Watch Dogs & HitRecord Partnership Sparks Ubisoft Wage Controversy

Ubisoft is partnering with HitRecord to commission 10 songs for the Watch Dogs: Legion soundtrack, and it’s drawn the ire of some game developers. HitRecord, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a platform where users can collaborate on all kinds of creative projects, from music to short films. Unlike this collaboration, which was started by Ubisoft, projects are usually initiated by members of the site and only occasionally become commercial products.

This isn’t the first time that Ubisoft has worked with HitRecord, nor is it the first time that it drew criticism for it. During the publisher’s E3 2018 presentation, it announced that it was using HitRecord to solicit art and music for Beyond Good & Evil 2. The companies described the project as a unique opportunity for fans to participate in the development process, but for some, it sounded more like speculative work (or spec work) – an arrangement where a worker (usually a freelancer in a creative industry) submits work to a client without guarantee of payment, sometimes taking the form of a contest or a test to secure future commissions. While Ubisoft and HitRecord’s first partnership got its share of praise, it also led some artists and game designers to speak out against it under the #nospec hashtag on Twitter, which has long been used to call out spec work.

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Despite the criticism, Ubisoft recently announced that it’s working with HitRecord to commission music for Watch Dogs: Legion, and some of the same people who criticized the first partnership are voicing their displeasure. Scott Benson, co-founder of worker-owned developer The Glory Society and co-creator of Night in the Woods, tweeted about the partnership and shared his thread criticizing the Beyond Good & Evil 2 deal from last year. Mike Bithell, developer of the upcoming John Wick Hex, and Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer, also spoke out against the arrangement, suggesting that Ubisoft instead commission specific artists to write new music for the game or license existing tracks.

Other Twitter users have pointed out that arrangements like this lead a lot of artists to spend time on work that goes nowhere and drive the price down for the successful submissions. Already, the project has received hundreds of submissions from dozens of different users on HitRecord. Most of those won’t make it into the game, and those that do won’t earn much for their creators. According to Ubisoft, $2,000 is set aside for each song, and that money will be split up among everyone who had a hand in the winning submission.

Some have defended the partnership as a rare opportunity for hobbyists to earn money for their work and lesser-known artists to get a credit on a game as big as Watch Dogs: Legion. The sheer number of submissions just days after the project’s announcement speaks to how many people think it’s a fair deal. But it’s undoubtedly Ubisoft reaping most of the rewards at the expense of creators, paying just a fraction of what it would for music under a traditional contract while reducing its need to hire full-time employees in an already precarious industry.

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Source: Ubisoft, Mike Bithell, Rami Ismail, Scott Benson

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Bryan Lawver

10 Great Movies To Watch After Binging Stranger Things

So, you’ve consumed Stranger Things entirely too quickly. And now you have no idea how you’re going to wait until season 4 comes out. Well, fortunately, the show was inspired by countless movies that can help quench your thirst a bit. If you’ve seen them already, then you know perfectly well they’re just what you need. If you haven’t, then it’s absolutely time to soak in the real deal, and not just settle for a reverent homage! These selections were alluded to, or influential to, Stranger Things. However, all references aside, they actually capture the essence of their decade and setting.

10 It (2017)

It, oddly enough, is actually a result of the tremendous success of Stranger Things. The story was updated to take place in 1989, opposing the source material to incorporate the current trend. It even borrowed Finn Wolfhard himself! This is one of many stories about suburban kids uncovering the mystery of an evil, invading force. Also, the kids have to deal with growing up, all the while. The film’s horror is tastefully executed, with the dreaded Pennywise being driven by a terrifying Bill Skarsgård. In fact, the performances are impressive all around. But if a supernatural clown wasn’t enough, every single adult in the film is icky or terrible. This movie also has modern production values, which doesn’t hurt.

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9 Carrie (1976)

One of the most effective Stephen King adaptations ever put to film, director Brian De Palma spent a lot of his career paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock. As such, the movie develops its tension slowly and effectively, and is filled with the paranormal. It may not be from the 80’s, but it’s a Stephen King classic about a young girl with telekinetic powers. She has a troubled home life, and deals with a lot of high school drama, which eventually pushes her over the edge. There’s a lot of growing pains in this story, especially emphasized by that agonizing opening about Carrie’s first period. A bullied outcast, with an oppressive mother, it’s hard not to be sympathetic for her. As such, it’s both rewarding and difficult to watch her snap.

8 The Monster Squad

This movie is an absolute breeze to watch, with a runtime that’s fitting for an homage to the Universal Monsters. One of the co-writers is Shane Black, who has developed a number of famously successful movies. Then there’s the director, Fred Dekker, who only has two other movies to his name. And yet, he once again blends comedy and horror into a children’s tale. A group of witty kids have to save their small town from the forces of Dracula and his cohorts. It sounds silly, and yes, it absolutely is. However, although the tone is cheesy, the monsters themselves are presented as genuinely scary things. This selection is perfect for Halloween, and certainly for Stranger Things fans.

7 The Terminator

This is a movie that wasn’t actually popular when it came out, but has garnered complete reverence since. In Stranger Things, it was referenced at a theater before season 3, but now it couldn’t be more blatant. The Russian villain that’s after Hopper and Joyce not only has a similar build and appearance, but is even depicted like Arnold’s T-800. There’s always a reason to revisit the original Terminator film, which has great performances and Stan Winston’s fantastic special effects. The movie is full of 80’s culture like neon, big hair, and terribly dated synth music. The evil Model 101 is actually treated as a serial killer throughout the film, and the relationship between Reese and Sarah is genuinely touching. So, the combination of horror, action and romance makes it a great selection after viewing Stranger Things.

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6 Back to the Future

Another reference from season 3, it just doesn’t get more 80’s than this movie. It’s steeped in dated vernacular, hilarious attire, and nostalgia for the 50’s. Easily one of the best films ever made, it starts off rather slow, before you realize that so much of what you’ve just seen is crucial because of time travel. With the incredible Michael J. Fox, then known for Family Ties, an everyday kid ends up threatening his entire family’s existence after going back in time. All thanks to an odd, unexplained friendship with an old, manic scientist. Who makes a time machine out of a DeLorean, by stealing plutonium from Libyans. Does any of this sound plausible? No. Is it entertaining? Beyond compare.

5 Poltergeist

If you go into this movie expecting to be scared, you probably won’t leave satisfied these days. Even at the time of Poltergeist’s release, there had already been films like The Exorcist and The Changeling that took paranormal oppression more seriously. This movie leans more towards fantasy, and involves a suburban family that discovers a portal between realms in their house. This doorway between dimensions causes a number of disturbing occurrences, namely the vision of a melting face. So, there’s no denying that the premise had a large effect on Stranger Things. It’s been contested that Spielberg may have directed it himself, rather than Tobe Hooper. That says a lot about how perfect this movie is for you Hawkins fans.

4 Gremlins

This is a unique story all around, mixing in elements of horror, comedy and even Christmas. Although, it was written by Chris Columbus himself, who would go on to helm Home Alone. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, this strange movie fills one more small town with an unnatural, invasive force. A teenage kid gets a weird little creature for a Christmas present, who later spawns a group of vicious counterparts. Gizmo is very much like Dustin’s pet, in season 2. This movie is over-the-top, cheesy, and bizarre—all the necessary staples of the decade. At times, it’s genuinely endearing, needlessly sad, and a lot of fun. Keep coming back for the mom’s initial showdown with those pesky gremlins.

3 Firestarter

This is the first of two movies that comes immediately to mind when watching Stranger Things for the first time. And it took them three seasons to finally directly reference it, as a poster outside the video store. Firestarter is the story of a little girl who can cause fires with her mind. Also, a clandestine laboratory is chasing her down because of those abilities, for nefarious reasons. Drew Barrymore is fun, and it has T.J. Hooker’s Heather Locklear. The effects could use some work, and the cinematography is literally nonexistent. However, it’s conceptually robust, keeping you intrigued about the end. And the villain has a questionable, disturbing interest in Barrymore’s protagonist. It really makes you want to see him get his comeuppance.

2 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

This is probably one of the most famous movies of all time, although Spielberg is known for making movies like that. It’s very likely that he’s made something definitive for all of our childhoods, at one point or another. But in a time when he pumped out an entire trilogy of Indiana Jones classics, there’s no omitting this obvious selection. A broken family discovers a supernatural presence, with the government hot on its heels. E.T. helps to heal a damaged home life, as the kids alone uncover the mystery of his powers and goals. Yet again set in suburbia, the movie is filled with that playful Spielberg charm which Stranger Things has borrowed often. This is essential viewing for any human being, let alone a Stranger Things fan.

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1 Stand By Me

It’s time to reference Stephen King again. Truly, what is Stranger Things without his influence? Stand By Me is one of the most engaging, emotional coming-of-age stories ever told. It boasts an all-star cast, who play another set of kids in a small town. This time, the savvy group discovers a murdered corpse, and they go about investigating the truth. It’s an incredible adventure, and they frequently have to contend with a frightening bully. That may seem like a trope, but we all know that’s just reality. There’s always a bully. The framing device is also very touching, with Richard Dreyfuss reflecting on his childhood. This movie has pure nostalgia for a different era—but it’s still a perfect fit because of its themes and tone.

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10 Cerebral Action Movies To Watch If You Like The Matrix

In March 1999, The Matrix forever changed action cinema. The Wachowskis’ mind-bending science-fiction epic mixed heart pounding action set pieces with a thought-provoking story asking: what if the world we lived in was a simulation? How would we know? What would a person do if they found out? The movie was both a critical and commercial success. Thoughts on the second and third films are mixed, but the first entry is universally beloved and stands the test of time.

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It’s a fantastic movie you can watch over and over again, but even the best movies grow tiring after a while. What if you’re fatigued from Neo’s first adventure, but want more cerebral action films? The sequels are reasonable, but don’t give the same thrills. Well, fear not, dear reader, for the next ten entries will present several films woven from a similar cloth. Everyone loves watching people fight with a side platter of food for thought, and the ten films presented below will do just that. The older ones were even direct influences on The Wachowskis, so they bear some visual similarities to The Matrix.

10 Ghost In The Shell

This is, of course, referring to the 1995 anime classic, and not the universally panned live-action adaptation. Ghost in the Shell is dense, covering a breadth of topics relating to this gloomy cyberpunk future in a run time just shy of ninety minutes.

How much does cybernetic augmentation take away from one’s humanity? What effect does technology have on the soul? When the characters aren’t on philosophical rants, they are chasing down leads and engaging in intense combat. The 2004 sequel, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, delves even deeper into these subjects.

9 Edge Of Tomorrow

Every time Tom Cruise bites it on the battlefield, his day starts over. With each reset, his skills improve as he slowly becomes a supersoldier.

This Hollywood film is based on the manga, All You Need Is Kill, and has been through some strange title-changing shenanigans in its time, going from Edge of Tomorrow to Live.Die. Repeat.

8 Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal possesses a man’s body in a simulation in order to discover who blew up a train earlier that day. Every time the bomb goes off, he goes back to the real world and is sent back into the simulation to try and find the perpetrator once more.

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Each time he enters, he gets closer to unraveling the mystery, but further, darker truths are unraveled about the main character. Source Code was directed by Duncan Jones, and while it is not as overtly cerebral as Moon, it still raised some interesting questions about bleeding-edge technology.

7 Looper

In Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman hunting down a future version of himself, played by Bruce Willis.

Rian Johnson directed it, and seeing the impressive set design and practical effects makes it easy to understand why he was chosen to write and direct a Star Wars movie. It’s a fascinating, creative and ambitious adventure, one that isn’t as impenetrable as some movies of its type can be.

6 Total Recall

Total Recall poses the classic question: did any of this movie actually happen? In this beloved and iconic movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a normal working class guy – as normal as a muscle-bound Austrian millionaire can be – who takes a virtual vacation.

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After exiting the simulation, his life turns into an action thriller that has him going to Mars. The short story on which it is based was written by Phillip K. Dick, and Paul Verhoeven, known for other thought-provoking action movies like Robocop and Starship Troopers, was the director.

5 Minority Report

In Minority Report, an experimental police force of the future have the ability to stop crimes and arrest people before the crimes even occur. Things spiral out of control, however, when a police officer is accused of a future homicide.

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Steven Spielberg brought this short story to life with great results, being a far cry from the wholesome science-fiction for which he is known.

4 Inception

Inception is an epic two-and-a-half-hour journey into dreams. By the end of it, many audience members had no idea what happened.

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Even the people who left theaters in confusion were still thoroughly entertained by the impressive action sequences and stellar performances by a cast including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Hardy. Few directors are allowed to craft such original ideas with hefty budgets, and it’s a good thing Christopher Nolan is one of them.

3 District 9

Aliens land in Johannesburg, South Africa, and are treated as second class citizens. When an officer tasked with relocating the aliens is sprayed with a mysterious substance, he slowly starts transforming into one of them.

District 9 was Neil Blomkamp’s debut feature, and its narrative draws parallels to brutal systems of segregation that have existed in our society over human history. It is analogy for an important civil rights issue AND features people getting gibbed like they were fragged in Quake. What more could a movie fan ask for?

2 Snow Piercer

Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic action film set on a train. People are stratified by social class, where the rich at the front live in luxury and the poor are considered filth.

A revolution sparks and the lower class citizens fight their way to the front. A simple analogy for class struggle, but an effective one that makes for a fantastic film. Again, it’s a movie that may seem simple on the surface, but it has a lot more to say than you might think.

1 Akira

Akira is a cyberpunk masterpiece, transcending its genre to become one of the greatest pieces of media ever made. The world in which the story takes place is magnificently crafted, feeling more fleshed out and developed in two hours than most long running series do with their settings over several seasons.

Currently, Taika Wattiti is set to direct a live-action version. As hard as this is to pull off, The New Zealand born film-maker just may be talented enough to do it justice.

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10 Movies To Watch Featuring Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Actors

We all know Chris Hemsworth as the dreamy God of Thunder, or Chris Evans as American’s best posterior, but where else can you see these heroes on the big screen?

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These ten films include at least one of the best superheroes of our generation, and what’s even better, is that they are actually worth the watch. If you need another fill of these dream boats, look no further!

10 Sherlock Holmes (2009) – Robert Downey Jr. AKA Iron Man

Sherlock Holmes (2009) has a whopping 7.6/10 on IMDb, and tells the story of the infamous Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Watson. If Robert Downey Jr. isn’t enough for you to watch this film, Watson is played by the brilliant (and also dreamy) Jude Law, also includes Rachel McAdams, and is directed by the artistic genius Guy Ritchie. Tune into this film for some classic RDJ jokes and some wicked detective brilliance. With action, humour, and some pretty impressive slow-mo scenes, you’ll finally have to ask yourself who Robert played better.

9 42 (2013) – Chadwick Boseman AKA Black Panther

42 (2013) ranks at a 7.5 on IMDb, and takes place in 1947 when MLB legend Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American baseball player when he is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. While he tours the country, he is unable to separate himself from 1940s racism in America.

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Chadwick Boseman brilliantly tackles baseball, love, and racism in this riveting biography. He’s practically the King in this movie, too, with some pretty impressive athleticism and magnanimity. Oh, it also has Harrison Ford.

8 Her (2013) – Scarlett Johansson AKA Black Widow

This 2013 futuristic, artsy treat doesn’t have the face of the beautiful assassin, but her voice acts as an operating system that a lonely writer falls in love with. With Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead role, this movie tells an incredible (and arguably cringy) tale of our relationship with technology. This film also features none other than Starlord himself, as well as Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, and Rooney Mara. Prepare for some pretty awkward phone sex and clever (yet tragic) proof that love has no bounds. I’d like to see you not fall in love with Scarlett’s voice, too.

7 Gifted (2017) – Chris Evans AKA Captain America

This 2017 drama tells the story of Frank (Evans AKA America’s best ass) who is left to raise his niece, Mary, after his sister passes away. Mary is no regular child, but is rather a child prodigy. Frank fights to give Mary a regular childhood all in the midst of letting her fulfill her potential and battling for custody with his own mother.

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This movie also features Octavia Spencer, and Mary is played by the brilliant (and most famous female child actor of today) McKenna Grace. Spoiler: Chris Evans rescues some adorable cats, and adorable McKenna Grace breaks the nose of a bully. Need we say more? This movie will definitely make you laugh, melt, and cry.

6 Room (2015) – Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel

Although this superhero is new to the Marvel universe, Brie Larson certainly isn’t new to the big screen. Room (2015) has an 8.2 on IMDb, and was even nominated for three Oscars. Brie took home the big one, winning Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. As a warning, this film is not for the faint-hearted, but tells the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and held captive for years. After giving birth to a son, the two work together to escape. This movie is brilliant, tragic, and doesn’t just stop at an intense escape – but rather depicts the woman’s struggle to cope. This movie might ruin you, but it won’t disappoint.

5 The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016) – Paul Rudd AKA Ant-Man

This hidden gem from 2016 received a 7.3 on IMDb, and definitely stole the hearts of all who watched it. The film follows a male teenager who is in a wheelchair after his mom hires a man (Rudd) to become his caregiver during the day. Paul Rudd, who is suffering from his own family loss, takes on the role and begins to work for the young man.

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The two form an unlikely bond and embark on a road trip that the shy boy has always dreamed of. This cringy, awkward treat has incredibly humor and tells a heartwarming story. It also includes Selena Gomez, and if that isn’t enough, we promise you won’t stop laughing the entire time. Brace yourself for teen innuendos and a surprisingly heartwarming scene where the young man urinates into the world’s largest pit.

4 The Greatest Showman (2017) – Zendaya AKA MJ/Michelle

While Zendaya may play a small role in the Marvel universe, she does play a large role as Peter Parker’s leading lady in the Spider-Man films. Zendaya is also a force on the big screen. The Greatest Showman (2017) landed a 7.6/10 on IMDb, and follows a businessman as he rises from nothing to creating the world’s first circus, becoming a worldwide sensation. The soundtrack in this film is spectacular, as are the beautiful visuals and the tragic and heartwarming story. This film stars Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Zac Efron. As if we need to say anymore, prepare for some beautiful themes of race and individuality, and if that’s enough, a duet between Zendaya and Zac Efron that uses trapeze ropes. Yeah, that’s enough.

3 Kong: Skull Island (2017) – Tom Hiddleston AKA Loki

While this movie isn’t exactly the most spectacular piece of art, it is an incredible action flick with three of your all-time favorite heroes. This 2017 flick still managed to land a 6.6 on IMDb, and stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, John Goodman, and John Ortiz.

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If that doesn’t grab your attention, maybe a giant gorilla on a gigantic island with action-goodness will. There will be chopper explosions, jungle hiking, and an eerily similar badassery of Larson to her superhero counterpart.

2 Spotlight (2015) – Mark Ruffalo AKA The Hulk

This 2015 Oscar Best Picture nominee tells the tragic tale of how the Boston Globe uncovers a huge scandal of child molestation, covered up by the Catholic Church. While this film will also tear you to your core and probably make you cry, its brilliance and truth is worth the watch. While Mark Ruffalo stars in this film, it also include Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Stanley Tucci. This crime drama is definitely worth your time, if you have the strength to get through it. This brutal truth is one that needs to be told, and definitely one that needs to be seen.

1 Wind River (2017) – Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye

While Hawkeye is often the punchline of all Marvel hero jokes, this film definitely makes the top of the list in our opinion. While this crime mystery drama also pulls at your heart strings and definitely is not for viewers looking for a fun time, this tragic tale takes place on a Native reserve in the middle of a brutal winter in Wyoming. It follows a hunter (Renner) who helps an FBI agent (Kelsey Asbille) investigate the murder of a young Native woman who was found sexually assaulted in the woods. This film was somehow missed by the Academy, but it is absolutely brilliant in all senses of the word. The direction, story, and acting will rip out your heart in a tragic but beautiful way. It deserves your time if you care about women/Native rights, family loss, and even some badass gun fights and standoffs.

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10 Shows To Watch If You Love Big Little Lies | ScreenRant

Big Little Lies is one of the most talked-about shows on television right now. The acclaimed first season followed the lives of five very different women and their families in a rich California society. As the characters deal with their complex and often dark personal lives, there is also a murder at the center of it all.

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The intrigue and drama continue in Season 2 with the notable addition of Meryl Streep to the already impressive cast. With each episode diving deeper into this pretty but disturbed society, the show is incredibly addicting. So if you’re enjoying the show and want more of the same, there are similar shows that can scratch that itch. Here are some great shows to watch if you like Big Little Lies.

10 Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars doesn’t just make the list because of the confusingly similar name of the show. This Freeform series is based on the book series of the same name and followed a group of popular high school girls whose friendship dissolved after the disappearance of their clique’s leader. However, after being contacted by a mysterious person, they risk having their darkest secrets exposed.

Though they are both unique shows, there are many similarities between the two. From being book adaptations to the female protagonists to the dark secrets, fans of Big Little Lies should find plenty to like here.

9 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones may be a superhero show in a genre sense, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. The Netflix series followed Krysten Ritter as the titular private investigator with super strength. Jones also became part of Netflix’s The Defenders, but her solo series was the more interesting show.

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Although she is an incredibly strong hero who can go toe-to-toe with just about any other Marvel character, Jones is also a damaged character. Like Big Little Lies, the series goes to some very intense places in its depiction of abuse and the aftermath of living with such an experience.

8 The O.C

Big Little Lies is hardly the first series to draw on the public’s fascination with wealthy societies. The O.C. was a Fox drama series that told the story of a troubled young man from a broken home who is taken in by a caring and wealthy family living in Orange County, California.

The series took great pleasure to depict the excesses of such a wealthy lifestyle as well as show the seedier side of this kind of society. There were plenty of murders, affairs, and secrets in The O.C. While it was a bit more of a prime-time soap opera than Big Little Lies, it could appeal to the same crowd.

7 The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is the acclaimed Hulu series based on the massively popular book by Margaret Atwood. It takes place in a dystopian future where women are relegated to the roles of childbearing and nothing more. Selected Handmaidens are used by the wealthy men of the society to carry their children.

The disturbing nature of this fictitious reality might seem farfetched, the show does touch on a lot of issues and abuses that are very real today. Like Big Little Lies, this show is focused on telling those difficult truths about how women can be mistreated in society.

6 Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives is another one of those prime-time soap operas. The series follows a group of women living in the same seemingly idyllic suburban communities, each with their own dark secrets. And like Big Little Lies, it all starts with a mysterious death.

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Desperate Housewives is certainly more light and outrageous than most of the other shows on this list, but it does feel like it’s in a similar vein to Big Little Lies. The women take center stage and are the main focus of all the salacious intrigue that occurs in their picturesque neighborhood.

5 Killing Eve

Killing Eve is one of the most interesting shows on television these days. It just finished its second season in the twisted and darkly comedic tale of an MI6 agent who is hunting a female assassin. Through their dangerous game of cat and mouse, they find that they are both obsessed with each other.

While Big Little Lies is much more atmospheric and slower-paced, Killing Eve is a fast, energetic and action-packed thrill-ride. But there are some very clear similarities in their depiction of the modern woman’s life, the dangerous relationships and, of course, murder.

4 Revenge

Big Little Lies does a great job exploring the grey area of high society. No one is good or evil, they are all people who make mistakes and try to do what they think is right. Revenge focuses more on the villainy of the wealthy and elite, and the show has a lot of fun with it.

The series follows a young woman who seeks to infiltrate the wealthy inner circle of the Hamptons elite so she can take revenge on the people responsible for framing and killing her father. The secrets run deep in this series as well. It explores the sex, murder and dark web of lies among these rich people.

3 Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a show with such a strong cult following that it just refuses to stay off the air. After being canceled in 2007 at the end of its third season, Veronica Mars has returned for a movie and now a fourth season is premiering.

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The series follows Kristen Bell as a young private investigator who solves various mysteries in her upper-class California town. In her many investigations, she uncovers the darkest and deadliest secrets of the town’s wealthiest residents. The series also deals with darker issues concerning Veronica and her own past.

2 Sharp Objects

Big Little Lies is a primes example of how the storytelling possibilities of television have attracted some amazing talent in recent years. Sharp Objects is another great example of this as the miniseries stars Amy Adams and comes from author Gillian Flynn. It is also directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, who is a director on Big Little Lies.

The series follows Adams as a reporter with a dark past who returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls. The exploration of a family’s darkest secrets and the aesthetic of Vallée’s direction make this feel like a very similar show, despite their individual complexities.

1 The Affair

Big Little Lies starts with the investigation of a murder and then flashes back in time to reveal how these characters got to this place. The Affair uses a similar technique in the story of a man from a wealthy family who has an affair with a troubled girl and how their relationship results in a murder.

The same events are told through various people’s perspectives, showing the inconsistencies and lies that are told when remembering. The family drama of the affair and the subsequent drama that unfolds because of it is all very reminiscent of Big Little Lies in the best way.

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10 Shows To Watch If You Like M*A*S*H | ScreenRant

Dr. H. Richard Hornburger and W. C. Heinz published MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors in 1968, detailing the darkly humorous antics of surgeons operating on wounded soldiers during the Korean War. When not saving people’s lives, the medical professionals stave off boredom by engaging in hijinks that would get them dishonorably discharged or thrown in prison if they weren’t so darn good at their jobs. The dark subject matter and unique insight into the lifestyle made the book a hit, spawning a 1970 film adaptation starring Donal Sutherland and Elliot Gould.

Two years after the movie, a television series was aired. M*A*S*H was a hugely successful sitcom, remaining on the airwaves from 1972 to 1983. A show doesn’t run for eleven years without some changes, however. Alan Alda, Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit, and William Christopher were a part of the cast throughout the whole run, but all other characters were swapped out eventually. Not only that, but the tone of the show shifted dramatically over time. The first several seasons had more slapstick humor, while the later seasons tackled heavier subject matter.

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While 256 is a lot of episodes to watch, they will run out eventually. What does one do when that happens? Well, fear not, because this list will provide ten shows covering similar bases for those who like M*A*S*H. Only a few involve the military, but they all have something that makes them relatable to M*A*S*H.

10 All In The Family

All In The Family is remembered for its serious episodes involving contemporary social issues like feminism, homophobia, racism, and the Vietnam War. The serious episodes often overshadow the many laughs and sometimes crude humor found on the show. After all, it was one of the first times people heard a toilet flush on television.

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At its best, it mixed the humor with the social commentary. Archie Bunker was undeniably racist, and his character was used to show the ridiculousness of people who held such beliefs in real life. Over the course of the show’s nine seasons, his outlook on life softens, and his prejudices slowly fade.

9 South Park

This popular show never gets serious but uses its extreme nature to lampoon serious figures and institutions. Just like M*A*S*H made fun of the military and shined a light on the tragic absurdity of war, South Park takes serious ideas and makes certain viewpoints look silly. The later seasons especially make an attempt at tackling topical issues, making a statement while simultaneously never letting up on the laughs.

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There’s a reason why Norman Lear, producer of several shows appearing on this list, holds South Park in high regard and even co-wrote an episode with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

8 Taxi

Could M*A*S*H exactly be called a workplace comedy? Maybe not, but there are a few parallels to the sub-genre.

Just like the wartime sitcom is set in a place one would be hard pressed to find laughs in, Taxi is set in crime-ridden New York City, and its characters are all taxi drivers barely making ends meet in their tough profession. The ’70s in general did away with the family sitcom facade, instead opting for more relatable scenarios.

7 Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New Black is similar to the ’70s sitcom in that its characters are forced to be somewhere they really don’t want to be. It’s less about them making the best of it, however, and more about the audience learning about each of the inmates and the circumstances that led to their incarceration.

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It’s grim, but it will make people empathize with those who society often deems unworthy of respect or any sort of attention.

6 The Phil Silvers Show

Often called Sgt. Bilko, this show details the antics of a Master Sargent on an army post as he usually tried to scam people out of money or get out of doing work.

There’s no social commentary or very special episodes here. It’s all for laughs, and the laughs never let up. The show is encroaching on sixty years old, but the jokes still hold up.

5 Boston Legal

Boston Legal is a spin-off of The Practice. While The Practice is a drama, Boston Legal goes full comedy, with the characters making flippant remarks and sometimes breaking the fourth wall.

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However, the cases the lawyers tackle are no joke, and the later seasons have Denny Crane, played by William Shatner, dealing with mortality and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

4 McHale’s Navy

Ernest Borgnine may seem like more of a dramatic actor, with one of his most memorable performances being from The Wild Bunch, but he could put on a comedic hat in a heartbeat, evidenced by his leading role in McHale’s Navy.

Like other service-based comedies, the show had little to do with their duties and was more about the characters trying to get some cash or a hot date.

3 The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons was a spin-off of All in the Family that followed the Bunkers’ neighbors, the titular Jeffersons, but it never became quite as serious as its older sibling.

The characters on this show still dealt with some serious issues, but the mere existence of the show was important enough. It featured a well-to-do black family and also one of the first interracial marriages on television.

2 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Gomer Pyle was a character on The Andy Griffith Show before getting his own series. Gomer is not the brightest man in the world, but always good-hearted.

It’s all laid back and feel-good vibes on this show, and Jim Nabors gets the opportunity to display his incredible vocal chops, too.

1 Bluestone 42

Bluestone 42 is a British comedy about bomb disposal experts in Afghanistan. Like M*A*S*H, its laughs are always juxtaposed with the seriousness of their duties and environment.

The fact that it is set in a more recent conflict makes the situations all the more dire to watch, but on the other hand, all the more relatable and sometimes hilarious.

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10 Shows To Watch If You Like Wynonna Earp | ScreenRant

Syfy originals have come a long way and with some huge fan favorite properties thriving on the network, the home of Sharknado has developed a knack for genre hits. Maybe one of the biggest hits for the network is the guilty pleasure Wynonna Earp, a TV show that knows it is ridiculous and thrives in that world.

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For those living in a cave, Wynonna Earp is a western sci-fi thriller with a descendant of Wyatt Earp tasked with sending Revenants back to hell by shooting them in the head with her Peacemaker gun. Doc Holliday also happens to be alive and immortal thanks to a witch who cured him of tuberculosis. As expected, it is the true definition of a guilty pleasure. For anyone who loves Wynonna Earp, here are 10 more shows they can watch.


Lost Girl is another supernatural series, this one a Showtime series that lasted for five seasons. The series follows a bisexual succubus named Bo who chooses to fight for the side of good. This involved learning to control her abilities, which could destroy those who love her and help those in need.

The show also delved into Bo learning more about herself and her destiny. While initially looking like “True Blood lite,” it ended up a funny, quirky and highly entertaining series for those who liked True Blood but wanted something a little less melodramatic.


Head back to the ’90s to find the supernatural teen series that started it all. Joss Whedon brought Buffy the Vampire Slayer to television, introduced the world to the Scooby Gang, and the world of television was never the same.

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There would be no Vampire Diaries without Buffy. There would be no Supernatural without Buffy. There would be no Wynonna Earp without Buffy. There are seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to enjoy and once finished with that, check out the even better spinoff series Angel. For fans of the original, there is a reboot of Buffy coming soon with Whedon as a producer.


Much like Lost Girl, Orphan Black is another Canadian sci-fi series that came to America and took the world by storm. The series is an intriguing one with Tatiana Maslany starring as seven different women — all clones with different personalities and attitudes. When one clone assumes the identity of another after she committed suicide, without realizing they were clones.

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The series takes a look at the ethical implications of human cloning and what it means to be human. When one of the clones begins to kill the others, and another clone has a child, moral gray lines develope as two groups try to force their beliefs onto the surviving clones.


Based on The Librarian film series starring Noah Wyle, The Librarians shares the same world as those films but creates a team that works together as a team of Librarians solving mysteries and fighting supernatural threats as the Library becomes lost in time.

The cast is terrific, with genre favorite Christian Kane (Angel) joining Rebecca Romijn (X-Men), Lindy Booth, and John Harlan Kim. Also joining them is veteran TV actor John Larroquette as the Annex’s caretaker. There were four seasons and 42 episodes, with the series ending in 2018.


Loosely based on the Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid, the Syfy series Haven took the books original idea of an FBI Special Agent sent to the small town of Haven, Maine, to investigate a case only to learn that things in this town are not all they seem.

The book was short, but the series fleshed things out by making Haven a haven of the supernatural thanks to the return of “The Troubles,” where Audrey Parker has to team up with some locals to combat these events while others in the town want nothing more than to cover things up.


Based on the bestselling novels by Lev Grossman, The Magicians premiered on Syfy in 2015 and took place in a school for magicians where the lead character Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) learns that all the magical worlds from his favorite childhood books are real.

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The first season was uneven, but then it found its footing in season 2 and quickly became one of the most enjoyable fantasy shows on television. While it looks like a mishmash of Harry Potter meets Narnia from the outside, it ended up being the closest thing to Buffy in many years.


Killjoys is another Canadian science fiction series, this one co-produced by Syfy that premiered in 2015. Unlike other shows on this list, this is a space adventure series, but it still has a lot of the qualities that brought people back for Wynonna Earp each season.

The series follows three bounty hunters who work in a system with four planets known as the Quad and seek out to apprehend people, while forced to remain neutral in any conflicts, owing no allegiance to any government. The series is fast and fun, a good series for anyone who misses Firefly to start watching.


With a new Terminator movie coming, anyone who wants to relive one of the best TV shows about strong central female characters should look no further than the spin-off series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Just like the upcoming movie, Terminator: Dark Fate, this TV series ignored everything but the first two movies.

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Picking up after Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a new Terminator known as Cameron (Summer Glau) is sent back to protect John Connor, and then they are all thrown into the future where they have to stop a now-delayed Judgment Day once and for all.


An easy recommendation for anyone who loves Wynonna Earp is its contemporary series on SyFy, another female-led sci-fi action drama in Van Helsing. While Wynonna Earp was about a descendant of Wyatt Earp, forced to battle evil men rising from the dead, Van Helsing is about a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing and her battle against a mutated vampire army.

Van Helsing is a post-apocalyptic series where the vampires not only rose up against humanity, but they won and took control of the world. Vanessa Van Helsing has a unique blood composition that can turn vampires back into humans, and they set out to try to hunt down the Elders and finally win the war.


Riverdale shocked many television viewers when it brought characters from Archie Comics to television and delivered one of the craziest television shows on The CW. It turned out to be something special and resulted in a spin-off series where Archie Comics character Sabrina the Teenage Witch returned to television.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did not air on The CW, so while its connection to Riverdale is a loose one, it still maintains the same loose feeling, taking the horror of the comic book property and delivering the tongue-in-cheek stylings of the Archie series in what might be a modern-day Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Watch Dogs: Legion – Classroom 101 Trailer – E3 2019

Get another look at Watch Dogs: Legion from Ubisoft’s conference at E3 2019.

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How To Watch Lord Of The The Rings: The Two Towers Online

It was the second part of the epic trilogy that really raised the stakes, so where can fans watch The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers online? Prior to The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson made a name for himself as the director behind gory horror comedies like Braindead. Jackson was initially torn between developing a Lord Of The Rings adaptation or directing a King Kong remake and ultimately opted for the latter. When that project was canceled in 1997, Jackson turned back to working on a two-film Rings adaptation with Miramax.

Miramax later attempted to shrink the entire saga down to a single, two-hour movie, something Jackson felt was impossible. The director then shipped the project to other studios, with New Line Cinema agreeing to make a three-movie Lord Of The Rings adaptation. This was seen as a big risk on the studio’s part since if the first movie bombed, they would have been left with two movies that either would have been shelved or sent straight to video. Luckily, the gamble paid off and the entire franchise proved to be a critical and commercial triumph.

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Jackson would later return for The Hobbit trilogy, which lacked the acclaim that greeted its predecessors but still proved a financial success. Fans often debate which entry of the original trilogy is the best, and a strong case could be made for The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. It fully introduced Andy Serkis’ iconic Gollum, it expanded the scope of the Middle Earth and it ended on the famous Battle of Helm’s Deep. It’s a great movie, simply put, so where can fans who want to revisit it – or seek it out for the first time – find The ord Of The Rings: The Two Towers online?

Sadly, it appears The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers currently isn’t available to stream on platforms like Netflix or Hulu. The movie is available to rent or buy from a number of services, however, including iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Prime Video, and Vudu. Rental prices typically start from $3.99 while it can cost anywhere between $9.99 to $17.99 to purchase a copy online.

UK fans are in luck, with the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy currently available to stream on Netflix. With Amazon’s Lord Of The Ring’s series currently in development, it’s likely their streaming service will be the next place to host the movies in future. For fans seeking The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers online, it appears renting or buying is currently the only option in the U.S.

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Why You Should Watch Toy Story Of Terror!

Here’s why you should check out Pixar short film Toy Story Of Terror! The original Toy Story was Pixar’s first feature film, in addition to being the first entirely computer-animated movie. The story follows the sentient toys of a boy named Andy, with Andy’s previous favorite toy Woody (Tom Hanks) becoming jealous when his position is threatened by the arrival of new action figure Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen).

The chemistry of the voice cast combined with the groundbreaking animation and impeccable script made Toy Story a hit. Toy Story 2 started life as a straight to video release, but when Disney became impressed by its progress, it was upgraded to a full theatrical sequel. Toy Story 3 from 2010 was initially considered the end of the series, with the toys going on another adventure that ends with them being given away by Andy to a young girl named Bonnie. It was an emotional, hilarious entry that rounded off the story – but the Toy Story saga didn’t end there.

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The gang reunited in 2013 for ABC animated short Toy Story Of Terror! The plot follows the toys as they are taken on a trip with Bonnie, and they end up spending the night in a creepy motel. When Mr Potato Head (Don Rickles) goes missing, the Toy Story gang decide to look for him. The others are soon attacked and taken by a strange creature until only Jessie remains. It’s eventually revealed the motel owner has trained an iguana to steal the toys of guests to sell online, and the gang has to figure a way to get out of trouble.

Toy Story of Terror! adds a fun horror feel to the franchise and while there’s nothing supernatural actually happening, it adds a nice new flavor. The plot puts the focus on Jessie (Joan Cusack), who has to overcome her own fears and self-doubts to save the day. Timothy Dalton’s Mr Pricklepants adds some funny narration to the short, and it also introduced Carl Weathers (The Mandalorian) as new toy Combat Carl.

While Toy Story 3 felt like the perfect ending, Toy Story Of Terror! showed there was still life in the premise. All the actors do great work and the short itself would receive strong reviews. The gang returned again in 2014 for another short film titled Toy Story That Time Forgot, though it was considered a slight letdown following Toy Story Of Terror!

Fans were shocked to discover Pixar was pressing ahead with Toy Story 4, which finds Woody questioning his place in the world as a toy. The cast has promised the film will be an emotional final outing for the franchise, and new characters played by Jordan Peele (Get Out) and Keanu Reeves will appear. While Toy Story Of Terror! is only a short, it remains one of the franchise’s most underrated outings, and any fan of the series should give it a try.

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