Big Bang Theory Finale: Everything Kaley Cuoco Wants Revealed Before it Ends

Gearing up for the upcoming premiere of its 12th and final season, Kaley Cuoco shares two things she wants to happen in The Big Bang Theory before the series wraps up. The actress plays Penny in the show, one of its original five characters (alongside Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard), and the only female cast member before Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy) were promoted to series regulars back in season 4.

Penny started as an aspiring actress, but after years of disappointment, she changed careers and is currently a pharmaceutical sales representative. After engaging in an on and off romantic relationship with Leonard, the two eventually got married. But since tying the knot, they have yet to decide what’s next for them. Considering that she’s been with the sitcom since the beginning, it makes sense that Cuoco has her own wish list when it comes to what she wants to see get revealed before the series ends.

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Doing the promotional rounds ahead of The Big Bang Theory’s season 12 premiere, Cuoco appeared on CBS’ The Talk (via The Wrap), and shared her wish list of everything she wants revealed before the hit sitcom goes off the air. Surprisingly, Cuoco’s choices aren’t different from what fans want to happen. First, she wants Penny’s maiden name to be confirmed, and second, she wants the nonfunctional elevator in their apartment building fixed.

For 11 seasons, The Big Bang Theory has gotten away with not revealing Penny’s maiden name. Even though some of her relatives have appeared on the show, the family’s surname has never been revealed. When she married Leonard back in season 9, she became Penny Hofstadter, still without her original last name coming to light. Evidently, just about everyone wants the issue to get resolved before the show ends, but if it’s unknown if the the writers of the series agree or are intending to keep it a mystery – something for fans to talk about long after the sitcom has ended. With season 12 set to include a guest appearance from Keith Carradine as Penny’s dad, Wyatt, one would think that would present the perfect opportunity to finally settle the matter.

As for the broken elevator, Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon have all lived in the same apartment building for more than 10 years, and it’s somewhat surprising that Sheldon hasn’t nagged the building manager into having it fixed by now. Granted, he was technically the reason it got busted, but he still could’ve harassed whoever is in charge of the complex’s maintenance to have it repaired, and could’ve arranged for it himself when he became the president of the Tenants’ Association. Perhaps, just for fun, it’ll finally get repaired the moment the characters decide to move out of their apartments.

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 premieres September 24 on CBS.

Source: The Talk (via The Wrap)

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Darth Maul Actor Wants to Choreograph Star Wars Lightsaber Fights

Darth Maul actor Ray Park has expressed interest in choreographing lightsaber duels for future Star Wars movies. Park, of course, first played the Sith Lord in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, before returning to the role at long last in this year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story.

As most fans are aware, Maul was seemingly killed in The Phantom Menace on Naboo. After murdering Qui-Gon Jinn, Maul was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi and fell backward into a pit. While Park has only made two appearances in the live-action Star Wars films, it was explained in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, that Maul actually lived through this ordeal thanks to the Force and his hatred for Kenobi. That being said, Solo: A Star Wars Story officially made Maul’s survival part of the live-action canon by revealing him as the leader of the criminal organization Crimson Dawn. Park’s return to the role was a big surprise for many fans, but now it seems he wants to continue his Star Wars career on the big screen.

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When asked on Twitter why Park hasn’t choreographed lightsaber duels for the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Park responded by saying that he would take that job “in a heart beat“. Park began practicing martial arts at a young age and has often done complex stunts for characters like Toad in X-Men and Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe films. With Park’s background as a martial artist, he would be a good choice to choreograph more lightsaber duels, but so far it hasn’t happened. His full Tweet can be seen below:

Even though the prequel films aren’t considered a high point for the Star Wars franchise, the character of Darth Maul is widely considered one of the best parts of the prequel trilogy. While some feel Maul’s Solo cameo wasn’t a good idea, others were just excited to see the character return to the big screen. Kenobi and Maul had one final (and emotional) lightsaber duel in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, but with the Star Wars story spinoffs being (seemingly) put on hold, that battle may never end up being adapted for live-action.

In short, Darth Maul’s future in the Star Wars universe is up in the air right now. Until more news about another live-action Darth Maul appearance is announced, Star Wars fanatics will just have to enjoy seeing the character on the Solo Blu-ray, when it is released later this month on Tuesday, September 25.

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Josh Gad Wants to Play Penguin Opposite Jon Hamm’s Batman

Josh Gad is once again campaigning to play Oswald Cobblepot – aka The Penguin – in the DC movie universe, this time, opposite Jon Hamm’s Bruce Wayne – aka Batman. With persisting rumors that Ben Affleck will no longer reprise the title role in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman film, recasting talk continues regarding the superhero. Several Hollywood actors have been rumored to take over the cape and cowl, but latest to join the recasting pool is Hamm, who recently said that he wants to become the next Batman.

Meanwhile, Gad has been openly campaigning for the Penguin role for quite some time now on social media. He first publicly expressed his interest in the role in May of last year, which was followed by a meeting with former DC head honchos Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, giving fans the impression that something concrete was in the works for him playing Penguin on the big screen. Sadly, nothing came to fruition. Despite that, the actor is not quite ready to give up on his dreams of following in Danny DeVito’s (who took on the role opposite Michael Keaton’s Batman in Batman Returns) footsteps and portraying the character.

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Taking to his official Twitter account, Gad sent a shoutout to Hamm about the possibility of the two of them sharing the big screen as the Penguin and Batman. Similar to people’s reactions to his previous attempts at furthering his dreams of playing the iconic villain on the big screen, fans are divided, not just on the possibility of him portraying Cobblepot, but also on Hamm being the next Caped Crusader. Check out his post below:

Earlier this year, Gad suggested playing the part in Chris McKay’s in-development Nightwing film, after the filmmaker asked people on Twitter for their input on the film’s casting. But since it may take a while before that film comes to fruition (if it’s in fact still part of DC Films’ seemingly ever-changing slate), chances are that pining for the role in The Batman, which has been confirmed to be in active pre-production, would be a much easier route for Gad to land the gig.

It’s also entirely possible that the Penguin may not even appear in The Batman. Considering that specific plot details for that film are still scarce at the moment, not to mention the slew of villains that the Bat of Gotham has faced in the comics, Warner Bros. has a long list of options to choose from regarding who the main antagonist of the standalone film could be. Where the film fits in the existing DC movie universe remains unclear, although it’s expected to possibly feature a younger version of the titular hero. Despite not having a concrete future in the DC Films world, fans know that The Penguin exists in the established canon, after he was referenced in Justice League. So if Warner Bros. decides to officially introduce a brand new incarnation of the character on the big screen, they can easily do so.

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Ryan Gosling Wants To Star In A Batman Movie By La La Land Director

Ryan Gosling says he would like to be in a Batman movie if it was directed by Damien Chazelle. The two seem to have carved out a nice dynamic, collaborating on both La La Land and First Man. The former received a record-tying 14 Oscar nominations (including 6 wins), while the latter is considered to be one of the Best Picture front runners of this year. First Man earned raves out of its festival screenings, with many critics enjoying Gosling’s performance as Neil Armstrong.

While Gosling has proven himself multiple times as a gifted dramatic and comedic actor, one realm of Hollywood he’s steered clear from so far is superhero movies. His name has been attached to projects such as Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange, but he hasn’t brought life to a comic book character yet. However, he might be inclined to sign on for one if Chazelle was the one calling the shots.

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Gosling was with Chazelle and other members of the First Man cast during an interview with Variety, where the topic of superhero movies came up. When asked if he’d like to play Batman, Gosling essentially laughed the question off before voicing his support for a Chazelle-helmed Batman film. Check out the video in the space below:

Obviously, this was all in good fun, and it’s unlikely this would ever come into fruition. For starters, Matt Reeves is currently prepping a new Batman movie for Warner Bros., and Chazelle seems to have his sights elsewhere. Once First Man concludes its campaign on the awards circuit, Chazelle will have his hands full calling the shots on The Eddy for Netflix and developing a new original series for Apple. It’s true he hasn’t lined up another feature film to direct yet, but Chazelle doesn’t seem like the type looking to jump into tentpole fare. He would unquestioningly be a valuable asset for a studio, but the interest has to be mutual. Perhaps if the right project came across Chazelle’s desk he’d take the opportunity, but for now, he’s finding tremendous success working in his own wheelhouse.

As for Gosling, he too tends to stay away from genre pictures, with last year’s Blade Runner 2049 marking his first foray into big-budget filmmaking. Although, that had more to do with his love for the original Blade Runner, as well as the chance to work with people like director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins. Especially in recent years, he’s picked his roles carefully, appearing in a string of critically-acclaimed films from respected auteurs. Like Chazelle, Gosling would probably sign on for a comic book movie if the situation was right (think Joaquin Phoenix agreeing to Joker), and time will tell if that’ll ever come to be. For now, he’s reportedly on the short list for the upcoming Willy Wonka prequel.

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We’ll keep you updated on The Batman as more information becomes available.

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Michael K. Williams Doesn’t Regret Solo, Still Wants To Appear In Star Wars

Michael K. Williams was unfortunately removed from Solo: A Star Wars Story but would still like to join Star Wars. One of the biggest stories over the last year in the movie industry was the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller as the directors of Solo. Lucasfilm’s decision came with only weeks left of filming, but the problems Solo experienced had been happening for much longer. This meant Ron Howard had to reshoot most of the movie, and it even resulted in some recasting.

Lord and Miller cast Michael K. Williams as one of the film’s villains, but the new filming schedule for reshoots didn’t work with his schedule. Williams was forced to leave Solo, and he was then replaced by Paul Bettany. However, Williams has no hard feelings over how his role was handled, and actually still hopes to get involved with the galaxy far, far away.

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Variety spoke to Michael K. Williams at the Toronto International Film Festival and asked him about his experience. He has no ill will towards the franchise or the movie over how things transpired, as he said, “Even though I didn’t make the final cut, they’re still my cast mates. I love you guys.” But, he hasn’t even seen the final cut that hit theaters, and isn’t focused on it now – because he wants a new role. He said, “I’m quite sure I’ll get around to it but I’m more interested in getting another shot in being in that galaxy. I would love another opportunity to be in Star Wars.”

This wasn’t an instance where Williams’ performance was bad and forced them to recast or that his character’s role was so small he was just left on the cutting room floor. With that in mind, Lucasfilm may look to find a way to get him involved if they can. Even though the studio reportedly has put spinoffs like Solo on hold, there are plenty of other films that could use Williams’ talents. Rian Johnson is still developing a trilogy all his own that will need leads, villains, and supporting characters alike, so perhaps Williams will be looked at for one of those films. There’s also the series of movies being developed by Game of Thrones creators Benioff and Weiss that could also employ Williams.

However, thanks to the expanding universe of Star Wars content, there is also the opportunity for Williams to return to his TV roots. Jon Favreau is developing the first live-action Star Wars series. Casting has yet to begin on the show, but it would be great to see him star as one of the Mandalorians – who are reportedly the focus of the show. Neither Star Wars nor Williams are going anywhere anytime soon, so, hopefully, they’ll find the perfect project to team-up on in the future.

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Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch Wants to Continue Black Panther’s MCU Legacy

Lashana Lynch believes Captain Marvel will follow Black Panther‘s example and properly portray black characters. Marvel Studios is increasing the diversity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe quickly, and they’ve already seen the success that can be had as a result. Their 2018 year began with Black Panther, the first major superhero movie to be led by a person of color, but also one to feature a predominantly all black cast. Next year, they hope to achieve the same level of success with their first female-led movie, starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers.

Black Panther transcended the standard superhero movie wave to become a cultural phenomenon. It grossed $1.3 billion at the box office, earned rave reviews, and proved the notion that audiences wouldn’t go see a major film led by people of color was false. It also introduced several outstanding African-American characters into the MCU, and Lynch hopes she can help continue that with Captain Marvel.

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EW spoke to Lynch about her involvement with Captain Marvel as Carol Danvers’ best friend and fellow pilot Maria “Photon” Rambeau. She described her character as both strong and resilient, which are great traits to have for a woman in her position of work and as a single parent. Lynch states that she wants to continue Black Panther‘s legacy of accurately showcasing characters of color with Captain Marvel.

“I, especially after watching Black Panther, want to keep the black community in a place where they trust that every single African-American character in the Marvel universe is going to be represented positively, is going to be represented accurately, and is going to have a real through-line that the black community or people of color will be proud of. …I want Maria to be upstanding. I want her to have a voice, I want people to understand her and relate to her, and I want mothers to be proud that there’s a single mother in the MCU.”

Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther may be the first black hero to lead a MCU film, but there were a few other heroes of color who came before him. War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) are the most notable characters, and even though Lynch’s Maria Rambeau isn’t getting superpowers of her own, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she hopes her character comes across as well as those in Black Panther.

It’s still unclear how much screen time Lynch will ultimately have in Captain Marvel though. If she it’s a smaller role, she’ll hopefully make a quick impression. But, if Maria gets caught up in the Kree-Skrull war somehow, then audiences could get a long look at her. And, no matter how much screen time Maria has, she can leave her own legacy in Captain Marvel to pass on these qualities and ambitions to her daughter Monica Rambeau, who Marvel may be setting up for a major role after Avengers 4. If Maria is given the necessary time on screen in Captain Marvel, then hopefully she will resonate with people of color and single mothers all around the world, just as Lynch hopes.

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Madhu Chopra reveals about her only dream – how she wants Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to get married

Madhu Chopra reveals about her only dream – how she wants Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to get married

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas took the world by a surprise when reports revealed that they are engaged and they will be having a traditional Indian roka ceremony. Now that they have also confessed their love for each other on social media platforms, Priyanka’s mother and business partner Madhu Chopra decided to speak about the impending wedding and its speculations that followed.

Madhu Chopra reveals about her only dream – how she wants Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to get married

Firstly, Madhu Chopra denied all the rumours about the wedding date. She clarified that neither Priyanka nor Nick are in a hurry since the two of them are busy with their work commitments. They are yet to decide a date and also the place they want to get married, asserted the doting mother in recent media reports. Amidst all these, Madhu also confessed the one dream she has about the Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas wedding.

Maintaining that Priyanka always knew what her mother Madhu wanted, the actress’ mother stated that having a roka was her desire and her daughter just fulfilled. Adding to it, she also confessed her another wish, which is to have a traditional Indian wedding. In the media reports, Madhu Chopra suggested that she would love to see the couple get married as per Indian traditions. While having a roka was what she wanted because it starts with a puja, Madhu also added that even though she is a modern mother, she respects Indian customs and traditions and is conservative that way.

On the other hand, Madhu Chopra was all praises for Nick and the Jonas family. She was not only impressed with the way her to-be son-in-law respected elders but also with the way he imbibed the Indian traditions. She happily also shared in reports about how Nick was aptly chanting the Sanskrit mantras during the puja at the roka ceremony.

Followed by the ceremony, the couple also planned an engagement bash with close family and loved ones from the film fraternity.

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