Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins Teases Ryan Murphy Over AHS: 1984 Title

After Ryan Murphy officially announced that the next season of American Horror Story would be subtitled “1984,” Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins couldn’t help but call him out. Though the franchises clearly have no connective threads whatsoever, Jenkins found American Horror Story’s title announcement amusing.

The follow-up to 2016’s debut for the Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman 1984 follows the titular DC hero to the mid ’80s, where she’ll do battle against the villainous Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), while also confronting other characters, including Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). As for American Horror Story: 1984, the new season is a follow-up to American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and it appears to pivot around the slasher genre – namely slasher movies from the 1980s. Now, the two projects share the same subtitle, and even though neither has anything to do with the other, Patty Jenkins still found reason to point out the similarities to American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy.

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Jenkins jokingly tweeted at Murphy, admiring the title for American Horror Story’s upcoming season. However, while the tweet begins with admiration, Jenkins catches herself mid-sentence, noting the fact that they’re both using the same subtitle for their respective projects. Murphy then replied to Jenkins, suggesting that Wonder Woman 1984’s title isn’t original either, citing George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Check out their exchange below:

As for the 1984 reference, Orwell’s 1984 is a 1949 novel that imagines a dystopian future in which war and government surveillance is the new norm. There have been a handful of adaptations – including one that was actually released in 1984 – and Paul Greengrass was originally attached to direct his own adaptation until it fell through. Now, it’s evident that both Wonder Woman: 1984 and American Horror Story: 1984 may draw inspiration from Orwell’s novel in one form or another.

Both the Wonder Woman sequel and ninth season of American Horror Story will be airing within months of each other, so it’ll be interesting to see how the two fictional worlds will depict the ’80s. In terms of possible inspiration, the superhero genre in 1984 included films like The Toxic Avenger and Supergirl – so it wasn’t exactly a golden age for the genre – while the horror genre in 1984 had films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Firestarter, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and C.H.U.D. (the latter of which was more than just a throwaway reference in Jordan Peele’s Us). Aside from Orwell’s source material, it won’t be long till fans see how these two franchises put the ’80s to good creative use.

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Danny Salemme

Who Is Cheetah? Wonder Woman 1984 Villain Origin & Powers Explained

Who is The Cheetah – the long-time Wonder Woman enemy primed to be the chief villain of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984? Despite being Wonder Woman’s most famous enemy from the comics in popular culture, the origins of this classic character are considerably less well-known than those of many Batman or Superman foes. This may be due to three women fighting Diana of Themyscira using the Cheetah name and her backstory and powers being changed several times over the years.

The first Cheetah was a wealthy socialite named Priscilla Rich, who had no superpowers and was urged by her evil split personality to commit crimes in a cheetah-skin suit. Her niece, Deborah Domaine, became the second Cheetah after she was brainwashed into assuming her aunt’s identity by the terrorist organization Kobra. Both of these versions of Cheetah (who were basically Catwoman in a different costume) were retired following Crisis on Infinite Earths in favor of a new Cheetah who could more evenly stand against the divinely-empowered Diana of Themyscira.

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With Wonder Woman 1984 set to be one of the biggest releases of the summer movie season of 2020 and comedian Kristin Wiig cast as Cheetah, it’s time to take a deeper look at Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva and how can she possibly be a match for Wonder Woman.

  • This Page: Cheetah’s Origin & Powers
  • Page 2: Kristen Wiig Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Cheetah’s Origin In Wonder Woman Comics

The current incarnation of Cheetah in the Wonder Woman comics is a woman named Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. Like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Dr. Minerva was a British archaeologist and heir to a vast fortune, with an affinity for seeking out artifacts that others said were purely legendary. Unlike the more famous Ms. Croft, Dr. Minerva did not have a good relationship with her father and she had no ethical limits as to what she would do to acquire the fortune and glory she longed for.

This greed drove Dr. Minerva to lead an expedition to Africa in search of a lost tribe, who was said to have a mystic female guardian who possessed the powers of the cheetah spirit. This guardian was later revealed to be the bride of Urzkartaga, an ancient plant god. While Dr. Minerva successfully found the tribe and confirmed the legends of the guardian’s existence, her expedition had been followed by bandits seeking plunder, who began killing both the tribe and Dr. Minerva’s crew.

Desperate to do anything that might save her life, Dr. Minerva agreed to undergo the ritual to become the new guardian after the tribe’s high priest told her that she would have immortality as Urzkartaga’s bride. Unfortunately, Urzkartaga was a jealous god and refused to accept any woman who had known the touch of another man as a bride. This left Dr. Minerva cursed, possessing a totemic bond to the power of the cheetah as well as an incurable blood-lust when she was in her bestial form and crippling physical pain when she appeared human. Her rivalry with Wonder Woman was born after she first encountered Diana of Themyscira and began to covet the magical Lasso of Truth that she possessed.

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This background was changed slightly in the 2016 Wonder Woman: Year One storyline by longtime Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka. Here, Dr. Minerva was presented as a more sympathetic figure – a talented archaeologist determined to prove the existence of the Amazons, who was hired by the American government to act as Diana’s translator and tutor when she first came to Man’s World. The two women became good friends, with Dr. Minerva teaching Diana about the modern world and modern languages while learning all she could from Diana about her people and their culture.

Unfortunately, their friendship would fall apart after Dr. Minerva began seeking out evidence of other demigods like Diana in the hopes of finding a cure for the ailment that required her to walk with a cane. Financed by the sinister CEO Veronica Cale, Dr. Minerva was set up to become the Cheetah as part of one of Cale’s own evil schemes. When Dr. Minerva discovered her intended fate, she tried to signal Diana for help using a special signaling device she had been given by Wonder Woman, which had been deactivated by Cale’s allies. This caused Dr. Minerva to hate Diana, whom she blamed for abandoning her and bringing about her transformation into the cannibalistic Cheetah.

Cheetah’s Powers In Wonder Woman Comics

Dr. Minerva’s bond to the cheetah spirit through Urzkartaga enhanced her body in several respects. As her name suggests, her chief asset in her beast-form is the proportionate speed, dexterity and agility of the fastest land animal on Earth. While Dr. Minerva’s top speed in the comics has varied wildly, she is easily one of the fastest people on Earth who does not possess a connection to The Flash’s Speed Force. She also possesses a certain degree of super-strength, super-endurance and invulnerability, making her capable of going toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman in a one-on-one fight.

The connection to the cheetah spirit also gives Dr. Minerva a number of passive powers. She possesses the enhanced senses of a large cat, including perfect night vision, sharp hearing and a sense of smell that lets her track her prey by scent as well as supernaturally sharp claws and fangs capable of cutting even Superman’s invulnerable skin. She also briefly had the ability to grant a measure of her power to those she bit, transforming them into half-cheetah hybrids under her control.

Page 2 of 2: Kristen Wiig Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Kristen Wiig Plays Cheetah In Wonder Woman 1984

Many fans were skeptical when it was announced that Kristen Wiig had been cast in the role of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, beating out rumored actresses with more experience in action roles like Sarah Paulson and Charlize Theron. Certainly, Wiig, best known for her work on Saturday Night Live and the movie Bridesmaids, is seen as more of a comedian than a serious actress. Yet she has also won critical acclaim and award nominations for her work in more dramatic works such as The Skeleton Twins and Welcome To Me.

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Keeping the modern interpretation of Dr. Minerva in mind explains precisely why Wiig is a perfect choice for the role. Before becoming the Cheetah, Minerva is far from a physical powerhouse and indeed requires a cane to walk. Given that bringing Cheetah to life accurately will require some degree of CGI trickery, the actor’s physicality doesn’t matter that much. What is important is that the film will probably explore the friendship between Diana and Dr. Minerva before her tragic transformation, and Wiig certainly has experience playing roles that delve into the strange friendships forged between radically different women.

Cheetah’s Role In Wonder Woman 1984

It is known that Cheetah’s background in Wonder Woman 1984 will borrow from the most recent retelling in Wonder Woman: Year One. However, it seems that something of the more sinister Dr. Minerva from the original post-Crisis comics will be in play as well. One report claims that the movie will start out with Diana and Barbara as friends and that while Dr. Minerva tries to emulate Wonder Woman, she eventually plots to usurp the power and position of her friend by acquiring the Cheetah’s powers.

The first photos of Dr. Minerva in Wonder Woman 1984 show her standing in an exhibit of African artifacts, lending credence to the theory that the origin from the Rebirth Wonder Woman series is being used. This also jibes with director Patty Jenkins’ early comments on how the movie would be a love story. It seems, however, that this love will be the sisterhood between Diana and her fallen friend rather than the romantic love she shared with Steve Trevor in the first movie.

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8 Best Roles Gal Gadot Has Taken On (Besides Wonder Woman)

Since taking on the role of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, within the DCEU, Gal Gadot has quickly become one of the most in demand, highly sought after, and beloved A-list actresses in Hollywood right now. Her filmography is packed to the brim with exciting new projects in the next few years to come, including more projects that find her donning Wonder Woman’s signature armor and shield yet again.

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But long before Gadot had taken up the shield and lasso of truth, she was a steadily working actress, within both mainstream Hollywood and Israeli film circles. She has worked consistently in the realm of action films, but she’s also dabbled into some different kinds of drama and romantic comedies. She’s also done her fair share of guest appearances in television series, too.

While none of her previous roles can really hold a candle to her tenure as Diana of Themyscira, there are still some hidden gems in her filmography worth checking out that you may not have known about.

8 Jill Pope (Criminal)

The 2016 film Criminal is hardly a high-quality one. A relatively generic action film, Criminal nevertheless boasts a fairly impressive cast of talent, including Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Alice Eve, and, of course, Gal Gadot. Gadot doesn’t get a whole lot to do in this movie, as she plays a deceased character’s widow. But in her portrayal of Jill Pope, Gadot makes the most of the little material she does have.

Shown alternately in flashbacks to the deceased character’s life, and in the present timeline when she finds herself presented with her harsh new reality, Gadot shines. The few glimpses of their past life together allow her to show her happy, tender, loving side, albeit fleetingly. But it’s the meat of the present storyline – when she is heartbreakingly vulnerable at every turn – that allows Gadot to show just what she is capable of.

7 Mirit Ben Hatush (Kicking Out Shoshana)

The Israeli sports comedy film Kicking Out Shoshana just may have one of the most startlingly not politically correct plots of a film in recent years. After the film’s lead character, a famous soccer player, flirts with the girlfriend of a mob boss, the mob boss threatens him and makes him assume the public persona of a homosexual man, knowing the scrutiny he will face in Jerusalem. Of course, hijinks ensue, and all does not go according to plan.

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It’s hard to believe this sort of film was made as recently as 2014, but indeed it was. Serving as Gal Gadot’s first foray into Israeli film, Kicking Out Shoshana finds Gadot assuming the role of the mob boss’s desirable girlfriend, Mirit Ben Hatush. Mirit is unhappy in her relationship, and feels trapped, due to her boyfriend’s status. But that doesn’t stop her from aspiring for more – and desiring more, including the lead character. It’s not the most riveting film, or storyline for Gadot’s character, but her commitment to the romantic comedy is winning.

6 Elena Vlaslov (Triple 9)

Yet another 2016 action film that doesn’t give Gadot much to do is the Casey Affleck and Chiwetel Ejiofor-fronted Triple 9. Gadot’s role in the film is so small, it’s truly possible to categorize it as blink and you miss it. But her undeniable allure and screen presence allow her to make the most of the barely two or three minutes of screentime that she has, even when up against Hollywood icons like Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Gadot’s character, Elena, is the pampered sister of Winslet’s character, the powerful wife of a mob boss. Elena doesn’t have very much to do, besides tend to her sister, meet up with her ex and father of her young son, and, well, appear as overall eye candy for scenes that call for them. But Gadot manages to elevate a thankless role into a scene-stealing one.

5 Herself (The Simpsons)

One of the most impressive distinctions a celebrity can receive in the world of television is to be immortalized as themselves – or another character – with an appearance in the long-running beloved animated comedy The Simpsons. In its over 30 year run, countless celebrities have been given the privilege, and every time another celebrity appears in cartoon form, it’s just as impressive as the last time.

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Gal Gadot joined the legion of actors, actresses, singers, athletes, and more who have been immortalized in The Simpsons‘ signature yellow hued form in the season 30 premiere “Bart’s Not Dead,” which aired in September 2018. In the episode, Bart’s lies about a religious near-death experience lead to Christian filmmakers wanting to tell his story, and Gadot appears as herself during auditions for the film.

4 Shank (Ralph Breaks The Internet)

It’s another truly unique sign of success when an actor is chosen to give voice – and likeness – to a Disney character. Gal Gadot finally received that distinction when she was cast as the character of Shank in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the long-awaited 2018 sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It RalphRalph Breaks the Internet continued the lively adventures of Ralph and Vanellope, now traveling not only through the world of arcade gaming, but through online gaming, too.

Over the course of their adventures, Ralph and Vanellope encounter Gadot’s Shank, the lead character of an MMORPG car racing game called Slaughter Race. Casting Gadot for the high stakes driving character role clearly plays upon her history as part of the Fast and Furious franchise, which makes her performance all the more enjoyable as Shank embodies the roles of both badass and kindhearted mentor to the young Vanellope.

3 Host (Saturday Night Live)

Hosting Saturday Night Live isn’t something that everyone can do. Improvisational comedy, scripted comedy, and live comedy are all very different things, and Saturday Night Live requires its performers to be game for all three things – even when their background isn’t in anything remotely akin to comedy. But when she hosted an episode of SNL in October 2017, Gadot proved herself to be quite the gifted comedienne, even with material that could have been much stronger.

Gadot’s episode found her taking on the roles of a clueless woman on a first date with OJ Simpson; a talk show host with a peculiar method of helping her guests; Kendall Jenner in a commercial for E!; a dream woman in a mirage; a new take on Cinderella; and, of course, Wonder Woman himself when a lesbian couple found themselves unexpectedly stranded on Themyscira. All throughout the episode, Gadot was game to take on whatever material was handed to her, and showed that she has some real comedic chops, too.

2 Natalie Jones (Keeping Up With The Joneses)

A film that combines two of Gal Gadot’s biggest wheelhouses – both comedy and action – is the 2016 film Keeping Up with the Joneses. Although it received poor reviews and didn’t perform very well at the box office, Keeping Up with the Joneses is a relatively enjoyable comedy featuring an incredibly talented main cast, consisting of Gadot, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm, and Zach Galifianakis.

In the film, Gadot stars as Natalie Jones, one half of the absurdly perfect couple of the Joneses, along with Jon Hamm, who turn out to be secret agents, much to their neighbors’ surprise. As Natalie, Gadot gets to show her considerable badass action girl talents, while also playing the perfect homemaker, a supportive friend, and an occasionally tempestuous minx. It’s one of the most versatile roles she’s gotten to play in her career, even if the project itself isn’t exactly the best.

1 Gisele Yashar (Fast and Furious Franchise)

Arguably the role that put Gal Gadot on the map in Hollywood was her tenure as Gisele Yashar in three of the incredibly popular Fast and Furious films. First introduced in 2009’s Fast & Furious, Gisele would go on to be a major player in the franchise, and a total badass to boot. With a history in the world of secret agents, Gisele made for a considerable asset to the Fast team, whenever it came to navigating treacherous deals.

She also developed a romantic relationship with one of the series’ most beloved players, Han Lue, that would sadly end in heartbreak when Gisele sacrifices her own life to save him during a heated confrontation with the enemy in 2013’s Fast & Furious 6. While Gisele wasn’t part of the franchise for very long, her role as a key figure in the franchise cannot be disputed – nor can the effect that her time in the world of Fast had on the overall trajectory of Gadot’s career.

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Katerina Daley

Wonder Woman is Taking On DC’s BIGGEST Titan Ever

Wonder Woman‘s fans will tell you that no enemy is too big for her to handles. But when the opponent in question is the biggest Titan that the DC Universe has ever seen? Diana is going to need some gigantic backup.

Even in the realm of DC Comics, a mountain-sized, ancient being tends to stand out. But such is the strange status quo, now that Themyscira, Mount Olympus, and every other part of the Greek Gods’ realm has crashed down to Earth, turning DC’s magical beings into refugees. Aphrodite, Ares, and other gods and goddesses are easy enough to deal with… but gigantic elemental colossi can’t be talked down.

In our exclusive preview of Wonder Woman #68 Diana finally understands what the ongoing “Giants War” is building towards, but that won’t make her next fight any easier.

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Since the beginning of writer G. Willow Wilson’s run on Wonder Woman, the narrative has been split: between Diana struggling to make sense of the fall of the gods, and a collection of magical creatures trying to make their way in a human’s world. But in the previous issue, it was the refugees who stumbled upon the real meat of the story. As Wonder Woman tries to talk sense into massive Titans violently patrolling a national park, the outcast creatures (and their human companion) have discovered what the Titans may be protecting.

Before we spoil the unexpected twist on the tale of King Arthur, take a look at the preview pages embedded below:

Leave it to Giganta to bring Wonder Woman down to Earth, when Diana was mainly recruiting her for her fighting prowess–and her ability to help close the gap in size between Amazonian and Titan. They’ve proven an effective team so far, but that was only up against normal, mountain-sized rock monsters. What’s coming next, now that the sword they were protecting has been plucked, is going to guarantee a gigantic finale. Fans will have to wait for the full issue arriving this Wednesday to enjoy that spectacle, but for now read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • WONDER WOMAN (2019) #68
  • Published: April 10th, 2019
  • Writer: G. Willow Wilson
  • Art: Mick Gray, Cary Nord
  • Cover: Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson
  • Variant Cover: Kaare Andrews
  • Wonder Woman and Giganta must stare down the largest Titan that Olympus and the Earth have ever seen…but even if they defeat him, they must answer the question: Can Giganta ever be trusted to use her powers for good? Can Diana get through to her—or do some big bads just get bigger and badder?

Wonder Woman #68 will be available from your local comic book store on April 10th, or direct from DC Comics.

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Andrew Dyce

8 Incredible Wonder Woman Cosplays That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Themyscira

Sometimes we grow tired of our mundane lives and fantasize about what life could be like if we had superhuman strength. Unfortunately, we will never have the powers that Wonder Woman has, but hey, at least a couple cups of coffee can get us half-way there. Wonder Woman’s powers include superhuman speed, reflexes, and agility. Oh and she has the power of flight, so she doesn’t even have to bother with traffic in the morning- she can just glide through the air on her way to work. If that isn’t the dream life, we are not sure what is.

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To feel as badass as Wonder Woman, some people like to dress up as her (and they totally ROCK the look). Here are some of the greatest Wonder Woman Cosplays to make you feel like you’re in Themyscira!

8 Wait a sec… Is that Gal Gadot?

This Wonder Woman costume, worn by cosplay artist Alyson Tabbitha, managed to create an outfit and look that looks so much like Gal Gadot! Perhaps she could play her stunt double? Alyson Tabbitha has been cosplaying professionally since 2014, and there’s a good reason why. Her mother who is a professional character performer would make costumes for her daughter on Halloween and other occasions since she was a baby. It’s no wonder it comes so naturally to Alyson!

7 The Property Brothers know how to own Diana’s look

Drew: A couple of gorgeous Wonder Women here. We’re taking this to the airport

Jonathan: TSA get ready.

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The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan know how to dress with power. People say you should dress like the person you aspire to be. Who wouldn’t aspire to be like Wonder Woman? Regardless of gender, if you aim to be powerful and successful you might as well dress the part. These two look gorgeous, don’t they?

6 Deepica’s stellar version of Wonder Woman

Deepica is able to incorporate her own style and culture into Wonder Woman, and it’s hard not to adore her outfit. From the added jewelry to her powerful stance, it’s clear there is room for more than one kind of Wonder Woman. We love how she is able to incorporate her own culture into the outfit and make it unique to her identity.  Nice work, Deepica!

5 She makes her own incredible costumes

CutiePieSensei is a true talent. She makes her own costumes which are brilliant enough to make it into the actual films! CutiePieSensei has her own unique experience when it comes to being in the cosplay community as a woman of color.

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She had this to say about the subject: It’s very easy for people who are trolls to come in and make you feel bad about yourself, make you feel like you’re not good enough. Being a black cosplayer, I’ve received countless racist comments and people telling me, ‘You don’t look like this character, why are you doing it?’ I know a lot of other cosplayers get those kinds of messages too, whether it’s a race thing or if they’re a different body shape. I’ve had tons of people tell me that it’s hard, and they’ve been discouraged from even doing it because they don’t want people to say those types of things about them. We absolutely applaud this woman and think she’s as strong as Wonder Woman!

4 Jes Tongio knows how to rock the look

Jes totally rocks her Wonder Woman look, almost completely replicating the costume Gal Gadot wears in the film. Although Jes has stated that she identified more with X-Men, once she saw the live-action version of Wonder Woman, she quickly found herself identifying with her.

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She had this to say about Wonder Woman: Something about her character spoke to me. It wasn’t just her power and strength. It was her heart. For the most part, the movie was enjoyable but I was holding out for that one special moment to ‘wow’ me. Then came Diana’s line: “It’s not about deserve; it’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.”

3 Kim K looks just like Wonder Woman

Regardless of what you think about Kim Kardashian and her well-known family, you have to admit she totally rocks the Wonder Woman look. She has the entire look down from the hair to the outfit to the confident stance. Granted, she probably had an entire team of people who were able to get her to look like that, but still. The woman can pull off the look! Nice one, Kim.

2 Atomic Wonder Woman

Why not get creative with your Wonder Woman costume? This woman sure did! Meagan-Marie manages to make an epic version of the costume made out of football parts, ties, and the perfect Rosie the Riveter bandana to give the look character. With her chainsaw and confidence, we’d definitely want her by our side in the middle of an apocalypse!

1 This is the cutest Wonder Woman on the planet

Josh Rossi might just win the award for greatest dad in the history of dads. He was able to transform his daughter Nellee into Wonder Woman with the greatest costume ever. Not only did he get her the costume, but he was the one who took the epic pictures of her. Josh stated that he would take the photos every year for her birthday, but one year he became too busy with work. He felt bad about it, so he decided to give her the most epic photo shoot of her life on Halloween.

Josh had this to say about his daughter: I was wracking my brain to figure out who would best represent my daughter, and I finally came up with Wonder Woman.

So precious! Which are some of your favorites?

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Simone Torn

The Wonder Years: Kevin Arnold’s 10 Best Relationships

From 1988 to 1993, ABC aired 113 episodes of The Wonder Years, a coming of age story about a boy named Kevin Arnold. The show took place in 1968 and pulled at the strings of nostalgia for a viewing audience that grew up at the same time. Over the course of its six seasons, the audience saw Kevin grow up and deal with issues ranging from problems between his parents and bullies at school, to larger scale stuff like the politics of the era and the ramifications surrounding the Vietnam War.

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But the A-Number-One concern of young Kevin Arnold almost always revolved around the opposite sex, and as a result, he went through a lot of relationships/crushes/kisses and heartbreak. Here are the ten best relationships – real or desired – of Kevin Arnold’s youth.

10 Denise Lavelle (Amy Hathaway)

Denise “the Grease” Lavelle appeared during the show’s fifth season and represented something different – the unobtainable dream girl with whom Kevin rooted against his own success. Though she took a shine to Calvin/Kevin, he spends most of their time together trying to push for her reconciliation with Frank the Stank.

Though he looks at Denise with desire, the end voiceover shows that he truly did want love to win out here as he hopes news of her eventual divorce is untrue, this having been an example of his own romantic maturation.

9 Margaret Farquhar (Lindsay Fisher)

In what could have been a friendship or maybe even more, Kevin Arnold again shows us just how flawed (and real?) a character he could be. After being paired up to square dance with Margaret Farquhar, Kevin shows off the cruelty of adolescence and does everything he can think of to distance himself from ‘the weird girl’ in an attempt to save face.

Sure Margaret had three pigtails and talked too much, but she was also interesting and genuine, two traits largely absent most Junior High kids.

8 Madeline Adams (Julie Condra)

The ultimate temptress, Madeline Adams showed up at a time when Winnie and Kevin were trying to make the long-distance thing work all the way across town. New girl Madeline immediately shows interest in Kevin, and Winnie encourages him to be nice, as she, now going to Lincoln, knows how hard it is to be the new girl.

Kevin resists though, spurning Madeline’s advances for several episodes until Winnie dumps him for someone else. The rebound with Madeline is short-lived however as she utters the unthinkable line: “I never saw what the big deal about Winnie Cooper was anyway.” Her invalidation of Kevin’s life long crush is more than he can take and he abruptly ends things.

7 Mrs. White (Wendel Meldrum)

In season two, Kevin Arnold was hot for teacher, and while – for obvious reasons – this never materialized into anything real, it was a strong enough fantasy to leave a lasting impression on a 12-year-old boy and inspire him to do something he hated in an attempt to impress his crush, and that’s an important step for any adolescent.

6 Becky Slater (Crystal McKellar)

Becky Slater was Kevin’s first steady girlfriend and eventual nemesis. Kevin goes out with Becky just to make Winnie Cooper jealous and as a result of this despicable move, following their eventual breakup, Becky makes it her mission to punish Kevin. She continues to play adversary through the next couple of seasons and is an important reminder of past sins.

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5 Teri (Holly Sampson)

Kevin’s first summer fling came during his family vacation at the start of the third season. On the beach, he met an older girl named Teri, and for a couple of days they walked the beach and went to photo booths and did all the necessary montage activities for a teen romance of this kind.

And while it was fleeting, and Kevin seems happier about the proof the pictures provided of his summer conquest than anything else, it was still a nice pairing with no heartbreak at the end. She even wrote him once, and he still keeps the letter.

4 Linda Sloane (Maia Brewton)

Linda Sloane is arguably the best fit for Kevin of anyone on this list – both in height and personality – but she was cursed with a good sense of humor, a winning personality, and none of the glamor that instead drew Kevin to the vapid Susan Fisher.

He takes Linda, who clearly likes him to the dance, and while there, pines for Susan, resulting in the loss of both girls. Well, the only real loss here is Linda.

3 Sandy Tyler (Carla Gugino)

The only reason that Sandy Tyler doesn’t check in even higher here is that she is dating Wayne when she and Kevin fall for each other.

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This is truly one of the only girls on the show that seemed a really good fit for Kevin, though as we learned through her relationship with Wayne, her interest could have a shelf life. Sandy dumps the older Arnold boy in order to be with Kevin, but in a rare move of solidarity, he sticks by his brother’s side.

2 Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar)

Winnie Cooper, the girl next door, the love of his life, the #2 entry on the list. Wait- what? For those who haven’t revisited The Wonder Years recently, you probably have a more glowing memory of Winnie than you will upon rewatch.

While she is the ever-present object of Kevin’s desire for six seasons, she also at times leaves him for another guy, gets into a jealous fit about a waitress, and throws out mixed signals. All that said, these things just make her more real, and all the more heartbreaking when we learn in the finale that Kevin and Winnie do not end up together in the end.

1 Cara (Lisa Paige Robinson)

Here’s the one the Kevin really screwed up, and Cara knew better. Kevin and Cara meet at the drive-in while his family was vacationing at the Lake. While they only had a few days together, and Cara straight up tells him she shouldn’t trust the summer kids that come to town, she falls for Kevin anyway.

Their chemistry feels sincere, but when his family returns home, in typical Kevin-style, he turns his attention back to Winnie. Come Christmas, Cara sends him a card that he can’t be bothered to respond to. The following summer, frustrated with Winnie he returns to the lake to find Cara, but she’s wisely moved on. If only he’d sent her a Christmas card…

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8 Possible Reasons For Steve Trevor’s Return In Wonder Woman 1984

At the end of 2017’s hit superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman, the title character is driven to defeat the villain Ares by the sacrifice made by her new friend Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. He delivers a strong message about the power of love over hate right before giving his life, and that’s what motivates her to win the final battle.

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But then when the first images of the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 were released with Pine all over them, fans had a lot of questions. How is he alive? How does he look the same in 1984 as he did in 1918? Well, here are 8 Possible Reasons For Steve Trevor’s Return In Wonder Woman 1984.

8 The plane crash didn’t really kill him

Steve Trevor is expected to “come back to life,” but that’s contingent on the idea that he actually died in Wonder Woman. We didn’t see him die. We just saw him fly off with some poison and blow himself up to save the world.

As we’ve seen from other comic book movies, if we don’t actually see them perish (and even then, that’s no guarantee), then they’re probably still alive. Red Skull got sucked into a beam of light in the sky, but we didn’t see him actually die, so he showed up on Vormir seven years later. Maybe the blast didn’t kill Steve – it might have sent him forward in time or imbued him with immortality.

7 The gods intervened

What differentiates Wonder Woman from other superheroes is that she’s a goddess. In that sense, she is the Thor of the DC universe. She’s the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus. So, maybe the gods will simply intervene to resurrect Steve Trevor, or one of them decided to come down to Earth in Steve’s body to help Diana in her battle against the supervillain Cheetah.

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Maybe one of the gods has been watching Diana and simply feels like doing her a favor. Either way, we know that this is a fictional world containing actual gods, so godly intervention almost definitely has something to do with Steve’s return.

6 It isn’t Steve Trevor at all; it’s his son (or grandson)

In the old Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series, Playgirl model Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor in the initial World War II setting. But then when the show leaped forward in time, Waggoner still starred in the show. He just played Steve Trevor’s son, Steve Trevor, Jr.

This was a convenient way to keep the show’s cast intact, but it could also explain how Chris Pine makes an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984. Maybe Steve did die at the end of Wonder Woman, but he had a son, and maybe that son (or the son’s son) will be the character Pine plays in Wonder Woman 1984.

5 Steve was cloned

The DC Extended Universe is a very fantastical franchise with both magical elements and futuristic technological advancements, so there’s every chance that the Steve Trevor we see in Wonder Woman 1984 is just a clone – or a cyborg. That seems to be the only way to truly explain how a guy we saw die in 1918 is alive and well, and looking exactly the same, in 1984.

There might be a surprising scene in which Diana notices Steve has no belly button and the whole ordeal is revealed in monologue form. There’s any number of ways this could be expressed on film, but either way, it’s very exciting.

4 It’ll just be another inexplicable comic book resurrection

There’s a running joke in the comic book community that characters who die don’t stay dead for very long. Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Batman – they’ve all died and come back to life a bunch of times.

We saw the Man of Steel get killed and buried in Batman v Superman, and then he was brought back to life in Justice League with the help of a generic MacGuffin called a Mother Box. Maybe in Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor’s return will be quickly brushed over and explained by some other generic MacGuffin that has the power to bring people back to life.

3 He’s part of some experiment by the U.S. government

The Wonder Woman sequel isn’t just set during the 1980s – its action is directly linked to the Cold War, the battle of wits between the U.S. government and the Soviet Union. Back then, as Americans feared an invasion by Russia, the government was pretty much willing to do anything to keep the homeland safe.

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With that in mind, there’s a chance that Steve Trevor’s reappearance in Wonder Woman 1984 is due to him being part of some experiment by the U.S. government. They could be copying the DNA of their best fallen soldiers to create the perfect army to fend off the Russians.

2 His resurrection is part of the bargain that gets Diana involved in the action

Pedro Pascal’s role in Wonder Woman 1984 has yet to be disclosed, but some fans have predicted he’ll be playing the rich and powerful businessman Maxwell Lord. He’ll team up with Kristen Wiig’s archeologist character Barbara Ann Minerva in the search of an ancient artifact that can give him the powers of a god.

Things go awry when Minerva stumbles upon the artifact that gives her the powers of the Cheetah goddess and she turns against Lord. So, Lord asks Diana Prince to protect him and, in return, he resurrects Steve Trevor. That’s just one theory, but it’s a popular one among fans.

1 He’s not really there

Just because Chris Pine is in Wonder Woman 1984, it doesn’t necessarily mean his character somehow came back to life. One leading fan theory about his role in the sequel is that, while Chris Pine appears in the movie and Steve Trevor appears alongside Diana Prince, he isn’t really there.

Maybe Diana is having visions of him, as her latest mission reminds her of her time fighting in the First World War. Steve helped her get through the last adventure, so maybe he’ll help her get through this one – even if he’s still dead and only appears to her as a hallucination.

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Wonder Woman 1984: Pedro Pascal Tries (and Fails) to Explain His Role

Amid all the secrecy surrounding Warner Bros.’ upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, star Pedro Pascal was put in a position of trying to explain his role in the film. That said, seeing as very few details have been revealed concerning the film – not the least of which refer to new characters – Pascal took physical measures to prevent himself from spilling anything Warner Bros. deems top secret.

Director Patty Jenkin’s sequel to 2017’s highly successful Wonder Woman brings Diana (Gal Gadot) to completely unfamiliar territory, replacing World War I with the Cold War – hence the George Orwell-inspired title. Over the course of the film, she’ll reconnect with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), face off against the film’s main villain Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), and carry out events that ultimately mark the second entry in a planned trilogy. However, there are still plenty of pieces to the Wonder Woman 1984 puzzle that have yet to be answered – notably with Pascal’s character. Aside from a single photo released of his character sporting a high-end, ’80s-style three-piece suit, little else has been revealed. So, naturally, when Pascal was recently asked about his character, he went to great pains to keep quiet.

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During one of Wired’s YouTube series involving celebrities answering “The Web’s Most Searched Questions,” Oscar Isaac, Pascal’s costar in the new Netflix film Triple Frontier, asked him what role he’s playing in Wonder Woman 1984. In response, Pascal became stiff, contorted his face, and fell sideways off his chair and onto the floor, prompting Isaac to say, “You killed him, Google.” When Pascal stood back up and took a seat, he said, “Warner Bros. put a chip in my head and your brain explodes if you…” before trailing off.

Though there is plenty concerning Wonder Woman 1984 that is entirely under wraps, Jenkins has dropped a few hints about what the film holds for avid fans. For example, she revealed the fact that Steve comes back, what Cheetah’s motivation is to become a villain, and how there will be a scene in the film that is expected to rival Wonder Woman’s “No Man Land” sequence. Though Jenkins explained that it will be “totally different” from the original sequence, there are moments that should elicit similar reactions.

As for Pascal’s character, plenty of theories have circulated suggesting who he might be playing, but it’s all a guessing game until the official reveal surfaces – whether in the trailer or the film itself. For now, it’s been heavily speculated that he’s playing Maxwell Lord, but he could also just as easily be playing someone else entirely. On brand with the major gap between Wonder Woman and Woman Woman 1984only time will tell.

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5 Things Captain Marvel Did Better Than Wonder Woman (& 5 It Did Worse)

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are both successful superhero films in their own right, even if Captain Marvel did just arrive in theatres this week. Both movies have their strengths and weaknesses, and people are bound to have their favorite moments and characters, especially if they have a preference for either Marvel or DC. While this list isn’t meant to put the two movies against each other (as we definitely need and enjoy them both and want more superhero movies with more women), each film has excelled and fallen short at different points.

Here is a list of five things Captain Marvel did better than Wonder Woman as well as five areas where Wonder Woman was best.


One great thing about Captain Marvel is how it didn’t feel the need to give Carol Danvers a love interest. There’s a trend in films to make sure that every female protagonist gets a male love interest, and it was refreshing to have Carol Danvers’ relationships be about friendship instead of about romance. There definitely wasn’t a need to give her any romances, and a good choice on the part of the filmmakers.


While it was great to not give Captain Marvel a love interest at all, there could be an argument made that Carol and Maria have a relationship that could be read as romantic, pointing to a larger problem with the representation of LGBTQA characters in the MCU. On a different note, the relationship between Steve Trevor and Diana was well-done in Wonder Woman and explored romance in a healthy and interesting way that didn’t sideline Diana to a lesser role. Despite its heteronormativity, it was still a refreshing take on love.

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While Wonder Woman is definitely a powerful heroine, she is a mythical person–an Amazon from mythology. Captain Marvel is also superpowered, but it turns out she’s actually a human who lived a fully human life. Because of this, Carol Danvers seemed more relatable and current than Diana did. Overall, she seemed to be a more well-rounded character who had just as many flaws as strengths. So, while Diana is definitely a wonderful hero, she’s a little less accessible when it comes to relatability.


The plot of Captain Marvel turned out to be less about saving Earth and more about saving the Skrulls. This was quite a plot twist and an enjoyable one in many ways, but, in the end, it didn’t feel like there was as much at stake–especially when compared to what Wonder Woman was fighting for. Captain Marvel was less focused on saving the world and more focused on figuring out who she was as a hero. This isn’t necessarily bad as she will likely be instrumental at saving the world and defeating Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, but the stakes definitely felt higher in Wonder Woman.

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Just like with many other MCU films, Captain Marvel does a great job when it comes to connecting the story to other MCU films and characters. Nick Fury features prominently in this movie and other characters like Phil Coulson also get cameos. Along with this, there are other connections such as the tesseract and SHIELD, as well as that surprising post-credits scene that hints to what we can expect in Endgame. Wonder Woman was a fantastic film, but it doesn’t connect as powerfully to other movies in the DCEU.


Captain Marvel is definitely an origin story that’s about Carol Danvers figuring out who she is and coming into her own as a hero and as a person. As such, we don’t really see her powers and their full extent until much later in the film. This is definitely a narrative device that works with the story, but Wonder Woman worked just as well–and perhaps even better–when it established right away that Diana is very capable as a warrior.

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Maybe it’s because Captain Marvel is mostly set in America in 1995, but it was much easier to believe the world that was created in this movie. The setting of Wonder Woman was mainly Themyscira as well as World War I Europe, so establishing a believable and relatable world was perhaps more a difficult task. Overall, Captain Marvel did a better job and the setting, complete with little nods to the audience’s nostalgic childhood era, was well-articulated and rarely distracting.

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One of the best scenes from Wonder Woman was the No Man’s Land scene where Diana takes on gunfire and reaches enemy lines to save the day. This scene was very powerful and metaphorical for the challenges that women face daily. While Captain Marvel did have some powerful, feminist scenes, it was lacking a scene that was as intense or emotionally effective as Wonder Woman.


Goose was definitely one of the stand-out characters of the movie. As many people guessed ahead of time, Goose isn’t just a regular old pet cat, he is, instead, a powerful Flerken, who is pretty instrumental in saving the lives of the protagonists a few times in the film. Goose gave the audience many laughs and many adorable moments, and it’s hard to beat a movie featuring an alien cat that can be cuddled but also can eat enemies. Nick Fury definitely loved this adorable, scary furball, and many fans fell just as much in love as well. Since Wonder Woman didn’t have any alien cats or animals, it can’t really compete in this way.


One of the main things Wonder Woman did the best on was that it was made earlier. The MCU clearly needed to have a movie that had a female character as a lead, and it took them over 20 movies to finally get with the program. DC definitely realized the lack of representation earlier on, and, as the first really major superhero movie with a woman as the main character, Wonder Woman will always be groundbreaking in that sense.

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Captain Marvel IMAX Presales Are Tracking Ahead Of Wonder Woman, Thor 3

Captain Marvel IMAX ticket pre-sales are outpacing similar titles like Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming off a highly-successful 2018 that saw the franchise collectively move past the $17 billion mark at the worldwide box office and score the first ever Best Picture nomination for a comic book movie. Kevin Feige and company are hoping their good fortune continues in 2019, and their first film out of the gate is Captain Marvel. A 1990s period piece, it introduces audiences to Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, who is going to be an integral part of the MCU moving forward.

Marvel Studios is riding a rather unprecedented hot streak for the past handful of years; every installment since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World has been Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and they’ve all been box office smashes. Unsurprisingly, that’s expected to continue when Captain Marvel opens in early March. Initial reactions to the film were quite positive, and the film is poised for an opening weekend haul of more than $100 million domestically. Audiences can’t wait to see it on the big screen, evidenced by the number of people pre-ordering their tickets.

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According to IMAX, Captain Marvel is tracking better in advanced ticket sales than the likes of Deadpool 2, Wonder Woman, and Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel’s latest will open on a record 1,360 IMAX screens next week, illustrating the demand there is to watch the film in the premium format.

Considering Captain Marvel is also outpacing recent superhero films on Fandango, it isn’t surprising to see it do this well with IMAX. Blockbusters like MCU entries are designed to be seen on the biggest screen possible, bolstered by action set pieces and state-of-the-art visual effects. Judging by the Captain Marvel trailers, the film will have plenty of spectacle. Additionally, the early part of 2019 has been rather slow at the box office, with offerings like Glass and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part not leaving much of an impression. Audiences are hungry for a new tentpole, and Captain Marvel is definitely the biggest release since Aquaman at the end of last December. The arrival of a fresh Marvel movie was always going to give the marketplace a massive shot in the arm.

It’ll be interesting to see how much Captain Marvel makes in its first three days. Back in January, it was pegged to earn as much as $160 million, but those estimates later went down to the current $100 million. The actuals will probably be somewhere in between those two figures, but fans will get a better idea once the review embargo lifts and word-of-mouth continues to spread. At this point, the MCU is critic-proof and will always do well commercially, but a slew of positive reviews will only help Captain Marvel’s prospects and perhaps boost it past the expectations. Regardless, Marvel can once again sit back and watch the money come pouring in.

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