James Bond Racing Cars Are At This Weekend’s Grand Prix

James Bond racing cars are at this weekend’s British Grand Prix. As any Bond fan can tell you, M16’s greatest spy isn’t afraid of high speeds. Whether these take place in a car, on a boat, or in a plane, 007’s ability to make split second decisions at breakneck speeds is as much a part of the character as are his license to kill and suave demeanor.

In fact, from the very first James Bond film  – 1962’s Dr No – a specific make of vehicle has been highlighted, though it wasn’t until 1964’s Goldfinger that audiences were able to get their first glance at James Bond driving a gorgeous and potentially lethal vehicle of his own. Since that time, Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 has been the car most associated with the secret agent. Beloved by fans and referenced in a variety of films far beyond the Bond franchise, the DB5 has gone on to make an appearance in seven different 007 films, clearly making it Bond’s vehicle of choice.

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As a result of the ongoing relationship between Bond films and cars, the official 007 Instagram account has just posted photos of one of the two cars that will be joining this weekend’s F1 British Grand Prix at England’s Silverstone circuit. The cars are both Aston Martins and each will feature the 007 logo, as well as Bond number plates on the back of their rear wings. Check out the photos of the cars below:

Both 007 inspired cars have the seal of approval of Eon Productions and will be part of the Red Bull racing team. The Bond additions to the cars are being done to commemorate the 1,007th F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. That being said, the publicity certainly won’t harm the already highly anticipated release of the still unnamed Bond 25, which is set for release in the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no word of Daniel Craig popping by to give the cars his blessing – most likely due to the fact that he’s still busy filming Bond 25. Still, for those die hard Bond fans who also happen to love Formula One, these 007 additions are sure to be a highlight. After all, it isn’t every franchise that gets its own vehicle at one of the most respected professional racing events in the world.

Oddly enough, the inclusion of Bond at a world-renowned racing event doesn’t just feel completely appropriate, but the name Silverstone also sounds quite at home with Bond as well. Considering that the forthcoming Bond 25 has gone longer than most films in the series without an official title, perhaps this is the weekend where inspiration truly hits and an official title is revealed. That’s likely a stretch, but at least this weekend will definitely have something James Bond related for fans to take in.

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Mike Jones

Easter Weekend Box Office Worst in Over A Decade

This weekend’s box office was the worst Easter weekend the industry has seen in nearly 15 years. With few high profile film releases, the weekend box office failed to perform as well as holiday weekends typically do.

The biggest release this past week was Warner Bros. and New Line’s The Curse of La Llorona, the newest spin-off installment in the Conjuring horror franchise. It released alongside the faith-based family film Breakthrough and the Ed Helms-narrated nature documentary Penguins, both coming from Disney-owned studios.

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According to VarietyThe Curse of La LloronaBreakthrough, and Penguins all failed to bring in massive revenue. Together with Shazam! and Captain Marvel, those three films garnered around $112 million at the domestic box office over the holiday weekend. That is the lowest amount the holiday has brought in since 2005. With films like Dumbo and Hellboy both underperforming and getting beaten out by the older Captain Marvel, the box office did not experience the kind of uptick in sales that holidays normally ensure. The low numbers are in keeping with 2019’s 17 percent overall decline in ticket sales when compared to 2018.

However, the while the box office was disappointing as a whole, individual films were profitable. Despite its seemingly low gross and less-than-positive reviews, The Curse of La Llorona is a financial success. The spin-off film has already earned roughly $56.5 against a $9 million budget. Over half of that amount came from overseas audiences. Breakthrough is similarly being lauded as a successful film, already earning $14 million domestically against its $14 million budget. As the first film to be released through 20th Century Fox since it was acquired by Disney, its $20.5 million gross is a positive start that the new owners hope will grow due to strong reviews.

There are several reasons for the decline in overall sales for the weekend. Bad marketing, bad reviews, and general disinterest all likely contributed to a weak Easter audience turnout. Furthermore, each of last week’s three major wide releases were films in niche genres: an R-rated horror film, a Christian faith-based film, and a nature documentary. Only one of those, the faith-based Breakthrough, was particularly suited to do well over Easter.

Of course, this Easter weekend’s box office is different from past ones because of one colossal factor: Avengers: Endgame. The Disney/Marvel cinematic behemoth releases next week and, to no one’s surprise, is already breaking records in ticket sales due to being one of the most anticipated films in history. Audiences may have sat out the holiday to be ready for the event, an event 21 films in the making. Not only is Avengers: Endgame expected to be the most successful of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by a significant margin, but many industry insiders are confident the superhero epic will go a long way toward mitigating this year’s box office losses. Studios were aware that Avengers: Endgame was what most film-goers were going to spend their time and money on, and few seemed willing to put up big budget films against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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GIVEAWAY: Win A Pair of Avengers: Endgame IMAX Tickets For Opening Weekend!

Avengers: Endgame opens in a week and to avoid spoilers for the biggest superhero movie of all-time, the culmination of 11 years and 22 movies, you should aim to see it as soon as possible in the best possible way. And that means the biggest screens.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo designed and shot Avengers: Endgame specially for IMAX, exclusively using IMAX cameras to shoot it and Avengers: Infinity War before it. We saw it in action on set and spoke to the directors about these two movies being the first ever entirely shot in the IMAX format. Moviegoers will see up to 26% more picture in IMAX versus standard theaters. You have to see it to believe it and we’re going to help make that happen by giving some tickets away!

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For details on prizing and information on how to enter our Avengers: Endgame IMAX tickets giveaway!

Avengers: Endgame IMAX Tickets Giveaway Details & Prizes

Three (3) winners of the giveaway will each win a pair of IMAX Avengers: Endgame tickets just in time for opening weekend!

How to Enter Screen Rant’s Avengers: Endgame IMAX Tickets Giveaway

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About Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame

The grave course of events set in motion by Thanos that wiped out half the universe and fractured the Avengers ranks compels the remaining Avengers to take one final stand in Marvel Studios’ grand conclusion to twenty-two films, “Avengers: Endgame.”

Kevin Feige produces “Avengers: Endgame,” and Anthony and Joe Russo are the directors. Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo, Trinh Tran, Jon Favreau, James Gunn and Stan Lee are the executive producers, and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely wrote the screenplay.

About the IMAX Cameras

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo utilized the ALEXA IMAX 65mm camera to film AVENGERS: ENDGAME. It is a next-generation revolutionary 2D digital camera developed through a partnership between ARRI and IMAX for use by today’s leading filmmakers working in the IMAX® format. The camera, when combined with IMAX’s digital re-mastering process, delivers the highest level of digital image capture and playback resulting in stunning lifelike images with pristine clarity, incredibly fine detail, vivid colors and a higher dynamic range for superior contrast. This camera is no stranger to the world of superheroes as it was first used by the Russo Brothers to shoot the airport battle sequence of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and again for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (in its entirety).

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Giveaway items provided by IMAX.

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Shazam Has Lowest DCEU Opening Weekend – But Is Still A Hit

Shazam scored the lowest opening weekend in the DCEU, but the film is still a hit. Following the all-around failure of Justice League in 2017, Warner Bros. experienced a nice rebound last December with James Wan’s Aquaman. The standalone received generally positive reviews from critics and crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office, becoming the highest-grossing DC film of all-time. With some forward momentum established, the onus was on Shazam to keep things going in the right direction as WB forges ahead with their next slate of DC projects.

Fortunately, it did just that. Receiving enthusiastic word-of-mouth, Shazam became Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes in the days leading up to its theatrical premiere. The response caused its box office projections to increase ever so slightly, and the movie ended up performing right within those adjusted estimates in its opening frame.

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According to Box Office MojoShazam earned $53.4 million in its first three days. When its earnings from the early screenings are taken into account, the film’s made $56.7 million in the States so far. Worldwide, it’s at $158.7 million.

Though Shazam has the lowest opening weekend in its franchise, this is not cause for concern. Because the film’s budget was so economical (no more than $100 million), it never needed to break the bank in order to turn a profit for the studio. Indeed, it’s well on its way to hitting its break even point in the relatively near future and will most definitely end up in the black by the time it bows out of the multiplex. No sequel’s been officially green lit yet, but it stands reason to believe WB will move forward with a followup now that they know audiences are onboard for Shazam’s brand of superhero cinema. People seemed to enjoy its lighthearted tone, humor, and emotional core. And there are surely plenty of routes a Shazam 2 could take.

For the next couple of weeks, Shazam won’t face much in the way of direct competition; the Pet Sematary remake earned $25 million this weekend. Of course, by the end of April, Shazam will most decidedly not be the hottest ticket in town. Avengers: Endgame will be out by then, rewriting the box office record book as it dominates everything else in its path. The culmination of the MCU’s first three phases was crashing websites when tickets first became available, meaning Shazam will be a distant memory by the time Endgame opens. But at least it will go down as another hit for WB/DC, giving them a new character to build around for the future.

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Netflix: The Best TV Shows & Movies This Weekend

Weekdays may be for working, but weekends are made for relaxing, so we’ve put together a collection of the best new and recent Netflix movies and TV shows for you to watch. The streaming service has been seriously amping up its original content, and by the end of 2018 Netflix Originals had overtaken acquired content for the first time. Netflix has also been attracting some star talent, including filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh and Martin Scorsese.

2019 has seen some major new additions to Netflix’s library of Originals, like comic book adaptation The Umbrella Academy, time-looping mystery series Russian Doll, and the darkly satirical horror movie Velvet Buzzsaw. This year also brings new seasons of existing Netflix shows that already have an eager fanbase, like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Stranger Things. Even if you’re a hardcore binge-watcher, it can be hard to keep up with all the new weekly releases.

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That’s why we’re here to help, with a guide to all the new Netflix Original releases this weekend, and the best TV shows and movies from recent weeks that are worth checking out if you missed them.

The Highwaymen – Based on the true story of the men who tracked down and killed Bonnie and Clyde, Netflix Original film The Highwaymen stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in the lead roles. Former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer (Costner) and Maney Gault (Harrelson) are brought out of retirement in a desperate bid to put an end to the Barrow gang’s crime spree.

The Legend of Cocaine Island – A documentary that combines interviews and reenactments, The Legend of Cocaine Island is the true “Southern fairy tale” of Rodney Hyden, a businessman from Central Florida who heard a story about a $2 million stash of cocaine hidden on a Caribbean island. Without any previous drug-running experience, Rodney went on a treasure hunt in search of this lost white gold, in the hope that it would save him from his overwhelming debt.

On My Block Season 2 – Netflix Original drama series On My Block is a coming-of-age tale about four kids who live in a rough inner-city neighborhood in Los Angeles. In season 2, Ruby, Cesar, Jamal, and Monse are left reeling after the events of Olivia’s quinceañera, and trying to deal with the fallout.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 – Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant return in the third season of Netflix Original comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, in which Barrymore plays a realtor, Sheila, who one day turns into a zombie and develops a voracious appetite for human flesh. Olyphant plays her husband, Joel, who is naturally unsettled by this turn of events, but does whatever he can do help his family deal with Sheila’s new lifestyle.

Osmosis – In this French-language Netflix Original sci-fi series, participants who are dissatisfied with their romantic lives search for true love by testing a new dating app called Osmosis, which claims to be able to find their soulmate with 100% accuracy. As the technology peers into the deepest parts of their minds, however, they begin to learn just how much love can hurt.

Triple Frontier – This Netflix Original action movie stars Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Pablo Pascal, Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac as five former special forces soldiers who come up with a mission of their own: to raid the home of a Colombian drug lord, steal all his cash, and keep it for themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

The Umbrella Academy – They’re superheroes, but not as you know them. Based on the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, Netflix Original series The Umbrella Academy is about a group of people with incredible powers, who were adopted as babies by an obsessive scientist and trained to fight crime. As adults they are brought together again when their father dies and their long-lost brother returns from time-traveling, claiming that the world will end in eight days.

One Day at a Time – It may have recently been canceled, but there are still three seasons of the heart-warming family sitcom One Day at a Time to watch on Netflix, including the third season that arrived at the start of February. With a cast led by Rita Morena and Justina Machado, One Day at a Time follows a loving and occasionally dysfunctional Cuban-American family… and also their landlord, Schneider, who considers himself part of the family.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Netflix: The Best TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (March 22)

The weekend is here, and with it a handful of new releases on Netflix – including stand-up comedy, time travel drama, a rock band biopic, and the long-awaited second season of The OA.

Last week’s Netflix releases included a dose of true crime in docuseries The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, an action-packed heist in the Ben Affleck-led movie Triple Frontier, and the latter half of Arrested Development season 5. Still to come in the next few weeks are new seasons of On My Block, Santa Clarita Diet, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as well as Netflix Original movies like The Highwaymen, The Perfect Date, and Someone Great. The streaming service has been aggressively building its library of original content, which outpaced acquired content for the first time in 2018.

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That’s good news for those who are always looking for something new to binge-watch – and if you’re one of them, here are the new Netflix releases to choose from this weekend.

More than two years after season 1 of Netflix Original series The OA debuted and enticed fans down a winding road of mystery, show creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij have returned with The OA: Part II. Marling once again plays Prairie Johnson a.k.a. The OA a.k.a. Nina Asarova, who now finds herself living in an alternate dimension where she is a wealthy Russian heiress. We also learn more about what happened to Hap and his four other captives, continue to follow BBA and the boys in the other dimension, and embark on a new mystery involving a strange house and a missing teenager.

A band as famous for their off-stage antics as their music, Mötley Crüe get the biopic treatment in Netflix Original film The Dirt, based on the book of the same name written by the band and Neil Strauss. The film adaptation rights were first bought back in 2006 by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, but the project ended up languishing in development hell for more than a decade before it was finally picked up again by Netflix. The Dirt was directed by Jeff Tremaine, best known for his work on the Jackass TV show and movies, and he seems well suited to capture the wild, anarchic lifestyles of band members Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, and Nikki Sixx in the early days and eventual heights of Mötley Crüe’s success.

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Fans of The Butterfly Effect and other movies with time-travel conundrums may want to check out Netflix Original Mirage, directed by Oriol Paulo. This Spanish-language film is about a woman called Vera who discovers a camcorder with a recording made in 1989, on the night that a man killed his wife and their son, while fleeing the house, was killed by a car. During a strange storm, Vera finds herself able to communicate with the boy through the camcorder, and warns him about his imminent death, changing history. However, in doing so she creates a new timeline where her own daughter has been erased from existence.

Following her 2017 stand-up special for Netflix, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, Amy Schumer returns to the streaming service with another show – and this time, she’s doing stand-up for two. In Amy Schumer Growing, the comedian riffs on the “joys” of pregnancy and settling down into marital bliss after years of enjoying single life. As the title suggests, this special is all about growth – both literal and figurative – as well as the things that stay the same.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Brie Larson Serves Fans Popcorn On Captain Marvel’s Opening Weekend

Brie Larson helped out on opening weekend of Captain Marvel by showing up at one New Jersey theater to serve popcorn and soda to lucky fans. The first MCU film headed up by a female character, Captain Marvel has soared out of the gate in massive fashion, reportedly earning $455 million worldwide for the sixth-highest global opening ever.

Larson stars in the film as Carol Danvers, an earth woman who has become a member of an alien race called the Kree, who are involved in a war with a race of shapeshifters known as the Skrulls. Danvers soon finds herself back on earth in the 1990s, and meets up with Nick Fury (played by a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson), who helps her find out about her forgotten earthly origins as an Air Force pilot. The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and has been certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. However, the movie’s audience score on RT is only at 57%, thanks in large part to an apparent review bombing attack by individuals who object to Marvel Studios placing a female character at the center of a movie.

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With Captain Marvel finally arriving this weekend after months of anticipation, Brie Larson herself helped out the cause by showing up at a theater in New Jersey to serve popcorn and soda to a few lucky fans. Marvel Entertainment posted some images of Larson enjoying her interaction with the fans while offering her assistance behind the counter. See the images below:

Luckily for Larson, Marvel did not make her wear the real Captain Marvel costume while working at the concessions stand, but instead allowed her to sport a very comfortable looking Captain Marvel inspired tracksuit (that of course fans on Twitter are now clamoring to own). The extra promotional appearance likely was not needed, as Captain Marvel was expected to easily top $100 million domestically in its opening weekend, and indeed ended up far surpassing that mark.

Of course, Captain Marvel is just the beginning of things for Brie Larson and Carol Danvers in the MCU. The character is expected to play a major role in Avengers: Endgame, as the universe’s remaining heroes join forces to take on the all-powerful Thanos. As for the future of Captain Marvel beyond Endgame, it remains to be seen what plans Marvel has in mind for the character., but it seems a proper Captain Marvel sequel is inevitable after the first film’s massive worldwide opening. After somewhat falling behind DC in terms of female superheroes, it seems Marvel and Disney have succeeded in establishing a character to rival Wonder Woman in box office popularity and pop culture impact.


Source: Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, Dustin Sandoval

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Dan Zinski

Netflix: The Best TV Shows & Movies This Weekend (March 8)

This weekend brings tears and laughter in Netflix‘s newest movie and TV releases, which are a mix of heartfelt drama with some comedy thrown in. There’s Ricky Gervais series After Life, Alfre Woodard-led comedy-drama film Juanita, and the true story-based Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

Last week’s big Netflix release was another film based on a true story, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, which marks the feature directorial debut of actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. Still to come this month are new episodes of Arrested Development season 5, Idris Elba-led series Turn Up Charlie, and the highly-anticipated second season of sci-fi drama The OA.

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There’s definitely a busy spring ahead for the streaming platform, but for those looking for something to watch right now, here are the best new Netflix Original releases for the weekend starting March 8.

Ricky Gervais, co-creator and star of The Office and Extras, returns on a slightly more somber note in Netflix Original series After Life. Gervais plays Tony, a man for whom everything seems to be going right until his wife, Lisa (Kerry Godliman), dies of cancer. In true P.S. I Love You form, Lisa recorded a series of videos before she passed away, with the aim of helping Tony move on with his life. Tony chooses to deal with his grief by deciding he will say and do whatever he wants, with no regards for people’s feelings, and takes a kind of joy in lashing out at anyone who annoys him. Comprised of six half-hour episodes, After Life has been praised by many reviewers for its blend of humor and tragedy, and is well worth checking out this weekend.

Alfre Woodard, who memorably played Luke Cage villain Black Mariah, takes the lead in Netflix Original film Juanita, directed by Clark Johnson. Woodard plays the titular character, a mother of grown kids who is tired of being beholden to their needs, and decides to take a road trip to Montana that’s all about being with herself. Along the way she trades in her fantasies of spending a romantic evening with Blair Underwood for the real thing (real romance, not the real Blair Underwood) when she meets diner chef Jess (played by Suicide Squad‘s Adam Beach). Juanita is a movie for anyone who needs a little time to themselves, and perhaps needs inspiration to go on an adventure.

Netflix Original film Walk. Ride. Rodeo. is the heartwarming true story of Amberley Snyder, an 18 year-old barrel racer who was on her way to rodeo glory when she was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. Despite experiencing such a devastating loss at such a young age, Amberley (played by Spencer Locke) gets back on the horse – literally. Four months after the accident, following physical therapy to build her upper body strength and learn to balance again, the young rider got back into the saddle with the goal of eventually competing again. The road to recovery is long and often difficult, but Walk. Ride. Rodeo. is all about the power of determination. The movie also features the real Amberley Snyder as a stunt double for Locke, performing the barrel racing scenes.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

Netflix: Every New TV Show & Movie This Weekend (December 7)

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but video-on-demand is so delightful – so we’ve collected together the big new Netflix releases for the weekend starting December 7. Last weekend we got into the holiday spirit with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, and the week before that Kurt Russell ho-ho-ho’d his way into our hearts as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles. This weekend there are more seasonal offerings among the exciting new movies and TV shows coming to Netflix.

If you liked Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book, but are looking for a slightly darker adaptation of the source material, look no further than Andy Serkis’ Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. The other big Netflix Original movie of this week takes place in an even scarier jungle: the world of beauty pageantry. Dumplin’ is about a plus-size teen who decides her own form of rebellion will be following in her mother’s footsteps and competing for a pageant crown. Let’s dive into these releases, and the other fresh content coming to Netflix this weekend.

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Directed by Anne Fletcher, Dumplin’ stars Jennifer Aniston as veteran beauty pageant queen Rosie Dixon and Danielle Macdonald as her daughter, Willowdean. Based on the novel of the same name by Julie Murphy, Dumplin’ follows Willowdean as she decides to stage a protest against the pageants’ beauty standards by signing up to compete – inadvertently inspiring a wave of other girls to do the same. She’s never competed before and she doesn’t even know how to walk in heels, so Willowdean turns to a group of local drag queens for help with her look, her style, and her confidence.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

War for the Planet of the Apes‘ Andy Serkis used his motion-capture expertise to create a living, breathing world of talking animals in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. Featuring a stellar voice cast – including Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan, Christian Bale as Bagheera, and Cate Blanchett as Kaa – Mowgli also introduces newcomer Rohan Chand in the title role as Mowgli, an orphaned infant who is raised by a wolf pack. Serkis himself provides the voice of Mowgli’s bear pal, Baloo.

The Ranch Part 6

The Bennetts are back in The Ranch Part 6 (a.k.a. the second half of season 3), with all 10 episodes released this weekend. Starring Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliot, Debra Winger, and Elisha Cuthbert, The Ranch follows the dysfunctional Bennett family. In Part 6, Colt Bennett (Kutcher) is facing his frighteningly imminent father status as his wife, Abby (Cuthbert) prepared to give birth. Danny Masterson, who played Rooster Bennett, was fired from the show following multiple allegations of rape, and was written out at the end of Part 5.

Other New Netflix Releases This Weekend

The American Meme – A documentary following Paris Hilton, Josh Ostrovsky, Brittany Furlan and Kirill Bichutsky as they try to build their personal stardom through social media.

Russell Brand: Re:Birth – The English comedian, actor and activist returns to his stand-up roots with an hour-long special, filmed during his 2017-2018 tour.

Dogs of Berlin – A German murder mystery series that follows an investigation into the murder of a German-Turkish football star.

Nailed It Holiday – The first big holiday-themed release of this weekend is a special edition of Nailed It, in which unskilled bakers try to recreate culinary masterpieces in competition for a $10,000 prize.

5 Star Christmas – Also bringing in the holiday cheer is this Italian comedy film about the Italian Premier finding a dead body in his hotel suite, and desperately trying to avoid a scandal.

Bad Blood Season 2 – Based on the real-life Montreal-based Rizzuto crime family, season 2 of this Canadian thriller series picks up five years after the end of the first season.

ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay? – Music documentary series ReMastered returns with a look into the murder of Run-D.M.C. DJ Jam Master Jay, who was shot and killed in 2002.

The Hook-Up Plan – This French comedy series sees a group of friends hire a male escort to cheer up their friend after a rough break-up.

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas – This Netflix Original anime debuted in 2017 and now returns for a Christmas special. Set in an alternate version of New York filled with an elite class of wealthy magicians known as “Magistocrats.”

Free Rein: The 12 Neighs of Christmas – Another Christmas special drops this weekend, this time for the British equestrian drama series Free Rein.

Super Monsters and the Wish Star – Need another TV Christmas special? Oh, all right then. You can also check out this special episode of the animated children’s TV show Super Monsters.

Pine Gap – This Australian political thriller series is set in the top-secret intelligence world of a US/Australia joint defense facility.

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Netflix: Every New TV Show & Movie This Weekend (November 30)

Netflix is gearing up for the holiday season with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and Angela’s Christmas this weekend, along with F is for Family season 3 and some other new shows and movies.

Last week, Netflix celebrated Thanksgiving with the release of another Christmas movie, the Kurt Russell-starring The Christmas Chronicles. There are also some major new releases coming up in December, like Andy Serkis’ Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle and a new adaptation of Watership Down. While you wait for those, though, here are some new titles that you can check out right now!

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F is For Family Season 3

Bill Burr and Michael Price’s 1970s-set animated sitcom F Is For Family returns for another season, with Burr as the voice of family patriarchy Frank Murphy. Season 3 sees executive producer Vince Vaughn join the cast as Frank’s new pal, an Air Force pilot called Colonel Chet Stevenson.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

This has been a big year for Netflix romcoms, and it wouldn’t be Christmas without a cheesy holiday-themed romance movie. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is a sequel to last year’s A Christmas Prince, which starred iZombie‘s Rose McIver as a journalist who goes undercover for a story on the crown prince of Aldovia. The Royal Wedding‘s title is a bit of a giveaway as to how the first movie ends, but at least now that both are on Netflix you can watch them back-to-back.

Angela’s Christmas

You may remember Angela’s Ashes, the 1996 adaptation of the memoir of the same name by Frank McCourt, which told the story of McCourt’s childhood in the poverty-stricken Irish city of Limerick. Angela’s Christmas is a more family-friendly affair, inspired by a story that McCourt’s mother told to him when he was a child. Set in the 1910s, Angela’s Christmas sees well-meaning Irish youngster Angela “rescuing” the baby Jesus from a nativity display in the church, so she can bring him home and give him a proper family Christmas.

Other Releases This Week

1983 – This alt-history thriller series is set in a world where a conspiracy kept the Iron Curtain in place.

Baby – An Italian TV show that follows a group of wealthy teens at a high school in Rome, as they search for identity and independence.

Nicky Jam: El Ganador – A Spanish-language biographical TV series about the life of reggaeton singer Nicky Jam.

Rajma Chawal – An Indian Netflix Original movie about a young aspiring musician whose strict father catfishes him in an effort to figure out how to repair their relationship.

The World is Yours – A French gangster is desperate to escape the world of crime that he inhabits, but needs to pull off one last job first.

Tiempo CompartidoTime Share is a Mexican thriller about a husband and father who begins to suspect a sinister conspiracy after being forced to share his holiday house with another family.

Death by Magic – English magician Drummond Money-Coutts performs a series of deadly stunts around the world, including being chained underwater in a car.

Spy Kids: Mission Critical Season 2 – The animated kids TV show based on the popular movies returns for a second season.

Happy as Lazzaro – This Cannes Film Festival favorite is about an Italian sharecropper whose life is changed when he meets a nobleman with a strange request.

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