Sons Of Anarchy: 11 Characters Stronger Than Jax (And 9 Weaker)

Jax Teller is certainly a force to be reckoned with. All of his time on Sons of Anarchy has been devoted to a power struggle, and in the end, Jax comes out on top and leads his motorcycle club in his vision. In the world of underground bikers, it takes an incredibly strong person to lead, and it is a testament to Jax’s strength, intelligence, and virility that he is able to take all matters into his own hands. Jax’s strength does surely make him a target, and just like he had always worked toward becoming the leader of SAMCRO, other members had similar aspirations.

Long-time members also had their sights set on the chair and were planning their own ways to get it. While a prime quality of the group members is loyalty, they must also think about their own future. Considering the strength of some of the club’s members, Jax would have had his work cut out for him if he wanted to maintain leadership. The wealth of knowledge from some of the other members of the club surpasses Jax’s, and some could have even overthrown Jax if they decided it was time. Thankfully, for every person that is stronger than Jax, there are also those who he never had to worry about. Jax got into the position that he was in on his own, which means he was more than capable of defending himself if he needed to. Here are 11 Characters Stronger Than Jax (And 9 Weaker):

20 Stronger: Gemma

Not every adversary needs to be physically stronger in order to one-up Jax Teller. While Gemma would not have been able to win in a fist-fight against her son, she would have won a battle of wits. Gemma’s ability to maintain mental control against whoever she wants to is her strongest asset. In fact, she was able to manipulate most people around her without them realizing it. When all the dust settled, she had the most control out of any member of the Sons.

Up until he finally put her away, Gemma had been manipulating Jax since he was a child. Her games of mental chess kept her hidden as the person pulling all of the strings for the club. In fact, her manipulative abilities were so strong that Jax never did find out her role in John Teller’s demise. Even though Jax got the final drop on her, Gemma still won.

19 Weaker: Chucky Marstein

As the resident SAMCRO whipping boy, there are few people that Chuck could take on in a fight. Usually, the ability to fight is a prerequisite in order to be affiliated with a motorcycle club, but it seems that Chuck missed that memo before he became associated with the Sons of Anarchy.

While most people would have trouble handling Jax in a fight, Chuck would likely have the most trouble out of anyone. He may have been involved in the crime-world, but he was not a violent criminal. In fact, any time he is seen in a violent situation, he is usually on the losing end, not to mention that he does not have full use of his hands anymore, which puts him at a further disadvantage. If given the choice, it would be in Chuck’s best interest to avoid any conflict with Jax, and hopefully, he can accept that.

18 Stronger: Opie

Thankfully, there was nothing but love between Opie and Jax because there is no question who would have won in a fight. Jax may be a very resourceful and strong man, but Opie would still have come out on top due to his bravery and toughness.

While Jax is certainly a formidable fighter and leader, Opie has been through so much in his life that it has made him even tougher. Opie’s extended time in prison hardened him up, which has also made him extremely dangerous. The only thing that was able to fully take down Opie was an unfair fight in prison, but beyond that, there is very little that could have stopped him, including Jax Teller. While it is likely that they got into smaller fights in their years as friends, Opie probably never fully unleashed on Jax. If he ever did, there would not be much of Jax left.

17 Weaker: Clay

When all was said and done, Jax was finally able to get one over on Clay. Despite Clay holding power over Jax for a number of years, Jax never fully gave in to him. Even while Clay held the leadership of the Sons, Jax was never blissfully compliant. If Clay made a decision that Jax didn’t agree with, he was always there to challenge it, and despite Clay’s status, Jax was never intimidated by him.

Clay may have thought he held all the power over Jax, but it was Jax who wound up with the upper hand after Jax was finally able to beat Clay at his own game. Clay’s age, and more importantly, his mistakes, finally caught up with him, and Jax was able to overtake him.

16 Stronger: John Teller

Jax may not have known his father for very long, but he certainly takes after him. However, there is one difference between father and son: John would never have done some of the surprising things that Jax did. In fact, if JT were to come back to life, he would have opposed some of the decisions Jax made.

John Teller envisioned the Sons of Anarchy as a much more peaceful group than what Jax turned them into. His vision was to remove them from the criminal underworld and just live an outlaw lifestyle. However, John was certainly able to defend himself and would have no problem letting his son know where he went wrong. He may have enjoyed poetry, but he also knew his way around a fight.

15 Weaker: Agent Josh Kohn

While federal agents usually pose a danger to Jax, Josh Kohn was out of his league when he went toe-to-toe with him. Despite having considerable resources to take Jax and SAMCRO down, Kohn went about things the wrong way. Building a case against the Sons was only a guise to get close to Tara, but he failed to realize one thing: Jax will do anything to protect her.

Kohn was so blinded with his obsession of Tara that he did not realize how dangerous Jax really was. Each time they came into contact, Jax put him in his place so he would stay away from her. But when he didn’t yield his warnings, Jax brought him to meet “Mr. Mayhem.” Even with his agent status, Kohn didn’t stand a chance once he found himself in Jax’s crosshairs.

14 Stronger: Damon Pope

Some of the most powerful people in the world do not even need to engage in violence. Damon Pope was one of the most powerful crime lords and had control of almost every situation. While Pope had no problem with one-on-one confrontation, he had the connections to take Jax out before it came down to that.

Pope’s power was not in his muscles, but in his power over the criminal underworld. As Jax learned during his time in prison, Pope is able to control the lives of anybody he chooses. Had it not been for Jax’s incredible planning, he never would have gotten the drop on Pope. Some people are so incredibly dangerous that even the best fighters cower at the thought of their power. Some may even say that Jax just got lucky during his final interaction with Pope.

13 Weaker: Juice

While it is possible for someone to be smarter than Jax and not as strong, Juice experiences the opposite issue. He may have a strength advantage over Jax in some situations, but Jax’s ability to plan things out is far superior to Juice’s.

Juice acts very impulsively, without planning to get ahead, and once he goes on the run from SAMCRO, he does not work very strategically. In fact, he winds up at the mercy of Jax very quickly and Jax is able to manipulate him with ease. Towards the end of the series, Juice’s life turns to shambles all because he decided to cross Jax. As much as Juice tried to avoid and surpass Jax, he did not have the ability to evade him.

12 Stronger: Chibs

Even the leader of the Sons needs someone to look up to, and while he may have served Jax during their time in the club, Chibs is certainly not a lesser man than Jax Teller. Chibs’ loyalty should never be mistaken for weakness as he could have easily muscled the power away from Jax if he wanted to. The only thing stronger than Chibs’ muscles is his loyalty to SAMCRO.

Chibs’ time as a solider and IRA member gives him power that few other Sons have. His strength in battle, combined with his intelligence and strategic nature, make him a great ally and also someone that shouldn’t be crossed. Jax should be thankful that Chibs was on his side as he could have made life very difficult otherwise.

11 Stronger: Tig

As intelligent as Jax is, Tig Trager is just as unpredictable. There is certainly a reason why Tig was the Sons of Anarchy Sergeant-at-Arms for so long. He is a man who thrives on violence, and while he has chosen to remain a loyal ally of Jax’s, Tig could overthrow him with ease.

Tig is the type of person that should never be crossed as his unpredictability makes him very dangerous. It’s a good thing for Jax that he stands beside Tig in battle, otherwise it would spell big trouble if he were to ever go against him. There are very few things that could stop Tig if he ever wanted to hurt Jax, and Jax alone is not one of those things.

10 Weaker: Ethan Zobelle

Out of all the villains who crossed Jax, Ethan Zobelle may have had the best strategy: he ran away before Jax could get him. Considering all of the pain that he caused Jax and his family, it is unimaginable to think of what Jax would have done if he got his hands on Zobelle. Unfortunately, this is one thing that fans will never get to find out.

Zobelle was the type of criminal to manage things from the background instead of the front lines. With loyal members of “The League” willing to do the dirty work for him, Zobelle was inclined to sit back, and while this is sometimes a true sign of power, it was more to hide Zobelle’s own shortcomings. It is not that Zobelle chose to avoid confrontation with Jax, but it’s more that he would not have been able to defend himself at all.

9 Stronger: Happy

Each of the members of the Sons have their own strengths, and Happy Lowman’s is very simple: he loves to hurt people. While this is a great aspect for someone on Jax’s side, it would spell disaster if he were not. Keeping Happy close as an ally is a good strategy because he could easily tear through Jax if he needed to.

Do not let Happy’s aloof disposition be misleading, he is thirsty for violence and does not hesitate to do unspeakable things to his enemies. While Jax is capable of defending himself, there is little to defend against someone who is borderline psycho. With such a proclivity for violence, there is little that Jax could do to stop Happy if he decided to turn on him – that’s just how dangerous he is.

8 Weaker: Piney

Piney may have once been an intimidating founding member of the Sons, but he does not pose much of a threat in his later years. Although he continued to be an active member of SAMCRO, he wasn’t able to participate like he used to. A battle with emphysema has left Piney dependent on an oxygen tank and unable to ride a bike like he used to. Piney may have the respect of his brothers, but would not be highly useful in battle.

Given Piney’s track record as a former second-in-command of SAMCRO, he certainly had great abilities once before. However, considering that Jax has both youth and strength on his side, it would beat out Piney’s experience due to his health.

7 Stronger: Frankie Diamonds

Even though Jax and SAMCRO eventually got the drop on him, there is no doubt that Frankie Diamonds is a force to be reckoned with. For what he lacks in intelligence and planning abilities, he makes up for in strength. He may have tried to take on the club and failed, but Jax would have been outmatched if he had to face Frankie one-on-one.

Not only is Frankie physically imposing, but his past is also intimidating. While little is known about Frankie Diamond himself, the actor who portrays him does have ties to real-life motorcycle clubs. Chuck Zito is actually a former Hell’s Angel leader from the New York chapter, giving him real street cred. Knowing this, he is certainly not someone that Jax should be messing with at all.

6 Weaker: Kyle Hobart

Strength is not just about physicality, but also about inner strength. One thing that Jax values above everything else is loyalty, and in order to be a good member of the club, it needs to be unwavering. Unfortunately, Kyle Hobart is anything but loyal, especially under fire (pun is intended).

During his time in the Sons Of Anarchy, Kyle’s true colors were very visible. After leaving Opie behind during a task that resulted in him getting arrested, Kyle was excommunicated from the club since leaving a man behind is one of the worst sins someone could make, and Kyle wound up paying the price. He may have endured some intense treatment, but his inner-strength will never be enough to even be in the same league as a club member.

5 Stronger: Otto Delaney

If there is one person who should be considered the strongest member of SAMCRO, it is Otto Delaney. While he is not on the outside riding his motorcycle anymore, he endured more pain than any other member in the name of the Sons. Otto has gone through some unspeakable things, but has always remained incredibly strong through it all. After knowing what Otto has gone through, there is only one question left: could Jax have endured the same treatment?

By the end of it all, Otto was left a broken shell of a man, and only someone with the highest amount of strength and determination could have endured all of it. Otto deserves everyone’s respect and is certainly not someone who should be messed with.

4 Weaker: Ernest Darby

Despite being a heavy adversary for SAMCRO, Ernest Darby is not a man to be intimidated by. While his ideals and outlook towards minorities are offensive, Darby himself is not in a position to take down SAMCRO. Each time that he attempts to win the war, he is stopped at every turn, and he is simply outmatched in every way when he tries to face Jax. At the end of it all, Darby made the best decision he could: he gave up.

While Darby and his NORDIC group are initially a thorn in the club’s side, he eventually tires of losing to them and walks away from the criminal world. Not only could Darby not take on Jax physically, but he was mentally weak as well. When the going got tough, Darby got going and couldn’t handle the fight.

3 Stronger: August Marks

Jax may be strong, but some of his enemies are just stronger. While the former SAMCRO leader is well-versed in combat, he is no match for brute strength. August Marks is one of the most well-built villains that Jax encounters, and while he may be dressed in nice suits and uses others to do his dirty-work for him, there is no mistaking that August Marks is incredibly dangerous.

While Jax did come out on top of his war with Marks, it would have been much closer in a one-on-one situation. Marks is shown to be as violent as he is professional, which does not spell out good things for Jax. If Marks had decided to roll up his sleeves and deal with Jax himself, it would not have been a very back-and-forth encounter.

2 Weaker: Wayne Unser

While some people like to test their luck against the Sons of Anarchy, others know better not to do it. It makes sense that an outlaw group of bikers would need to be very strong, but others still try and cross them. Despite being a man of the badge, Wayne Unser did something that made the most sense for him: he joined alongside SAMCRO instead of being against them. Given the fact that he would likely not have been able to resist them, it made sense for him to cooperate.

Imagine if Unser had resisted Jax and his group? Even Unser knows that he would not have had a choice in the end, and although Unser has made it clear that he does not always agree with Jax’s decisions, he puts up very little resistance. Perhaps he knew that if he did, he would have been coerced into it anyways.

1 Stronger: Bobby Munson

When characters go through intense treatment in the name of the club, it proves how tough they are, and although he did not make it out the other side, Bobby Munson proved just how tough he was by enduring so much pain.

In order to protect the club’s hidden information, Bobby goes through some unspeakable acts. However, despite all of this, he still remains silent and refuses to reveal the information. This is someone who earned his stripes as one of the strongest members of SAMCRO.

Is there anyone else stronger or weaker than Jax Teller? Let us know in the comments!

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22 July Review: Paul Greengrass Delivers Another Intense Docudrama

Despite some general storytelling issues, Greengrass succeeds in delivering another well-crafted and intelligent docudrama-thriller with 22 July.

In-between his efforts on the Bourne movies, journalist-turned filmmaker Paul Greengrass has spent much of his career making docudrama-thrillers about real-world events, ranging from the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S. (United 93) to the hijacking of the Maersk Alabama in 2009 (Captain Phillips). While there’s an inherent risk of exploiting a real-world tragedy that comes with any such project, Greengrass has long been celebrated for his ability to dramatize terrible events on the big screen in a manner that’s intense, yet sensitive and ultimately insightful in its presentation. Thankfully, that remains the case with his Netflix Original 22 July, even if it doesn’t necessarily represent the writer/director at his finest. Despite some general storytelling issues, Greengrass succeeds in delivering another well-crafted and intelligent docudrama-thriller with 22 July.

22 July picks up on July 21, 2011 in Oslo, Norway, as Anders Behring Breivik (Anders Danielsen Lie) – a self-declared right wing extremist – prepares to carry out a terrorist attack on the city the next day. He begins his assault by setting off a bomb in a van near the main office of the then-current Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Ola G. Furuseth), killing eight people in the process. Breivik then proceeds to continue his attack by gunning down 69 members of a summer camp organized by the AUF – the youth division of the Norwegian Labour Party – on the island of Utøya, before he is ultimately apprehended by the police and taken into custody.

Among the members of the summer camp is one Viljar Hanssen (Jonas Strand Gravli), who manages to survive Breivik’s attack despite being shot multiple times and left permanently maimed. As Viljar struggles to recover both physically and psychologically from what happened to him (along with everyone else who survived the Utøya shootings and their loved ones), Breivik works with his chosen lawyer Geir Lippestad (Jon Øigarden) to mount a defense and use his trial as a platform to publicly announce his political agenda (which calls for the immediate deportation of all Muslims and heavier restrictions on immigration to Norway, among other things). When it becomes clear to Viljar what Breivik intends to do, he grows increasingly determined to continue his rehabilitation and testify against him in court for not only himself, but also every other person whose lives were affected by what took place on July 22.

Adapted from the book One of Us: The Story of a Massacre in Norway — and Its Aftermath by Åsne Seierstad, Greengrass’ script for 22 July has a very clear-cut three act structure – with the first act focused on the July 22 attack, the second part set during its immediate aftermath, and the final third centered on Breivik’s trial. The film is strongest during its first and third acts in particular, as those chapters (respectively) play to Greengrass’ strengths as a suspense-thriller storyteller and provide the emotional payoff to Viljar and, thus, Norway’s overarching journey of recovery and survival. It’s the second act where things start to drag and get a little muddled, especially as 22 July splits its focus between not only Viljar’s story thread, but also Lippestad and Breivik’s trial preparation, and the investigation into Stoltenberg’s administration and its failure to prevent a terrorist attack. While there’s nothing in the second act that feels inessential, 22 July struggles to divide its attention evenly between its three plotlines and the film’s pacing suffers for it.

On the whole, however, 22 July does a nice job covering a fair amount of narrative ground, even when taking its pretty substantial runtime into consideration. It helps that Greengrass (as he’s known now for doing, as a director) never fully lifts his foot off the gas pedal and keeps the film’s proceedings feeling on-edge throughout, even during its more purely dramatic portions. The filmmaker, working this time around with DP Pål Ulvik Rokseth (The Snowman) and Oscar-winning Argo editor William Goldenberg, uses essentially the same vérité cinematography and restless editing style that he has on his previous movies, in order to fully immerse viewers in the film’s setting and action. At the same time, Greengrass slows things down a bit here and, in turn, delivers a movie that’s more visually cohesive than some of his weaker efforts in the past (see the last Bourne sequel, in particular). This serves 22 July well, allowing it to effectively work as both a grounded drama and thriller.

Given the sheer amount of information that 22 July strives to cover, though, there’s not a lot of room for the film’s actors to really shine – not in the way that Barkhad Abdi and Tom Hanks did in Captain Phillips, for example. Even so, the 22 July cast is uniformly strong across the board, with Gravli especially doing an excellent job of portraying Viljar’s struggles with his physical injuries, PTSD, and the sheer amount of emotional baggage that he’s saddled with after barely managing to escape the attack on Utøya with his own life. Actors like Thorbjørn Harr and Isak Bakli Aglen are similarly moving in their smaller roles as members of Viljar’s family, as is Seda Witt as Lara Rashid, a young woman who starts to make a romantic connection with Viljar before both of their lives are shattered by Breivik’s attack. As for Breivik himself: Lie is quite compelling in the role and portrays the terrorist as a fully-developed person – one whose rationalization of his behavior makes him chilling and pathetic in equal measure.

As with his previous films, Greengrass uses 22 July as a means for delivering larger sociopolitical commentary about the state of things in the world, specifically where it concerns the rise of xenophobic and nationalist ideologies in various countries (the U.S. included). While his scripted dialogue can start to become a bit on the nose as its strives to get these points across (especially in the third act), Greengrass largely succeeds in allowing the story here to shine a light on these issues organically, without getting up on his figurative soapbox to drive the point home. If there’s a downside to the filmmaker’s approach, though, it’s that July 22 winds up handling its subject matter in a way that’s more engaging intellectually than emotionally and, thus, lacks the emotional resonance of Greengrass’ best work to date.

All things considered, however, Greengrass does a very good job of bringing the true story behind 22 July to cinematic life. The final result is a film that makes for an enlightening and otherwise respectful documentation of a horrifying real-world event, rather than one that comes off as exploitative or manipulative. 22 July is showing in select theaters now – in order to qualify for next year’s major film awards shows – and it certainly benefits from being seen on the big screen, but can still be appreciated just as much as a Netflix Original on your home TV. While it’s obviously not a light-hearted viewing experience, 22 July is very much worth checking out if you’ve enjoyed Greengrass’ previous non-Bourne efforts and/or would like to know more about Norway’s own infamous modern terrorist attack.


22 July is now available for streaming on Netflix and is playing in select U.S. theaters. It is 143 minutes long and is rated R for disturbing violence, graphic images, and language.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comments section!

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Beginners Gameplay Tips

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is here, and it offers up something of a different experience from the previous games in the series. Rather than the stealth-based gameplay of old, Odyssey doubles down on the RPG mechanics, becoming a huge, deep open world game for players to enjoy. In essence, it takes what worked from Assassin’s Creed Origins and makes it even better.

The end result is a fantastic take on the Greek myth, albeit one that sometimes struggles a little to bridge the gap between open world RPG and its roots in the larger Assassin’s Creed universe. Nonetheless, those changes could leave some players a bit confused as to where to start, and after working through the opening island of Kephallonia things could become a little bit daunting.

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That said, there are some ways to make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from the get go. After all, there’s lot to get to grips with before taking on Medusa or hunting after all those legendary armor sets. Instead, here are some tips for how to take up what Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has to offer fast.

Choose Exploration Mode

The most important first choice to make comes before the player even starts the game. When given the option, it’s highly recommended to choose Exploration Mode as the method of play. This is the way that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was designed to be played, and for good reason; the additional level of emphasis on discovery is a delight to play, and much more fun than simply following map markers to reach objectives.

Effectively, Exploration Mode works by making the player find their own way through quests. NPCs will give hints towards locations to be discovered when talking about the mission in question, forcing players to use a little of their own intuition. This mode also makes map exploration much more fun, with the player finding random locations as they work their way around the regions hunting down quests.

Exploration Mode also means players will make the most out of eagle companion Ikaros. The eagle is not only able to scout out discovered locations, but also target enemies and notable items within specific locations, such as chests or hostages to release. Finally, remember to seek out Synchronization points to boost the power of Ikaros overall.

Think About Crafting Over Cash

Whether armor or weapons, it’s easy to find loot in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As such, when players notice they have plenty of unused items sitting around in their inventory, it’s extremely tempting to drop them all off at a nearby blacksmith and make a bit of drachmae.

That said, it’s probably best to hold fire of cashing in. That’s because drachmae are not in short supply in the game, and can be picked up from completing quests, in explored locations, or from dead enemies. Instead, consider breaking down weaker weapons and armor into leather, wood, and metal, as these can be useful as crafting for upgrades to the player’s ship or even to beef up items at a blacksmith.

It’s worth bearing in mind that drachmae are needed in a couple of places in the game, and it’s always worth keeping some around in case of having to pay off a bounty to keep mercenaries off the player’s trail when it’s better to lay low. Nonetheless, put money on the back burner, and instead think about how best to boost the overall power of the misthios.

Choose Your Abilities Wisely

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a fairly comprehensive skill tree, but there are some abilities that are better to unlock than others. As explained in our guide to the best abilities to unlock first, There are a few essential abilities, with the Sparta Kick being useful from a warrior perspective alongside beef ups to the assassin skill tree such as Shadow Assassin.

Overall, though, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gives players the greatest level of flexibility in how they choose to play that the series has seen so far. It’s perhaps best to pick and choose skills based on what works for the player in question, providing they keep enough core skills in each area to make sure they can get out of trouble whatever the situation.

Remember you can always change your choices as well, albeit at a cost. A few drachmae allows the player to reset all of their abilities, so if some skills are found to be less useful than others, it’s easy to drop them and rebuild the character from scratch.

Take To The Waters With Style

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes the series back to the high seas, and it’s something that is long overdue. With gameplay reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the core way to travel between the different islands is to take to the Adrestia and hop from island to island seeking adventure.

Even though a lot of the gameplay takes place on land, it’s truly beneficial to upgrade the ship regularly. This could mean recruiting new lieutenants, which helps both with buffs to the ship’s power and when boarding enemy vessels, or improving things like rowing power or damage caused by ranged attacks. It comes at a cost in terms of drachmae and consumables, but it’s worth it in the long run.

This is because it’s all too easy to get into scraps with pirates, Spartan or Athenian vessels when out at sea. Naval combat is extremely good fun, but when outnumbered it’s much better to have more firepower onside, and it’s always satisfying to take out those Cult of Kosmos members who happen to captain a ship of their own.

Revel In The Game World

It may feel like an obvious rule to follow, but Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is much more fun if taken at the player’s own pace. The title’s story is a compelling, personal adventure that (generally) ties well into the larger plot of Assassin’s Creed, but the game perhaps works best with the player following their own path and doing what’s most fun to them.

As such, it’s important to stretch your legs in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Between the Conquest Battles, side quests and other additional smaller elements of the game at large, there’s no reason to purely stick to the main quest. This is something the game expects, too – there’s no real reason to grind in the game, providing players make good use of the enthralling, extra content available to them.

Perhaps the best examples of this are the game’s mercenary system, which leads to some excellent one-on-one fights with fearsome combatants, and hunting down the Cult of Kosmos. Although the cult ties into the larger plot as a whole, hunting down smaller members is a fantastic element of the game, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Those are just a few tips to help players make the most of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. However, with a game as expansive as this, players are best suited to decide how best they want to play the game. Regardless of how they choose to enjoy the title, there are bound to be some surprises along the way.

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Batman: 10 Villains Way Stronger Than The Joker (And 10 So Much Weaker)

With the reveal of even more photos and information from the set of Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s untitled Joker movie, it seems like the ideal time to delve into more details about Batman’s greatest foe.

The Joker may just be the greatest supervillain of all time. Although he has been misused, most of the time he’s portrayed as the engaging sadistic sociopath that he’s been since Batman #1 in 1940. Due to his iconic look, vicious sense of humor, and adoration of chaos, the Joker is usually a safe bet as a movie antagonist. Most of the time he’s best used as a mysterious figure no one can quite understand, as in The Dark Knight.

The Joker isn’t seen as one of the best villains of all time because he’s incredibly strong, or even because he has a master intellect; he’s such a formidable opponent because he has no rules and or moral limitations. Although he could almost definitely maneuver himself out of a fight with some of Batman’s other foes, he just doesn’t stack up to some of the characters found on this very list.

This list of Batman’s supervillains that are stronger or weaker than the Joker takes into account every iteration of all these characters. It’s therefore impossible to know for sure who would win in a battle of brawn or wits, but it’s not outlandish to take an educated guess.

Without further ado, here are 10 Villains Way Stronger Than The Joker (And 10 So Much Weaker).

20 Stronger: Deathstroke

There’s a reason why it took Arrow‘s Oliver Queen so long to defeat Slade Wilson and make him an ally. It’s because he is a genius tactician, an absolute master of martial arts and all sorts of weaponry, and he even has some healing abilities in certain comic storylines.

Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, has been a major antagonist for not only Green Arrow and Batman, but also the Teen Titans, and the Justice League.

Although the Joker has his own level of intellect, as well as insane personality, Deathstroke would take him down due to how brutal and persistently ruthless he can be. Deathstroke is a hunter at heart and would find a way to capture Joker in a particularly painful trap.

19 Weaker: Killer-Croc

Like Bane, Killer Croc has practically every physical advantage over the Joker. Not only is he always portrayed as incredibly strong and vicious, but he also has the features and abilities of a crocodile. That means he has the teeth, the claws, and the ability to breathe underwater for extended periods of time.

One thing Killer Croc doesn’t have is much in the way of a brain. He’s seldom shown much cunning and therefore is usually a lackey for other characters, as seen in both in the television shows, the Suicide Squad movies, and the comics. The Joker would have a lot of fun finding a way to destroy Croc is the most creative way he could imagine. After all, Joker loves taking advantage over those he considers dumber than him.

18 Stronger: Ra’s al Ghul

In some incarnations of Ra’s al Ghul, particularly those in the comics and Batman: The Animated Series, “The Demon’s Head” is literally immortal. Every time he got an injury, an illness, or just wanted to extend his youth, he’d enter the Lazurus Pit and continue to prosper. In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, where he was played by Liam Neeson, Ra’s is an expert martial artist, skilled in many ancient ways of fighting.

He also has a massive organization behind him that bows to his every whim.

In the comics, Ra’s has been able to learn an amount of knowledge worthy of a lifetime or three. For all these reasons and more, Joker just wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

17 Weaker: Two-Face

In The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan and his team of writers came up with an interesting take on Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face. In it, Two-Face was created by the monstrous games of the Joker. This decision could have taken them down a road where Two-Face exceeded the evil of the Joke, but that wouldn’t be realistic.

In all the incarnations of Two-Face, he follows a very strict moral code: chance. This is why he bases his decisions on the flip of a coin. The Joker needs no coin. He has power over people who cling to schemes or even to chance because he is completely unpredictable. This gives him a massive step-up on a rival villain like Harvey Two-Face.

16 Stronger: Bane

If you’re purely basing Bane on his representation in Joel Schumacher’s horrific Batman & Robin, there’s no way that he’d stand a chance against the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime would simply find a way to avoid Bane in a one-on-one battle in order to lure him into a fatal trap. Bane was far more complex in the comics, as well as in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Although he may not have been as intriguing of a villain as the Joker, he was almost certainly stronger and far more connected.

Bane has a genius intellect and is beyond physically powerful.

There’s no way that the Joker would last long if Bane used his full physical and mental force against him.

15 Weaker: Scarecrow

Scarecrow has been presented in a few different ways since he first appeared in World’s Finest Comics #3 in 1941. He was portrayed as an unhinged doctor in Batman: The Animated Series and Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, a far more lethal psychopath in the Arkham Asylum video games, and even in Fox’s Gotham.

Usually, he’s one of Batman’s most frightening villains, especially since he tends to use a fear toxin that makes people hallucinate their worst nightmares. This gives him a significant advantage over many villains and superheroes alike, but not the Joker. In the comics, Joker is impervious to toxins as his immune system built up protection against them once he had his accident. Without this upper hand, Scarecrow just isn’t as insane and chaotic as Joker.

14 Stronger: Poison Ivy

Similar to how Joker is immune to Scarecrow’s toxins, Poison Ivy is impervious to Joker’s famous laughing gas and acid spray. In fact, she’s practically immune to everything. That’s one of the best weapons she has at her disposal since it allows her to easily experiment with making toxins for use against her own enemies.

Ivy may not be able to harm the Joker with many of her concoctions, but in some comics, she’s able to control plant-life.

She can even make plant-beings which can be used as her own personal bodyguards.

These supernatural powers would give her the edge in a battle with Joker, even though she’s not nearly as downright unhinged as he is.

13 Weaker: Riddler

When it comes to formulating a strategy, The Riddler may just be the most cunning of Batman’s enemies. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular amongst DC fans. Even with Jim Carrey’s unhinged Edward Nygma performance in Batman Forever, the character just doesn’t rival the Joker.

Riddler is a schemer– someone who delights in showing off his mental prowess in an assortment of sadistic mind games. Joker doesn’t care about any of this. He’s a wild card. He’s someone that will break any and every rule to get what he wants. Though their physical abilities may be similar, if the two faced each other, the Joker would undoubtedly destroy the Riddler by any means necessary.

12 Stronger: Catwoman

Catwoman has undoubtedly been bested by the Joker in a couple storylines in the comics. The same can also be said the other way around. In fact, they are usually a good match for one another for various reasons. However, it’s safe to presume that Catwoman would have a slight advantage over the Joker, even with her obvious disadvantage; her heart.

Catwoman is a trained ninja.

She dwells in the shadows and uses her acrobatic skills to be one of the most agile characters in the Batman stories. She also doesn’t seem to have an issue disposing of the evil men that get in her way. Though the Joker would successfully play mind games with her, she would have the upper hand.

11 Weaker: Deadshot

How would the Joker possibly beat the man who is easily one of the greatest marksmen in all of comic book history? Well, he would find Deadshot’s weakness and use it against him. And Deadshot’s weakness isn’t that hard to find. After all, it’s the only thing that truly holds him back from being a downright horrible person. It’s his daughter.

The Joker has no issues hurting the young and the innocent to get what he wants. This is something that Deadshot just won’t do and everyone knows it. Sure, Joker would have a hard time against Deadshot’s bullets without a suit like Batman’s, but Joker plays far dirtier. Not only would he beat Deadshot, but he’d also find a way to make it last.

10 Stronger: Talia Al Ghul

There will be fans who would argue that the Joker would beat Talia al Ghul in a battle, but they aren’t considering just how well trained Talia is in the ways of The League of Assassins/Shadows. Talia is, without a doubt, Ra’s al Ghul’s protege. He taught his daughter absolutely everything he knows. Not only that, but the League knows just how valuable of an asset she is to them. They will also do anything she commands of them.

Talia is an all-out genius, as well as highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and all manners of weapons, especially swords.

Joker may prove a match for her, but she’d soon beat him into submission.

9 Weaker: Man-Bat

Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a zoologist specializing in chiropterology, who aimed to give humans the sonar ability that bats have. Much like in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Langstrom tested his sonar serum on himself. Although the serum gave him his desired sonar ability, it also turned him into a giant, monstrous human/bat hybrid: Man-Bat.

Whenever Langstrom, his wife, or anyone else takes the formula, they gain the ability to fly, manipulate sound, echolocate, and also have superhuman strength and particularly sharp claws. They also lose their intelligence and gain an uncontrollable aggression, which makes them particularly vulnerable to those who can lure them into a trap. For this reason, the Joker is absolutely stronger than this nightmarish creature.

8 Stronger: Hush

The thing about Hush is that he can hide almost anywhere he chooses to. He’s willing to put himself through the most brutal of plastic surgeries to physically appear like anyone, even Bruce Wayne himself. This gives him the all-important element of surprise as well as enhances his skill of using other people’s abilities against them. These qualities matched with his genius-level intellect, planning skills, and expert marksmanship allow him to have the edge over Batman and many of his most dangerous foes, including Joker.

Hush holds particularly strong grudges against those who cross him.

If Joker were one of those people, he’d have a nearly impossible time bringing down this psychotic masked-villain.

7 Weaker: Mad Hatter

Jervis Tetch, AKA The Mad Hatter, may be an unnervingly creepy villain with skills in neuroscience and mind control, but a lot of the time he feels like he’s a bit out of his element. The guy is certainly unhinged and boasts an utterly obsessive personality, but he’s no Joker. In fact, he can’t even compare with him physically.  Joker isn’t known as being the strongest Batman villain, but he’d have no trouble subduing the scrawny Mad Hatter.

That’s not to say that Mad Hatter isn’t a formidable opponent. The way he controls people’s minds is particularly wicked and effective, but he just doesn’t have the edge that the Joker has. Now, if the two were able to combine their skill sets, they may just be one of the most powerful villains ever.

6 Stronger: Harley Quinn

Some fans may claim that there is no way that Harley would be able to beat the Joker permanently. However, in some comics, she’s beaten him momentarily. This was due to her skills as a fighter and being able to take the Joker by surprise. What tends to hold Harley Quinn back is her unhealthy relationship with her abusive partner. The Joker has a sick hold over her that stops her from attacking out on hurt feelings she may be experiencing. This gives the Joker an advantage.

As soon as Harley breaks free from her “puddin’s” psychological control, she wouldn’t have much of a problem kicking his butt.

In fact, she’d excel at it due to her pent-up rage over the way he’s treated her.

5 Weaker: Penguin

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, AKA The Penguin, dates back to Detective Comics #58 in 1941, making him one of the oldest Batman villains. He is undoubtedly a criminal mastermind who usually has a few weaponized umbrellas at his side, but he’s not the Joker.

Penguin is better at manipulating from behind the scenes than he is on the battlefields, but even then, he’s somewhat predictable. He knows what he wants and will plan and plot until he gets his way. The Joker, on the other hand, doesn’t care about any of this and prides himself on living in chaos. There are no rules for him. Joker would infiltrate Penguin’s organization, no matter how powerful, and bring him down in a pinch.

4 Stronger: Clayface

There have been many characters who have taken on the role of Clayface. They include Matt Hagen, Basil Karlo, Sondra Fuller, Ethan Bennett, and Preston Payne. Though the person behind each Clayface is different, the monster’s abilities remain the same.

Clayface can maneuver his body any way he pleases.

He can expand himself into a hulking mass, as well as slip through the tightest places. This is done by solidifying himself or turning himself into a liquid substance by sheer will. Additionally, he can shapeshift into anyone he chooses. If he doesn’t want to go to all that trouble, he can turn his limps into massive weapons. Joker may generally be smarter than Clayface, he would be completely outmatched by the powers that he possesses.

3 Weaker: Ventriloquist And Scarface

The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) and his dummy, Scarface, are certainly criminal masterminds. They’ve run all sorts of lucrative criminal empires and generally creeped people out with just their presence, but the Joker is much better at doing both of these things himself.

Wesker does have a violent dissociative identity disorder which makes him somewhat psychotic and a threat to those who cross him, but again, he doesn’t match up to the Joker. Although Scarface doesn’t seem to be scared by much, the Joker would certainly intimidate him. He’d also particularly enjoy tormenting Arnold by destroying Scarface slowly. He’d find it particularly fun to toy with Arnold’s strange allegiance and protective nature toward his dummy. Eventually, Joker would drive Arnold utterly insane.

2 Stronger: Darkseid

Technically Darkseid is a Superman, Forever People, and Justice League villain, but he’s come up against The Dark Knight many times before. In fact, in the comics, Darkseid has admitted his admiration for Batman’s strength of character, something he wouldn’t say for Superman or Wonder Woman. Darkseid probably wouldn’t say that to the Joker either, as the two generally have very different goals and perspectives.

As for who would beat who in battle, well, Darkseid certainly has the obvious edge, since he is one of the most powerful beings in all of DC Comics.

The alien being has the ability to teleport, fly, manipulate energy and matter, and is immortal. Not to mention, Darkseid has superhuman strength and speed. Joker just wouldn’t stand a chance.

1 Weaker: Black Mask

This former businessman, now a crime boss and cult leader, is certainly one of Batman’s most underrated and highly dangerous foes. Though he’s appeared in various comics, animated shows as well as Fox’s Gotham, Black Mask hasn’t yet made it into the mainstream lexicon. Of course, that may change with his reported appearance in the next Harley Quinn movie, Birds of Prey.

Black Mask has endless connections and sources of revenue to fund some truly deadly assassins to come to his aide. He basically could raise an army if he chose to. But if you put him head-to-head with the Joker, he’s just not crazy enough to come out on top against The Clown Prince of Crime.

Who do you think is stronger than the Joker in Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 Superheroes Who Became Way Weaker With Age (And 11 Who Became More Powerful)

Food and beverage connoisseurs say that items like cheese and wine get better only with age. While this may hold true for some refined products, it does not necessarily translate to people. We have a looming expiration date. Bodies begin to deteriorate once old age sets in – senses begin to fail and once strong individuals find themselves weakening. The bodies that may have housed one incredibly strong and capable individuals eventually betray them, and gradually begin to decay.

While depressing to think about, the silver lining is that the comic and superhero industry has provided numerous examples of what human excellence can look like. Superheroes are often the peak of physical conditioning, and people strive to live and act like their favorite heroes would. This may be a great ideal, but it poses one simple question – what would happen if superheroes began to age as well? Would a hero with incredible strength and agility find themselves losing the powers that make them special? Or would their superiority remain even though they have increased in age?

Some superheroes will certainly retain their superpowers despite aging – either because they are not human or have an ability which keeps them from aging. However, some heroes have too much humanity left inside them, which leaves them as vulnerable as the average person on the street. It is a novel concept to consider, and makes viewers think what their favorite heroes would be like if they hit golden-age status.

Here are 9 Superheroes Who Became Way Weaker With Age (And 11 Who Became More Powerful).

20 Stronger – Cable

As seen in Deadpool 2, Cable is one of the stronger heroes to enter the X-Men film universe. His military training combined with technological interventions makes him very dangerous.

Even with old age setting in, Cable still maintains his incredible strength and tactical abilities. While his time-travelling antics make it difficult to pinpoint his exact age, Josh Brolin’s depiction made him a strong middle-aged man. Furthermore, other comics have explored Cable in the future – The Uncanny Avengers series featured Cable in 2087, and despite his aging body he was still able to join the team to take out The Red Skull.

Given his recent introduction to the wide fa base, hopefully fans will be seeing more of him, as he’ll only get stronger.

19 Weaker – Batman

Without any superhuman powers under his (utility) belt, Bruce Wayne is susceptible to everything humans are, including old age. The animated series Batman Beyond addresses what happens when a superhero gets older. With all of his allies and nemesis deceased or retired, an elderly Bruce Wayne has left Batman behind.

The catalyst for Bruce realizing that he needed to leave Batman behind was after having a heart-attack during a fight.

Very few other superheroes have had to deal with this type of vulnerability before, but Bruce’s mortality make these issues come to the forefront. While the Batman moniker is taken over by Terry McGinnis in this universe, it does not change the fact that 6e Dark Knight was forced in to retirement for simply getting older.

18 Stronger – Thor

Is it really possible for the God of Thunder to lose any strength? He is a God, after all.

Thor’s superstrength is unmatched by most heroes on this list. While he certainly will age like other habitants on Asgard, it is not very likely that he will lose any powers. For immediate reference, look at his father Odin. The former King of Asgard, Odin was able to maintain his powers from when he was younger. Even the strongest men of Asgard are able to retain the strength even when getting older.

Also considering that Thor is already 1,500 years old and is as strong as he is, he is doing alright!

17 Weaker – Spider-Man

Any appearance of Peter Parker in either the MCU or television shows has been as a wise-cracking teenager.

There has only been one screen instance of Parker shown as an older superhero, and it was not a pretty sight.

The Spider-Man Earth series explored what happens to the “web-head” when he has moved on from fighting crime. Unfortunately his life is in shambles at the time, and he is a shell of his former self. Ultimately, he is thrown back into the world of crime fighting but is swiftly defeated by a rogue gallery of his old enemies. Despite enemies like Kraven the Hunter and Venom also aging, they retain their strength and are able to take out the web-slinger.

Parker was not looking for a fight in his old age, but when he found one he was not able to keep up.

16 Stronger – Deadpool

The Merc with a Mouth is not one to downplay his own strengths. With a regenerative ability to rival any other hero on this list, Deadpool is certainly difficult to take out. Which also means that his strength never really deteriorates.

Despite being a human with a life-threatening disease, Wade Wilson’s super powers allow him to escape the grave. With his powers keeping cancer at bay, it also makes him nearly indestructible. Want to know more about how strong and untouchable Deadpool is? Just ask, he has no problems talking about it, and will not hesitate to break the fourth wall.

15 Weaker – Wolverine

An older Wolverine is certainly still more awesome than most superheroes, but that does not mean he wasn’t stronger than in his youth. 2017’s Logan borrowed a story from the comic Old Man Logan, which depicts Wolverine aging ungracefully. Wolverine’s regenerative healing abilities have began to fail him due to his Adamantium skeleton slowly poisoning him.

This slow aging process leaves Logan without the abilities he is most well-known for, and gives fans a different look at a once almost-invincible hero.

Watching Logan deteriorate was certainly unpleasant, as fans are used to seeing him at peak physical ability. While he still puts up a great fight during this film, it is certainly not the Logan fans are accustomed to.

14 Stronger – Professor Xavier

There are two types of strength which can be measured – physical or mental. While Professor Xavier’s disability has prevented him from being a physically strong mutant, his intellectual and psychic abilities have only gotten better with time.

To compare James McAvoy’s portrayal of Professor X with Sir Patrick Stewart’s shows a great shift in how the character acts. While McAvoy’s youthful portrayal gave Xavier more edge than seen in the past, Stewart’s time in the role gave him much more maturity. An older and more esteemed Xavier means a more level-headed and in-control Professor in his senior years. While McAvoy makes several mistakes, Stewart is much more calculated and deliberate. Maturity is a great thing for a superhero, and Professor Xavier is a prime example.

13 Weaker – Captain America

Even though his stint as Captain America began in 1940 during World War II, Steve Rogers has been able to hold on to his immaculate strength. Mainly through the powers of cryogenic freezing, Rogers has been able to fight crime despite technically being the oldest superhero. Does this mean he never ages at all?

The All-New Captain America series explored what happens when age finally catches up to Rogers.

While fans would like to believe that he holds on to his vibranium shield forever, that is not the case. In fact, Rogers recognizes his deterioration himself and passes on the mantle to Sam “The Falcon” Wilson. While a very exciting development for Wilson, it is upsetting to see an aging Captain America ride off in to the sunset. However, we are thankful that he was able to recognize his weakness instead of continuing to fight crime.

12 Stronger – Wonder Woman

She may not look like it, but Wonder Woman is 800 years old in the DCEU, according to director Patty Jenkins. While this is allegedly young for a resident of Themyscira, she does not age like humans do.

Superheroes tend to play by different rules, including how they age. Her comic counterpart is currently clocking in at over 5,000 years old. Considering that there is still no sign of slowing down, it is safe to say that Wonder Woman does not lose any powers with age. This is particularly evident by the other warriors of Themyscira.

While the DCEU has some growing to do, their work with Wonder Woman has been their best thus far. Even if they wanted to continue the franchise for years, it is comforting to know that Wonder Woman will always maintain her strength.

11 Weaker – Daredevil

Matt Murdock lost his ability to see at a very young age. While this has served him as the superhero Daredevil, there comes a time during old age when the other senses start to deteriorate as well.

Following his accident, Murdoch found that his other senses were heightened as a result, giving him an entirely different type of strength. During his time fighting crime, he has used his enhanced sense of hearing and touch to take out his enemies. However, as he gets older it stands to reason that his other senses would begin to lose their special quality as well. Unfortunately, this would leave him without the powers that make him super. Hopefully he is able to retain his senses through the years, but time will eventually catch up to him.

10 Stronger – Superman

The son of Krypton arrived on Earth and became a protector for mankind. Following his first depiction in Action Comics #1 from 1928, Superman has been the star of the DC Universe. However, fans have not seen him age as much as other heroes.

Despite his physical appearance not changing in mainstream comics, he is still aging while on Earth.

The reason for his youthful look is due to his ties to the Earth’s sun. Since he is getting constant power from the sun, he is actually getting stronger as each day passes. Which means that as long as the sun is his source of power, Superman will actually continue to get stronger and remain as he did when he began to grown on Earth. There is a reason that Superman has stood the test of time, and it is in no small part due to his continuous strength growth.

9 Weaker – Hawkeye

When superheroes lose the thing that makes them special, it must be an incredibly difficult pill to swallow. Especially if it also means that they have lost a basic human function. Clint “Hawkeye” Barton is the most well-known sharpshooter in the MCU. His ability to take out targets from hundreds of yards away with either a gun or bow and arrow is unmatched. However, once he begins aging his body starts to deteriorate faster than he would like.

During his stint in the comic Old Man Hawkeye, he begins to lose both his eyesight and hearing.

He does take on the initiative during this comic to “avenge” some of his fallen comrades, but his degenerating condition makes this extraordinarily difficult. Watching your skills fall away in old age must be very unfortunate, but thankfully he did not lose his drive to be a hero.

8 Stronger – Hellboy

Hellboy is one of the only superheroes which receives a full origin story, beginning from infancy. While it is expected that a hero would increase their abilities from infancy, Hellboy gets a much longer story arc. During the original 2004 film, Hellboy is shown after having spent sixty years on Earth. Despite being in to his “golden years,” he is at his prime, physically. Most other heroes on this list have not reached that age in their comics, let alone stayed at the same physical abilities when they approach it.

While his “Right Hand of Doom” has been present from birth, his ability to harness it only gets better. Hellboy may be a demon, but he is certainly able to hold on to his powers (and even get stronger) despite advancing in age.

7 Weaker – The Punisher

It sounds difficult to believe that The Punisher would ever be considered weak. However, even this mercenary is unable to withstand old age. During the Old Man Logan story, an aging Frank Castle is introduced to assist him with his mission. While a team of these two violent anti-heroes would normally be a powerful team, their combined ages make them less than formidable. Castle is another of the superheroes on this list who is human and relies on his superior military training.

When old age sets in, it hits him hard.

Unfortunately, Castle does not survive the comic as he takes too many hits during battle. A much younger Punisher would not have allowed himself to be wounded this much, but he was unable to protect himself like in the past.

6 Stronger – The Hulk/Maestro

While Maestro is certainly not a superhero, he does give fans a good indication of what Bruce Banner would be like in old age. As expected, he is still one of the strongest beings in the universe. Despite his malevolent tendencies, Maestro has all of the superhero qualities of The Hulk.

Hulk’s incredible strength and agility are still intact, despite this story taking place more than 100 years in the future. Since there are few things which can harm him, it is not surprising that he is able to maintain his strength. While Bruce Banner’s mortality is always a component, The Hulk monster’s strength is not in question. With so much strength that does not diminish, there really is nothing that can stop The Hulk, no matter what his age is.

5 Weaker – The Golden Age Flash

Both Erza Miller and Grant Justin’s current versions of The Flash are well-received by fans. What both these actors have in common is their youthful presence. Instead of the youthful Barry Allen that fans are used to, Jay Garrick is a much different Flash. Though he started out as a college student, he was also given a stint as a much older superhero.

The Flash’s defining characteristic is his super-speed, and when that is taken away, he is rendered useless.

Garrick’s experience as an older superhero shows him unable to handle the high speeds from his youth, making him much less effective.

If he is not able to handle moving at light speeds, is he really The Flash?

4 Stronger – Cyborg

What does a computer look like after being left dormant for years? It retains its shape, and can even run back at full power if tended to properly. Given that technology can always be fixed, that theory also holds true for DC’s resident robotic hero.

Though there are still human components in Victor Stone, his mechanical body is the reason he is a superhero. The durability which comes with robotic parts versus human flesh means that he never going to deteriorate. Most of the heroes on the “weaker” side of this list suffer from their human bodies lose strength with age. Meanwhile, Stone will never suffer from this due to his robotic parts. He may need more oil changes than some of the other heroes, he won’t need to worry about losing powers.

3 Weaker – Green Lantern

The original Green Lantern has one of the oddest weaknesses in comic book lore. The Green Lantern suit is susceptible to anything that is made out of wood. This certainly has not made Alan Scott a very popular superhero in the eyes of fans, and it does not leave him in a good position come old age.

Any time that Alan Scott did some in to contact with wood his powers would deteriorate very quickly. As some of his final comics explained, he was unable to avoid wood during most of his interactions with villains.

Can Old Man Alan walk with a cane when he is older?

Can he have a wooden coffee table? Sounds like he would be a severely limited super hero in his old age.

2 Stronger – Max Damage

Fans will not be seeming many films coming out of Boom! Studios in the next several years. However, one of their earliest franchises is a prime of example of a hero getting better with age.

Max is an anti-hero who uses any means necessary to complete his objectives. A former supervillain who “breaks good” to become a hero, he uses his increasing levels of strength to take out those who oppose him. The key to Max’s powers is that the longer he stays awake, the stronger and more dangerous he becomes.

This power would still continue into old age. Even though he will need to take more frequent naps, he will be a very strong old man once he wakes up.

1 Stronger – Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Z)

Looks can certainly be deceiving, particularly when it comes to those with old age. The automatic assumption is that an older person is weak. That is a very dangerous assumption to make when it comes to Master Roshi.

Despite being in his 400s, Roshi is still one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

With his extensive background in all forms of combat, his should always be considered dangerous to fight with. There are numerous times where Roshi is shown fighting (and faring well) against foes much younger than him, such as Vegeta or the Bio Warriors. Despite appearing geriatric, he is still able to mix it up with the best of them.

What other superheroes get better with age? Let us know in the comments!

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Dragon Ball: 8 Gods Way Stronger Than Goku (And 12 So Much Weaker)

While Dragon Ball Z is entertaining and gripping for many reasons, there is one part of this show that attracts us more than any other. It all comes down to one simple question that never seems to be truly answered: who is the most powerful warrior in the universe?

It seems that the many amazing characters in this series are constantly in flux, becoming more and more powerful as time goes on, challenging each other, discovering new techniques, and never failing to surprise us. Some would say that it’s now reached a point where it’s almost ridiculous.

First it was Super Saiyan, then it was Super Saiyan 2, then 3 and 4, and finally we have reached the realms of Super Saiyan Blue. Even now, there seems to be Ultra Instinct to deal with.

While these continuously increasing power levels can become somewhat tiresome, they also supply us with a constant stream of new battles and abilities to contend with.

Goku is the main character of the entire series, and over the years we’ve watched him grow considerably as a fighter. Today, he seems to be on the same level as many gods. It always seems like Goku has the power to defeat even the strongest of foes, even when the odds are stacked impossibly against him. Some would say that he’s overpowered as a character, and that he’s “too good.” Well, in the current age of Dragon Ball Z, that argument simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. There are plenty of characters today that could destroy him in seconds.

Here are 8 Dragon Ball Gods Way Stronger Than Goku (And 12 So Much Weaker).

20 Weaker: Dende

From the moment we first met him on Namek, it was obvious that Dende was not a fighter, but definitely someone willing to put it all on the line for the good of his people and his planet.

There were a couple of close calls on Namek where he was threatened by Frieza and his men, but Dende made it out of there alive. He ended up on Earth, and became the guardian in the place of Kami, at Goku’s personal request.

As a guardian, he assumes the role of a deity, or god, on our planet. Dende still doesn’t have much actual fighting power, but he’s always had something that Goku can only dream of – an amazingly useful healing power. But let’s face it, in a real fight with Goku, Dende wouldn’t last a millisecond.

19 Stronger: Beerus

Beerus has become a major character in the newer Dragon Ball Z series, and he’s a very tough nut to crack. He’s the God Of Destruction in Universe 7, and he has some frightening abilities and powers.

Beerus is feared by most fighters in the universe, including Goku, Vegeta, and even more powerful life forms.

Like many of the Gods, he has the power to completely erase beings from existence. Not only that, but he has the power to wipe out entire planets and even whole solar systems with one strike. Although Goku has been progressing in recent times, the general consensus is that he is still nowhere near the level needed to defeat Beerus.

18 Weaker: Kami

Never has it seemed plausible that Kami would ever have the power to beat Goku, or any other super Saiyan for that matter. He once served as the Guardian of Earth, and that made him a deity of sorts.

Of course, we all know that he no longer has that role, as he chose instead to fuse with Piccolo to boost the Namekian fighter’s power significantly.

Kami does have the power to call upon and control the dragon balls, but even these powers would not be enough to hard a single hair on Goku’s head. However, that’s not to say that Kami didn’t prove an extremely useful ally over the years.

17 Stronger: Whis

Whis earns his place in this article almost automatically.

The fact that he’s much stronger than Beerus obviously makes him stronger than Goku in turn.

Whis has demonstrated this fact before, knocking Beerus out cold with a single blow. Although his fighting power is surprisingly strong, Whis remains an extremely benevolent figure, taking the appearance and the personality of an angelic figure. He looks after Beerus in many ways, and he also shows an affinity for Goku and the other Z Fighters.

If Goku and Whis ever faced off, Goku wouldn’t last long. Whis is, of course, the strongest and fastest being in Universe 7, and that’s a title that won’t be usurped anytime soon.

16 Weaker: King Kai

King Kai is a fan favorite of the Dragon Ball Z series, and he’s also a very important character. He is considered to be a deity, or a god, and holds the title of King of the North Area of Universe 7.

We all know that he lives alone on a tiny planet with some quirky animals, but despite his lighthearted and comical personality, he is one of the best martial arts instructors in the universe. This was made obvious when Goku and other fighters trained under him, and became immensely stronger in the process.

We rarely get to see King Kai fight, but it’s fair to say that he probably has a few tricks up his sleeve. That being said, he would have no chance against Goku.

15 Stronger: Champa

There are those who would say that Goku is actually stronger than Champa, but the general consensus is that Champa would still manage to hold the Super Saiyan at bay.

Champa is only slightly weaker than his twin brother, Beerus.

That’s only because Champa is much fatter and more unhealthy than Beerus. It seems like their difference in power is almost negligible, and because of this it seems unlikely that Goku would be able to succeed against Champa where he’d fail against Beerus.

In fact, it has been suggested that Beerus and Champa are actually equal in power, and it’s only Champa’s lower stamina that makes him less of a threat. Technically, Goku could find some way to exploit this weakness, but it seems unlikely that he’d survive Champa’s initial onslaught.

14 Weaker: Supreme Kai

Also known simply as Shin, the Supreme Kai was introduced to us right around the Buu Saga, and he’s proven to be a popular and important character in Dragon Ball Z.

For those wondering, Supreme Kais are actually considered Gods, and they work with the Gods Of Destruction, attempting to safeguard, oversee and protect their universe. The Supreme Kais are also known as Creation Gods.

Shin’s power would have been impressive if we’d met him earlier on in the story.

He probably would have been able to deal with even the strongest villains in the Namekian Saga without much effort. But today, he is considerably weaker than many of the heroes we know and love, even those much weaker than Goku. So yes, Goku would obviously be able to quickly end any fight between him and the Supreme Kai.

13 Stronger: Vados

Just like Beerus, Champa also has an angelic attendant, and she’s known as Vados.

Just like Whis, Vados is incredibly powerful, and could eat Goku for breakfast.

She is, of course, stronger than her student, Champa, and that makes her the strongest being in Universe 6. In the past, Vados has demonstrated feats such as destroying entire planets just by tapping her staff.

She is probably on an equal level of power to her brother, Whis, although there are still those out there that could defeat her, few as they may be. Goku, however, is not one of those fighters. A fight between him and Vados would not end well for our favorite Super Saiyan.

12 Weaker: Kibito

Kibito will be a familiar face to many hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans, and he was an interesting addition to the series.

He is pretty much inseparable from the Supreme Kai, which makes sense given the fact that he is sworn to protect Shin as his personal bodyguard. These two try their best to contain and then defeat Buu, but ultimately this proves to be a task that they must leave to more powerful mortals.

Kibito sometimes looks down upon mortals, and is probably a little uncomfortable about the fact that people like Goku are so much more powerful than he is, especially given the fact that Kibito is considered a God.

Kibito is definitely capable of impressive power, but he’s nowhere near Goku’s strength, even when Goku is at base power.

11 Stronger: Great Priest

We’ve mentioned Whis, Vados, and a few Gods of destruction, but there’s someone vastly more powerful than any of these names, and that’s the Great Priest, otherwise known as the Grand Minister.

This immensely powerful god is the father of both Whis and Vados, and he is much more powerful than both of them.

Like his children, he is considered to be an Angel. Not much else is known about the Great Priest, and his past is a bit of a mystery.

e is considered to be one of the top 5 fighters in the entire multiverse, and almost every other person fears him, respects him, or envies him. We’re not sure how Goku really feels about the Great Priest, but we know for sure that he would have no chance against him.

10 Weaker: King Yemma

Even the most casual fans of the Dragon Ball Z  universe know all about King Yemma. He’s been a pretty interesting and entertaining character over the years.

Of course, we all know that while he’s a god, he doesn’t even begin to approach the levels of power found in some of the other gods we’ve mentioned so far – even if he does hold the important responsibility of judging the deceased.

Goku, having perished multiple times, probably knows King Yemma better than any other mortal, and the two have something of a rapport. Even though King Yemma is powerful to stand his ground against powerful mortals, we all know that this comical Ogre King would have no change of stopping Goku in his tracks.

9 Stronger: Zen-Oh

All Dragon Ball Z fans know who Zen-Oh is, and they are well aware of just how powerful this character really is.

This article wouldn’t be complete without him, and yes, he is obviously much more powerful than Goku.

Zen-Oh might not look like much, but his is the Omni-King of the entire Multiverse. As such, he is feared and or respected by virtually every other name mentioned in this article, and even character such as Great Priest would never dare to oppose him.

His power to “erase” people is not to be taken lightly, and this power holds true even against Gods and mortals who have been granted immortality by the Dragon Balls. He can’t be destroyed and even Goku’s heroics can’t change that fact.

8 Weaker: Guru

Moving way further down the power rankings, we fall to another fan favorite, Guru. This large, lovable Namekian was the guardian of his planet and his people when Frieza’s forces invaded.

Although old and frail, he was still considered a God.

The Namekian people fought long and hard to protect Guru, but even Nail’s bravery couldn’t stop the Grand Elder from passing away during the invasion and later destruction of his planet.

Guru does show off some pretty impressive powers however, including the famous ability to unlock other people’s potential. He was able to significantly boost the power of Krillin, for example. There would only ever be one result in a fight between Goku and Guru, however.

7 Stronger: Zamasu

Yes, we know that a lot of Dragon Ball Z fans will probably disagree with us here, but we’re going to have to put Zamasu at a stronger power level than Goku.

First of all, let’s remind ourselves of who Zamasu is. He is one of the most talented Supreme Kais to ever walk the Earth, and advanced to a level of power thought impossible for the Kais to attain. The story behind this fighter gets a little complicated at times, splitting off into multiple timelines.

In one timeline, Zamasu and Goku spar, with Zamasu blocking Goku’s moves effortlessly, although Goku eventually won. In another timeline, he steals the body of Goku, eventually becoming “Goku Black.” Yet another version of himself was able to attain immortality, meaning that no matter what Goku or anyone tried to do, Zamasu could not be destroyed.

6 Weaker: Princess Snake

Princess Snake is a character that some Dragon Ball Z fans might have forgotten entirely, although true fans will no doubt remember her. When Goku first perishes and gets transported to heaven, he must travel along the long winding path of snake way. Here, he is tested by several obstacles and trials, one of which being Princess Snake, a serpent deity.

Her castle is placed along Snake Way, and many people are lured inside by this devilish woman. Although she appears to be a beautiful woman, she in reality a snake-like monster who tries to steal Goku’s heart.

She is obviously unsuccessful, and in the end this was only another rather minor side story in the list of Goku’s many adventures.

5 Stronger: Sidra

This is another entry that might cause some division among our readers.

Sidra is the God of Destruction of Universe 9, and many people consider him to be the weakest God of Destruction out there.  He has been shown struggling both mentally and physically against opponents that he really should be able to beat, such as Frieza and other fighters. In addition, other Gods of Destruction have been depicted as much stronger than Sidra, overcoming his power with minimal effort.

However, even though many Dragon Ball Z fans like to make fun of Sidra for being weak, the fact remains that he is still a God of Destruction. This means that he would still most likely reign supreme over Goku in a fight.

4 Weaker: Old Kai

Old Kai might just be the most hilarious character ever included in Dragon Ball Z. The scene where he dances around Gohan for days and days sums up the uniquely wacky nature of this show’s humor, and it had plenty of us rolling on the floor laughing.

Like the other Kais, he is considered a god of sorts, and has all the powers and abilities of his people. This Old Kai was once sealed up inside of a Z-Sword, and he wasn’t too happy about it. Old Kai has the appearance of an old, wrinkly man who just so happens to be purple.

He is so weak that a simple energy blast from Goku in his base form would injure the old man.

To be far, Old Kai does have some interesting magical powers, such as the ability to unlock other people’s potential.

3 Weaker: Shenron

Yes, this is the famous Dragon Shenron, who is linked to the power of the Dragon Balls. Shenron is also known as the “Divine Dragon” or the “God Dragon,” which cements his standing as a god or deity in this series. He is summoned by any who collects all of the Dragon Balls, and can grant them wishes.

This dragon is said to live deep within the fiery depths of Earth. While his hulking, massive appearance is quite a sight, he’s actually not all that powerful on his own.

He has the power to grant immortality and make people massively more powerful, but it’s tough to determine whether or not Shenron himself has those same powers. Still, it’s pretty clear that someone like Goku is actually stronger than this God Dragon.

2 Weaker: Korin

While Korin might appear to be just a regular cat, true fans of the Dragon Ball Z series know that he is much more than that. In the lore, he is considered to be a “Senbyo,” or an immortal cat. To date, he is over 800 years old.

He is also known in many circles as the “God of Martial Arts.”

That title is well-deserved, and he has actually trained many big names in the franchise, including a young Master Roshi. He also trained Goku, so he shares some of responsibility of making Goku the amazing fighter he is today.

Since the early days, Korin has faded almost completely to obscurity, being relegated to a glorified Sensu Bean dispenser. Despite his title, Korin is definitely not as strong as Goku.

1 Weaker: Mr. Popo

Another fan favorite character from the series is Mr. Popo. While Mr. Popo looks vaguely human, the fact remains that this character is not actually from Earth.

We don’t actually know what exactly Mr. Popo is, but he is considered a deity in the series lore. He has a few interesting powers that far outstrip those of normal mortals, and he was bound to protect Kami for many years.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Popo has fought Goku before.

This was a surprising battle, as Mr. Popo handily beat Goku quite convincingly, even swallowing one of his Ki blasts whole.

While it’s safe to say that Goku is probably now stronger than Mr. Popo, their remains a sense of mystery surrounding this strange character.

How do other Dragon Ball gods stack up to Goku? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Video Game Bosses That Are Stronger Than Fans Thought (And 10 Way Weaker)

Over the past several decades, video games have taken the media industry by storm, bringing countless hours of entertainment to the screens at people’s homes.

Unlike movies, video games have a seemingly endless amount of possibilities and new experiences for the player to explore. Rather than wrapping up a story in less than two and a half hours like most movies, video games tend to have a central story arc that lasts a whopping 20 hours, and that’s not even including side quests.

One of the best parts about modern day video games is the heart that we see in the narratives, the characters they meet along the way, and the effects these have on the challenges.

Because of these detailed narratives that video games now include, it gives players a certain level of expectation when they are facing off against a boss. If the entire game is setting up one enormous villain, players expect this final boss battle to be quite a challenge.

For better or for worse, some video games tend to subvert players’ expectations by making bosses stronger or weaker than man people would have initially expected.

Sometimes this can be a good surprise, as it may make a seemingly impossible challenge simple, or a seemingly simple challenge quite difficult to get past.

However, these can also be negative surprises that can ruin the game for nearly everyone playing.

With that said, here are the 10 Video Game Bosses That Are Stronger Than Fans Thought (And 10 Way Weaker).

20 Stronger: Skolas – Destiny: House of Wolves

The Destiny video games aren’t easy to beat by any means, but even for the standards of the Destiny series, the final boss of House of Wolves was incredibly hard to beat.

Players who typically worked alone had the hardest time fighting Skolas, as he was not meant for a single player fight.

Instead, groups of Destiny players would often have to team up to tackle this beast of a boss. Even then, Skolas would still prove himself to be problematic to defeat, with the battle itself often taking hours.

After realizing how burdensome Skolas was, the game’s developer Bungie changed a few details of the fight in order to make Skolas a little easier to take down.

Despite this, he is still one of the most difficult bosses to ever be put in a video game.

19 Weaker: King Bob-Omb – Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 brought the world of Mario into the world of 3D gaming, which was still a frontier for video game developers to explore during this time, so a lot of what was featured in this game was new to video game fans.

One of the first bosses featured in the game was King Bob-Omb, a giant bomb with a crown and a mustache who looked incredibly menacing.

Despite his giant appearance, King Bob-Omb was incredibly easy to beat.

To defeat this massive King, all that Mario would have to do was grab him from behind and throw him.

King Bob-Omb wouldn’t really do anything except walk around, making this boss fight a little too easy to get past.

18 Stronger: Simmons as a T-Rex – Resident Evil 6

One of the most annoying parts of Resident Evil 6 for fans is the fight against Simmons after he turns into a T-Rex.

In the game, the villain Simmons would regularly transform himself in over-the-top ways to make himself more of a challenge, but this transformation may have been a little to much.

Granted, he was a T-Rex, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that this was a hard form of Simmons to beat, but even considering this fact, this was one of the most annoying and difficult boss fights ever put in the Resident Evil series.

Not only was the T-Rex wildly overpowered, but his health was way too high, making him nearly impossible to beat. Even his roars could stun the players, which made the fight both difficult and annoying.

17 Weaker: Rodrigo Borgia – Assassin’s Creed 2

Though Assassins’ Creed 2 is widely considered to have one of the greatest narratives ever put in a video game, its climactic final battle is where it ultimately fell short.

Though most of the rest of the game posed to be quite a challenge, its main villain and final boss Rodrigo Borgia ended up being a lot simpler to defeat than most people had predicted, arguably ruining all of the set up this fight had received.

The most annoying part of this fight to fans was, despite Rodrigo being easy to beat, Ezio spares his life at the end of the boss fight, leaving this battle on a rather unfulfilling note.

While this was done to keep the game historically accurate, it was a disappointment to fans nonetheless.

16 Stronger: The Nameless King – Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls franchise is filled with seemingly unbeatable foes, but the most difficult threat of them all has to be the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3. Even for a Dark Souls boss battle, the fight against the Nameless King is a truly strenuous one.

Following the pattern of nearly every video game ever created, most Dark Souls bosses have a pattern with their attacks, making beating them a little easier once you know what they’re going to do.

The Nameless King, however, does not have a pattern. Instead, he just flies around attacking you randomly while the camera tries to catch up to him, making the entire experience difficult to follow.

Even if you do manage to take the Nameless King down, he immediately comes back for an even more challenging round two.

15 Weaker: Hoyt – Far Cry 3

The entirety of the narrative for Far Cry 3 set up a final fight against Vaas, who was the central antagonist throughout the entire game.

However, many fans were surprised when the final fight was actually against some guy named Hoyt, who had not shown up at any point prior in the game.

This would’ve been a fine twist if Hoyt was actually a challenging final boss, but instead, he just appeared to be as easy to beat as any other standard boss throughout the rest of the game, making the climax of Far Cry 3 disappointing both for those looking for a good narrative and for those looking for a challenge.

Far Cry 3 received a lot of positive attention from critics, but that doesn’t change the fact that the final boss battle of the game was a little too easy and didn’t help to wrap up the detailed plot of the rest of the game.

14 Stronger: C’Thun – World of Warcraft

When the Old God villain C’Thun was first added to World of Warcraft in 2006, he took players by storm with how truly powerful he was.

Despite only being an eye with teeth, C’Thun became the most challenging boss to ever be put into the World of Warcraft universe.

Even the toughest teams of players encountered great difficulty defeating C’Thun. C’Thun would randomly choose players who were battling him to instantly defeat, and he also had a green eye beam that would destroy all of a player’s health in less than a second.

The game’s developer Blizzard soon realized how difficult C’Thun was to beat and soon made the boss a lot simpler of a challenge to overcome.

13 Weaker: Big John – Viewtiful Joe 2

Throughout the entirety of Viewtiful Joe 2, the villain Big John became a bit of an annoyance. Big John was a T-Rex who loved to talk and was convinced he was part of an army who came back in practically every level of the game just to be beaten in the same way over and over again.

For a giant dinosaur with loaded weapons, Big John was shockingly easy to beat.

While this would make sense, as people starting the game wouldn’t really be able to beat a dinosaur at full power, the fact that his abilities didn’t change too much from level to level made his constant appearances even more annoying.

Big John had the chance to be a notorious villain who always stood in the player’s way in Viewtiful Joe 2, but instead he just became an annoying side boss that no one really cared about.

12 Stronger: Motaro – Mortal Kombat 3

The Mortal Kombat series was full of unique enemies, but one of the strangest and most difficult to beat was Motaro from Mortal Kombat 3.

Motaro was unlike anything else fans had seen in the Mortal Kombat games, being some sort of mutated centaur with a long tail and some creepy horns.

Considering that he wasn’t even a final boss, Motaro proved himself to be incredibly challenging to beat. Any energy or weapon attacks would do no damage to this beast, leaving the player with few options to take him down.

Not only was he hard to damage, but it was also hard to avoid taking damage from this monster.

His speed and massive amounts of strength made Motaro arguably an ever harder enemy to overcome than the game’s actual final boss, Shao-Khan.

11 Weaker: God – The Simpsons Game

While it may not have gained the popularity of The Simpsons: Road RageThe Simpsons Game still proved itself to be quite entertaining with a rather unique concept.

The duration of the game featuring the Simpsons family acknowledging that they are in a video game, and eventually going on a journey to save Springfield from the video game-themed nonsense their friends are enduring.

Their journey eventually leads them to God himself, who ends up being the final boss of the game.

Unfortunately, rather than being an omnipotent or challenging boss like we would expect God to be, the Simpsons characters are easily able to beat him by playing against him in a game of Dance Dance Revolution.

While this was certainly a clever twist, it was disappointing as the final fight did not utilize any of the skills the players had acquired throughout the rest of the game.

10 Stronger: Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Whereas the main duration of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out was realistically challenging, the final fight against Mike Tyson himself proved to be unrealistically difficult.

First off, the game made Mike Tyson huge, being at least twice the size at the game’s playable character Little Mac.

Secondly, when compared to every other boss in the game, Mike Tyson’s character is incredibly overpowered, even for Mike Tyson.

Every punch that Tyson would blow had the potential to knock out Little Mac, and he gave very few (if any) opportunities for the player to punch back.

Even if the player did get a chance to throw in a punch, it was minuscule compared to the damage that Tyson himself would give.

9 Weaker: The Destroyer – Borderlands

The first Borderlands game took video game players by storm, with its challenging fights combined with its humor making the entire game into a fun experience.

Despite this, most players of the game admitted they were disappointed with the final boss.

After countless hours of gameplay, when the player finally reached the final boss, the Destroyer, they found the climax to be rather anti-climactic.

Rather than being a difficult foe to take down, the Destroyer has clearly visible weak spots and doesn’t even change its position after being attacked.

All players would have to do was hit the Destroyer in the same spot a few times, and the final boss of this massive game would be easily defeated. For a boss with such a menacing name, the Destroyer went down a little too easily.

8 Stronger: Bowser – Super Mario 64

Bowser appeared as a boss a couple of times throughout Super Mario 64, but the final fight against the monstrous Koopa still goes down as one of the most challenging boss fights in video game history.

While Bowser could still be beaten by grabbing his tail and spinning him around, the stakes were raised when Bowser started breathing fire and the ground starting crumbling apart, leaving Mario to lose the fight with a simple misstep.

While Bowser is a bit easier to beat in the game today, he was a lot harder in this time period where 3D gameplay was still something new.

People who had grown up playing on a 2D platform had to adjust to these 3D fights, making Bowser almost impossible to beat for people who couldn’t adapt.

7 Weaker: Bowser – Super Mario Galaxy 2

After years of Bowser being known as a challenging foe, the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy dropped the ball quite a bit.

While the gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy 2 was certainly a lot of fun, adding Yoshi to the mix, the final fight was where the game truly fell short.

For this final boss fight, Nintendo sacrificed the challenge of the last game for a more visually appearing experience.

The fight looked incredibly cool, featuring a Bowser larger and more powerful than we had ever seen before, but the entire fight pretty much only featured Mario dodging his attacks and nothing else.

The fight took a turn towards the ending, with Bowser coming back in a gravity-defying fight that certainly looked cool, but could easily be completed in 30 seconds.

6 Stronger: The Rebel Flagship – Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light became a rather challenging game for many fans, particularly due to the fact that the game would not save.

If a player lost their life, they’d have to start over from the beginning, which made the final boss fight against the Rebel Flagship incredibly annoying for many players.

Compared to all of the other enemies in Faster Than Light, the Rebel Flagship was incredibly overpowered, being equipped with lasers, ion cannons, and triple missiles.

This final boss would often send even the best players back to level one in less than a minute with its sheer strength.

Even after the Rebel Flagship was beaten, it would come back in a power surge, taking nearly everyone who played the game by surprise and sending them back to the beginning of the game all over again.

5 Weaker: The Human Reaper – Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 was a game filled with high stakes, especially during the climax of the game where the characters must go on their final missions that could cost all of them their lives.

Their missions are compromised when the final boss appears, menacingly named the Human Reaper.

Despite having a scary name and looking very threatening, the Human Reaper shockingly isn’t threatening at all.

Disappointingly, this final boss of this fantastic game is able to be beaten with ease, arguably being one of the easiest enemies to beat in the entire game.

Though this horrible boss didn’t stop Mass Effect 2 from winning a number of awards, including “Best RPG,” the final fight was still a major disappointment to almost everyone who played the game.

4 Stronger: Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid is one of the most unique bosses to ever appear in a video game. Unless you know how to beat him, Psycho Mantis is absolutely unbeatable.

His telekenesis gives the player practically no control over Snake’s movements, and his mind reading features make him able to predict every move you make.

Oddly enough, the only way to truly take down Psycho Mantis is to unplug your game controller and plug it into a different slot. This will confuse Psycho Mantis, making it a lot easier to take him down.

While Psycho Mantis is a simple boss once you learn this trick, he became irritatingly difficult to fight if you didn’t figure out the trick.

Many people who never learned the truth about Psycho Mantis would battle him for hours with no luck.

3 Weaker: The Sorcerer – Shadow of the Colossus

The final boss of Shadow of the Colossus is both a challenging and weak boss at the same time. Compared to the other bosses in the game, the Sorcerer is rather boring.

Rather than moving around to fight you, the Sorcerer remains in the same spot throughout the entire boss battle, making you simply dodge throughout the duration of the fight.

The Sorcerer did prove himself hard to beat, but not because of his strength. Instead, the entire fight was just annoying as he would knock you down with bolts, and then knock you down again after you get back up.

Though the rest of Shadow of the Colossus is fantastic, the lack of innovation for this final boss ruined the game for a number of players.

2 Stronger: Deathstroke – Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham video games are full of a number of challenging boss fights, but the most challenging fight was arguably one of the most unexpected.

Though Deathstroke is certainly a formidable foe, most people did not expect his boss fight to be the most strenuous.

Rather than taking on Deathstroke in hand-to-hand melee, or even with weapons as one might expect to see in a fight against this particular villain, players had to chase Deathstroke through the streets of Gotham using the Batmobile.

The real struggle of this fight was getting to Deathstroke, whose goons in tanks kept getting in between Batman and his foe throughout the boss battle.

It was a cool looking fight that was certainly a lot harder than people would have expected.

1 Weaker: Alduin – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is still considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made, with its impressive RPG features and fighting abilities making people want to come back to replay it even 7 years after its initial release.

Despite this, the climax of the game’s main plot was a bit of a let down, specifically the boss fight. While the location and build-up of the final fight against Alduin was certainly appealing, Alduin himself was a bit of a disappointment.

Despite being a god-like deity, Alduin was just about as easy to take down as any other dragon in the game.

He had few abilities that the other dragons of Skyrim did not have, making the final boss fight of this impressive game a lot simpler than it should have been.

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Star Wars: 10 Characters Stronger Than Luke Skywalker (And 10 Weaker)

Without a doubt, Luke Skywalker is the most famous Jedi of all time. This is true for both our reality and the one that exists within the Star Wars universe. Within the two major sources of Star Wars entertainment; the Star Wars Legends and the Star Wars canon, Luke is widely considered not only the most famous, but also the most powerful. But this isn’t entirely factual or, if we’re honest, realistic.

There are many famous Force users– Jedi and Sith and everything in between– who could easily be ranked alongside Luke in regards to their abilities, but chances are they would fail in single combat. Luke is just stronger in terms of lightsaber skills, technical and flying abilities, and a downright masterful knowledge of the Force. He genetically received a fair amount of talent from his father but also spent his earliest years learning to become a pilot and becoming proficient at technical craftsmanship. He was then mentored by two of the most formidable Jedi of all time, Obi-Wan and Yoda.

However, certain members of the Star Wars canon have proven that they could easily take out this beloved Jedi. They usually have a combination of a better understanding or connection to the force, as well as fighting abilities.

There’s no doubt that this list will be somewhat devisive since a lot of these examples can’t be 100% proven. After all, some of these characters didn’t exist at the same time as Luke. Regardless, there is enough evidence that suggests that these Star Wars Canon characters are far more powerful than Luke.

Without further ado, here are 10 Characters Stronger Than Luke Skywalker (And 10 Weaker)

20 Stronger: Yoda

Yoda may have taught Luke much of his knowledge, but the student did not surpass the teacher. As proven in The Last Jedi, there’s much that Luke can still learn from his little green mentor.

It’s unclear whether Luke could beat Yoda in their most recent states, since, well, they’re both probably Force Ghosts.

In their prime, Luke would have absolutely lost in a battle.

Yoda is the embodiment of knowledge, practice, skill, and patience. He’s also deceptively strong and agile. We can all remember the time he first dropped his cane and fought off Count Dooku.

Luke may have projected an image of himself across the galaxy to trick Kylo Ren, but Yoda still has shown a larger variety of jaw-dropping Jedi talents.

19 Weaker: Obi-Wan Kenobi

In his prime, Obi-Wan was one of the most skilled fighters in the galaxy. He even managed to defeat Anakin Skywalker in single combat, although he didn’t have the heart to finish him off.

When Anakin and Obi-Wan met again years later, Obi-Wan basically sacrificed himself to Anakin’s rage in order to grow into a stronger being as he became one with the Force.

Without a doubt, Obi-Wan is downright formidable. However, he passed on much of his knowledge to Luke Skywalker, who has shown he has most of his father’s skills as well.

It’s hard to believe that Obi-Wan could be seen as stronger than Luke, even in both of their prime.

18 Stronger: Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis is the Sith Lord who mentored Palpatine and is best known for his mastery of immortality. As Palpatine described to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, Darth Plagueis the Wise’s knowledge of the dark side of the Force was so vast that he could stop the people he loved from perishing.

Unfortunately for him, he taught most of his knowledge to his deceptive apprentice who turned on him.

The only way that Palpatine knew how to defeat Plagueis was to eliminate him in his sleep.

If Palpatine needed this kind of one-up on Plagueis, there’s little chance that Luke Skywalker would be much more powerful than him. In fact, he may not even last long in a fight.

17 Weaker: Mace Windu

When it comes to lightsaber wielding, Jedi Master Mace Windu is known as the best. Not only does he easily do away with Jango Fett, but he also manages to defeat Palpatine in lightsaber combat.

However, it can be argued that Palpatine would have easily defeated Mace with his Force skills had he not wanted Anakin to intervene in order to fully turn him to the dark side.

Although his Force Skills are seen as pretty strong, especially in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he isn’t on par with some of his Jedi brethren, especially Luke.

While Mace may be able to defeat Luke in a lightsaber duel, Luke’s other Force abilities are far superior.

16 Stronger: Darth Sidious

It’s debatable whether or not Darth Sidious (Sheev Palpatine) is the most powerful Sith Lord in modern times or in all of history. After all, he managed to evade Jedi detection while orchestrating one of the most successful and complicated political manipulations of all time, right underneath their noses.

When the Jedi did find out that Chancellor Palpatine was, in fact, this dark lord of the Sith, they stood no chance against him. This included Master Yoda, who basically lost his duel with him in Revenge of the Sith.

Even Luke knew he could not successfully beat The Emperor.

The only weapon Luke had that could overpower him was his ability to turn his father against him through love. Although that technically counts as defeating Palpatine, chances are Luke wouldn’t stand a chance against Sidious in single combat.

15 Weaker: Count Dooku

There are many reasons why Darth Sidious chose Count Dooku (AKA Darth Tyranus) as his apprentice. First and foremost, Count Dooku spent most of his life as a Jedi, mastering their skills. When he did turn to the dark side, he became quite talented in those arts as well.

Count Dooku not only manages to beat Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker in combat but also holds his own against both Yoda and Mace Windu on separate occasions.

His array of incredible Force skills are explored more deeply on The Clone Wars series, but they’re still not enough to put him up against Luke Skywalker.

Luke has all of the physical and mental abilities of Count Dooku and much more.

14 Stronger: The Father

This insanely powerful Force user lives in the realm of Mortis alongside his daughter and son, who represents the light and dark side of the Force. He maintains the balance between the two, which is vital since they could tear the fabric of the universe apart without him.

This diety has the ability to teleport at will, manipulate lightsabers with telekinesis, change his shape, as well as all the other Force skills we’ve come to know.

The Father has been said to be the most powerful Force user ever.

This was determined by Leland Chee, whose literal job it is to determine these kinds of things. There’s no way that Luke would stand a chance against this guy.

13 Weaker: Darth Maul

Though this Star Wars character is a favorite for fans, there’s no way he could take on Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Even though this Sith has some undeniably impressive powers, he’s failed to bring down to many other Star Wars characters.

He originally fell victim to Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace but was later revived and fitted with mechanical legs with the help of his brother, Savage Opress. Together, he and his brother attempted to take on Emperor Palpatine, but failed– even though he was seemingly more powerful after his encounter with Obi-Wan than before.

Darth Maul may be known for being one of the most skilled swordsmen out there, but he hasn’t shown an overly impressive control over other Force abilities. Even though we got to see a lot more of his skills in the animated shows, he still doesn’t match up to Luke.

12 Stronger: Darth Revan

Though Darth Revan is known as purely a Star Wars Legends character, it’s suggested that he has become officially part of the canon.

This is because of his brief eEster egg hidden in Luke’s hut in The Last Jedi. The Easter egg is in the form of a particular red Kyber crystal that belonged to Darth Revan– not Darth Vader as some have suggested.

Many have described him as being the most powerful Force User of all time, making him superior to even Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

Darth Revan had the ability to wield the powers of both the light side and dark side of the Force.

He could communicate with people across the galaxy, heal himself and others, and was an exceptionally skilled warrior.

11 Weaker: Asajj Ventress

This Sith warrior was Count Dooku’s apprentice throughout the Clone Wars and frequently fought against multiple Jedi, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and Anakin’s apprentice, Ashoka Tano.

She primarily functioned as a ruthless Sith assassin, although she was nowhere near as effective as her reputation claimed her to be. After all, she never took down any of the major Jedi– which most of her Sith compatriots had no problem doing. Sure, she was a cool character who had a particularly strong lightsaber wielding skill, but she ultimately wasn’t nearly as powerful as she appeared.

This would make her an easy target for Luke Skywalker. Even if he couldn’t defeat her in a lightsaber duel, he would have no problem using the Force to dance around her for days.

10 Stronger: The Son And The Daughter

The Son and the Daughter are deities that represent the balance of the light and dark side of the Force throughout the galaxy. They are both of equal strength and skill, although have a variety of differing abilities

The Daughter, for instance, can heal people at will while the Son can drain the life out of them.

They are constantly in intense conflict, but a balance is kept between them by their Father on their homeworld of Mortis.

As skilled as Luke is with The Force he just doesn’t compare to living deities who represent both sides of the Force and the variety of complex powers that come with them.

9 Weaker: Qui-Gon Jinn

Though Qui-Gon Jinn was strong in the ways of the Force, including telepathy and levitation, there’s just no way he would beat Luke Skywalker in a fight.

In both of their primes, Luke still makes for a better swordfighter as well as having better agility.

Qui-Gon isn’t known for being a strong fighter.

He was tragically bested by Darth Maul on Naboo. During that battle, he seemed to lean toward the meditative nature of the Force versus the aggression needed to defeat the Sith.

Luke, on the other hand, has shown numerous times that he can handle a lightsaber as well as some of the most skilled swordsmen. Even Luke’s Force abilities seem stronger than Obi-Wan’s former master.

8 Stronger: The Force Priestesses

These five immortal Force Priestesses represent the connection between the Living Force and the Cosmic Force in the greater scheme of the universe. They dwell on the Wellspring of Life, which is believed to be the place where both midi-chlorians and life itself started.

The Force Priestesses are the guardians of the light side of the Force.

They have a vast knowledge of unlocking the secrets of immortality and the deepest secrets of the Force. They lack distinguishable features, which sort of suggests just how incredibly old and powerful they are.

Sorry, but there’s no way that even someone as powerful as Luke Skywalker could compare to cosmic, ethereal deities.

7 Weaker: Savage Opress

Originally this Star Wars: The Clone Wars character was seen as a legitimate threat to Sith villains Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress. This was because of his brutish mentality and intimidating powers that were gifted to him by the Nightsisters.

However, Savage Opress lost much of what made him intimidating once he teamed up with his revived brother, Darth Maul.

Maul easily overshadowed everything about Savage Opress. He was stronger, more experienced, and generally far nastier.

When the two attempted to bring down Darth Sidious together, they failed miserably. With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that this frightening Sith wouldn’t stand a chance against Luke Skywalker.

6 Stronger: Talzin

This mysterious shaman was the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters of Dathomir – a coven of highly Force-sensitive witches. These witches used a supernatural technique, called Magick, to manipulate the wilderness around them. She is also the mother of Darth Maul and Savage Opress.

Mother Talzin had a mastery of all dark magicks, as well as could manipulate the spirit ichor (a powerful ether) that flowed through the center of the planet Dathomir.

She could see into the future, set things on fire with her mind, and also had a natural connection to the Force.

In addition to all of this, she was a highly skilled fighter, so much so that she even lasted against Darth Sidious himself.

Though General Grievous eventually got the better of her, it’s not hard to believe that she would have taken down someone as strong as Luke Skywalker.

5 Weaker: Supreme Leader Snoke

It’s hard to tell just how strong Supreme Leader Snoke was since we learned so little about him before he was offed by Kylo Ren. However, what we did see was pretty impressive.

He clearly had a mastery of the basic Force skills such as telekinesis and Force lightning. He also had the ability to create a psychological bridge between Kylo Ren and Rey.

Unfortunately for him, that bridge was what led to his downfall. He clearly couldn’t foresee that Kylo Ren would turn on him the way he did.

Most of Snoke’s intimidating powers seem to come from his substantial army and weaponry. This would be enough to frighten anyone, including Luke. But it seems like Luke would have a step up on Snoke if the two ever met on the battle-field.

After all, even Snoke knew Luke was a substantial threat to him. Why else would he want to track him down and destroy him so badly?

4 Stronger: Anakin Skywalker (Before Vader)

Luke Skywalker may have beaten his father when he was half-machine, but there’s just no way he would have taken him down when he was at his best.

Anakin was the “Chosen One” for a reason.

Sure, both Luke and Anakin were expert pilots, techy experts, and skilled in the ways of the Force but could anyone actually claim that Luke was better at wielding a lightsaber than Anakin in his prime? The answer is unequivocally, “No.”

Thanks to Anakin getting emotional and cocky, and Obi-Wan taking advantage of that, the Master Jedi lost much of his most advanced physical skills after the Mustafar battle.

3 Weaker: Kylo Ren

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker described his nephew, Ben Solo (Kylo Ren), as being immensely powerful. He also admitted early on that he feared that these powers would corrupt him and turn him into a Darth Vader-like character. This caused him to attempt to assassinate him in his sleep. Needless to say, Kylo Ren is almost definitely a significant threat.

However, we cannot definitively say that he is more powerful than Luke. Kylo’s powers are vast but they are still highly unbalanced and difficult to control. His lets his anger get the best of him too quickly, allowing for more skilled fighters to take their time and get the best of him– as we saw at the end of The Last Jedi.

2 Stronger: Rey

Rey is included because there’s no doubt that she will become one of the strongest Jedi ever. She may not currently be at the same skill level as Luke, but that’s about to change.

Rey learned her Force skills far quicker than Luke ever could.

In fact, she may have even learned them faster than Anakin Skywalker. She received little training and still managed to fight off many seemingly proficient enemies with both Force and lightsaber skills.

Even Yoda remarks on Rey’s impressive natural abilities, which should make us all think that she will soon be able to take on any Jedi, even one as powerful as Luke.

1 Weaker: Darth Vader

Darth Vader was the most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy for quite a substantial amount of time. There’s no question that both his use of the Force, his malice, and even his lightsaber skills made him uncomfortably strong. However, he was still bested by his son at the end of Return of the Jedi.

After losing to Obi-Wan on Mustafar, Anakin became less powerful as a lightsaber wielder. His new mechanical body made him physically stronger, but he lost a large amount of agility. Sure, he was still an exceptionally strong Force user, but his anger and pain consumed him. It’s hard to blame him since he is literally using that restrictive suit to keep him from losing his life.

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