.L.D. for decades – since at least World War II when they infiltrated the organization – all further H.Y.D.R.A. story-lines were delegated to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but H.Y.D.R.A.’s way more powerful than that. H.Y.D.R.A. is essentially the comic book version of the Third Reich.

It’s been around since the Second World War, secretly manipulating all the evil politics controlling the world. So, where the heck have they been all this time? There are certainly more agents out there, and they should return to the MCU to wreak havoc or it’ll be a permanent plot hole.

13 Ultron

While Age of Ultron hinted that the titular cyborg survived and there’s a theory that Vision trapped him inside the Mind Stone, the MCU has since moved on to bigger and badder villains that Ultron doesn’t hold a torch to, so that tease will just be swept under the rug.

Still, he’s not technically biological life and may have been spared from Thanos’ destructive finger-snap. He might even enjoy the fact that Thanos is “fixing” the universe and agree with him. Maybe he’ll join Thanos’ army in Endgame and he’ll be the next villain to make a surprise return (after Red Skull in Infinity War).

12 The Grandmaster

As much as Jeff Goldblum made an impact as the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok and warmed the hearts of fans, there’s no way he could appear in future movies, because he’s completely nonsensical outside of the context of his dominion on Sakaar.

Plus, there’s no way he survived the revolution on Sakaar, no matter what hilarious scene came after the credits. He may have asked them to call it even and spare his life, but even if we didn’t actually see him get savagely torn apart by his former minions and the character did become a fan favorite, there’s no way they actually let him live.

11 Anne Marie Hoag

Even though Tyne Daly is a big star (or used to be) and Damage Control is an important part of the wider world of the MCU, we’ll probably never see her again. Her one scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming took place eight years ago (but not really – the timeline is nonsense), and a previously announced Damage Control TV series was cancelled, so we’ve likely seen the last of Anne Marie Hoag.

The problems with the timeline mean that there’s no way of knowing what movie she’d even fit into anyway. She seems to exist in an eight-year period that overlaps with various other events in the franchise.

10 Darcy Lewis

The unfortunate thing about Darcy Lewis, played by Kat Dennings, is that she was a funny character who came into the Thor movies before they were funny. She’d be right at home in Thor: Ragnarok, but unfortunately, she came in a little early in The Dark World and her character faded into the past as the MCU charged forward.

Given the fact that The Dark World is easily the most despised movie in the MCU (Iron Man 3 is a strong candidate, but there are some people who think that’s a great movie and only some think it sucks, whereas The Dark World is universally hated,) no one’s clamoring for her to come back, frankly.

9 Ghost Rider

In the fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Robbie Reyes made a deal to go after bad guys with the Ghost Rider at his side. It was a promising screen portrayal of Ghost Rider (for once) and things were looking bright for his future. But the last time we saw him, he took the Darkhold and disappeared into another dimension.

Maybe the problem was introducing this character as a supporting character on an ABC show. He would’ve been better off with his own dark Netflix series. Of course, if that had happened, it would’ve just been cancelled when tensions arose between Disney and Netflix on the streaming front, so maybe not.

8 Fandral

Zachary Levi’s Fandral was reduced to a cameo role in Thor: Ragnarok, suggesting he’s been fazed out of the MCU. Levi revealed recently that he was always interested in doing a Thor and the Warriors Three trilogy of high fantasy action movies with Chris Hemsworth.

This would’ve been awesome – we could’ve had a comic book version of The Lord of the Rings on the side, with super-powered Norse gods battling demons, dark elves, and Frost Giants across various dimensions and planets. Unfortunately, with Levi joining the DCEU this year as he stars in Shazam!, this will probably never happen and we never even see Fandral again.

7 The Collector

When Benicio Del Toro appeared in Avengers: Infinity War, it turned out to be a trick created by Thanos. The illusion disappeared and the Collector’s study was burning and he was nowhere to be seen. So, where is he? It’s likely he was eliminated by Thanos, but where’s the fun in that?

Del Toro has since taken a mysterious role as a creepy individual in another big Disney franchise, playing a character known only as DJ in the Star Wars saga, so it’s possible he doesn’t have the time to appear in the MCU anymore and he’s just been forgotten about. He didn’t have any outstanding plot arcs, except for his unfounded association to Howard the Duck.

6 Sharon Carter

On paper, it might have seemed like a natural story move to have Steve Rogers, the guy who fell in love Peggy Carter and then was frozen in time and only thawed out when she was at the end of her life, start dating someone else from the Carter bloodline. However, Rogers’ weird quasi-incestuous relationship with his ex-girlfriend’s great niece has always been disturbing to fans, understandably.

Since he’s had bigger fish to fry in the last couple of movies, what with the end of the world as we know it and all, his relationship with Sharon hasn’t been resolved. But due to backlash from fans, it’s possible the producers are abandoning that storyline altogether, which would be a wise move.

5 Justin Hammer

Surely this rival arms dealer played by Sam Rockwell could have some involvement in the nightmarish global developments happening in the Avengers films. We’ve seen the military getting heavily involved in Thanos’ destruction – Hammer could be the one arming them!

His company was mentioned in Luke Cage, which was a nice little way of tying the movies and the TV shows of the MCU together, but we haven’t seen Rockwell himself since way back in Iron Man 2. He was locked in the same prison as Adrian Toomes, but since he’s rich, he probably got out quite early. With Rockwell now an Academy Award winner, he might be too big for the MCU.

4 Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo’s plan to get the Avengers to implode in Captain America: Civil War was so absurdly convoluted and he went out without a bang, so it’s safe to say the MCU doesn’t want you remembering this character ever even existed. If the last time we ever see Baron Zemo is at the end of Civil War as he watches the Sun set and reflects on his plan and explains it to Black Panther, then that wouldn’t be too bad.

It was a good scene, acted brilliantly by Daniel Bruhl. However, Baron Zemo is a great character in the comics and, despite Bruhl’s strong performance, the film failed to properly represent him, so it would be a shame if we never see him again.

3 Betty Ross

Liv Tyler is a great actress and Betty Ross is Bruce Banner’s most prominent love interest in the comics. However, since she hasn’t been mentioned at all by Mark Ruffalo’s Banner and he’s gotten involved in a romantic entanglement with Black Widow, Tyler’s Betty will likely remain a distant memory, and an unresolved storyline.

Ruffalo has suggested that the Hulk’s romance with Black Widow isn’t going away any time soon, as they’re star-crossed lovers who have the kind of relationship that continues to grow and evolve for a lifetime – they’re basically the Ross and Rachel of the MCU. Still, Betty could return to conflict Bruce even further – she could be the Emily or the Julie of the MCU.

2 Crossbones

After Crossbones was thought to have passed away in the aftermath of Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s climactic battle, he made a surprising return in Civil War as he led the charge against the Avengers with a skull mask covering his charred face. And then he quickly did pass away after detonating a bomb on himself.

So, he was gone after all. The question of who even hired him in the first place got fans more confused about his Civil War appearance than excited, so Marvel hopes he’ll be quickly forgotten about. The biggest shame about this is that Frank Grillo is an awesome actor, so he’ll be missed.

1 Erik Selvig

Erik Selvig was a large part of Thor’s introduction to Earth, as he was a scientific mind who was skeptical that he was even a Norse god at all. Jane Foster opened his mind to the mystical and he eventually realized Thor was a god when he saw him battle a giant, magical alien robot called the Destroyer.

After that, he was heavily involved in the MCU for a couple of years with his employment at S.H.I.E.L.D. and his scientific expertise coming in handy. He was an integral part of Loki’s master plan in The Avengers and must be riddled with guilt, but he’s since been hung out to dry. Fans don’t necessarily miss him, but still, what happened to the guy?

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Game Of Thrones: 10 Things The Show Wants You To Forget

Game of Thrones is coming to an end and it’s a very bittersweet time for fans. On the one hand, it’s going to be difficult saying goodbye to all the characters we have come to care so much about. On the other hand, we finally get to see how it all ends. The show has been building up to this epic conclusion for years, slowly laying the groundwork through key moments and character growth, all leading to these final episodes.

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However, not all moments in the show have landed the same. Game of Thrones is a complex show so there’s bound to be the occasional misstep. Whether it’s poor character moments, inconsistencies or cringe-worthy scenes, these are the moments the show wants you to forget.

10 Direwolves

Direwolves were introduced in the very first episode and they quickly became one of the coolest aspects of the show. The unusually large wolves served as protectors of the Stark children, ripping out the throats of anyone who tried to do them harm. And then after a while, they just sort of disappeared from the show.

Despite the Direwolves playing big roles in the books, the show was quick to push them to the background and kill them off whenever they had the chance. The fact that their screentime decreased as the dragons started to grow is probably not a coincidence. There’s only room for so many fantastical creatures in the budget.

9 Daenerys’s Wedding

Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo had one of the unlikeliest romances. Despite it being a forced marriage and them not speaking the same language, they made it work. However, the fact that Drogo rapes Daenerys on their wedding night is still very hard to look past.

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Drogo is presented as a vicious savage so it’s not altogether surprising, but to ask the audience to then forget that and root for these two as a couple is a lot to ask. The show does demonstrate that they eventually truly love each other, but that just adds to the uncomfortable depiction of assault.

8 Tyrion Forgives And Forgets

Tyrion Lannister is one of the best players of the “great game”, mostly due to the fact that he’s often smart enough to know not to trust anyone. So when he finds out that Littlefinger told Catelyn Stark that the dagger used by Bran’s would-be assassin belonged to Tyrion, you would think he’d work quick to remove Littlefinger’s head.

For some reason, the show decided to drop this bit of intrigue completely. Tyrion arrives at King’s Landing and works side-by-side with Littlefinger, never once bringing up the fact or asking any questions regarding his framing. It’s not like Tyrion to stay quiet.

7 Arya Should Be Dead

Arya Stark is one of the toughest people on the show. She’s been through a lot, survived many dangerous situations and racked up an impressive body count. However, after having a run-in with The Waif in the streets of Braavos and living to tell the tale, they may have overplayed just how tough she is.

After The Waif gets the drop on her, Arya is stabbed repeatedly in the gut. She manages to escape, gets healed up by an actor and still finds a way to best her enemy. The wound is so severe and the recovery so quick that people speculated that Arya actually died from the encounter.

6 Dorne

It’s always exciting when a new location is introduced to the show. In Season 5, we got our first glimpse at Dorne, a place that is filled with interesting characters and plots in the books. But despite the potential, the show completely mishandled the Dornish storyline.

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The show’s depiction of Dorne gave us a handful of poorly-written and dull characters who fell far short of living up to Oberyn Martell. The storyline was also predictable and a waste of time. By Season 6, the show basically tried to wipe away the fact that Dorne ever existed.

5 Littlefinger Finds Arya

Westeros is a big place, and yet major characters seem to have a knack for running into each other. When Arya is a captor at Winterfell, she meets The Mountain, Tywin Lannister and, most unexpected, Littlefinger. This makes for a tense scene as Arya, in disguise, attempts to avoid being identified by Littlefinger.

Littlefinger eventually gets a good look at her, seems to come to the appropriate realization, then does nothing. It can be hard to figure out Littlefinger’s schemes but it’s hard to believe he would just let such an important person as Arya slip through his fingers. It’s as if the show was setting up for something and forgot to follow through.

4 Line Of Succession

When Robert Baratheon died, there was much talk about the proper succession. Each power player had to handle the situation very carefully showing that they were the rightful heir to the throne or else they would never be excepted as a true king. By the end of Season 6, the laws of succession basically boiled down to whoever kills the person sitting on the throne gets the throne.

From Euron Greyjoy, to Ellaria Sand, to Ramsay Bolton, to Cersei Lannister — each murdered their way to leadership without anyone batting an eye or raising a fuss. The show totally did away with the nuance of the politics behind seizing the throne and now it’s not of a big game of musical chairs.

3 Melisandre’s Necklace

One of the most unexpected reveals was in Season 6 when Melisandre removes her red ruby necklace and reverts to her true form, which is a decrepit old woman. It certainly adds a lot of layers to the character, but the magic behind the whole thing is shaky at best.

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We’re led to believe that the necklace creates some sort of illusion which can be maintained so long as she wears it. However, in the past we’ve seen Melisandre without the necklace and still looking her same beautiful self. The reveal seems to be a late addition by the creators and they failed to notice the inconsistencies.

2 Jaime Is Irredeemable

Jaime Lannister is certainly one of the most interesting characters in the show. He was first presented as Westeros most hated man before more was revealed about him and the fact that many stories told about him were lies. However, the murder of the Mad King was nothing compared to the horrible thing we’ve seen him do, including raping his own sister.

While trying to kill Bran was certainly unforgivable, seeing Jaime force himself on Cersei as she mourns Joffrey was a stomach-churning moment. The show may have gone too far and it will be hard to truly look at Jaime as a redeemable character after that.

1 Travel Time In Westeros

The biggest elephant in the room when it comes to this show is that people get around Westeros way too quickly. A character can leave Winterfell and be in King’s Landing by the episode’s end and the show just expects us to accept that.

To be fair, this is a total nitpicky detail that must drive the show’s creative team nuts. Of course, we would rather see people implausibly appear somewhere than waster two episodes watching them sail to their destination. Still, when Littlefinger seemingly transports around the entire Seven Kingdoms, it’s hard to ignore.

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Activision Blizzard Wants To Track Employee Pregnancies And It’s Scary

Activision Blizzard is using health tracking technology on its employees, according to a new report, and the voluntary service even goes so far as to monitor employee pregnancy. The company has been using health tracking technology since 2014, when it began to encourage employees to use Fitbit activity trackers.

Activision Blizzard is one of the largest publishers and developers in the industry, with the Blizzard component of the organization remaining one of the most well-known and respected studios in gaming. Activision’s practices have come under fire recently after the company announced record profits before firing hundreds of employees in the same breath, and the publisher’s frayed relationship has become increasingly clearer after a messy split from Bungie left Activision without access to the lucrative Destiny IP. Now, there’s a fair amount of criticism that’s rightfully frightened over a perceived invasion of employee privacy, even if the process is strictly voluntary, as Activision has stated.

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According to a report featured in a Washington Post article on Ovia, a pregnancy tracking app, Activision Blizzard has an extensive list of health tracking tools that it encourages its employees to opt in on. According to the article, Activision Blizzard uses health trackers that inquire over mental health, sleep habits, diet, and autism and cancer care. When it comes to Ovia, Activision Blizzard offers $1 a day in gift cards to employees who decide to use it. The app tracks women attempting to conceive through after birth, and the information it acquires includes sleep schedule, diet, weight, mood, the appearance of their cervical fluid, and even when they’re having sex. According to Activision Blizzard VP of global benefits Milt Ezzard, though, employees have received the technology well:

Each time we introduced something, there was a bit of an outcry: ‘You’re prying into our lives.’ But we slowly increased the sensitivity of stuff, and eventually people understood it’s all voluntary, there’s no gun to your head, and we’re going to reward you if you choose to do it.”

There are, obviously, a number of concerns about this kind of practice. Privacy advocates have pointed out that use of these apps could allow employers to discriminate against employees who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant—according to the report, the publisher averages around 50 employees tracking pregnancies at any one time, and even with anonymous data, it’s possible that the company could narrow down whose report they are looking at. Another concern is the security of apps like Ovia. An ovulation-tracking app called Glow infamously allowed anyone to access a user’s information—including daily alcohol consumption and sexual habits down to position preference—by simply knowing what their email address was.

Companies like Activision Blizzard maintain that these apps allow them to save on health costs, as women who use these tracking tools might be able to avoid expensive infertility treatments and complicated births, the latter of which can incur costs of over $1 million USD. But when execs like Ezzard describe the start of human life as “great for our business experience,” it’s fair to wonder whether these companies really have their employees best interests at heart. Health tracking software reveals so many of the things companies wouldn’t normally have access to that it’s probably closer to selling valuable information for literal dollars a day than it is helping establish a healthier workplace, and as practices like these continue to grow, it’s a terrifying prospect altogether.

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Source: Washington Post

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The 10 Best Gifts That Every Firefly Fan Wants

Check out any list of shows that have been canceled before their time and you’re bound to find Joss Whedon’s Firefly on it. This cult classic didn’t even get a fair chance. Fox gave it the Friday night death slot, aired the episodes out of order, and then canceled it with thee episodes still unaired. Yet, Firefly remains one of the best, most beloved, and most dearly missed sci-fi shows.

The fact that the series got a sequel film and tons of tie-in comics and novels speaks volumes of its undying popularity. If you happen to be a Browncoat or know one, here are the ten best gorram gifts any fan of Firefly would love.



Joss Whedon’s cult space Western drama Firefly came to an abrupt and untimely end after only one season leaving its passionate fans wanting more. Two years after the series’ cancelation, Joss Whedon made a sequel film titled Serenity that ended up breaking our hearts. Still, we all wanted more. More space-cowboying, more gorram cursing in Chinese, more everything that made the show great.

Well, ask and you shall receive because Whedon and a bunch of other awesome people made several tie-ins and sequel comics. Firefly Legacy Edition Book One collects Serenity: Those Left Behind #1-3, Serenity: Better Days #1-3, and Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale OGN. It’s a must-read for any Firefly fan.



Joss Whedon has a knack for creating engaging characters and worlds. Watching Firefly makes us want to be aboard Serenity, hanging out with Mal and his crew of misfits. It makes us want to explore the vast and diverse ‘Verse he’s created. If you’ve ever thought about how cool it would be to go on missions with the crew of Serenity, then Firefly: The Game is what you need.

In this tabletop board game, you are transported into the world of Firefly as you and your friends board your own Firefly-class transport ship and go out on missions encountering the pesky Alliance patrols, prowling Reavers, and back-stabbing employers. So, gather your crew and aim to misbehave.



Of course, for any fan of Firefly, the most important thing to own is the series itself, and there really is no better option than the Firefly Complete Series: 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set. Just look at how gorgeous this box looks and imagine how good it would look on your shelf. But what’s even more important is what you will find inside the box.

The 3-disc set includes all 14 episodes of the show (11 broadcast and 3 unaired), Firefly cast roundtable, audio commentary on select episodes, 3 behind-the-scenes featurettes, 4 deleted scenes, gag reel, and audition tape, and more. You will also get nine character cards, as well as a map of the ‘Verse. It really doesn’t get any better.



The show may have ended over ten years ago, but its legacy lives on. In 2018, Titan Books started releasing a three-part Firefly novel series. Set within the main canon of the series universe with Joss Whedon as the executive editor, the series consists of three novels: Big Damn Hero (written by Nancy Holder, released in October 2018), The Magnificent Nine (written by James Lovegrove, released in March 2019), and Generations (written by Tim Lebbon, releasing in October 2019).

In Big Damn Hero, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is captured by a group of angered veteran Browncoats who believe he sabotaged the Independents during the war. While his crew relentlessly searches for him, Mal is placed on a trial for his life.



The Firefly Encyclopedia includes a detailed timeline of events, in-depth character studies of heroes and villains alike, a guide to the science of the show, as well as parts of the script with author’s notes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This lavish guide also includes plenty of images of the characters, including concept art, ships, weapons, props, and sets.

The encyclopedia is split into four books: The Story of Firefly; Browncoats, Thieves & Purple Bellies; Wide known ‘Verse; and Script Excerpts & Analysis. The books give you the opportunity to delve into the expended history of this fascinating universe, read interviews with the cast, and get all the fascinating behind-the-scenes information.



The most lovable Firefly character, Kaylee Frye is wholesome, innocent, sweet, and genuinely loves Serenity and everyone on board. After just a couple of scenes, she makes you want to protect her. But just as Kaylee loves her friends, they love her as well and would do anything to keep her safe.

If this endearing, genius mechanic is your favorite Firefly character, then you’re gonna love this item. The Funko Pop! Kaylee Frye Vinyl Figure stands at around 3’’ tall, comes with a wrench in her hand and a teddy bear patch on her overalls. It’s an adorable gift for any Firefly fan.



In 2005, two years following the cancelation of Firefly, Captain Reynolds and his crew made a surprising comeback in Joss Whedon’s directorial debut Serenity. It’s odd, to say the least, for a show that got canceled after one incomplete season to get a sequel in form of a feature film. Yet, Serenity was made. It exists. And it’s awesome. Though it underperformed at the box office, the reviews for Serenity were generally positive, and most importantly, the fans loved it.

Serenity is a beautiful oddity, which you could (and should) own on Blu-ray. Plus, with this edition, you get access to deleted scenes, outtakes, extended scenes, commentary from Joss Whedon, and much more.



Imagine you could join the crew of Serenity to pull off a big score. Well, with Gale Force 9’s incredible Firefly Adventures Board Game, you can. In this cooperative game, the players work together to thwart local goons and get the job done. The jobs are thematic and can go from smooth to chaotic just like that, so you’ll feel like you’ve entered the world on the much-missed TV show.

That also means that they’re highly re-playable, as you can never know for sure what strategy will work. It’s an exciting game that any Browncoat will enjoy immensely. On top of that, it looks gorgeous. The board, the individual pieces, the cards, everything is incredibly detailed. Firefly Adventures is one of the best gifts you could give to a Firefly fan.



Jayne’s orange hat is one of the most iconic items of clothing that appeared on Firefly. The six-foot-four-inch-tall mercenary proudly sported the ridiculous orange knitted hat with flaps, simply because his mom made it for him, revealing that he does indeed have a heart. Wash had the perfect words to describe Jayne’s fancy new look, “A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

When QMx decided to make a Jayne bear plush, naturally, the silly hat had to be part of the design. This adorable plushy is the ideal gift for any fan of Firefly, and especially Jayne Cobb.



Come on, sign it with us: “Take my love, take my land; Take me where I can not stand; I don’t care cause I’m still free, you can’t take the sky from me.” Firefly’s iconic theme song, titled “The Ballad of Serenity” was written by Joss Whedon before the show was even greenlit, and it is performed by Sonny Rhodes. The musical score of the series was composed by Greg Edmonson, who stated that he wrote music for the emotion of the moment, which can definitely be felt while watching the show.

Firefly’s amazing soundtrack consists of twenty-five tracks, including the main title, aka “The Ballad of Firefly”. It’s impossible to listen to this soundtrack and not feel transported to the wonderful world Joss Whedon created, so if you want to make a Browncoat happy get them this.

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Stranger Things 3: The Game Wants Players To Embrace Retro Gaming

The trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game recently released in all its 16-bit retro glory. Stranger Things showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer initially announced the game at the 2018 Game Awards. The title will follow events that happen during the TV show’s third season on Netflix.

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016 and quickly became one of the most talked about shows on the streaming subscription service, thanks to its nod to 80s pop culture and horror movies. Season 2 aired in 2017, with Netflix quickly renewing the series for a third season shortly after. When the trailer for the third season dropped recently in March 2019, it became one of the most watched Netflix videos of all time on YouTube. The new season of Stranger Things promises more of that retro vibe that fans love, along with a new bevy of monsters guaranteed to keep viewers up at night. Along with a new season of Stranger Things, though, fans will also get a 16-bit game, which will launch on the same day as the show’s new season, July 4.

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NX Twitter posted the trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game showcasing it in all its retro glory. What’s even more fascinating, though, is that the game trailer closely matches the trailer for season 3 of the TV series: even much of the dialogue matches up. Like the TV show, the game will explore Hawkins and the mysteries that lie beneath it (including the world of the Upside Down) in vintage style, with both solo and co-op game modes available to players. Fortunately, though, the game will be available on modern consoles, including the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Expect it to also land on PC, Mac and mobile.

When Stranger Things initially premiered on Netflix, the streaming subscription provider already had plans for multiple seasons of the series, much to the delight of fans. There was recently a prank pulled on fans that suggested the series would only run for four seasons with a movie, but considering that much of the young cast are growing up, many fans are wondering just how many seasons the series can run before it loses its appeal.

Whatever the long term plan for Stranger Things is, season 3 will likely have fans wanting more when it ends. Being able to relive it all with a retro video game, though, might make the wait for season 4 seem a little less long. It will be interesting to see if the game can evoke the same sort of nostalgic charm that has made the series its inspired by so popular, but if it does, it could be a sleeper hit just waiting to happen.

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10 Must-Own Gifts Every Disney Fan Wants

It’s hard not to love Disney. Most of us are fans, though some more mouse-eared than others. These gifts are great for Disney lovers young and old who you want to send a little joy to. The timelessness of these characters and stories makes for touching gifts that bring out the kid in everyone.

From nostalgic books to a spaghetti recipe worthy of both Lady and the Tramp, these gifts will bring a smile to a loved one’s face on a special occasion. They also wouldn’t hurt as gifts to yourself, for when you need a little help believing in magic.

10 Disney – The Simple Family Cookbook

GET IT NOW $13.51

Recipes in this book are easy enough to follow for both older kids and adults (or little kids with a bit of help from adults). It contains 100 themed recipes, such as Lady and the Tramp spaghetti, Frozen snowballs and Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian pizza. Every recipe uses 5 ingredients or less, so it’s not only simple for cooks and aspiring chefs of all ages, but it’s budget-friendly as well.

It’s not much fun to receive a cookbook that breaks the bank – this is a low-pressure gift that can be used and explored with ease. The colorful pages feature photographs of the dishes alongside cartoons from Disney films. The layout is clear and very kid-friendly, designed to be shared with the whole family.

9 Disney Classic Little Golden Books

BUY IT NOW $41.91

Little Golden Books are nostalgic for children of the 40s, 50s, 60s, all the way through to today. They’re a wholesome series that maintain their vintage appearance, with a distinctive gold spine. These Disney Classic books were originally published in the 50s and 60s, and the box includes 12 stories: Alice in WonderlandBambiCinderella, Dumbo, The Lucky Puppy, Mother Goose, Peter PanPinocchio, ScampSnow White and the Seven DwarfsThree Little Pigs, and The Ugly Duckling. 

The stories age well, so a parent can begin by reading these to their child until the child becomes an independent reader. These are timeless editions and will be relatable no matter what a child’s particular interests are. For parents, it’s heartwarming to have a gift that they remember from their own childhood.

8 Disney Codenames Card Game


Codenames is a team guessing game where players try to help their teammates guess code words on cards, using one-word clues. This Disney version includes both images and words from Disney films. It’s an easy game to pick up quickly, so can be taught to a group at a party within minutes and can include players of all ages. It’s a great get-to-know-you game, as it’s lightly competitive and teams are required to talk to each other.

In contrast to the original Codenames, the Disney pictures on the cards brighten up the game and add a spirit of playfulness. It’s possible to play this game with a smaller layout option, which is a good variation for younger groups that have a bit more trouble keeping up with the speed of a 25 card game.

7 Frozen Deluxe Edition Soundtrack

BUY IT NOW $19.99

This soundtrack features that darn catchy song that wouldn’t get out of anyone’s head all throughout the winter of 2013-2014, “Let it Go”. Featured artists include Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Katie Lopez, and Josh Gad. The film was the 2014 Academy Award winner for Best Original Song and Best Animated Film. The music made this film, which any Frozen fanatic can attest to.

The 2 disc deluxe version includes the original score as well as all the familiar hits from the movie. The first disc is the original soundtrack, and the second disc has additional scores and demos missing from the non-deluxe version. With Frozen 2 on the horizon, this gift will pump up a loyal Disney fan to hit the theatres for Elsa’s next adventure.

6 Mary Poppins Returns

GET IT NOW $24.99

The revival of such an iconic character was an important moment in history for every Poppins fan. This is also an amazing watch for a musical fan, a fantasy fan or anyone for whom the magic of Disney is irreplaceable. This is a sequel to, rather than a remake of, of the original Mary Poppins. It stars Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, a former apprentice of Dick Van Dyke’s original chimney sweep character, Bert.

Like in the original masterpiece, there is a sequence in this film that combines live-action and hand-drawn animation. The idea of protecting the original spirit of the film by taking away modern CGI options was a nod to fans and how magical the first adventure with Mary was.

5 Ariel Little Mermaid Funko POP!

BUY IT NOW $11.99

Look at this Funko, isn’t it neat? Give it to a friend, their collection’s complete! Funko POP! figures always make a great gift. They’re toys and they are fun to play with for younger fans, but they’re also an attractive decoration for adults who like owning cool toys too. Ariel is vinyl and 3 3/4″ tall, with her tail flipped up behind her, mid-motion.

She’s a key character to add to a Disney Funko POP! collection, or to perch on the shelf of any Little Mermaid fan. Her tail is a little sparkly, which gently references the sparkling dress worn by Ariel at the end of the movie, and adds a nice detail to the paint job. This is an affordable gift that’s still very special and appropriate as a present, and if not for a collector, something people wouldn’t get for themselves as often.

4 Stitch Bobblehead Plush

GET IT NOW $24.57

As a genetically-engineered, dog-like, koala-ish alien life form, Stitch is a relatable character for all of us who don’t quite fit in. After finding his best friend, Lilo, who has the patience for his mischievous behavior, Stitch learns about love and family.

This plush is an authentic Disney store product, with embroidered features and a soft exterior. His head bobbles, giving him more life than a still stuffed animal. The toy can sit propped up on display or be used as a cuddle buddy by little ones. His large, rabbity ears are padded for easy hugging. Everyone can use a little more softness in their life, and this plush is a great friend for a Disney fan.

3 Villainous Board Game

BUY IT NOW $29.49

This game, based on the glorious villains of Disney, is a light strategy game for up to 6 players. Ravensburger is a German company that makes amazing toys and games and specializes in puzzles – so their strategy games are a lot of fun and always a nice challenge. Each player takes on the role of a different Disney villain – either Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, Queen of Hearts, or Prince John. Each villain has their own objectives, strengths and path.

Players strategize to create the most effective plant to win. The game includes a Fate Deck, featuring Disney heroes like Robin Hood and Peter Pan, to throw a wrench in the villains’ plans. This is a fun game for a family and is simple enough for average Disney fans, but still fun enough for serious strategy gamers.

2 The Complete Toy Story Collection

GET IT NOW $24.19

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 are all included in this box set.  This trilogy is rare in that it contains three well-liked films – there wasn’t one movie that Toy Story fans generally felt was a flop. It’s a great deal for all three films and will get your fan ready for the much-anticipated arrival of Toy Story 4.

In true Pixar fashion, Toy Story films are full of details and easter eggs, so they can be watched again and again without getting dull. The films follow a group of sentient toys and their adventures during the time when they aren’t being played with by their owners. The stories are full of friendship and love, wholesome and endearing.

1 Aladdin Genie Face Mug

BUY IT NOW $16.99

This is an officially licensed Disney mug, sculpted into the shape of the original cartoon Genie, voiced by Robin Williams. This character is an important icon of Disney and of children’s movies in the 1990s.

The face of the genie is incredibly animated, turned up in the beginnings of a smile or laugh. The mug holds about 20 ounces, a little larger than an average cup, and works for cold or hot beverages. Genie’s hair loops back to create an easy-to-grip handle, and his head is made of shiny blue ceramic. It’s a great way to prep for the new Aladdin movie, as fans are jumping out of their seats in anticipation.

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Swamp Thing: Matt Ryan Wants Constantine to Appear on DC Universe Series

Matt Ryan reveals that he wants to play John Constantine in the upcoming DC Universe series Swamp Thing. Constantine first appeared in The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 in 1985. Created by Alan Moore, Stephen R. Bissette, and John Totleben, Constantine is an anti-hero appearing in DC Comics who often goes up against supernatural forces. Keanu Reeves played the character in a 2005 film, but Ryan is the current actor taking on the role.

Ryan stepped into the role of Constantine in 2014 when NBC came out with their live-action version of the character. Unfortunately for fans, Constantine was canceled in 2015 after only one season. However, Ryan did return to the role for a crossover episode on Arrow in season 4, and is now a recurring character on Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan has also voiced Constantine in the animated movies Justice League Dark and Constantine: City of Demons The Movie, as well as the animated series Constantine: City of Demons. Now, it looks like Ryan wants to once again play the character, but in a different TV show.

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Ryan commented about his potential appearance in Swamp Thing during a recent panel at Wizard World Cleveland (hat tip ComicBook). Ryan certainly didn’t confirm that Constantine would be included in Swamp Thing, but he mentioned, “John Constantine was born in Swamp Thing. Eventually, he has to be on Swamp Thing, and I just hope it’s me”. Ryan didn’t have much else to say about Swamp Thing, but did joke, “I’m still playing this role four years after Constantine was actually cancelled, so I must be doing something right”.

As mentioned before, Swamp Thing will be one of the new shows that will stream exclusively on DC Universe. Swamp Thing is said to be premiering in May, with Andy Bean and Derek Mears playing the two halves of Swamp Thing. The show will be based on Alan Moore’s comic run of Swamp Thing and have a very dark, scary and mature tone. Swamp Thing will be one of the many original superhero shows coming to DC Universe this year, following Doom Patrol which was released earlier this year.

Even though many fans would love to see Ryan return once again to the role of Constantine in a new show, the odds of that happening seem to be fairly slim. While most of the superhero shows on The CW are under the umbrella of the Arrowverse, the original shows on DC Universe don’t connect to The CW’s shows. Additionally, Doom Patrol and Titans take place in the same universe, but it has already been revealed that Swamp Thing will be in a separate universe from the other DC Universe titles. While Ryan probably won’t get a chance to play Constantine in Swamp Thing, there is always the possibility that the character could be introduced at some point with a different actor.

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Black Panther 2: Us Actor Evan Alex Wants to Play T’Challa’s Son Azari

Evan Alex, the young actor from Us, wants to play Black Panther’s son Azari in the upcoming sequel. Though there’s no confirmation as to whether or not Black Panther 2 will include – or even hint at – T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) having a son, Alex has still shown some serious interest.

Assuming Black Panther 2 were to consider including Azari, the film would certainly have to deviate from the source material. In the comics, the prince of Wakanda is the son of Black Panther and Storm, and seeing as Storm, nor any members of the X-Men, are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the creative team behind Black Panther 2 would have to take some creative liberties. And, if Azari was to be included in the sequel, audiences would see that T’Challa’s son has inherited all of his special abilities derived from the Heart-Shaped Herb. Now, considering that Jordan Peele’s horror film Us includes two of Black Panther’s most prominent characters – Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia, and Winston Duke, who plays M’Baku – Alex wants to tag along with his co-stars.

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In an interview with Vulture, Alex was asked if he’d ever be interested in starring in a superhero movie, and he flat out stated that he wants to go further and play an actual superhero. He then elaborated, saying that he wants to be cast in Black Panther 2 as T’Challa’s super-powered son Azari. Finally, when asked if he’d be up for the challenge of challenging Black Panther for the throne, he said, “No! Why I gotta challenge for the throne when I’m the prince of Wakanda?!”

Now, even though Storm isn’t officially part of the MCU just yet, Marvel Studios is certainly making moves to make it happen. Now that the Disney/Fox deal has officially finalized, Disney owns Fox, which also means Disney owns X-Men. So, it’s only a matter of time before the X-Men enter the MCU; and once that happens, the door is wide open for T’Challa and Ororo Munroe to meet, thus opening the door even wider for Azari.

Assuming this plays out the way Alex hopes, his performance in Us more than proved that he has what it takes to carry the weight in a mainstream movie – even one as massive as an entry in the MCU. Though a role like Azari would no doubt require more physicality, his abilities paired with his passion should give him the edge in casting – assuming the MCU ever introduces Azari in the first place. It’d also make for a nice family reunion with Nyong’o and Duke.

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Danny Salemme