Warner Bros. Reportedly Worried Johnny Depp Drama Will Hurt Fantastic Beasts 3

Recent reports suggest that Warner Bros. is worried that Johnny Depp’s ongoing drama with his ex-wife Amber Heard hurting Fantastic Beasts 3. A couple years ago, Depp came under fire after Heard accused the actor of being physically abusive to her during their time together. The decision to have Depp return for last year’s sequel to Fantastic Beasts was met with controversy, but director David Yates spoke out in defense of the casting. Production on the third entry was to begin this summer, but was delayed till later this fall.

The Harry Potter spinoff series launched in 2016 and was originally planned to be a trilogy, but was extended to a five-film series after J.K. Rowling determined more movies would benefit the story. Depp stars in the series as the powerful dark wizard, Gellert Grindelwald. Depp has confirmed that he’ll return for Fantastic Beasts 3, but the controversy surrounding him could affect the film moving forward. Earlier this year, Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard over the abuse allegations, and he’s denied all of Heard’s claims. Despite that, high-level executives at Warner Bros. are reportedly concerned that Depp’s involvement with Fantastic Beasts could send the wrong message.

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Per Page Six, Warner Bros. is reportedly worried that Depp’s drama could effect Fantastic Beasts 3. The report continues by mentioning that if Warner Bros. continues to stick by Depp, it could say a lot about the company’s values. Many high-level female executives are worried about working with Depp, and how it’ll effect the morale of female employees at the studio. This comes just after Heard’s recent court documents described in vivid detail how Depp allegedly beat, choked and tormented her. Adding to that, many at Warner Bros. feel Rowling’s public support of Depp has boxed them into a corner, as they continue to wonder how to deal with Depp’s role in the Fantastic Beasts series.

With Warner Bros. fresh off Kevin Tsujihara stepping down as chairman and CEO after his involvement in a sexual misconduct scandal went public, Depp’s continued association with the studio could lead to further backlash on not only Depp but the studio as well. According to actor Dan Fogler, the decision to change production around for Fantastic Beasts 3 was due to the film being larger in scale compared to the previous entries. More time was needed to prep and to avoid rushing the project, but there could be more to it than that. With Depp’s involvement casting a dark cloud on the movie, perhaps this time prior to production will be used to decide whether or not to replace the veteran actor. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald had enough controversy surrounding it due to its poor reception and overstuffed storyline, but Depp’s casting as Grindelwald also didn’t sit well with many moviegoers.

How Warner Bros. chooses to handle the situation remains to be seen, but Fantastic Beasts 3 isn’t expected to release till sometime next year. That gives the studio enough time to sort out any issues they may have with Depp, and replace him if necessary. Of course, losing Depp would still be a huge loss if the studio doesn’t have a suitable replacement to fill his role as Grindelwald. With Fantastic Beasts 3 set to begin production later this year, fans should expect more updates as the fall nears.

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Warner Bros’ Live-Action Sesame Street Movie Eyes Anne Hathaway To Star

Anne Hathaway could be participating in Warner Bros.’ upcoming live-action Sesame Street movie. Director and producer Shawn Levy will be producing the adaptation. The film will be based on the kid friendly series that first aired back in 1969. Not much is known about the project’s story, but fans can expect familiar characters to feature in the film.

Sesame Street first aired on the PBS network nearly fifty years ago, and has become one of the most successful educational shows for children. The series focuses on Muppet like characters that educate young viewers on a variety of different topics. A few years ago during one of our interviews, we learned that Shawn Levy would be involved with the production. Warner Bros. has also picked Jonathan Krisel to direct the upcoming live-action adventure. Sesame Street has been on the big screen before, with 1985’s Follow That Bird, then again with 1999’s Elmo flick The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. Outside of those two ventures, there have been several TV specials for the beloved series over the years as well.

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According to Collider, Anne Hathaway has been offered a role in the upcoming live-action project. Hathaway has been offered the role of Sally, which is the same name of a character from the series pilot episode. An agreement for the role has not yet been made, as Hathaway is also fielding other offers.

The first draft for Sesame Street was penned by Mike Rosolio, and Chris Galletta offered a revised version. This wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory for Hathaway, since she’s appeared on the televised series before. In the 2007 holiday special Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, she demonstrated her vocal talents, and sang alongside notable characters Big Bird and Snuffy. Hathaway has also appeared in several Warner Bros. pictures lately (most recently Ocean’s 8), so there’s already a bond established with the studio.

With little known about the project, fans can only speculate for now what the film will ultimately be about. Expect characters like Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and several others to be involved. No word has been given in regards to when the picture will begin production, but with offers being made it could be soon. The film is said to be more of a musical piece, so perhaps Hathaway can offer her vocal skills here as well. There have been no other known offers for roles in the film, but expect more to come as production nears.

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Zatanna Movie Was Reportedly Discussed By Warner Bros. & DC Films

Warner Bros. and DC Films’ plans for a line-up of female-led superhero movies reportedly included discussions of a movie about magician Zatanna Zatara. This is the first we’ve heard of a solo movie about Zatanna, though Warner Bros. has long had a team-up movie about Justice League Dark in development, and Zatanna is a prominent member of that team.

Just a few years ago, Warner Bros.’ planned slate of DC movies was more heavily focused on male superheroes like Cyborg and the Flash. However, the enormous success of Wonder Woman changed things, with plans for a Man of Steel sequel put on ice and The Flash’s solo movie suffering long delays while films like Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey were prioritized. There’s been very little news about Justice League Dark since director Doug Liman exited the project in summer 2017, but interestingly it seems that Warner Bros. and DC Films discussed a solo movie for one of its members – which could still come to fruition.

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In a new Deadline feature on the surge of movies about superheroines – including next year’s Captain Marvel and 2020 release Birds of Prey – there’s a throwaway mention of Zatanna being given her own movie: “There’s also been talk of films for Supergirl, Zatanna and Batgirl.” This is particularly interesting since the talks of a Supergirl movie have moved forward, with Warner Bros. reportedly dropping Man of Steel 2 in favor of focusing on Superman’s cousin instead. Plans for a Batgirl movie have also solidified; though it suffered a setback after the departure of Joss Whedon as director, Batgirl recruited Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson to pen a script earlier this year. It’s unclear whether plans for a Zatanna movie have been dropped, or whether Warner Bros. is still ruminating on the project.

Zatanna Zatara has been around in the pages of DC Comics for more than half a century, and was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson. She’s a stage magician with the costume to match, but also has actual magical superpowers, which makes her a good fit for the supernaturally-oriented Justice League Dark team. Fans of Smallville may remember Zatanna from the later seasons of the show, when she was played by Serinda Swan in a recurring role.

Warner Bros. has a frankly staggering number of DC projects currently in development, so the chances of a Zatanna solo movie being added to the slate and coming out in the near future are slim. That being said, a year ago the upcoming Joker solo movie starring Joaquin Phoenix was completely unheard-of, and now it’s set to release before Wonder Woman 1984 – so it’s hard to accurately predict what’s being prioritized behind the scenes at DC Films, and what surprise new movie might be announced next.

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Blue Beetle: DC & Warner Bros. Developing Jaime Reyes Movie

Warner Bros. and DC Films are developing a Blue Beetle movie starring Latino hero Jaime Reyes. The DCEU is looking to grow in all areas and reach several different demographics in the process. Adult and young comic fans alike are set to be pleased with films like Joker and Shazam!, but now another teen hero is getting a solo movie.

The youth movement for the DCEU has been slowly coming together with Billy Batson (Asher Angel) leading Shazam! and Ella Jay Basco landing the role of Cassandra Cain in Birds of Prey. Even Ezra Miller’s solo The Flash movie is still coming together, which is envisioned as having a fun Back to the Future vibe to it. There’s hope that characters like Nightwing and Batgirl will also get their solo movies going in the near future, but now another young hero is getting his own movie.

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The Wrap reports Warner Bros. and DC Films have hired Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer to write the script for a Blue Beetle movie. Alcocer’s recent credits include Universal’s Scarface remake and Sony’s Miss Bala. There’s been a few different people to have this title in DC comics, but the movie will focus on the Jaime Reyes version of the character. If Blue Beetle comes together fast enough, it could make the movie the first Latino-led live-action superhero film.

DC comics first introduced Jaime Reyes in 2006 when he was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner for Infinite Crisis. He is the third person to become the Blue Beetle after Dan Garret and Ted Kord. Reyes becomes a superhero after discovering a piece of alien technology known as a scarab, which bonds with Reyes and grants him the ability to wear the blue armored suit at a moment’s notice. Reyes has been the star of his own comic series in the past and received more attention through Young Justice, but this solo movie will be his first live-action appearance on the big screen after a brief role in Smallville.

Even though the movie’s development is just now being revealed, only time will tell if Blue Beetle actually gets made or not. WB and DC now have over 30 different known DC projects in development, whether recently or in the past. Some of these will likely never see the light of day despite progress appearing to be made at different points in time. This Blue Beetle movie does have a young diverse lead character and great mythology that lends itself nicely to the DCEU on paper, but it will be up to WB and DC to make sure Blue Beetle doesn’t get lost in development.

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Johnny Depp Feels Bad J.K. Rowling Had to Defend His Casting to Harry Potter Fans

Johnny Depp is finally addressing those who oppose his casting in the upcoming Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, including how they have affected writer J.K. Rowling. Last year, following the release of the first cast photo for the film, the author expressed her support of the casting. Rowling, along with director David Yates, skated around the concerns, saying that she is “genuinely happy” to have him on board.

Controversy regarding Depp’s involvement in the beloved franchise came about around the time of the first film. Depp had been embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, over allegations of domestic violence. The Aquaman actress responded to a statement made by Warner Bros. (the studio behind both films), sharing the joint statement released by the pair following their divorce, but indicating that she is not necessarily in support of her ex.

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Now, Depp is speaking out for the first time about his role, and a little about the various allegations against him. In an interview with EW, the actor remarks that he “felt bad” that Rowling was called to defend her choice to cast him. However, he maintains that he is innocent, remarking that he is suing The Sun for defamation. He insists that Rowling is aware of his innocence, which is why she supports him. “She would not stand up if she didn’t know the truth. So that’s really it,” he says.

The allegations he speaks of goes beyond those made by Heard. In July, Depp was sued for assault surrounding an incident that allegedly occurred on the set of his film City of Lies. The actor fought back, claiming that the accusations were false and he didn’t ever touch the defendant, location manager Gregg “Rocky” Brooks. In August, just a month before the film’s scheduled release, City of Lies was pulled, though it’s unknown if this was connected. But in the case of Fantastic Beasts, things continue on as they have.

The studio has clearly fully embraced Depp in the role. At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, he appeared separate from his fellow actors during the Warner Bros. panel, making a speech as Gellert Grindelwald. He is also featured prominently in the latest image for the Fantastic Beasts sequel, front and center with his back to the viewer as the rest of the characters, including Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander and Judd Law’s young Albus Dumbledore, face forward looking at him. Now that it’s been announced that he’ll be returning in the third film, it seems as though everyone has decided to lean in and ignore the problematic allegations against Depp, even as they persist.

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The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Is Aiming For An R-Rating

Doctor Sleep – the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining – is aiming for an R-rating, according to director Mike Flanagan. Just about as long as there have been Stephen King books, there have been Stephen King movies. King’s first published novel, 1974’s Carrie, was translated into a film by no less a director than Brian De Palma in 1976. Ever since, King’s work has remained a go-to source for Hollywood studios, including several franchises. However, while sequels to King-based movies are common, very rarely are they based on actual follow-ups by the author.

The reason for that is simple: King doesn’t write sequels often. For the most part, King is content to let his stories stand alone, outside of the Easter eggs and select recurring characters he enjoys throwing in for fans as a way to establish that most of his work takes place in the same universe. While some notable exceptions exist – The Dark Tower saga, the Mr. Mercedes books – King generally prefers to tell new stories, rather than revisit his old ones. Which is what made King’s decision to release a sequel to The Shining in 2013 such a delight for his longtime fans.

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While most King diehards would be unlikely to argue that Doctor Sleep measures up to its classic predecessor – a novel many hold up as one of King’s all-time best – reaction to the book – which focuses on the adult life of Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor), decades after the spirits of the Overlook Hotel corrupted his father Jack – was largely positive. Now, five years later, Warner Bros. is prepping a film adaptation of Doctor Sleep. For anyone worried that King’s sequel will be sanitized of violence, adult content, and language in order to draw in more viewers with a PG-13, director Mike Flanagan tells Collider that the film will likely be rated-R.

The news that Doctor Sleep is aiming for an R-rating is sure to please both fans of King and fans of the horror genre as a whole. While there have certainly been good horror films made with a PG-13-rating, too often studios are all too willing to compromise a story’s content in order to make it more accessible to a wider theatrical audience. For example, one need only look at the heavily compromised Dark Tower movie, although to be fair, the rating was hardly its biggest problem. Thankfully, with the runaway success of films like and Deadpool and Warner Bros’ 2017 King adaptation IT, studios are becoming less resistant to the idea that a film can be both R-rated and hugely successful financially.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years for King fans, as 2019 will see both IT: Chapter Two and Pet Sematary hit theaters, with both films also expected to receive R ratings. A Netflix original film adaptation of King and son Joe Hill’s novella In The Tall Grass is also slated for next year, while Doctor Sleep will arrive in early 2020. In the meantime, Hulu’s Castle Rock series is set to return for season 2, while the Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes show continues to air, and CBS All Access is in development on a limited series adaptation of The Stand. It’s good to be the King, and right now, it’s good to be one of his fans.

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Suicide Squad 2: Smallville Star Also Wants to Join James Gunn’s Sequel

Now that Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad 2 has a surprising new writer in James Gunn, another one of his MCU stars, Michael Rosenbaum, wants to join him. Dave Bautista expressed interest in joining Suicide Squad 2 after Gunn came aboard to write and possibly direct, which isn’t too surprising since Bautista vehemently defended Gunn on social media after he was unceremoniously fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Whether or not more Marvel stars will throw their hat in the ring to join him remains to be seen, but considering how beloved the filmmaker is, it wouldn’t be so surprising.

After writing and directing both Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for Marvel, Gunn was slated to return for Guardians 3, but he was fired in July, after offensive tweets from a decade ago resurfaced online. Despite a number of people quickly jumping to his defense, Disney stood by their removal of Gunn, with the director’s longtime collaborator, Michael Rooker, even quitting Twitter after the firing. Disney hasn’t announced a replacement to take over Guardians 3 yet, but it seems several of the director’s stars are ready to jump ship and be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

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Rosenbaum took to Twitter last night to express his interest in signing on for Suicide Squad 2, stating, “Sign me up too.” The actor, who played Martinex in last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was responding to a tweet by Bautista, who was the first to say he wanted to join Gunn’s movie. Bautista was also among the first to come to Gunn’s defense after his firing in July, and he even threatened to quit Guardians 3 in August, if Marvel didn’t at least use Gunn’s already-completed script for the film.

Sean Gunn, James’ brother, who plays Kraglin in the Guardians movies, confirmed in September that Marvel will use James Gunn’s Guardians 3 script, but his directorial replacement remains to be seen. There was hope, at one point, that the director and studio may be able to resolve their differences and bring Gunn back into the fold, but Disney CEO Bob Iger stood behind the firing in a statement he released in late September. There had even been talk before Gunn came aboard for Suicide Squad 2 that Warner Bros. was interested in Gunn, continuing what is becoming a bit of a tradition, with Warner Bros. snatching up talent from Marvel.

The DCEU’s biggest hit, Wonder Woman, was directed by Patty Jenkins, who was once set to direct Thor: The Dark World. Warner Bros. brought Joss Whedon over from the MCU to rewrite parts of the script and direct reshoots for Justice League, stepping in for Zack Snyder. And now, WB has poached Gunn. While the first Suicide Squad wasn’t well-received by many critics, this new project is said to be a much different take than David Ayer’s original. Whether or not Gunn can turn this franchise around remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if Gunn will try to bring over MCU actors like Bautista and Rosenbaum once the project moves further in development.

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Crazy Rich Asians Is Highest-Grossing Rom-Com This Decade (So Far)

Wildly successful romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians looks to be leader of the pack in box office receipts for the decade. It’s been roughly two months in theaters since its mid-August release, and the runaway hit adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book has handily outsold every other rom-com in the 2010s, and yet remains in theaters at time of this writing.

Crazy Rich Asians broke early ticket sales records from its premiere, dominating the box office for three straight weekends with no signs of slowing down. The film stars Constance Wu ( Fresh Off the Boat ) in the leading role, alongside veteran Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Star Trek: Discovery) and rising star Awkwafina (Ocean’s 8), among others. Directed by filmmaker Jon M. Chu, Crazy Rich Asians’ immediate success followed positive early buzz, making its opening weekend the biggest rom-com opening since 2015’s Trainwreck.

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That early attention simply did not waver, and the film has seen eight solid weekends of consistent sales thus far, placing in top 10 tickets sold in the first weekend of October. That momentum has seemingly secured its legacy, and, according to Box Office Mojo (via Screen Crush), Crazy Rich Asians as the sixth-highest grossing romantic-comedy of all-time at the domestic box office, with over $169 million in sales, which also makes it the highest grossing rom-com of the decade.

This news makes reports of the imminent sequel, which arrived a mere week after opening weekend, seem particularly wise on the part of Warner Bros. Titled China Rich Girlfriend, the sequel is based on the follow-up novel of the same name, and will push the story presented in the original forward. Limited information about the sequel is available at present – and there’s considerable speculation as to plot details when weighing the changes made in the Crazy Rich Asians adaptation – but the director and writers are expected to return.

Aside from its profitable reign in theaters, Crazy Rich Asians was notable as the first Hollywood studio film with primarily Asian-American leads since 1993’s award-winning The Joy Luck Club. News of the sequel aside, this distinction may have spearheaded a new trend, and Warner Bros./New Line’s recently-acquired Singles Day may represent increased trust being placed in Asian-American actors and actresses to draw audiences to theaters.

For now, Crazy Rich Asians continues its run in theaters across the country, and a mere $7 million more will see it crack the top five romantic comedies and outsell 1998’s There’s Something About Mary.

Update: Corrected the filmography of Constance Wu.

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Johnny Depp Confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 Return As Grindelwald

Following his official debut in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldJohnny Depp confirms that he’ll reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. With 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Warner Bros. launched a Harry Potter prequel spinoff series starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, a magizoologist who anchors the overall narrative. Since the saga is set decades before the main continuity, it also features some familiar key players like Nicholas Flamel and a young Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) linking both timelines in the franchise together.

Backlash about Depp’s involvement began immediately after his reveal in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, given controversies hounding the actor. Despite calls for a recast, Warner Bros. stood its ground with both director David Yates and J.K. Rowling defending their casting choice. However, following the actor’s disastrous San Diego Comic-Con appearance, it’s as if Warner Bros. has been trying to minimize his presence in The Crimes of Grindelwald‘s marketing – an odd move considering that he plays the headlining character in the film. While many took this as a sign that the studio is finally hearing people’s pleas, it turns out that it really isn’t the case with Depp already set for the franchise’s third film.

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Speaking with Collider, Depp talked about his experience being part of the Wizarding World and confirmed that he will continue to be involved in it, at least until the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series wraps up.

“I loved it yeah. I loved it because that’s really an arena where you can fly around and try different things and approach a character with a lot more…um…to take someone who is teetering on being a fascist, yeah he’s a fascist, he’s one of those, but to play him as a sensitive, concerned yet manipulative and powerful wizard. The possibilities in that world are wide open, so you can really try anything. So it was a gas and I look forward to the next installment, which I think we start the middle of next year.”

It remains to be seen how The Crimes of Grindelwald will perform at the box office, with people already knowing that Depp will play a central figure in the film. Its predecessor made $814 million against a $180 million production budget, but the actor’s involvement wasn’t revealed until the very end of the movie. If the sequel’s haul turns out to be significantly lower than Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and if there’s substantial proof that it’s linked to the backlash from Depp’s appearance, it’s still possible that Rowling and Warner Bros. might reconsider sticking with him throughout the next installment. Since the first movie established that Grindelwald can effectively disguise himself, perhaps they can bring Colin Farrell back to play the role permanently or any other actor that doesn’t pose a PR nightmare.

In the meantime, Depp is expected to be front and center in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, which hits theaters in a little over a month. The sequel follows the events of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, with Grindelwald successfully escaping and continuing his villainous schemes. Young Dumbledore teams up with Newt to take down Grindelwald once and for all, and it’ll also present a brand new threat to the underground Wizarding World.

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reunites With Zack Snyder In New Photo

Justice League star Ray Fisher reunited with his former director, Zack Snyder, today at the filmmaker’s old office, and they both posted a photo together on social media, but it’s unclear why Fisher decided to stop by Snyder’s office. Years ago, before WB’s unofficially titled DC Extended Universe had gotten underway, Snyder – as well as his producing team and the casting department at Warner Bros. – ultimately decided to cast the actor as the DC superhero Cyborg.

While Fisher made his real debut in 2017’s Justice League movie, he first had a cameo in Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside some of the rest of the world’s finest heroes, namely Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ezra Miller (The Flash). Even though his fellow co-stars were all thrilled to portray their superheroes, Fisher was especially excited, and he hasn’t refrained from continuing to express that enthusiasm despite everything that happened with Snyder and Justice League.

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It seems that Ray Fisher visited Zack Snyder’s office today, and they both posted the photo on social media; Fisher made his post on Twitter, saying, “Me and the Cap’n making it happen… #BORGLIFE,” while Snyder, of course, posted on Vero, saying, “Look who’s hanging out at the office today.” Take a look:

A specific reason for why Fisher visited Snyder today hasn’t been determined, but it presumably had nothing to do with the DC movie universe, despite the fact that Snyder is technically still on board as producer for some of the future movies, like Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. In all likelihood, it’s possible that Fisher was merely on the WB lot for something else (perhaps for something in relation to HBO’s True Detective season 3, which he stars in), or maybe he just happened to be in the general area and wanted to stop by to visit Snyder, who is currently working on developing The Fountainhead (not The Last Photograph, as previously assumed), an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s 1943 novel of the same name.

Regardless of the reason Fisher and Snyder met up today, the photo could ignite some speculation that Fisher could potentially appear in Snyder’s new project or that they were discussing WB’s Cyborg movie, which doesn’t seem to have moved forward in development since its initial announcement. It was originally slated to release in 2020, but that no longer seems to be the case. Furthermore, if it ever does happen, it’s certainly possible that Snyder would be on board as a producer, just like he’s producing the other Justice League character spinoff movies.

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