Star Wars Celebration: 10 Out Of This World Cosplays

The Star Wars Celebration is known as the ultimate fan experience. Those in the community, whether they be cosplayers or closeted enthusiasts, look forward to this event almost every year. The convention takes place annually (with the exception of the sorely missed convention in 2018) and is held in different portals of the world each time. In 2017, the Star Wars Celebration was held in Orlando, Florida which brought in over 70,000 people. And this year Chicago, Illinois had the honor of playing host to this highly anticipated occasion.

For Star Wars fans, however, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are— they are willing to make the trek for this convention. Fans come from around the globe to be the first to hear the latest in Star Wars news, meet the actors, and to buy limitless Star Wars souvenirs. Cosplayers are also known to bring their A-game to this coveted event, meaning that there were cosmic ends of phenomenal cosplays crossing paths throughout the convention’s quarters.

It would be a futile task to bring attention to all of the out-of-this-world cosplays that were seen throughout the event. From a Rick and Morty Storm Trooper to a larger-than-life Chewbacca, the creativity put into these costumes were mind-blowing.

So here are 10 inspiring cosplays from the five-day event!

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10 Shriv

Shriv Suurgav is a Duro; a humanoid from the planet of the same name. He faithfully served the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Resistance. He helped create a new Inferno Squad for the Resistance and fought against the Imperial Forces. He is a friendly and loyal character, whose allegiance lines up with General Leia Organa. 

Shriv is voiced by Dan Donahue in the 2017 game Star Wars: Battlefront II. However, this cosplayer did a phenomenal job bringing Shriv to life. The special effects mask pairs well with his battle suit and makes the fictional alien look almost real!

9 Krennic and Vice Admiral Holdo

Orson Krennic was introduced into the Star Wars film franchise in 2016’s Rogue One. Australian actor, Ben Mendelsohn, plays the role of Director of the Advanced Weapons Research of the Empire‘s Imperial Military and turns out to be a prominent villain in Return of the Jedi.

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, an officer in the Rebellion played a vital role in Return of the Jedi. Actress Laura Dern played the stoic lead with grace. And despite her demeanor, audiences couldn’t help feel for her character in those last pivotal moments.

These cosplayers did a phenomenal job recreating these two characters from the newest installments of the Star Wars series. Jen Markham, who is cosplaying as Amilyn Holdo here, shared this photo on her Instagram among a bevy of other cosplays from the Star Wars Celebration. She is described as a “Writer, producer, costumer, inline skater, New Yorker.”

8 The Real Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is the estranged son of Hans Solo and Lei Organa. Viewers first learn of his history in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and fans have been watching the continuing saga with anticipation to see how Kylo turns out. This tragic warrior of the First Order aspires to be powerful like his grandfather, Darth Vadar. Though, fans are eager to see if he will ever leave the dark side of the Force with the persuasion of Rey.

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This cosplayer looks startlingly similar to Adam Driver, the actor who portrays Kylo Ren. His costume has full-fledge details so there is no mistaking which character he is. From the rivets on his cloak to his discernible lightsaber scar, this Kylo Ren cosplayer absolutely nailed it.

7 Tamry Vora

Tamara Ryvora, also known as “Tam” is a character on the Disney Channel animated series Star Wars Resistance. Tam, voice by Suzie McGrath, was introduced to the show in 2018 when it first premiered. She is affiliated with the First Order and Team Fireball. Originally, she was meant to be a background character, but she was so well-received that she now plays a major role in the animated TV show.

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This cosplayer brought out an absolutely perfect representation of Tam. People complimented her profusely at the Star Wars Celebration for her costume and she even had the chance to meet McGrath in her cosplay. In her photo with McGrath she says,

“…lastly a shoutout to the spirit of procrastination because I finished this project 20 minutes before I took this photo “

6 Zabrak Sith

Zabrak is a near-human species from the planet Iridoniam, according to Star Wars lore. Zabrak is independent, proud and was a fierce defier when the Empire tried to overthrow her planet. Instead, Zabrak fought back and joined the Alliance to restore the Republic. She made her first appearance in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Laura Rose Xavier is a cosplayer and prop maker from Milwaukee, WI. Her special effects makeup work isn’t too shabby either! She created a seamless and convincing Zabrak cosplay, with particular praise going to the signature horns on her head.

5 Hologram Leia

Our first ever glimpse of Princess Leia (played by the late Carrie Fisher) came in the form of a hologram sent to Luke Skywalker in the initial Star Wars film. The hologram was meant to be delivered to Obi One Kenobi, who later takes on the role of Luke Skywalker’s mentor. It was during this scene that Leia delivered the now infamous lines, “Help me Obi One Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

The cosplay scene is laden with a ridiculous amount of creativity, as proven by @mslunaflare. Who would have ever thought to cosplay Hologram Leia? She pulled off the color scheme and overall costume with finesse so that there is no questioning what Star Wars scene this Leia look is referring to.

Luna Flare is a Kansas City cosplayer, who can also be seen frequently dressing up as Disney princesses.

4 Battle Damaged Storm Trooper

This graphic cosplay is one you won’t see every day. It’s this level of imagination that you can expect from cosplayers at the Star Wars Celebration. This battle-damaged Storm Trooper displays a striking scene. Even the usual impeccably white armor is made to look weathered and rusted. There are bullet holes, blood, and a major slash (from a lightsaber, perhaps) in the center of the Storm Trooper helmet.

Storm Troopers are the pawn warriors for the Empire and have been a part of the Star Wars franchise since George Lucas created this mammoth of a story in 1977. Audiences aren’t given much of a first-hand point of view of these characters– well, unless you count Luke and Hans Solo disguising as Storm Troopers in A New Hope.

What other gory details do you notice?


Probably the talk of the convention was this epic gathering of handmaidens during the Star Wars Celebration. These cosplayers recreated an “Escape From Naboo” train in reference to the scene in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace during the Fight of Naboo. In this scene, Obi-One and Qui-Gon rescue Queen Amidala and her handmaidens.

At the helm of the group is cosplayer, Jedi Manda posing as Queen Amidala. Behind her are sixteen nearly identical handmaidens. The group walked through the convention in unison, creating a terrific buzz and a memorable moment for many who attended the event.

Jedi Manda is known for creating screen accurate costumes from scratch. She recently debuted a nearly perfect Captain Marvel cosplay and is praised by her followers for her attention to detail. Whether she’s Doctor Strange or Queen Amidala, this cosplayer certainly knows how to turn heads.

2 General Leia

We finally saw the return of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After three decades, Fisher reprised her role, but this time returning as General Leia Organa for the New Alliance.

Fisher sadly passed away just a year before the release of The Last Jedi. Many were concerned at how Fisher’s character would return for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as Princess Leia is one of the last characters seen at the end of the 2017 film. Fortunately, director JJ Abrams was able to reuse old footage of the late actress so that fans could rest assured that when they see Leia in the next film, it’s not CGI.

Thankfully, we also have cosplayers that are able to recreate the persona and look of these beloved characters. At first glance, this photo could be mistaken for Carrie Fisher herself. In fact, this is cosplayer, @lilypond81 who is a spitting image of General Leia from the recent films.

1 Force Ghost Luke Skywalker

In The Last Jedi, we see Luke Skywalker in his final moments (maybe– but who know with Star Wars). We seem him briefly alongside other late Jedi Masters as a “Force Ghost” and seemingly, the last we will see of this character after 42 years.

This Force Ghost Luke Skywalker cosplay is one of the more inventive cosplays recognized from the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago this year. Cosplayer John Brummet brought this unique idea to life and even caught the attention of Mark Hamill. Hamill, who has played the role of Luke Skywalker since Return of the Jedi, had this to say about the clever cosplay on Twitter,

“Holy Shimmering Skywalker!!! Now THAT’s some top-notch

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Tiffani Daniel

Days Gone Review: A Cliche Open-World Zombie Love Story

Days Gone follows every post-apocalypse cue in the book. It does combat, level design, and bike riding well but struggles to overcome a basic story.

Zombies are everywhere. Yes, of course, they’re everywhere in Sony Bend’s open-world game Days Gone, but they’re also everywhere in our apocalypse-obsessed culture. On TV there’s the immensely popular Walking Dead and its admittedly less popular spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. Jim Jarmusch’s star-studded zombie film The Dead Don’t Die will release in theaters this June. And the undead can already be seen in a plethora of video games (Left 4 Dead and the recently released World War Z to give just two examples). In a crowded field, Days Gone establishes itself with the AAA world building and hours of content one would expect, but is supported by a story so lackluster, it’s hard to stay engaged and keep fighting.

Though the devs may insist that Days Gone doesn’t have any zombies, the so-called “freakers” sure follow all the tropes of the recently-risen-from-the-grave. There’s the rotting skin, the hunger for human flesh, and the tendency to prefer dark places and large groups. How exactly the virus spread and what they are called by bikers and their compatriots are semantics. The only cliche missing from the game is “friend-bitten-and-doesn’t-want-to-turn,” but it’s easy to miss it anyways as players will likely skip through the several hours of cutscenes that feel right at home in your least favorite season of your favorite zombie show.

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Days Gone‘s biggest hurdle was trying to find a name for itself, so it doubled down by adding the preface “biker” to the “-open world game” tag. The story follows Deacon St. John, a man who wears the cut of the Mongrels MC, an Oregon-based motorcycle gang. It’s been two years since the zombie- sorry, “freaker” apocalypse and Deacon has all but given up hope finding his wife, Sarah.

In the first of many cutscenes peppered throughout the game, the player witnesses Deacon put the injured Sarah on a helicopter, staying behind in an infested city with his ride-or-die pal, Boozer. Through context, we discover that the helicopter crashed and Sarah perished, and Deacon blames himself. Now he wanders the wastelands of a ruined world searching for freakers to kill and a way to put meaning back into his life. The “dead-wife” trope isn’t really buoyed by anything substantive; there’s glimmers of a past that might come back to haunt Deacon, and colorful characters light up the otherwise bleak world, but they’re little more than dressing to Deacon’s main goal.

Deacon is a drifter (a fact the game will never let you forget), wandering from camp to camp in the Pacific Northwest. Early on, players encounter Copeland, a free-radio loving leader of a small group of survivors, and Tucker, who runs a “work-camp” to the west, though more camps are introduced in the later game. Missions mostly consist of running errands for either party, such as rescuing hostages from other gangs, clearing marauder outposts, and carrying out bounties. These missions are all expertly designed, and though the majority are only optional, should be played. Whether the player is zooming past the tall pines, chasing down a rogue biker, or sneaking into a freaker-infested day-spa, discovering your preferred play-style and mastering the mechanics of Days Gone is a joy. Luckily, completing a mission not only rewards the player with satisfaction (and credits to spend at the corresponding camp),  but also increases their “trust” in you. The higher the player’s trust rating, the more gear is available for purchase.

And Days Gone has gear in spades. Aside from upgrading weapons to take down literal hordes of freakers, there are also bike upgrades to make your hot rod, hotter. Nitro is the most cartoonish and most immediately useful, giving players that extra burst of speed to close the distance to an enemy or widen it from a hundred or so flesh-eating foes. Weapons include traditional shotguns, low-level pistols, and expensive heavy-duty machine guns. But even as you obtain the highest level of gear, the main selling-point of the game never gets easy: wiping out hordes is a challenge that will keep players invested in the infestation long after the campaign is complete.

From the beginning, Sony Bend made it a point to showcase Days Gone‘s incredible environments and beautiful weather system. Your surroundings can change on a dime, as clouds brew overhead and rain begins to fall, or the mountainous terrain gets its first bit of snow. But interrupting that tranquility are thousands of freakers, grouped together in a “horde.” These are by far the toughest enemies in the game despite there being loads of mutated boss freakers, like infected bears and giant “breakers.” Sure, they go down in a few body shots, but they can easily overwhelm Deacon and take his health from 100 to 0 in a second flat. It’s a tricky business of planning your attack, making sure you have enough supplies and the right weapons, and kiting the horde through choke points, taking out 20 or so at a time. The average horde appears to have around several hundred members, so it can take a while to burn ’em down, but finally besting a horde is immensely satisfying.

When Deacon isn’t dealing with fighting freakers, he’s battling other survivors. There are plenty of drifter gangs that are not distinguishable from your own  groups (begging the question, why exactly do they have to die so gruesomely?) but the Rippers really make a name for themselves. The Rest in Peace (RIP) gang are a group of survivors that worship the freakers and are covered head to toe in scars. Their outposts are adorned with spikes and human carcasses. These enemies are a bit more unique and less morally ambiguous than your average “just-trying-to-survive” marauder. Their general vibe is very Mad Max, which happens to be a game in which Days Gone shares many similarities.

Days Gone is set in the third-person, just like your average PS4 exclusive shooter (read: Uncharted). Aiming and firing is a highlight; it’s easy enough to snap to the head for a much-needed headshot, but doesn’t feel cheap or bot-like. Especially with the addition of “Focus” a defacto “DeadEye” from Red Dead Redemption, that allows players to slow down time when aiming, firefights are difficult not because it’s hard to land precise hits, but more because health can deplete fast and the cover system is underwhelming. Deacon can duck behind crates or fences, peeking up when the enemy reloads, but there’s a lack of precision to the movement; he doesn’t flush to the wall, just hides near it. This is a more traditionally first-person mechanic that doesn’t work quite as well in the 3rd.

Driving Deacon’s “hog” around is freeing. Not only does it allow the player to escape most encounters, but the rush of passing by lingering freaker clusters or scenic waterfalls never gets old. Though a player may occasionally run out of fuel and not be anywhere near a gas station or randomly-found gas can, more often than not, the road is where you’ll find great moments of play: encounters with survivors, freakers, or enemies. They can be passed by or provide a welcome detour to the long journey on the road.

But through all its content, Days Gone seems to only borrow from well-established titles, without providing much in terms of nuance or innovation. Take its crafting system, straight out of The Last of Us. Deacon can make a bit more than Joel, pipe bombs for instance, but design remains the same. Players pick up (or loot from bodies) crafting materials like rags, nails, sterilizer, etc., and use these to instantly pop a survival item into existence. They can also upgrade melee weapons to be less degradable and more powerful, adding a saw blade to a bat or wire to a 2X4. The UI is well-made, but like a lot of Days Gone, it’s all been done before.

One small thing that Days Gone does really well is the menu, allowing players to access upgradable skills, the map, objectives, and inventory with a single swipe on the PS4 controller pad. It’s a nice touch and really streamlines the importance of checking in on how many credits Deacon might have at the time, what side missions can still be accessed, and how far away a horde might be. The “Story” section itself does a superb job of showing how much of the story is complete and at what percentage completion awards like vehicle skins and crafting recipes are given. Skills as well come with a fun twist: there’s Melee, Ranged, and Survival categories, each with different tiers. Each tier contains three purchasable skills (with xp) but only two are needed to access the next tier. This makes for a fun meta-game of choosing the most useful skills (or those most attuned to your playstyle). The polish here might have been used across the rest of the game.

Days Gone requires a lot of processing power, with massive amounts of enemies on screen at once and detailed textured environments that change from day to night. Unfortunately on the base PS4, this means there is a lot of loading lag. Frames will drop to an unplayable sub-20 a second or textures will fail to load completely leading to game-breaking glitches. The first horde I fought got stuck on the edge of a cliff and were unable to move, making them easy target practice. A mission towards the finale skipped over a major fight because Deacon’s bike fell through what looked to be a sturdy bridge. Nothing a few patches can’t fix, but it doesn’t erase the main issue: players shouldn’t need a PS4 Pro to run a PS4 game.

Days Gone nails the tone and theme of a zombie game and sticks to its guns. “Surviving ain’t living” is a phrase uttered by Boozer, the heart and soul of the game. But these messages and great high-concept questions are handled about as deftly as you might expect from a person named Boozer. It’s all show with none of the punch that The Last of Us had. Deacon is generally unlikable, killing plenty of non-freakers in a very Nathan Drake-like fashion. He is so overly committed to his biker-shtick even after the world has ended that his motives feel sort of goofy and dated. He rabbles incessantly about “not killing unarmed women,” while others talk about how “chivalry isn’t dead.” This macho-man perspective sort of puts a damper on some of the more interesting side-narratives. It’s disappointing that the protagonist is a practical Rick Grimes that gives an “impassioned” speech about why there are no black members in his biker gang in a confusingly unnecessary and poorly-written flashback.

The game features so many disjointed story moments, where the player sits and watch Deacon interact, then is put in control to move him about 20ft, then watches another cutscene. It gives the appearance of the game being unfinished, where either less or more interactivity might have solved this issue (and cut down on loading screens). Additionally, the ludonarrative dissonance of Deacon and others appearing more “civilized” than other groups, then mowing down hundreds of relatively innocent humans is hard to look past. The acting is pretty good across the board, but Deacon’s constant yelling on nearly every line deliver gets old fast. On a whole, the story is so rote and tired, that by the end, players might just want in to end.

And that’s a shame because Days Gone has a lot of well-crafted moments. Most missions are satisfyingly tough and leave a lot of room for play-style flexibility. Side storylines pack a bit of emotional punch and shift the viewpoint a bit further from “whitest dude in Oregon.” Battling hordes and riding the ol’ bike through broken roads and dirt paths provide both the greatest challenge and the most relaxing experience. Everything that is done well is done very well, but this game feels less made by a group of passionate devs and more like it was made by an algorithm. Zombies, check, crafting, check, gritty veneer, and so on. So even while painstakingly taking out every horde, there’s nothing to fall back on; no friends with whom Deacon can share his glory. The world and story of Days Gone are lonely, but if an open-world Last of Us meets Son of Anarchy sounds like your thing, then it might be worth the slog to kill some freakers.

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Days Gone is out on April 26th on the Playstation 4 for $59.99. Screen Rant was provided with a digital copy for the purposes of this review.

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Ty Sheedlo

Marvel’s New ‘Avengers: World’ is What The MCU Needs

Avengers: Endgame will be the culmination of the past 11 years of films, and will most certainly end the Avengers as we know them today. Many are wondering what will happen in the next phase of films, and which heroes may be a part of the new Avengers universe. Marvel Comics may have the answer.

The addition of Captain Marvel and confirmation that James Gunn’s Guardians 3 will be made confirms the future of the MCU will be galactic. But the history of the MCU has proven that there will always be threats on Earth, and the planet needs defenders that can protect her. With the MCU continuing to explore the expanding universe, the current set up of ONE team will not be enough to manage all threats, both cosmic and home grown. The solution? The Avengers: World.

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Having multiple Avengers teams is what the MCU needs to continue to expand its mythos, while keeping the franchise grounded and relatable. But who could make up this team to protect the world, while the other Avengers are among the stars? Look no further than the comics for inspiration, where the new Avengers: World team was just introduced in Avengers: No Road Home #10. But who makes up this team? Read on to find out.

Genius level super hero with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and theoretical physics. While working on Project: Perseus in an attempt to harness anti-matter, and explosion occurred turning him into a stable “antimatter reactor” and superhuman abilities: matter/anti-matter absorption and manipulation (read: shoot energy blasts from his hands), superhuman strength (on level with that of Hulk and Thor), flight, and super-level genius.

America Chavez was raised in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension out of time an space located close to the Demiurge (sentient life force that seeded the Earth, giving birth to the Elder Gods). When her world was going to be destroyed, her mothers sacrificed themselves to save Utopia. Wanting to become a hero in her own rite Miss America traveled across the dimensions helping those in need. America has superhuman strength and speed, with the ability to fly, powers of invulnerability, and can create star portals allowing her to travel the multiverse.

Nadia is the daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya. While on their honeymoon, while pregnant Maria was kidnapped and later killed. Nadia was raised in the Red Room – the same as Black Widow – and was trained to be an agent. After learning who her parents were, she obtained pym particles off the black market and began studying them. She was later able to escape the Red Room using their size changing properties. After learning her father seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Ultron she decided to become the new Wasp, as a tribute to her father and to gain the approval of his former allies. Wasp has the ability to change her size, and generate bio-electric blasts from her hands. She has a genius level intellect, and is trained in martial arts.

Miguel is a reformed villain who received his powers from an extremist group called the Legion of Living Lightning. He has had brief memberships to multiple Avengers related teams in the past. Lightning is a sentient electrical plasma force in his true form. His abilities include: flight, invulnerability, electrokinesis, electronic manipulation, physical manipulation, and astral projection.

Toni’s father was killed while saving Tony Stark’s life in Afghanistan. She resented Stark for not doing more to save her father, and vowed to do better than the Iron Man. Toni is a genius, obtaining three doctorates by the age of twenty, and is an expert engineer. She has built her own suit of armor, and was the Iron Patriot for a time.

Gomi was the victim of scientific testing at the hands of two scientists that he worked for and idolized. In an attempt to create their own version of Jean Grey, they implanted Gomi with cybernetics. The experiments failed, where Gomi’s cybernetics can only produce destructive and uncontrollable bolts of kinetic energy.

The original POD, or Planetary Operational Defense System, was sent to earth to act as a self-defense mechanism for the planet. Upon arrival it bonded with Aikku Jokinen. POD eventually became a member of the New Avengers, where Toni Ho began studying POD. it was discovered that Aikku could not separate from POD without killing it. POD was later fatally damaged in an attack by the Maker (evil Reed Richards). The injuries were severe enough that POD and Aikku could not both survive, and POD ended up sacrificing itself to save its host. Aikku was able to retain a portion of the POD armor, which we can assume is POD-2.

The same scientists that experimented on Gomi also experimented on a pair of lobsters, which Gomi named Bill and Don. Their experiments resulted in giving the lobsters cybernetics, which granted the lobsters human-level intelligence and strength. They also have the ability to project illusions for communication. Tragedy struck when Don was stepped on and killed by Devil Dinosaur, but Bill the Lobster lives on.

A truly international Avengers team would allow the MCU to continue to grow its character roster, while exploring the intergalactic side of the MCU. This could be the beset way for audiences to accept planet hopping Avengers, knowing that there is always the Avengers: World looking after Earth.

Avengers: No Road Home #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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Kirk Smith

Captain Marvel Fan Sees Movie So Many Times He Broke a World Record

A very dedicated superhero movie fan from Wisconsin has seen Captain Marvel so many times he broke a Guinness World Record. The first Marvel movie built around a female lead character, Captain Marvel has been embraced by movie fans everywhere, grossing $1.08 billion worldwide. The film just recently reached another box office milestone in North America, cracking the $400 million mark.

Starring Brie Larson, Captain Marvel debuted the cinematic version of Carol Danvers, a comic book character first introduced in 1968. Like her comic book incarnation, the movie Danvers is an Air Force pilot who acquires superpowers and fights alongside an alien race called the Kree. In the movie, Danvers returns to Earth in the 1990s and discovers her human origins while also forging a friendship with a pre-eyepatch Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Having set up Captain Marvel as part of the MCU, Marvel will now plunge the character into the middle of the final battle against Thanos in the soon-to-be-blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

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Captain Marvel has undoubtedly been a major success for Marvel, and there’s one fan in particular who has contributed to that success more than anyone else. As reported by CBS 58 (via CBR), Wisconsin man Steve Ruppel has now seen the movie in the theater an astonishing 116 times, a feat that gives him the Guinness World Record. Ruppel explained why he chose Captain Marvel in particular for his run at the record:

“I love superhero movies, and so this was a pretty good fit. I knew it was going to be around for a while, and I thought it would probably be a good choice for this particular record. Looking back on it now, I might almost consider a Disney movie, because they’re usually shorter and probably around for a while, but that singing would drive me crazy. It really would.”

The non-musical Captain Marvel runs for 123 minutes, so (barring in-movie naps) Ruppel has spent 14,268 minutes watching the film, which equals 237.8 hours or 9.9 days. Not surprisingly, Ruppel said he had to take time off from work in order to hit the multiplex enough times to break the record. Ruppel said that he initially thought it was impossible to break the record, adding, “I wasn’t even sure why it was even a record, but I thought after a while ‘I should probably do that.'” Ruppel said the most times he saw the movie in one day was seven, and explained that he would defeat boredom by paying attention to background details.

Ruppel is of course not the only person to perform remarkable feats of Marvel movie watching. Back in 2018, an Avengers: Infinity War fan chronicled his 42 theatrical viewings of the MCU epic via social media. This week, a number of big Marvel fans will participate in an MCU re-watch marathon, which will end with Avengers: Endgame.

Given the huge popularity of Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel movies, it’s no surprise to see fans getting incredibly enthusiastic and even going wild with the hype. A few fans like Ruppel are even willing to take their fandom to the next level by testing their sanity and bladder capacity in order to perform grueling feats of film viewing. Some may question the wisdom of such undertakings, but there’s no questioning the dedication of fans who would willingly go so far above and beyond the call of duty to become superheroes of going to movies.

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Source: CBS 58 (via CBR)

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Dan Zinski

World War Z Review: The Heir Apparent To Left 4 Dead

World War Z’s mix of swarming zombies, exciting level design, and satisfying shooting make for the best co-op experience this side of Left 4 Dead!

The video game adaptation of the World War Z universe is here, and it’s one of the best licensed titles in recent memory. World War Z is not a timely game. The movie on which it’s loosely based came out in 2013, and the long-gestating film sequel was recently cancelled. Like any good zombie, however, World War Z simply refuses to stay dead.

While its aesthetic is inspired by the film version of World War Z, this game is clearly inspired by Left 4 Dead, Valve’s long-abandoned co-op zombie FPS series. Like that cult favorite shooter, World War Z emphasizes four-player cooperative multiplayer with a slight narrative hook and endless waves of zombies to shoot. The twist here comes with the game’s zombie enemies: the film version of World War Z was controversial for its take on reanimated humans as an insect-like swarm of monsters who flow through their environment like a tidal wave of death.

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Developer Saber Interactive cut their teeth on visceral shooters like TimeShift and Inversion, so it’s no surprise that the moment-to-moment combat in World War Z is a gory and satisfying spectacle, with tight controls and a wide variety of weapons, nearly all of which earn XP and can be upgraded multiple times. individual zombies, and even sizable groups are little threat to a skilled player, but the game’s truly massive herds require teamwork to survive.

Each of the game’s eleven levels (split up across four anthologized episodes) feature numerous instances where players are stranded in a large area, tasked with defending against a swarm of the undead. With only a few seconds to loot the area for defenses like gun turrets and barbed wire fences, a team must work together in order to survive, or they will be torn apart. In a group with random strangers, the game can seem unnecessarily difficult, but teaming up with friends (or people with headsets) reveals just how rewarding teamwork can be. A coordinated group can hold the line against a stampede of hundreds of zombies; there’s nothing more satisfying than lining up in front of a veritable wall of flesh, unloading thousands of bullets to stem the tide of impending doom.

Each episode is set in a different location around the world, from the streets of New York City to a top secret Russian military base. The four episodes each star a different set of characters, which keeps the repetitive dialogue from becoming too stale. Levels have a great flow, organically transitioning from tight corridor shooting to arena defense sections and tough objectives which require players to scour an area for a set number of supply crates to deliver to a central location. It’s not mind-blowing or particularly lengthy, but World War Z is highly replayable thanks to a degree of randomization with regards to weapon and enemy placement; the roulette makes swarm defense sections particularly enjoyable on replay.

Progression is found via weapon upgrades and character classes. There are six classes to choose from, though they are differentiated more by the special item they carry into battle (grenades, molotov cocktails, explosive ammo drops) than by any fundamental differences in how they play. That being said, things really start to open up after upgrading a class past level ten, where they begin to become a bit more distinct in their passive abilities. Everything, from weapon upgrades to class perks, costs credits, which are earned for completing missions. Progression can seem a bit slow, but the curve is surprisingly natural, since it’s always enticing to try beating a level on a higher difficulty to earn more credits and buy stronger guns and better perks.

The core gameplay of World War Z is so strong, it’s easy to forgive some strange design decisions, like the limited mobility options. Characters can climb over some waist-high objects, but not others. It’s cool to stand on top of a car or van while shooting dozens of advancing zombies, but there’s little rhyme or reason as to which cars can be climbed and which cannot. There’s also a noticeable lack of a dodge function, which would be really useful when dealing with charging “bull” zombies, or just do buy a second of respite when trying to escape a torrent of zombies. On top of this, the movement speed generally feels just a bit too slow, which can be somewhat annoying at times. Then again, it does discourage “lone wolf” players from venturing too far away from their teammates.

Less forgivable are the numerous bugs and crashes. World War Z is dangerously close to having too much jank. It’s still early days for World War Z, and patches have been released which address some of the issues, but we still encountered an unfortunate frequency of bugs and crashes in our time with the game. One particularly nasty crash erased the last several matches of accumulated XP and perk upgrades. On day one, it was practically impossible to connect to the online servers, but that issue seems to have been completely rectified, at least on PlayStation 4. There are also smaller bugs which hinder the game, like getting grabbed by a zombie and warping to the wrong side of an impassible barrier, or inside a wall.

While four-player co-op, or PvZ, is at the core of World War Z, the game also features a more traditional multiplayer suite, dubbed PvPvZ. Essentially, it’s a standard assortment of 4v4 versus modes with addition WWZ’s unique zombies. A smattering of undead populate each of the small maps, but the matches are frequently broken up by a sudden onslaught of infected. Unfortunately, the game’s aforementioned issues with mobility are much more pronounced in a PvP setting, which never manages to rise above the level of a fleeting distraction.

The console versions of World War Z run at a fairly steady 30 frames per second, and many enemies animate at 15 frames per second when the action really heats up. Enabling the default motion blur setting smooths over this issue somewhat, though it’s still glaringly noticeable at times. There’s also a lack of environmental destruction and enemies sometimes disappear awkwardly upon death. To be honest, though, it’s surprising more corners weren’t cut in World War Z‘s presentation. It’s hard to overstate the pure spectacle of having 500 zombies on screen at once, and the rest of the game isn’t too shabby, either. The environments are picturesque (especially the New York and Tokyo levels) and character models are detailed, even the zombies, who get literally blown to bits as a barrage of gunfire sends them flying in a display of glorious ragdoll physics. Sometimes, the simplest pleasures are the most satisfying.

At its core, World War Z is dumb, jolly fun. With only eleven levels, it will wear out its welcome pretty quickly for those uninterested in the admittedly extensive progression systems and higher difficulty modes. For players with a dedicated group of friends, however, World War Z is a prime destination for friendly multiplayer excitement, especially if Saber Interactive follows through on their tease of additional episodes coming in the future.

It’s easy to compare the game to Left 4 Dead, but even that game’s impressive zombie swarms can’t compete with the jaw-dropping sight of World War Z‘s enemies. Plus, it’s been ten years since the release of Left 4 Dead 2, so it’s only natural for a new game to come along and fill the void left by Valve. World War Z abides.

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World War Z is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Screen Rant was provided with a PS4 download code for the purposes of this review.

2019-04-22 07:04:39

Zak Wojnar

World War Z: Best Tips, Tricks, & Hints To Know Before Playing

Before you take on the zombie apocalypse in World War Z, prepare yourself with these tips and tricks. Saber Interactive’s zombie apocalypse co-op shooter, World War Z, is finally out in the wild, and players are having a blast with the game’s non-stop barrage of high-octane action and class-based co-op multiplayer.

World War Z isn’t a cakewalk, and even the most hardened players might have hard time trying to survive the endless waves of zombies hungry for the taste of fresh flesh. Especially on harder difficulties, it’s easy to get overrun by the horde. A four-person squad may seem like an unstoppable force, but the tough zombies will exploit any weakness in their quest for yummy brains.

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For beginning players, as well as those who’ve already cut their teeth in World War Z‘s first week (at least after overcoming the game’s continuing problems with connectivity and crashing), we’ve assembled some pro tips on how to survive World War Z.

  • Start On Easy: There are five difficulty levels in World War Z. The natural instinct might be to start on Normal or Hard, but it’s better to start on Easy. For an initial playthrough, it’s best to just enjoy the light storytelling and get a feel for the levels and which weapons work best for you. It sounds obvious, but it’s best to learn how to play before trying to conquer Insane difficulty.
  • Bring Friends: World War Z is an online multiplayer co-op game. Like Diablo, Borderlands, Destiny, Army of Two, or, honestly, any co-op game, it’s best played with friends. Trying to conquer levels on Hard difficulty or above can be blisteringly difficult without proper communication, and that’s best handled with friends.
  • Stay In Formation: Most levels in World War Z feature numerous encounters where the team is placed in a wide open area and tasked with defending a position from an onslaught of hundreds of zombies. In the very first level, the concept is introduced via the battle at the mall atrium, in which the team must set up defenses and hold the line against a swarm of zeke who are trying to climb a fence and enter the mall. Communication is key; if a well-armed team delegates responsibility over each portion of the fence, the situation can be resolved with only a minimum number of zombies making it into the mall.
  • Stick Together: In addition to the arena-style horde fights, World War Z also features more traditional corridor shooting. It’s tempting to race through these areas and reach the next objective, but that’s an easy way to get killed. Creeper and Bull zombies can overpower an unaware player and incapacitate them until they’re rescued by another player, meaning “lone wolf” players are better served running with the pack, so to speak.
  • Seriously, Stick Together: Several objectives, including the final leg of the first level in New York, involve scouring a large area for items and returning them to a central point. It may seem tempting to split up and cover more ground, but that path can quickly lead to a TPK (total party kill). Zombies don’t have to divide and conquer when players willingly split up and offer themselves up to be eaten by the horde. At the very least, split up into pairs, so one player can always cover the other’s back. Still, on any difficulty harder than Normal, stick together at all costs.
  • Stay Stealthy: Many areas can be conquered without arousing the attention of the whole horde of zombies. Sticking with silenced weapons like the initial pistols and melee strikes can allow like-minded teams to clear even large rooms without taking a single point of damage. Many level 4 or 5 weapons also feature silencers, including the Combat Shotgun and Sporting Combine (two of our personal favorites)
  • Choose Your Weapon: Save for exceptions like the Heavy Weapons class and certainone-offs like the Revolver and Double Barrel Shotgun (not to be confused with the Compact Shotgun), nearly every weapon in the game earns XP with use and can level up, to a maximum of Level 5. Once you find a gun you like, try to stick with it and it can become more powerful after investing some Credits. That being said…
  • Spend Credits Wisely: Whether it’s purchasing class-specific upgrades, upgrading weapons, or even upgrading multiplayer classes, everything in World War Z costs credits. While it can be tempting to upgrade everything, there’s just not enough credits to go around. It’s better to pick and choose. Especially in the early game, where you’ll be playing on the easier difficulties, it’s not worth buying every single upgrade; instead, purchase the Level two versions, which cost 150 credits, and then wait for the Level 5 version, which costs 1000. Beating levels on higher difficulties awards more credits, so the more you play, the more powerful you get, the more credits you earn. The progression curve is surprisingly natural in this respect.

Page 2 of 2: World War Z: Other Tips & Tricks

  • Choose Your Class: There are six classes in World War Z, each with different strengths and quirks. At the start, the classes seem practically identical, though they really start to become distinct around level 10 or so. When playing on Easy and even Normal, there’s not much strategy to class selection, but having a Medic and Fixer on hand becomes vital on the highest difficulties.
  • Bring A Medic And A Fixer: Medics can partially restore their own health when healing allies, and restore more health when using medkits. Since medkits are a scarce and precious resource in World War Z, a little extra healing power truly goes a long way. Starting at Level 10, Fixers can start each level with a rare Breach Charge, which can open doors to exceptionally powerful weapons, defenses, and medkits. On Insane difficulty, a Breach Charge can easily be the difference between triumphant success and embarrassing failure.
  • Seriously, Bring A Fixer: Fixers don’t carry grenades, tasers, or molotov cocktails: instead, they carry supply drops, which can load any teammate’s primary weapon with explosive ammo. These bullets are so powerful, they can tear through even a Bull zombie in a matter of seconds. When holding the line against a swarm, a strategically deployed supply drop can make all the difference.
  • How To Handle A Zombie Wall: Some of the best moments in World War Z come when a swarm of zombies attempts to scale a vertical structure. The visual spectacle of the incredible animation is matched by the tension and excitement of trying to stop the horde from reaching the top. The best way to handle a wall of zombies is to launch explosives at the base, while a sharpshooter or two snipe stragglers who manage to elude fiery death. With coordination and a little luck, a skilled team can take down a wall without a single zombie making it over.
  • How To Dodge A Bull: World War Z lacks a dodge roll, so Bull zombies can be particularly dangerous. They can take a lot of damage before going down, and have a nasty move where they charge a player and grab them, dealing continuous damage until they’re taken down by other players. Once one has its sights on a player, it’s really tough to evade a Bull, but there is a trick: put something between you and the Bull. Try to position yourself so the Bull will crash into a conveniently-placed obstacle; it will save a lot of grief!
  • Watch Out For Creepers: The Bull’s counterpart is the Creeper, who hides until a player gets close before pouncing on its target. As with the Bull, a player grabbed by a Creeper is completely incapacitated and must be rescued by a teammate. However, Creepers don’t have noticeably more health than regular zombies, and a player with quick reflexes can often take one down before they use their grab move. When a Creeper is in the area, the characters will comment on it; use this opportunity to check tight corners, the preferred hiding spot of these nasty critters.
  • Try PvPvZ: In addition to the co-op story, there is also a somewhat traditional multiplayer suite. Zombie swarms are still present in these 4v4 modes, adding a unique twist on an otherwise standard assortment of modes. Winning a match gains players a cool 250 credits, and getting together with a skilled team can lead to a windfall of currency which can be used to further upgrade weapons and classes.

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Zak Wojnar

5 Characters We Want To See Return In Jurassic World 3 (& 5 We Don’t)

After both Jurassic World and its sequel Fallen Kingdom grossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office, it wasn’t long before Universal was asking for a third one. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are set to reprise their roles, but Colin Trevorrow, the writer of all three Jurassic World movies and director of the first and third ones, has also promised that there are some characters in Fallen Kingdom who “you’ll realize are major characters” in the third movie.

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But just like Jeff Goldblum returned to the role of Ian Malcolm last summer, we could also see the return of some gone-but-not-forgotten characters from the original series. So, here are 5 Characters We Want To See Return In Jurassic World 3 (And 5 We Don’t).

10 Don’t want to see: Dr. Henry Wu

B.D. Wong was the only actor from the original Jurassic Park movies to appear in 2015’s Jurassic World. He was joined by Jeff Goldblum in Fallen Kingdom when he returned again. Although Dr. Wu is one of the series’ best characters, let’s face it: he’s been the villain enough times now.

There’s only so many times we can watch this scientist betray everyone. And in a world infested with dinosaurs, the plot will likely revolve around the effort to contain them, rather than make money out of them, so there won’t be room for Dr. Wu in the story anymore.

9 Want to see: Ian Malcolm

Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm made a reappearance in Fallen Kingdom that was brief, yet well-received by fans. Pretty much anything you can get Jeff Goldblum to appear in is going to get an enthusiastic response from moviegoers, because he’s staggeringly popular, especially since playing the Grandmaster to hilarious effect in Thor: Ragnarok.

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If he’s back in Jurassic World 3, it would be great to see a more fleshed-out role with more memorable quips like, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” His line, “Welcome to Jurassic World,” that closed out Fallen Kingdom was intriguing and unforgettable, particularly with Goldblum’s spot-on delivery, but we need to see Ian Malcolm being Ian Malcolm again. We need to see him face off with fellow quipper Owen Grady, too, since Chris Pratt didn’t share any scenes with Goldblum in last year’s dino sequel.

8 Don’t want to see: Nick Van Owen

In the years between The Lost World: Jurassic Park (the second one) and today’s Jurassic World trilogy, Vince Vaughn went from obscure dramatic actor to mega-famous comedic actor and back to obscure dramatic actor again with movies like Brawl in Cell Block 99.

However, Vaughn’s Jurassic Park character Nick Van Owen didn’t make enough of an impact in the movie in which he appeared for his return to be a monumental moment. Fans won’t gasp at the sight of him in the same way they did for Jeff Goldblum in Fallen Kingdom (well, they might, but that would be because Vince Vaughn made a surprise appearance in the movie, not because Nick Van Owen has returned to the big screen).

7 Want to see: Zia Rodriguez

Although Fallen Kingdom was met with mixed reviews from critics (and fans weren’t too pleased either), Dr. Zia Rodriguez – played by Daniella Pineda – was an excellent addition. She was a strong and fearless former Marine who always did the right thing and got plenty of laughs along the way.

There was a scene in Fallen Kingdom that revealed Zia to be a lesbian that was cut for time. It would be interesting to explore this part of her character in the threequel instead. She showed real promise in Fallen Kingdom and has the potential to become a fan favorite with a larger role in Jurassic World 3.

6 Don’t want to see: Franklin Webb

Justice Smith is a fine young actor. It looks like he’ll be the only thing grounding the new Detective Pikachu movie. But his character in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was just annoying.

He was supposed to be the comic relief, but he was too whiny to be funny. Everything frightened him and he was barely competent. He didn’t like stepping out of his comfort zone and going to Isla Nublar took him out of his comfort zone. That’s about as far as this character can go with his development. He didn’t make much of a splash and if he’s not in the threequel, he won’t be missed.

5 Want to see: Sarah Harding

Steven Spielberg’s initial sequel to Jurassic Park, The Lost World, was not as well-received by audiences or critics as its predecessor. Pretty much the entire original cast was replaced, the runtime dragged on a little bit, and the third act was silly.

However, the movie did have a lot of incredible action sequences, and it gave us a great new character addition: Julianne Moore’s Dr. Sarah Harding. Moore’s star has only continued to rise in the couple of decades since her Jurassic Park appearance, so if there’s any way to fit her into the new sequel, fans will be very pleased.

4 Don’t want to see: Maisie Lockwood

The human cloning subplot in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was an interesting way to expand the franchise’s fictional universe, and it explored – or rather, scratched the surface of, but still – what else could be done with the technology used to bring back the dinosaurs.

But Maisie Lockwood made a really stupid decision at the end of the movie when she pressed the big red button to unleash all the dinosaurs into the world. She felt a sort of kindred spirit with the legions of prehistoric beasties, having just found out she’s a clone and therefore feeling like they were her brethren. It was pretty lame.

3 Want to see: Ellie Sattler

Laura Dern has already made an appearance in one rebooted sci-fi franchise with her role as Vice Admiral Holdo in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it’s high time she returned to the role of Dr. Ellie Sattler. It makes sense that she wouldn’t want to return to Isla Nublar, explaining her absence in the first Jurassic World movie and its sequel.

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But now that the dinosaurs have come to mainland America, she won’t be able to avoid the action. The plot could concern every dino expert from the previous Jurassic Park movies joining together to try to contain the dinosaur invasion.

2 Don’t want to see: Billy Brennan

While no movie in the Jurassic Park franchise has been truly acclaimed by critics since the first one, it’s arguable that Jurassic Park III is the worst one of the bunch. Fans might be open to William H. Macy returning to the franchise after debuting in Jurassic Park III, since he’s a popular actor and he’s even more popular now due to his performance in Shameless, but not the Billy Brennan character.

He was the token dinosaur egg thief who supposedly redeemed himself later when he saved the missing kid’s life. He was an eager, annoying grad student and the movies are better off without him.

1 Want to see: Alan Grant

Sam Neill is as known to a modern audience as anyone, thanks to his role in Peaky Blinders, so it’s about time we saw Dr. Alan Grant return to action in the Jurassic World trilogy. Director Colin Trevorrow hinted at the return of both Sam Neill and Laura Dern to the franchise when he was told that audiences might feel cheated if their characters didn’t show up.

He said, “I totally agree with that. I would feel robbed too, yeah.” It seems like it’s all a matter of whether or not he can work them into the story organically, but hopefully there’s room for them.

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Ben Sherlock

Accel World Season 2 Updates: Will It Happen?

The first season ended in 2012 so will Accel World season 2 ever happen? Accel World is based on the light novel series of the same name by author Reki Kawahara (Sword Art Online) and takes place in 2046. The story follows a bullied boy named Haruyuku who escapes from real-life into virtual reality games. His skill brings him to the attention of popular girl Kuroyukihime, who introduces him to a secret program called Brain Burst, which allows users to speed up their brainwaves and essentially stop time.

To earn points for Brain Burst, players have to fight each other in a huge virtual game. Kuroyukihime wants Haruyuku’s help to defeat the faction leaders of Brain Burst and reach the top level to meet the creator of the game. Accel World has also spawned video games and received a spinoff movie called Accel World: Infinite Burst in 2016 that took place after the final episode of season 1.

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The first season covered roughly the first few volumes of the light novel series, which is still ongoing. Fans have been wondering if there will be an Accel Burst season 2 to wrap up the anime series too, so will there be another series to take viewers back to the accelerated world?

Accel World Season 2 Was Never Officially Announced

While the first season performed well, Accel World season 2 has yet to be confirmed. The author of Accel World once spoke of pushing for another season in 2014 but Sunrise, the animation studio behind the show, was busy on other projects. Since then, little has been heard.

Given the amount of time that’s passed since the end of Accel World season 1 without any sign of a second season, it would appear there are no plans to continue the anime series. That said, the franchise has continued on with various video games and other spinoffs, so there’s still hope.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date

Since Accel World season 2 has yet to be confirmed there’s no release date set for it. The franchise marks its tenth anniversary in 2019 so there’s a chance another series might be announced soon, but fans are urged to be cautious considering how long it’s been since the anime finished airing.

Accel World Season 2 Story

If Accel World season 2 moves ahead it will likely cover the rest of the light novel series and continue the main characters quest to meet the game’s creator. Fans were also left somewhat unsatisfied with the 2016 movie Accel World: Infinite Burst, where half of the movie simply reused footage from the series with some new narration. With Sunrise still busy on projects like Mobile Suit Gundam and City Hunter, it seems unlikely the show will return in 2019.

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2019-04-19 10:04:49

Padraig Cotter

World of Warships: Legends – Launch Trailer

The multiplayer online naval action game is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch more trailers here!

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Solo’s Alden Ehrenreich to Lead USA’s Brave New World Adaptation

American actor Alden Ehrenreich will star in USA’s Brave New World. Based on Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel of the same name, the television series will examine a dystopian society whose morals are challenged by a subversive outsider. Most recently, Ehrenreich portrayed Han Solo in Ron Howard’s 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

In 1954, the English writer-philosopher Huxley released The Doors of Perception, a novel about the author’s experience while under the influence of mescaline. A decade later, shortly after Huxley’s death at the age of 69, the novel inspired the name of the American rock band The Doors, a group known for its blend of philosophical and psychedelic musical concepts. Decades prior, in 1931, Huxley released his fifth novel, Brave New World. The book foreshadows modern technology and science, while it’s “World State” setting underlines how psychological manipulation can affect the masses. In 2009, Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio planned a theatrical adaptation of Brave New World that never panned out, this coming after the release of television film adaptations in 1980 and 1998.

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Per Deadline, Ehrenreich has a leading role in USA’s Brave New World. In the adaption, he’ll portray John the Savage, a rebellious figure who saves two people that leave the dystopian society New London, but subsequently find trouble in the Savage Lands. The trio returns to New London, where John the Savage threatens the traditions of the community. In 2015, it was announced that Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment would produce Brave New World, and the series was officially ordered last February, but only after moving from SyFy to USA. According to Deadline, Brave New World may be the “potential flagship series” for NBC Universal’s new streaming service NBCU, set to launch in 2020.

Though Ehrenreich’s television resume is sparse, he did begin his acting career on the small screen. In 2005, he appeared in one episode of Supernatural, and was cast in one episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation the following year. Since then, Ehrenreich has acted exclusively in feature films, making his debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s 2009 drama Tetro. In recent years, Ehrenreich has received critical acclaim and accolades for his performances in Richard LaGravenese’s Beautiful Creatures, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, and the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! 

For USA, or potentially NBCU, Ehrenreich’s casting represents a strong first step for Brave New World. While it’s unclear who will portray the main residents of New London, or whether certain names and locations will be changed, it’s evident that Ehrenreich will portray a Jon Snow-like figure – a character with a specific vision of how the world should be, but one who is caught up in a larger game in which he’s forced to defend his actions. 

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Source: Deadline

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Q.V. Hough