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Ahh, Boston Legal. One of television’s finest legal dramedys of all time, the show ran for a criminally short 5 season, when it reigned among Primetime’s premium offerings until its unfortunate cancellation in 2008.

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Like many of David E. Kelley’s productions, the cast was star-studded and the writing was unmatched. Though there was a Rolodex of rotating main characters throughout the show’s history, there were also many who remained with the series for multiple seasons. Here are ten of the most iconic fixtures in the world of Boston Legal, and what they are up to today!

10 Henry Gibson: Judge Clark Brown

Henry Gibson starting acting in the late 50s when he was a young boy. He is well-remembered for starring in the Jerry Lewis film The Nutty Professor, as well as starring as Quirt Manly on The Beverly Hillbillies. His full comedic potential was realized in 1971 when he joined Laugh-In, where he lasted in the cast for 3 years and was nominated for a Golden Globe. Gibson also frequently lent his voice to animated roles, including Charlotte’s Web, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and King of the Hill.

As Judge Clark Brown, Gibson remained a constant presence on Boston Legal even when the main cast departed their roles. He appeared in 24 episodes of the series and stayed until the series ended in 2008. Unfortunately, it was one of his last roles and he passed away in 2009, a week before his 74th birthday.

9 Gary Anthony Williams: Clarence/Clarice Bell

Gary Anthony Williams first played Clarence “Clarice” Bell in Season 3 of Boston Legal, originally only slated to appear in one episode. The producers liked him so much that they expanded his part to be recurring, and then regular a bit later on. Though he disappeared after Season 4 with no explanation, Williams has had no shortage of work after his time on the series.

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He frequently appears on the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway, and does voice-over work as Mufasa in the Disney series The Lion Guard, as well as playing Uncle Ruckus in the Adult Swim program The Boondocks. He also appeared as a recurring character on the sitcom The Soul Man, and played a part on sketch-comedy series Mad, based on the popular magazine of the same name.

8 Julie Bowen: Denise Bauer

Julie Bowen was active in the industry before her appearance as junior attorney Denise Bauer on Boston Legal, but you probably know more about her career after the show ended. After her first prominent role on television in the series Ed, her three years on Boston Legal was only a precursor for her most famous role as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family.

Bowen has scored six consecutive Emmy nominations for Modern Family, winning two in 2011 and 2012. She is still starring on the show today, but it is set to end after its 11th season.

7 Mark Valley: Brad Chase

Before his acting career began, Mark Valley served in the military during the Gulf War, and he actually received his first acting role while stationed in Germany. He took a role in Days of our Lives during the mid-’90s, playing Jack Deveraux for four years on the soap.

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On Boston Legal, Valley starred as attorney Brad Chase, staying with the show for 70 episodes, which is still his longest-running television role to date. He has starred in a few film and television roles since his time on the series, most prominently Fringe, Human Target, Body of Proof, and Harry’s Law, where he played another attorney that worked for Kathy Bates’ character, Harry.

6 John Larroquette: Carl Sack

John Larroquette has played a few attorneys in his acting career, including that of Dan Fielding on the popular Night Court, for which he picked up 4 consecutive Emmy wins. After playing Shirley’s eventual romantic interest, Carl Sack, on Boston Legal, Larroquette has starred in guest spots on numerous television shows like Phineas and Ferb and CSI: New York.

In 2014, Larroquette starred in The Librarians for 42 episodes, playing Jenkins for 4 years until the show’s cancellation. Most recently, he has appeared in Blood & Treasure in a recurring role as billionaire Jacob Reece. The show has just been renewed for a second season, so we may be seeing more of him on the series in the future!

5 Christian Clemenson: Jerry Espenson

Famous for his role as the eccentric and kind-hearted Jerry Espenson on Boston Legal, for which he received the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2006, Christian Clemenson was not new to the industry. He had already been seen in acclaimed films like Apollo 13, Hannah and Her Sisters, and The Big Lebowski. Clemenson was also talented enough in his craft to graduate from both Harvard and Yale!

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After Boston Legal ended, Clemenson retained a recurring role in the 8th, 9th, and 10th seasons of CSI: Miami, and also appeared as a guest on another David E. Kelley production, Harry’s Law. Most recently, Clemenson portrayed the primary role of Deputy District Attorney William Hodgman in the Ryan Murphy production American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

4 René Auberjonois: Paul Lewiston

René Auberjonois had a long career before his tenure as the practical, poised Paul Lewiston on Boston Legal. Prior to the part, he performed in the smash-hit M.A.S.H. and even lent his voice to animated features like The Little Mermaid and Cats Don’t Dance. He also portrayed Clayton Endicott III on the sitcom Benson, for which he was nominated for an Emmy, and had a starring role in the ’90s series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

After Boston Legal, Auberjonois has resigned to mainly doing guest stints on both live-action and animated series, but he has been in many popular shows like Archer, Young Justice, The Good Wife, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Madam Secretary. He also does extensive voice-work for video games, most notably for Fallout: New Vegas and the Uncharted series.

3 Candice Bergen: Shirley Schmidt

Candice Bergen has been in the television and film industry since the 1960s, receiving her first film role in Sidney Lumet’s The Group. She received her first Academy Award nomination in 1979 for Starting Over, a role she played opposite the iconic Burt Reynolds. Her stint on the 1988 to 1998 sitcom Murphy Brown became her most well-known role, scoring her 5 Emmys out of 7 nominations.

Bergen was also Emmy nominated twice for her role as the wise and intelligent Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal but unfortunately didn’t take home any wins. After Boston Legal, Bergen starred in the romantic comedy Bride Wars, also lending her name in recent years to smaller guest spots in films. In 2018, CBS commissioned a Murphy Brown reboot starring Bergen that was sadly canceled in May 2019.

2 William Shatner: Denny Crane

Say it with me, now: Denny…Crane. William Shatner has long been a mainstay in the world of television, first coming to prominence in the original Star Trek series as Captain James T. Kirk. After his work as the eponymous T.J. Hooker and two seasons of starring in 3rd Rock from the Sun, Shatner made his debut as the wily Denny Crane on The Practice, before receiving a part in the spin-off Boston Legal. He was well-awarded for the role, taking home an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

After Boston Legal ended, Shatner performed in 2 Broadway one-man shows, one of which ended up touring the country after its initial three-week run. He also wrote and produced a Star Trek documentary entitled The Captains, exploring the different actors that have portrayed the role that first made him famous. He most recently starred in the reality program Better Late Than Never, in which four seasoned American men explored new cultures in order to check them off their bucket list.

1 James Spader: Alan Shore

James Spader’s character Alan Shore first made his debut on the long-running David E. Kelley series The Practice, and then took the lead for five seasons of Boston Legal. Throughout the series, Alan Shore proves himself as both an attorney and a person, enduring many personal changes as his friendship with Denny Crane evolves. Spader won 3 Emmys for the role: One for The Practice in 2004 and two for Boston Legal in 2005 and 2007.

It’s safe to say that Spader has been doing phenomenally after the show ended in 2008. After a season-long stint on popular American sitcom The Office, he now stars on NBC’s The Blacklist as main character Raymond “Red” Reddington, a role for which he has picked up 2 Golden Globe nominations!

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Katy Wilkins

Game Of Thrones: Where All The New [SPOILER] Came From

WARNING: Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2.

The living have a lot more to deal with than expected in Game of Thrones: just where have the new White Walkers come from? The phenomenal season 8, episode 2 ended the character development with the arrival of the Night King’s forces at Winterfell, and something stood out about them.

Previously, the Night King has been shown with a small posse of White Walkers – three in “Hardhome”, three in “The Door” and four in “Beyond The Wall” (with one apiece killed in the former and latter) – and a massive army of wights, which suggested he’s got a small group of lieutenants and a whole load of disposable foot soldiers. This only made him more intimidating, and harder to reach. However, the end of the latest episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, saw dozens of White Walkers with the army of the dead outside Winterfell (and the Night King wasn’t among them, an entirely separate issue).

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Where have Game of Thrones‘ new White Walkers come from? The answer is, partially, rooted in the Night King’s very first appearance, season 4’s “Oathkeeper”. The episode ended in the Lands of Always Winter with a White Walker taking one of wildling Craster’s sons up further north than we’d ever seen. After the child is placed on an altar, the Night King approaches and, with a touch, turns the baby into a blue-eyed monster. In the background of this scene, twelve other White Walkers can be seen. With the Night King and his new recruit, that’s a minimum of fourteen; and with only two confirmed killed after (as mentioned in the latest episode, Sam also beat one, but back in season 3) that means there’s always more than normally portrayed out there.

However, from a brightened up image of the ending of Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2, it’s clear the numbers were always greater than that. Although, even that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The White Walkers’ presentation in the show – especially once the Night King became the big bad who created them all – has been of a small but powerful group who find strength with their undead wights, but that doesn’t quite fit their backstory. Craster had many wives and, presumably, gave away just as many sons to the White Walkers, and that’s just in one man’s lifetime. The A Song of Ice and Fire books further suggest that the Nightfort had a secret passageway through the wall for sacrifices to The Others, meaning the White Walker numbers could be in the hundreds or thousands. The odds are already against the stragglers in Winterfell, but this could be something truly dangerous.

It’s likely the lack of full White Walker numbers in Game of Thrones episodes up to this point is a result of time and budget. They require both practical makeup and CG augmentation (for at least the horses), which can be time-consuming on a show whose massive budget is already stretched across the Seven Kingdoms. Four White Walkers are still imposing, and so having the others elsewhere during “Hardhome” or “Beyond The Wall” is an easy solution.

The real question after this week’s Game of Thrones is more about who isn’t at Winterfell: the Night King can’t be seen alongside the many White Walkers. Is he simply in the air with ice dragon Viserion, but could his plan – to kill Bran so as to weaken humanity’s link to the past – not be as simple as Jon has assumed?

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Game of Thrones season 8 continues Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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Game Of Thrones Reveals the Night King’s Plan… So Where Is He?

The army of the dead has arrived at Winterfell and Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2 has revealed the Night King’s plan to kill Brandon Stark – but where is the Night King? The episode ended with the chilling sight of the White Walkers gathering at the front of a devastatingly enormous army of wights, but the original White Walker and the leader of the army was conspicuous in his absence.

As Jon Snow laid out grimly, the living do not have the sheer numbers required to defeat the White Walkers’ army, and face a hopeless battle even with Daenerys’ dragons on their side. However, it’s believed that since the Night King made the wights and controls them, killing him will stop them in their tracks, as they’re basically just drones to his queen bee. The challenge is one of drawing the Night King out in the first place, so Bran suggested that he be used as bait, waiting in Winterfell’s godswood.

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The leader of the undead army is an enigmatic villain whose motivations aren’t always entirely clear, but this episode laid them out in as much detail as we need. The Night King plans to bring about an eternal night, wiping out mankind altogether, and in order to accomplish that he needs to kill Bran – the Three-Eyed Raven. As Sam points out, true death is only achieved when people are completely forgotten by the living, and the Three-Eyed Raven has access to all of human history, making him a crucial target for the Night King. But if the Night King’s plan is to kill Bran during the Battle of Winterfell… where is he?

The Night King cuts a particularly conspicuous figure now that his mount is none other than the resurrected Viserion, an enormous ice dragon powerful enough to take down the Wall. But while the end of the episode showed a lineup of White Walkers on undead horses, none of them was the distinctive Night King, who has spikes on his head forming a crown. There’s also no sign yet of Viserion. In a show where the leaders of armies commonly ride in the vanguard (except for Joffrey, who preferred to run back to his room and hide during the Battle of the Blackwater), it’s unusual for an army’s leader to be nowhere in sight as the start of a battle nears.

One obvious explanation for this is that the Night King is deliberately hanging back, knowing that he’s the queen bee and that his death would be the undoing of the entire wight army. It may take effort on Bran’s part to draw the ancient creature out and bring him to the heart of Winterfell so that he can be killed. If that’s the case, then the Night King could be lurking at the rear of the army that we see at the end of the episode.

There is another, more ominous possibility, however: that the Night King isn’t at Winterfell at all. Some fans have speculated that he might plan to use the Battle of Winterfell as a diversion while he launches an attack elsewhere in Westeros, since the Night King now has a dragon and can fly anywhere relatively quickly. He may even have gone ahead to attack King’s Landing while its defenses are down. That would certainly give Queen Cersei a bit of a shock.

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Hannah Shaw-Williams

90 Day Fiance’s Most Popular Couples: Where Are They Now

90 Day Fiance is the guilty pleasure that has millions of people glued to their TV screens. Following people and their relationships is more entertaining than focusing on your own life. The couples from 90 Day Fiance are certainly some of the best drama we have seen in years. But, it has made us wonder what happens when the cameras stop rolling? Some of the couples have broken up for good, more have stayed together than we would have assumed and some of still in limbo trying to figure out how they will make things worse. Here are a few of the more memorable couples and what they are up to now.

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10 Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle seemed like an insanely desperate woman, the way she stalked Mohamed after he left her. The couple’s courtship and marriage began to break down before season 2 even ended. The couple publicly accused one another of cheating, smelling in places that there should be no bad smells coming from, and one half of the couple (Danielle) even followed Mohamed to every state he went to. 

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They made no secret of the fact that they are now happily divorced. Danielle tried to annul the marriage but didn’t have enough evidence that Mohamed had committed any kind of fraud. They were basically the family Chantel before we had a family Chantel.

9 Danny & Amy

South-African-born Amy was the sweetheart that was basically too good for Danny. The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip and quickly struck up a relationship. Amy eventually moved to the states to be with Danny but ended up in a very awkward situation… Danny’s family was racist. They didn’t want anything to do with Amy because she is black. Fortunately, love wins again because Amy and Danny are still together and even added a few kiddos to the mix. We can only assume that Danny’s family has somewhat accepted her seeing as they are still married. The couple isn’t big on social media so we have to assume everything has worked out well.

8 Kyle & Noon

The season 3 couple made everyone believe in love again. Noon swooped in and essentially made Kyle’s life way better. They met via Facebook back when people were using Facebook as an unofficial dating site. He went to Thailand on a trip and met up with Noon who lived there. 

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They pursued a relationship and the rest is history. She went to America to meet his friends and family and he even introduced her to his mother who was always in and out of Kyle’s life due to alcoholism. The couple eventually picked up and moved back to Thailand for a life that would be better and Noon’s job. They are currently still together and to be honest, we can’t see them breaking up.

7 Josh & Aleksandra

The young couple was told they were a little too young and too different from one another to make things work. Aleksandra was from Russia where she was a go-go dancer and enjoyed the party life. Josh was on a Mormon mission trip in Prague. The two connected and decided that they wanted to get married.

Aleksandra converted to Mormonism entered America on a K-1 Visa and they have been married since 2016. They now have a daughter who has sparked a little bit of controversy because she is mixed race but both her parents are white. This has lead to speculation that Aleksandra’s longtime best friend is the father. The couple was bombarded with so many questions they temporarily shut down their social media accounts. They are now both in medical school.

6 Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge and Anfisa made season 4 of 90 Day Fiance the best season ever. Anfisa (who is from Russia) really cracked the whip on Jorge. She expected to move to California and basically be rich. When she found out that Jorge lied about his money, his occupation, AND his family she had had enough. 

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Fortunately, after all the drama, the couple are still together. Anfisa returned to school (she was previously a student living with her grandmother in Russia) and Jorge, well, he went to jail for possession and attempting to transport 300 pounds of marijuana. They are still together.

5 Narkyia & Olulowo

The names may not sound familiar, and that’s okay. The couple was only in season 4 for a short time but their situation should ring some bells. Narkyia met Olulowo on a dating site where he introduced himself as a Nigerian Prince. No, he wasn’t being cute, he claimed to be an actual prince. She was smitten and even planned a trip to Nigeria to meet him. She quickly found out that he was scamming her; she got catfished. The relationship soured until he popped back up again and wanted to apologize. Things seemed to work out the second time around because the couple is now married. They had a few bumps along the road like him cheating on her. However, they made and work and still currently are.

4 Chantel & Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are such a fan favorite. The couple made waves when Chantel brought him to the US to marry her but failed to tell her parents and her siblings. It’s safe to say the couple’s relationship was put to the test. They have however managed to make it through a lot; Pedro attacking her brother, Pedro’s sister attacking Chantel, and Pedro’s mom feeding them chicken feet as a sign of some kind of cultural disrespect. 

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The list is endless yet the couple keeps rising. They are currently still together and you can expect to see them on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance. They were also recently offered their own show on TLC fittingly called “The Family Chantel”.

3 Nicole & Azan

The world saw Nicole as crazy when she told her parents she was engaged to a guy she met online who lives in Morocco. In season 4, Nicole left her daughter May to meet Azan in Morocco to see if this relationship could actually work. The couple had a lot of drama and cultural differences that Nicole just couldn’t seem to grasp. Everyone assumed Azan was in it for the money this young, unemployed mom was always sending him, and of course – the visa. Yet, they are still together; not married yet and Nicole spends a lot of time in Morocco she even brought May with her in season 5. The couple has both claimed infidelity but so far they are working through it. We will see how things play out because they too will be featured in the upcoming season.

2 Annie & David

Despite David’s love for attention, the couple who were low key fan favorites on season 5 will not be returning this spring. It’s certainly can’t be for lack of drama. They are currently still together, David is still unemployed, but they have a place of their own still so that’s great. Fans were quite worried for Annie who left the comforts of Thailand to move to America with David. He was unable to provide and had been living off of his best friend for years. Annie was concerned with how she would get along with David’s kids, especially his daughter, seeing as she had so much hate for her dad and couldn’t wait to verbally attack him when she saw him in person. Despite the drama and the obstacles, Annie has stuck around.

1 Molly & Luis

The couple that seemed odd from the get-go is now officially divorced after hiding that they were really married from Molly’s kids and the TV show. We aren’t sure when things went south but we are sure that Luis was never truly into Molly. He had family and friends in the states and would regularly retreat to their homes to avoid Molly and her daughters. He would spark up fights about random things like religion and child care knowing what he was getting himself into. It made for great TV but the reality is, Luis kind of scammed Molly. Five months after their divorce was finalized, Luis remarried and Molly wants the world to know that she was scammed.

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Where Do The Naruto Movies Fall In The Series Timeline?

Figuring out where the Naruto movies fall within the series timeline can be tricky without a little homework, so here’s the correct order. Naruto is based on the popular manga series by Masashi Kishimoto and follows the title character as he trains to become a ninja. The anime adaptation followed the manga’s structure by splitting the saga in two; part one focused on Naruto’s pre-teen years while part two jumps ahead in time to the character’s teenage adventures.

The first series of Naruto arrived in 2002 in Japan and would run for 220 episodes, while sequel series Naruto: Shippuden would first air in 2007 and would last an epic 500 episodes before ending. The show ranks alongside the likes of Dragon Ball and Bleach in popularity and it spawned a series of eleven Naruto movies that were produced alongside the show.

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The franchise continued on with the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto and a live-action Naruto movie is being developed by The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey. While fans wait for Naruto to be adapted into a potential blockbuster series, they might want to revisit the animated movie spinoffs. While watching the movies isn’t strictly necessary to enjoy the show, some fans might be curious where they fall within the timeline.

The first three Naruto movies follow the timeline of the original series, while the last eight take place within the continuity of Naruto: Shippuden. The first movie, 2004s’s Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow, fits between episodes 101 and 102 of the original show, while Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel comes after 160. The final entry was the lukewarm Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom, which is set after episode 196.

The timeline with later movies is a little fuzzy, however, so a little guesswork is involved. Naruto Shippuden The Movie from 2007 comes after episode 32 of the sequel series, while 2008’s Bonds is roughly after episode 70. Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will Of Fire is after episode 121 and The Lost Tower follows episode 143. The order of Blood Prison is a topic of debate among fans, mainly due to events in the story being confusing, but it likely falls somewhere after episode 220.

Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie is also unclear in terms of chronology, but it appears to come after episode 250 and the fittingly titled The Last finds Naruto and his friends trying to stop the moon hitting the Earth and comes before episode 495. Buruto: Naruto The Movie from 2015 then follows Naruto’s son on new adventures. The order of the Naruto movies, especially the later entries, is up for debate among franchise fans, but most of them are best enjoyed when detached from strict continuity.

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Padraig Cotter

American Gods Answers One Of The Book’s Biggest Mysteries: Where Is Thor?

American Gods season 2, episode 6, “Donar The Great”, addresses a question that was raised in the original novel yet never answered: how exactly was Thor, the Norse god of thunder, driven to suicide? Despite being the most famous of the ancient Viking gods in popular culture today (even ignoring his status as a member of The Avengers) and Norse mythology playing a central role in the plot of American Gods, the original novel doesn’t mention Thor except to note that he shot himself in the head in Philadelphia in 1932.

The questions of how gods are born and how they die lies at the center of American Gods. Gods exist as symbiotic beings in this reality, drawing power from worship and sacrifice from mortals and bestowing favors and fortune on them in return. Gods who are no longer actively worshiped in modern times can get by, drawing on the attention mortals pay unto forces within their sphere of influence, such as a god of blacksmiths taking power from the manufacture of guns and ammunition. When a god has no followers or influence, they can be killed as easily as any mortal or simply fade away into nothingness. This made the mystery of Thor’s death all the stranger, as he should have been resurrected or reborn in a new form by the rules as we know them.

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“Donar The Great” explains another avenue by which gods can die, after Shadow Moon questions Mr. Wednesday about his son, and how a god as well-known as Thor could die. The answer lies in a flashback sequence, set in the early 1930s, showing Mr. Wednesday in happier times when he was known as Al Grimnir – owner of the Regius Theater and burlesque master of ceremonies. His star attractions are his son, strongman Donar the Great, and the exotic dancer Columbia, who was once the spirit of America and the Western Expansion. Donar’s act involves lifting heavy objects while acrobats dressed as Valkyries balance upon him and the objects. Columbia’s act involves stripping down from her sexy Star-Spangled cowgirl outfit while singing a jazzed-up rendition of “Don’t Fence Me In”.

The two stars are in love and dream of heading out west to California and finding fame in Hollywood, like many of the stage performers of the time did, as motion pictures began to overshadow stage shows. This doesn’t please Grimnir, who depends too heavily upon the second-hand worship he gets from his stars. This leads him to push Donar to become the face of the Friends of New Germany  – a pro-Nazi group in the United States that tried to win Americans over to Adolf Hitler’s cause. Grimnir also pushes Columbia to accept a similar offer from the New Gods, who want to reinvent her as a feminine symbol of America to inspire people in the coming world war.

Donar finds the ideology of the Nazis distasteful, however, and tries to back out of his new position, after they ask him to throw a wrestling match against a German champion. Grimnir argues against this, saying that worship is worship and what mortals do in their name matters little. This attitude, coupled with Grimnir’s trickery causing Columbia to abandon her dreams of California and a life with Donar, leads the thunder god to break his father’s spear and leave his employ for good.

“Donar the Great” changes the details from the book slightly, with Thor now shooting himself in the chest in 1942 – presumably after the realization of just how much evil the Nazis had done using the trappings of Norse mythology and his name as an inspiration. The loss of Columbia was also a factor, as viewers can see a picture on the wall of the room where Thor dies – a poster of Columbia in her new form as Rosie the Riveter. In addition to further establishing the history of American Gods‘ reality, this also shows audiences that an active decision to end their existence can permanently kill a god as easily as human apathy.

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Matt Morrison

Where These 20 Recently Released WWE Superstars Are Wrestling Today

Wrestlers have started to realize they can make a great living outside of WWE. Many years have featured wrestlers believing WWE is the only game in town and the place they must work to find happiness. WWE is still the only promotion at its level as a global juggernaut, but other promotions also offer positive things for the free agents. All Elite Wrestling has launched with a huge backer and big goals for the future starting in May of 2019. New Japan and Ring of Honor are running a sold out Madison Square Garden venue during WrestleMania weekend as both companies grow. Even Impact Wrestling has its own place in the industry with a fun product.

The independent scene is booming as many other promotions run during the weekend to deliver great cards. Wrestlers benefit most from this as they don’t have to continue wrestling in WWE if they don’t want to. Rumors have indicated that The Revival, Mike Kanellis, and Maria Kanellis have requested their release in recent weeks. Part of this is due to the success achieved by other wrestlers that have left WWE. We will look at the wrestlers thriving, struggling, and everything in-between in the life after WWE. Find out just what these former superstars are up to right now. These are twenty recently released WWE superstars and an update on where they are wrestling today.

Join us for Where These 20 Recently Released WWE Superstars Are Wrestling Today.

20 Big Cass: Independent circuit

Things changed so quickly for Big Cass within a few months. The return from an injury showcased Cass in the biggest angle of his career against Daniel Bryan. WWE used Bryan’s first singles feud storyline after getting cleared to come out of retirement to face off with Cass.

Backstage issues caused WWE to give up on Cass and surprisingly release him. Cass made a few appearances on independent promotions with his biggest match coming against MVP at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. Currently, he is recovering from a health issue but was recently brought in for “a work” at an ROH G1Supercard event. Perhaps Big Cass will be back in the limelight sooner than we think.

19 Rich Swann: Impact Wrestling

Former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann was a major part of the 205 Live Show and cruiserweight division in the early stages. Swann, however, lost favor with WWE when he was in the news for negative things. WWE took a wait and see approach with Swann, but he wanted the release if they didn’t plan to use him any time soon.

A connection with Impact Wrestling would see Swann become a full-time roster member and an important fixture on the show. Swann would win the X-Division Championship and is the face of that division. Impact even discussed Swann as one of the opponents for Chris Jericho if he agreed to show up, but a deal was not reached. This still shows how much Impact believes in Swann.

18 Rosa Mendes: Recently returned on independent circuit

Rosa Mendes is not a name most wrestling fans associate with having great matches in WWE. The prior hires of former models landed Mendes a spot on the main roster despite not having the best in-ring skills. WWE eventually transitioned her into a manager and broadcaster.

The departure from WWE would see Rosa take a few years off from the ring before getting the itch to come back in 2018. Mendes wrestled two matches on the independent circuit last year for the MCW promotion. Rosa even attended a Ring of Honor show hoping to build connections for an opportunity there. Time will tell if she can get her foot in the door of a bigger promotion again.

17 Ryback: Taking time off from independent circuit

Ryback leaving WWE was a big story since WWE always had some level of faith in him. The huge push of Ryback to start his run with that character put him on the upper tier of wrestlers in the company. An inability to get over to the next level led to Ryback falling lower in the mid-card picture.

WWE still valued Ryback for the depth, but he requested to leave once his contract ended. Ryback has wrestled on the independent circuit for smaller promotions since leaving. However, he is taking some time off now to focus on other projects. The last few appearances for Ryback took place in NEW Wrestling back in the summer of 2018.

16 Sawyer Fulton: Independent circuit

Sawyer Fulton is the forgotten former member of the Sanity faction. The removal of Fulton left the core of Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross. Fulton was in the NXT system for quite some time trying to find a way to break out. It just never happened for him, and he would eventually get releases from his contract.

Fulton has continued wrestling on the independent scene trying to impress one of the bigger promotions to give him a shot. Independent companies like Chikara, TRUE Wrestling, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, and many others have brought him in. Fulton has even wrestled legends like Raven and Tommy Dreamer on the indie scene, but his hope is to land a contract with ROH or AEW.

15 Enzo Amore: Not wrestling

One big name to get fired from WWE and have zero interest in wrestling is Enzo Amore. The always controversial Enzo found success in NXT thanks to his wild personality. Enzo even did well enough on the main roster to sell merchandise well, but the problem was his attitude. WWE released him despite many believing in his potential.

Unlike most others to get released from WWE, Enzo is not trying to continue his wrestling career. The hope for him is to become a successful rapper after releasing a few seasons. Enzo did make wrestling headlines by sitting in the ringside area for Survivor Series and causing a disruption. That’s likely the last time we’ll see him on a WWE show. That said, Enzo was spotted with Big Cass at a recent ROH G1Supercard event when the duo rushed the match.

14 Simon Gotch: MLW

The tag team of Aiden English and Simon Gotch had strong potential in WWE thanks to the NXT run as Tag Team Champions. It never worked out on the main roster. Gotch would get released with WWE management not viewing him as having the same upside of English.

The post-WWE career of Gotch has seen him wrestling for many independent promotions. Gotch tried his luck in a few Ring of honor appearances before finding his primary place in MLW. A small television deal has MLW trying to grow and Gotch appears to be one of the names that will be a big part of their future. He still wrestles for smaller indie shows as well.

13 Ho Ho Lun: Wrestling in China

WWE hyped the signing of Ho Ho Lun to show their approach to scouting the international scene. Lun showed great potential as a young prospect making the move from Hong Kong. Appearances in the Cruiserweight Classic and on NXT showed that WWE wanted to do something with him.

Unfortunately, Lun would have to leave to help take care of his ailing mother. The request for a release was granted. Lun is still wrestling internationally for the Chinese promotion King of Pro Wrestling among other smaller international companies. His goal is to eventually return to WWE when life is stable, and he is an even better wrestler.

12 James Ellsworth: Independent circuit

James Ellsworth returning to WWE in 2018 was a big surprise when he helped Carmella defeat Asuka in multiple matches. This was the only purpose for Ellsworth in his second run as WWE would release him shortly after for the second time in as many years.

Ellsworth has continued wrestling on the independent circuit. He even made his own title called the Intergender Championship that he brings to various shows. Ellsworth has even appeared for relevant promotions like Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor (on Chris Jericho’s Cruise) and NWA. None has signed him to a contract which makes Ellsworth a free agent on the indie scene.

11 CJ Parker: New Japan and Ring of Honor

Former NXT talent CJ Parker made a bold move when asking for his release from WWE. Parker realized he was never going to move up the card until he improved and made a name for himself outside of WWE. He wanted to travel the path of friends like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Finn Balor.

The new name of Juice Robinson would be his identity in New Japan. Following a run in the NJPW Dojo, Robinson became a fixture for the promotion. Various departures have Juice slotted as one of the top American names there and he is the current U.S. Champion. Ring of Honor also has Robinson as a top star for 2019 as he leads the new stable known as Lifeblood.

10 Summer Rae: Appears at shows in non-wrestling capacity

Summer Rae showed great potential during her time in NXT as a heel personality. Dusty Rhodes viewed her as a future star, but WWE did not showcase it at full potential. Following a few years of ups and downs, Summer would get released with a few others that weren’t doing much.

The post-WWE life for Summer has her mostly modeling and growing that aspect of her career under her real name of Danielle Moinet. Summer has not wrestled a match outside of WWE, but she has shown up at a few indie promotions to sign meet fans with autograph signings. The role of Summer has her still doing things in wrestling and many fans hope she will return to the ring at some point soon.

9 Adam Rose: Independent circuit

Adam Rose was one of the biggest busts to get called up from NXT and do nothing on the main roster. There was hope for Rose when his Exotic Express gimmick showcased the charming party animal with a group of friends in wild costumes dancing to the ring.

Rose could not make the gimmick work on the main roster as comedy characters typically don’t thrive. A few incidents would lead to WWE cutting ties with Rose and releasing him to free agency. Rose claimed to retire for a short time, but he has continued wrestling over the past for smaller promotions. MCW, ARW, and other lesser-known companies use Rose these days.

8 Tajiri: Wrestling in Japan

The legendary career of Tajiri in Japan has made him a top veteran there. North American fans also have a strong love for Tajiri due to his entertaining runs in both WWE and WCW. WWE brought Tajiri back for the cruiserweight division on 205 Live. Injury issues prevented Tajiri from getting an angle and WWE eventually decided to let him go.

Tajiri continues to wrestle at 48 years old in Japan today. All Japan Pro Wrestling is currently his main home along with appearances in other companies like Wrestle-1 and Big Japan. Tajiri will likely have a role in the Japanese wrestling circuit until he makes the decision to retire at some point.

7 Darren Young: Independent circuit

Darren Young had a solid run in WWE with his greatest success coming in the Prime Time Players tag team with Titus O’Neil. Both wrestlers worked well together and had a couple of WWE Tag Team Championship reigns during their time as a unit. WWE eventually split them up and Young could never find success as a singles wrestler.

WWE made the call to release Young just one day after he represented them at a WWE appreciation night for a Los Angeles Clippers game. Young has been involved in a few projects since leaving WWE and is still wrestling on the independent circuit. Promotions like Chikara, WrestleCade and Big Time Wrestling showcased him in 2018. Young is hoping to wrestle more and make bigger moves this year.

6 Santino Marella: Independent circuit

Santino Marella wrestled his final match for WWE in 2014 after gaining some injuries. The legacy of Santino is one of the greatest comedy wrestlers in WWE history. Santino’s style is simple enough for him to wrestle without taking too many risks or worrying about receiving injuries as easily as the average competitor.

Most fans missed Santino coming out of retirement a few years ago for limited appearances on the independent circuit. Santino has wrestled internationally for companies like BCW, UCW, and WrestleZone. Impact Wrestling also employs him for broadcasting work on the Twitch channel. A tag team dream team of Santino and Colt Cabana will see them unite for a WrestlePro soon as 2019 will see more bookings for Santino.

5 Wade Barrett: Lucha Underground and World of Sport

Wade Barrett has been very selective with his schedule since leaving WWE. The decision to walk away from the company was mostly inspired by the desire to chase an acting career. Barrett has filmed a few movies and enjoys that new field, but he has started taking steps to return to wrestling.

World of Sport has employed Barrett as an authority figure booking the matches and taking part in storylines without wrestling. Lucha Underground also brought him as a huge reveal at the end of last season which means he’d be a top star if another season is filmed. Barrett has not wrestled a match after WWE, but it seems like a matter of time before he does.

4 Austin Aries: Independent circuit

Austin Aries left WWE in 2017 after spending his main roster run in the cruiserweight division. There were a few cool moments like his NXT debut and competing at WrestleMania against Neville, but the fit was a bad one otherwise. Aries was released and seemed content to return to his old stomping grounds.

Impact Wrestling was the main home of Aries in 2018 before his contract expired and he left in controversial fashion. Aries is now a free agent wrestling for smaller promotions. WSW, Warrior Wrestling, and the Hawaiian promotion Unify Championship Wrestling have been the main promotions of Aries since leaving Impact.

3 Jack Swagger: Lucha Underground

The departure of Jack Swagger from WWE featured a rare former World Champion hitting the free agent market. Swagger only had one world title reign and it was a huge flop, but this showed that WWE once believed he could mature into a top star for them.

Life after WWE has seen Swagger wrestling for various independent promotions. Lucha Underground became his main home while still wrestling for smaller companies as well. Swagger ended the past season as the Lucha Underground Champion. A passion for MMA will also see him make his debut for Bellator in 2019. Swagger has a full schedule outside of WWE.

2 Emma: Ring of Honor

WWE did nothing of note with Emma and seemed to give up on her once it became apparent that she could not deliver on the Emmalina gimmick they wanted. Emma would get released despite being one of the best in-ring performers on the roster during her time in NXT.

The independent circuit has been kind to Emma as she has wrestled under her real name of Tenile Dashwood. Ring of Honor is the main home for Dashwood these days as she is still appearing while recovering from a serious injury. Dashwood is part of the Lifeblood faction and will be the face of the women’s division there once she’s cleared to compete.

1 Neville: All Elite Wrestling and Dragon Gate

Neville became one of the hottest free agents on the market in 2018 when WWE released him. The unhappy nature of being stuck in the cruiserweight division with no chance to move up led to Neville requesting his release. WWE kept him home for months before letting him walk as his contract expired.

Neville has mostly wrestled for the Japanese promotion Dragon Gate for personal happiness and loyalty since they booked him before he was a star. A few smaller UK promotions have had him on the card as well. Neville, however, made the biggest decision for his future when becoming one of the first major signings for All Elite Wrestling. He is expected to be one of the faces of the new company moving forward.

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Joey Haverford

Grand Theft Auto V: 20 Items That Are Impossible To Get (And Where To Get Them)

There’s no telling what’s in the water over at Rockstar North, but science definitely needs to put some money into researching it. It could probably be distilled into a magical elixir, one that instantly makes even the laziest of us perform at 1000% in our jobs.

What other explanation could there be for Grand Theft Auto V? At the time of its original release in 2013, the Hype Train had been barrelling along for some time (it was a new Grand Theft Auto game, after all), and it arrived on shelves with Earth-shattering force. Sales records were crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam.

In fact, they still are being crushed into sad, defeated hunks of Spam. Did you know that it was the 11th best-selling game of 2018, despite being over five years old?

What’s the secret to the game’s success, then? Really, it all boils down to one thing: there’s an absurd amount of things to do. Rockstar has been fantastic with rolling out regular free content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s a far cry from the mess it was when it first launched (because the whole galaxy tried to log in at once as soon as possible and the system buckled under the pressure).

Even if you’re playing, solo, though, Los Santos is one humongous playground to explore. But how meticulously have you searched it since 2013? Do you own prized pieces like the Space Docker and Dunce Hat? Have you tracked down the elusive Kanye West? Let’s take a look at some of the rarest items in the game, and how you can get your hands on them.

20 The Jetpack

That’s right, friends. If you’ve been out of the loop for quite a while, you might think that the jetpack is nothing more than an urban legend. Largely because, for such a long time, it was. Back when the game was still new and canny players were busting the whole thing wide open, there were all kinds of theories as to how to unlock the jetpack. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad was thought to be the key to finding it, and so it was… in the online segment of the game.

As of the Doomsday Heist update, you can travel inside that secret bunker and actually get yourself that impractical flying device you’ve always wanted. It’s called the Thruster.

19 The Dunce Hat

Now, if you’ve spent more than about an eighth of a nanosecond playing the average online game, you’ll have noticed one thing: random players online can be super, super objectionable. There are the trolls, the griefers, the spammers, the rapping-along-with-Eminem-down-their-mic-ers… it can be an all-around bad time, that’s for sure.

This being Grand Theft Auto, of course, you’ve got to expect the average player to be an extra dose of unpleasant on top of that. This is why, early in the game’s lifespan, Rockstar implemented the bad sports system, which saw repeat offenders lumped into a pool with others of their ilk. They were also – hilariously – equipped with a dunce hat.

18 The Giant Taco Truck

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Yes, it’s fun to engage in precisely-planned and tactical heists with skilled players, but do you know what’s even more fun? Forgetting all of that and just messing around on the highways of Los Santos with ridiculous vehicles.

High-speed chases in tractors, buses, and fire trucks are what life is all about, right? If you really want to go for it, though, you’re going to want that huge taco truck that’s hidden away in the game.

It’ll spawn in a secretive location north of Sandy Shores, between the hours of 1 pm and 2 pm.

17 The Spaceship Parts

For as long as Grand Theft Auto V has existed, it’s been plagued by odd rumors about aliens. Those wacky funsters at Rockstar have hidden all manner of extra-terrestrial easter eggs throughout the game (more on that later), and the whole thing culminates in a little sidequest for the most dedicated players to solve: finding the Spaceship Parts.

You can start your search after completing the Fame or Shame mission in the main story, which unlocks the Far Outmission and sets you off on your journey. There are 50 parts to find in all, scattered across the map in the most unlikely places. How to find them? For one thing, you follow the glow and rhythmic humming they emit, and for another, you check out this handy-dandy guide (complete with map) from IGN.

16 The Space Docker

As you can imagine, if you’re not following a detailed guide, it sure can be tough to hunt down all 50 of those Spaceship Parts. Even if you are, it’s a bit of a slog. Do you remember the hunt for all of those hidden photo ops in Marvel’s Spider-Man? It definitely was not a good time.

What’s your reward for getting all of those Spaceship Parts? That’s the real question. The answer, if you didn’t know, is the Space Docker. This super-unconventional vehicle looks like a regular dune buggy, albeit one that Doc Brown has added all manner of enhancements and doohickeys to. It has the unique ability to briefly ‘glide’ if driven over a jump or ramp.

15 The P-996 LAZER

Now, there are two things we all know about top-secret government bases. For one thing, they’re sure to be home to a whole array of neat toys and forbidden knowledge that we’re never, ever supposed to know about (they’ve probably got the answer to why our partners leave stuff next to the dishwasher rather than inside it in there). For another, they’re going to enthusiastically defend those secrets.

So, you want that sweet-looking military jet? Good luck with that. The guards of Fort Zancudo take their job very seriously. As seriously as Arnold Schwarzenegger took his job of rescuing his daughter at the end of Commando, and with just as many explosions.

Prior to the P-996 LAZER Week (after which, they were available to buy), it was one heck of a dangerous ordeal to try and steal one of these.

14 Kanye West

That’s right. Never mind dunce hats, super-fancy military jets, or any of those sorts of things. As it turns out, one of the rarest secrets to find in Grand Theft Auto V is… Kanye West himself.

That’s right. The rapper, man-scarf seller, and social media wiseman has never been officially confirmed to be in the game, but many players have encountered an NPC that looks shockingly like him. A random spawn, he could appear anywhere in your game at any time. Possibly singing Stronger or Gold Digger or something, though that’s not been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for him on the streets of Los Santos.

13 UFOs

As we’ve already seen, the game is rife with alien references and sci-fi influences. You’d almost expect to see a boy riding a bicycle right up there in the darn sky, with an odd little lumpen creature in the basket.

After completing the main game 100% (no easy feat, as we’ll also see later), those references become much more implicit. Less obscure easter eggs, more huge UFOs right there in your darn face.

After getting that elusive 100%, flying saucers will start to spawn in select areas of the map, under particular conditions.

12 The Kraken

With the predominantly concrete jungle feel of Los Santos, you’ll probably spend much of your time up there on land. The city is huge, after all, and the opportunities for water exploration are pretty darn limited in comparison.

This isn’t to say that there’s not a lot to see down there, though. Underwater exploration is an intriguing distraction, and there are two vehicles you can use to do so: the submersible and the Kraken.

Both are pains to acquire, but the Kraken makes the list because (if you’re not a returning player) it requires you to complete Franklin’s Wildlife Photography Challenge to unlock. This is one of the more obscure sidequests, unlocked after completing the first Strangers and Freaks mission.

It’s quite the challenge, requiring you to get Snapmatic shots of everything from a seagull to a mountain lion.

11 The Halloween Livestream T-Shirts

If there’s one thing that dedicated fans both love (when they manage to get them) and hate (when they don’t), it’s time-limited event content.

Holidays are a big cause of this. Even Super Mario Odyssey got in on the Halloween fun last year, alongside so many other games. As we reported over on The Richest, Rockstar once released some very exclusive Halloween-themed shirts, which have left fans feeling all kinds of ways.

They were available only through one method: the Rockstar Broadcast Stream GTA Online T-shirt Cannon. As a result, they’re among the very rarest items available in the game. They aren’t available any more full stop, in fact. If you weren’t a lucky winner, you’re out of… luck.

10 The Yeti

The yeti, that most elusive of hairy beasts, has become a real pop culture phenomenon. Homer Simpson was mistaken for the creature in the episode “The Call of The Simpsons,” it’s appeared in all kinds of movies, TV shows and video games… it’s a star, there’s no doubt about that.

Did you also know, though, that Rockstar has hidden the legendary creature away in Grand Theft Auto V? In the mission, Predator, the player is sniping targets in the Rato Canyon area. Somewhere among the trees, visible only for a brief moment, is Bigfoot itself. Use your infra-red scope, and you’ll clearly see it. In the mission The Last One, meanwhile, the sasquatch that features is believed to simply be a man in a costume (according to Franklin, at least).

9 The Racing Blonde Tattoo

There’s something a little shonky about Grand Theft Auto V’s character creator. You’re kind of doomed to look spooky, whatever you do. Some of us feel forced to keep sunglasses on their characters at all times, because their eyes look like they haven’t slept for 65 million years.

Not to worry, though, because there’s such an absurd array of clothing and accessories to buy in the game’s stores. If you want to customize your avatar with some of the rarest tattoos, though, you’re going to have to be really darn good.

For the less able GTA V racers, the ultimate lost cause would probably be the Racing Blonde tattoo. To unlock this, you’ll need to set a racing world record.

8 The ‘Los Santos Legend’ Achievement/Trophy

Generally speaking, we gamers tend to be quite a goal-oriented bunch. We see that list of collectibles, we want them all. We see that platinum trophy, we darn well want it.

Achievements and trophies have been a part of gaming for a long time, and some of us go to extremes in order to earn them. We buy games we have no real interest in, simply because they’ve got a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock.

Do you know which game sure as heck doesn’t have a quick and easy platinum trophy to unlock? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V. In order to earn the title of Los Santos Legend, you’ll need to 100% the campaign itself, spend a total of $200,000 across all three characters, reach rank 100 in Grand Theft Auto Online… and those are just for starters.

7 The ‘Criminal Mastermind’ Heist Completion Bonus

As I say, then, Grand Theft Auto V has been available for quite some time now. So too have the long-awaited Heists (yes, they took their sweet time coming, but they eventually did). The veterans among you have surely mastered each of these unique missions by now, making the best possible profit you could in the process. But have you gotten yourself the ultimate reward?

As Rockstar themselves report, the Criminal Mastermind IV special challenge award is the holy grail. It requires you to complete every Doomsday Heist mission in order, with the same team of four players, on the hard difficulty without losing a single life.

Your reward? An impressive GTA$3,750,000.

6 The Letter Scraps

Like any open-world game, Grand Theft Auto V sure does have its share of collectibles. As with something like Marvel’s Spider-Man, they’re divided into categories, and there’s a certain amount of each.

So, you’ve managed to nab all fifty of the Spaceship Parts? Excellent work! Next, you’ve got fifty Letter Scraps to find. As before, they’re spread all across Los Santos (IGN’s handy-dandy guide is here to help with that), and there’s an intriguing little mystery at the bottom of it all.

Collecting them all will reward you with the full, sad story of Leonora Johnson’s demise, and a confession from the guilty party.

5 The Minigun

Now, we know what you’re thinking. How in heck can a minigun be tough to find? They’re huge, after all; named ironically, like calling an enormous wrestler Tiny.

Locating the minigun isn’t exactly the problem. It’s getting to it. Like the P-996 LAZER jet, before there was an easier method of acquiring it, it spawned right at the top of the Fort Zancudo control tower.

This is not a place you just pop into whenever you fancy for a slice of cake and a catch-up. This is not your mama’s house. Unless your mama’s house is full of angry armed guards and Rhino tanks.

4 Nuclear Waste

So, maybe you’ve collected all fifty of the Spaceship Parts AND all fifty of the Letter Scraps. That’s some pretty darn good going if you have, but there’s so much more to find in Los Santos.

Your next collectible? Nuclear Waste. You have the happy task of collecting barrels of it from the waters around Los Santos, and they sell for a pretty penny (which is probably a metaphor for something). This side mission is a pain for several reasons. Firstly, you need to have completed The Merryweather Heist, then buy the Sonar Docks at Paleto Cove. Completing these steps nets you the Minisub, which you’ll need to use to go and hunt down those barrels.

The convenient Trackify app will help you locate them.

3 For Real Collectors Only

Over the course of this rundown, we’ve taken a look at a lot of the secrets hidden away in Grand Theft Auto V’s vast world. Little hunks of spaceship, drums of nuclear waste, fragments of a letter… there’s an intense

But what about an actual physical item relating to the game? As we know, publishers just love to drop special editions of their releases, just to squeeze a few extra drops of cash out of us all. In this particular game’s case, the Collector’s Edition saw a very special physical map of Los Santos thrown in. It pinpoints the location of a lot of these hidden treasures, but, brilliantly, needs to be viewed under a blacklight for that.

2 The Vulkan

Oftentimes in video game development, things don’t end up the way you thought they would. Revisions are made, things are rewritten, content changed or cut entirely. The files from something long removed will often remain buried in the game somewhere, waiting for enterprising modders to come along and find.

Take the Vulkan, for instance, a fighter jet (an earlier take on the Hydra, in fact) that was cut out of the game. As we reported previously over on The Gamer, it was a neat-looking ride capable of dual-firing missiles, and a sad loss to the game.

How can you restore the Vulkan to playable glory? Only through the use of mods.

1 The Enus Super Diamond

Now, granted, this might not be the most difficult vehicle to acquire. It’s most certainly not, in fact. The thing is, though, the side mission to unlock it is so hilarious, and the element of chance involved is such a pain, that it definitely warrants inclusion here.

To get your hands on the Enus Super Diamond, you’re going to need one to spawn. In the game’s main story mode, it will occasionally appear in traffic (at Vespucci Beach or Rockford Hills), but that’s not interesting. What you really want is the random Groom In Trouble event to spawn.

This NPC will randomly appear tied to a lamppost. When you talk to him, he’ll explain that his bachelor party took a turn for the worst, and he needs you to help him run a couple of errands (in a very strict timeframe) before dropping him off at the wedding. He owns a Super Diamond (a gift from his new father-in-law), and, as a reward for delivering the groom to the church on time, the best man tells the player that they can keep the vehicle.

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Chris Littlechild

Community: Where Are They Now?

The beloved and critically acclaimed sitcom Community, created by Dan Harmon, is widely considered one of the best TV shows in the history of television. Starring Joel McHale as the quick-witted ex-lawyer Jeff Winger; Gillian Jacobs as the self-proclaimed social activist Britta Perry; Danny Pudi as the pop-culture-obsessed nerd Abed Nadir; Donald Glover as the nerdy ex-jock Troy Barnes; Alison Brie as the studious goodie two-shoes Annie Edison; Yvette Nicole Brown as the well-intentioned provider of unsolicited advice Shirley Bennett; Chevy Chase as the group’s racist uncle Pierce Hawthorne; Jim Rash as the costume-loving Dean; and Ken Jeong as whoever Chang needs to be that season. Community is a hilarious and smart TV show everyone should watch.

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The show ran for six seasons, but we’re still not giving up on that movie. Don’t think we forgot: #sixseasonsandamovie. It’s been four years since the show has gone off the air and we’ve decided to check up on the cast and see what they’ve been up to these days.


Portrayed by the 1980s star Chevy Chase, Pierce Hawthorne was surely the most polarizing and disliked member of the group. Pierce come off as crude, bigoted, and tactless most of the time, putting him at odds with his friends at every turn. He had no grasp of typical social norms and often made remarks that were rude and offensive. Noted, his bigoted and abusive father shoulders part of the blame for Pierce’s behavior.

Behind the scenes, Chevy Chase’s problematic personality caused difficulties for everyone one set, so Dan Harmon fired him, leading to Pierce’s death on the show. After Community, Chevy Chase mostly did comedy movies, most recently starring in Netflix’s The Last Laugh.


Portrayed by the multi-talented Donald Glover, Troy Barnes was a student at Greendale who went on a life-changing journey with his childhood idol LeVar Burton and never came back. Troy was Abed’s best friend and the co-host of everyone’s favorite talk show Troy and Abed in the Morning (points for being a human being if you did your best Troy and Abed impression – we know we did).

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Since he left Community in season five, Donald Glover has been working on various projects. He released an album and a number of singles under the stage name Childish Gambino and won four Grammy Awards for his single “This is America”. Glover also created the critically acclaimed series Atlanta, on which he stars and serves as a writer and director.


Dean-a-ling-a-ling! If there’s one thing you could always count on to brighten up your day it’s Greendale’s Dean Craig Pelton entering a room in dumb costume with irrelevant news and, naturally, a pun based around his title. Dean’s silly antics generated some of the show’s biggest laughs so it’s no wonder Jim Rash was upped to series regular starting from season three.

Once Community came to an end, Jim Rash kept busy, appearing in Captain America: Civil War as the Dean of MIT, guest-starring on shows like The Odd Couple, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Rick and Morty. Rash also provides the voice of Flix on the animated series Star Wars Resistance and he is set to voice a to-be-confirmed role in the Harley Quinn animated series.


The “mother hen” of the Greendale Seven, the good-natured albeit at times overbearing Shirley Bennett is an avid baker (it’s even suggested that she has a baking problem) who came to Greendale to advance her business skills. While her heart is mostly in the right place, she has difficulties minding her own business and keeping her religious beliefs to herself.

Shirley was portrayed by actress Yvette Nicole Brown, who also starred on the short-lived Odd Couple reboot with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Most recently, Brown has appeared on the Anna Feris sitcom Mom and frequently appears as a host and guest co-host on numerous talks shows like The View and Talking Dead.


The hilarious Ken Jeong portrayed everyone’s favorite psychopath Benjamin “Ben” Franklin Chang, aka Senor Chang, aka El Tigre Chino, aka Sgt. Chang, aka Kevin. Jeong first appeared as Senor Chang, the Spanish teacher at Greendale. However, when it turned out he faked his credentials, he was “demoted” to a student. Every season Jeong’s character was somehow different and his role in the story was always unpredictable, and Jeong did an incredible job playing all the different versions of Chang.

Following Community’s end, Ken Jeong starred in his own short-lived sitcom Dr. Ken, appeared in the award-winning film Crazy Rich Asians, and guest starred on the Magnum P.I. remake. He’s currently one of the panelists at the singing competition show The Masked Singer.


The straight-A, picture-perfect, Disney-face, Annie Edison was the most studious, serious, and responsible member of the group even though she was also the youngest. Though her overbearing attitude at times annoyed her friends, they would have gotten nowhere if not for Annie to actually take charge of their various projects.

The sweet and innocent Annie was portrayed by Alison Brie, who at the moment stars on Netflix’s comedy series GLOW. Brie portrays Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder, a struggling actress who auditions for a role in the professional wrestling promotion GLOW. Brie is also the voice of Diane Nguyen on BoJack Horseman.


The definition of adorkable, the pop-culture-obsessed Abed Nadir, provided some of Community’s biggest laughs. Despite his inability to pick up on social and emotional cues, Abed truly was the heart of the show. His innocent and sweet nature made him the finest and, according to Britta’s tests, the sanest member of the group.

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Abed Nadir was portrayed by Danny Pudi, who went on to star on NBC’s short-lived sitcom Powerless set in the DC Universe. Most recently though, Pudi starred in Sam Friedlander’s comedy film Babysplitters that centers around two couples who hatch a plan to share one baby. The movie received generally positive reviews with critics praising Pudi’s performance.


Described as being pro-anti, Britta Perry frequently voiced her disdain for anything conventional and popular. Though she continuously aspired to present an aura of selflessness and progressiveness, due to her holier-than-thou mindset she mostly came off as misinformed, hypocritical, and pretentious. However, to her credit, she did display some aptitude for psychology, despite receiving an admittedly lacking education at Greendale.

Britta was portrayed by Gillian Jacobs, who went on to star on Netflix’s critically acclaimed comedy series Love, portraying the rebellious Mickey Dobbs. Following Community’s final season, Jacobs has also appeared in comedy movies like Life of the Party and Ibiza.


Joel McHale portrayed everyone’s favorite jerk with a heart of gold, Jeff Winger. Though he could be such an intolerable jerk at times, Jeff had the capability to be compassionate, supporting, and inspiring. He served as the unofficial leader of the Greendale Seven, commonly gave his infamous inspirational speeches, and became a better person through his experiences at with the group.

As for Joel McHale, since Community has been off the air, he’s worked on various projects: he appeared on The X-Files revival series, starred on the short-run sitcom The Great Indoors, and had his own Netflix comedy show The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale. McHale has also been cast in DC Universe’s upcoming Stargirl series as Sylvester Pemberton, aka Starman.

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Queer Eye Season 1: Where Are They Now?

With three seasons released so far, Netflix’s Queer Eye has taken the world by storm, providing just the right balance of feel-good comfort television, hilarious humor, and cultural commentary. The reboot of the long-running early 2000s series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy follows the new Fab Five – stylist Tan France; grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness; culinary expert Antoni Porowski; culture expert Karamo Brown; and designer Bobby Berk – as they work to give people in need of some tender love and care a full life makeover.

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The series really caught on like crazy and became a total worldwide sensation during the release of its second season in the summer of 2018. But its first season, released in February 2018, contains some of the series most touching makeovers to date. Check out where the first season’s eight heroes are today.

8 Tom Jackson (“You Can’t Fix Ugly”)

In the series’ first episode, “You Can’t Fix Ugly,” viewers are introduced to Georgia native Tom Jackson, a 58-year-old who was nominated by his daughter because she felt he was in desperate need of a little shakeup in his very routinized life. The Fab Five gave him a total makeover, internally and externally, and also helped to facilitate a romantic reconnection between Tom and his ex-wife, Abby – whom the Fab Five immediately realized he had never gotten over.

Since Tom’s episode premiered in February 2018, he has taken to social media, sending out the occasional adorable tweet under his @TomJack20176306 Twitter handle and thanking the show and its fans for changing his life. But best of all, in May of 2018, Tom and Abby remarried, providing Queer Eye with its first happily ever after.

7 Neal Reddy (“Saving Sasquatch”)

“Saving Sasquatch,” the second episode of season one, follows the makeover of anxious tech genius Neal Reddy, who was nominated by a longtime friend. Neal was getting ready to launch a new app he had been working on for a long time, and after struggling with self-esteem issues for so long and putting up walls to keep people out, he didn’t know where to start when it came to thinking about planning a launch party.

After the Fab Five hooked him up with a new look and outlook, Neal has continued on with his facilities management app, HUMRUN, and also begun to explore life as a stand up comic. His Instagram account shows that his close connection with the Fab Five continues, and that he is now much more open in sharing his emotions than he has been in a very long time.

6 Cory Waldrop (“Dega Don’t”)

The third episode of season one, “Dega Don’t,” features one of the series’ most conversation-starting stories. Georgia police officer Cory Waldrop was the subject of the makeover in the episode, and his discussion about racism, politics, and much more with Karamo Brown made for truly gripping television as the Fab Five worked to make over the husband and father.

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Since undergoing his Fab Five makeover, Cory has maintained a close relationship with Karamo, with Brown even calling Cory a true “lifelong friend” as a result of all the emotional ground they covered during their difficult conversations.

5 AJ Brown (“To Gay Or Not Too Gay”)

Episode four of season one, “To Gay Or Not Too Gay,” finds the Fab Five offering some much needed TLC to AJ Brown, a young man who was struggling with how to come out to his stepmother. While openly living his life as a gay man among his friends, and even being in a serious relationship at that point, AJ was feeling incredibly anxious about how to come out to his family, and how to present himself as a comfortably gay man in public, too.

After his confidence-boosting makeover, AJ was able to come out to his stepmom in one of the series’ most emotional moments. Since then, he went on to share some incredibly exciting news in June 2018: AJ and his longtime boyfriend, Andre, are now married.

4 Bobby Camp (“Camp Rules”)

“Camp Rules,” the first season’s fifth episode, finds the Fab Five trying to improve the life of the harried father of six Bobby Camp. A hardworking father who barely slept two or three hours a night, Bobby had more or less given up on taking care of himself and his appearance, putting all his effort instead into raising his children, working his job, and building his faith community.

Bobby’s episode is perhaps best remembered for his frank discussion of religion and love with designer Bobby Berk. Since the episode aired, it looks like Bobby Camp has continued on with his new approach to life – at least if his wife’s Instagram posts are anything to go by. The Camp family seems to be as sweet as ever, and Bobby’s style makeover has definitely stuck.

3 Remington Porter (“The Renaissance of Remington”)

Episode six of season one, “The Renaissance of Remington,” finds the Fab Five coming to the rescue of Remington Porter, a young man living in his late grandmother’s retro style home and at a loss as to how to start an independent, driven life. With dreams of being a business mogul like Don Draper, it was clear that Remy had a whole lot of potential inside of him. He just needed the support of the Fab Five, his family, and his best friend, Ponder, to get him there.

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According to his Instagram account, it looks like Remington has really become a man of the world, working in real estate and traveling abroad. Recent posts show him traveling to the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Cuba. He also seems to be a big fan of hitting the gym now, too, which shows a marked change from his laid back approach to self-care in the beginning of the episode.

2 Joe Gallois (“Below Average Joe”)

“Below Average Joe,” the first season’s seventh episode, follows the makeover of aspiring stand up comedian Joe Gallois. Joe had struggled to make a name for himself on the comedy scene, living in the shadow of his brother, and didn’t put much stock in his own talent or much effort into crafting a signature look. All of that, of course, changed with the arrival of the Fab Five, who helped him clean up his look, hone his material, and brand himself as a marketable comedian.

While Karamo created a website for Joe to market his talents, Joe took it down shortly after the episode aired. Nevertheless, Joe is still active on the comedy scene, performing in gigs whenever he can and honing his craft as a social media observational comic on both Twitter and Instagram.

1 Jeremy Holmes (“Hose Before Bros”)

The first season finale of Queer Eye, “Hose Before Bros,” finds the Fab Five coming in to help makeover firefighter and father of five Jeremy Holmes. The dedicated family man wasn’t as interested in helping himself as he was in helping his fellow firefighters, which was why Bobby worked to redesign their firehouse living space. But of course, Jeremy also got the standard self-care and self-esteem boosts that only the Fab Five are able to provide.

Since the first season aired in February 2018, Jeremy shared some truly exciting news: in July 2018, he was named the new Fire Chief of the Covington Fire Department. He is also currently finishing up his last year of law school, in addition to his work as Fire Chief, and parenting his five adopted children along with his wife, Bonnie.

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