10 Incredible Worlds In The Marvel Comics MCU Has Yet To Explore

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought a lot of unique and amazing worlds to life in its movies and TV shows over the years. The advanced African nation of Wakanda showed up in Black Panther. Knowhere was part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Sakaar was in Thor: Ragnarok. Even Titan was shown as part of Avengers: Infinity War.

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Other amazing worlds were also hinted at, from the Dark Dimension in Doctor Strange to the Nine Realms in the Thor movies. However, when looking at the history of Marvel Comics, there are a lot of incredible worlds that the MCU has not visited yet. Here is a look at 10 that future movies and TV shows MCU should visit in one way or another.


With Disney finally gaining the rights to their Fox Marvel properties, there is a decent chance that the Negative Zone might make its way into the MCU. Straight out of the pages of Fantastic Four comics, Negative Zone is a world that Reed Richards discovered and built a portal to enter. The Fantastic Four have been there many times.

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Now, there is the possibility that the Quantum Realm from the Ant-Man movies is MCU’s version of the Negative Zone. There was also a version introduced in the non-MCU movie Fantastic Four in 2015 but until Annihilus or Blastaar show up, it isn’t the real Negative Zone.


Along with Fantastic Four, Disney now has the rights to Doctor Doom. While Doom, and his home of Latveria, played into the first two Fantastic Four movies, the MCU has never had the rights to the fictional country until now. With so many fans still wanting to see Doctor Doom done right, it is a perfect time to look into bringing Latveria into the MCU.

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Latveria is a small eastern European country and is ruled over by Victor von Doom, who for much of his comic book existence is a beloved leader there while a supervillain to the rest of the world. It also provides Doom with something few villains have — diplomatic immunity. It is also the neighboring country of Marvel’s version of Transylvania.


With the mutants coming to the MCU, Marvel has a chance to introduce Genosha to fans. Now, there are some rumors that Genosha might play a role in the next X-Men movie Dark Phoenix but that was part of the Fox movies before they joined Marvel and the MCU. Genosha is a small country off the coast of Africa and was a safe haven and home for mutants.

If Genosha is part of that movie, maybe Marvel could want to go with the updated home for mutants in Marvel Comics and introduce the fictional city of Madripoor, which was turned into a home for mutants after Mystique purchased it from Hydra.


There have been a ton of rumors over the years that the MCU wants to make a movie about Kazar and his home in the Savage Land. This is a tropical location that still homes prehistoric life, such as dinosaurs and saber-tooth tigers, the most famous of which is Kazar’s pet Zabu.

The Savage Land remains protected as its location is a mystery to almost everyone on Earth. There are some who know how to find it, including Magneto, Iron Man, the X-Men, and a few others. Expect one day to finally see this incredible world from Marvel Comics when Kazar finally gets his time to shine.


Thanks to two things, never expect to see the world of Atlantis in the MCU. The first reason is because of Aquaman. Much like the Greek Gods from Marvel Comics like Hercules won’t show up due to Wonder Woman, it would be too confusing to have Atlantis in both comic book worlds.  The second reason is that Disney still doesn’t have the exclusive rights to Namor, the Sub Mariner.

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Just like Aquaman is the King of Atlantis in DC, Namor is the King of Atlantis in Marvel. He is very different from Aquaman, a total jerk most of the time who might be the most antagonistic superhero in Marvel. Maybe one day Namor will show up, but don’t expect to see Atlantis anytime soon.


Asgard on Earth could happen. Remember, at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardians all set off on a spacecraft to find a new home. Sadly, at the start of Avengers: Infinity War, they basically all died.  However, there is a good chance that Avengers: Endgame will resurrect many of them but they still need a new home.

This was hinted at in the first Thor movie, as the film took place in the desert communities in Arizona. In the comics, it was Oklahoma and New Asgard was placed in a giant area there for the Gods of Asgard to live in peace. Asgard on Earth has a ton of potential in the MCU.


Beyond-Realm is the origin point for everything that has ever happened in the entire Marvel Universe. Comic book fans should know the name The Beyonder, as he was who abducted most of the Earth’s heroes and villains and had them battle in Secret Wars.

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Beyond-Realm could give MCU a chance to really blow fans minds, but it would first need to delve a bit deeper into the stories coming from the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Everyone from Beyonder to other celestial beings like The Living Tribunal and Eternity could be introduced into this world. A story with just The Beyonder could be the perfect introduction to this amazing world.


With the X-Men in the MCU for the first time, Marvel will have to decide what kind of stories it wants to tell with the mutants. While they have their critics, the X-Men movies to date have told some of the best basic stories from the comics, from their battles with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to Apocalypse, the Hellfire Club, and Dark Phoenix.

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However, looking at X-Men: Days of Future Past, the movies introduced the idea of alternate worlds. There are many of them, from the Age of Apocalypse and Days of Future Past to Mojoverse and Askaniverse, there are tons of options if the MCU wants to really play with what makes X-Men unique.


While possibly just another X-Men alternate world, the idea of Old Man Logan goes further than just another X-Men story. In this world, the bad guys won and defeated almost every hero. The villains, Doctor Doom, Magneto, Red Skull and a vicious Hulk split up the country between them.

What was left on Earth was Logan, who had retired after the X-Men died, a blind Hawkeye, and a few others trying to survive. There is even an Old Man Quill comic coming that brings an old Star-Lord to this Marvel world. Logan showed the elder version in our world, but this Marvel world has still not appeared in the MCU.


Marvel hasn’t made a true monster movie yet unless you count The Incredible Hulk. When it comes to the monsters in Marvel Comics, there are a ton including Morbius (who is still controlled by Sony), Frankenstein’s Monster, Man-Thing, The Living Werewolf, and others. There is even a home to monsters in Marvel called Monster Isle.

This used to be the base for Mole Man, the villain from the first issue of Fantastic Four. The island has been home to many monsters, including Gorgilla, It the Living Colossus, Fin Fang Foom, and even Thing from the Fantastic Four at one point.

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Obsidian Reveals The Outer Worlds: The Fallout Game We Wanted?

Obsidian Entertainment revealed their new title at The Game Awards, The Outer Worlds. And judging from the trailer, The Outer Worlds looks a lot like a Fallout game.

Obsidian has a strong reputation as a developer that does a lot of projects that are sequels to other popular game franchises. Not only is it the studio behind Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Republic II: The Sith Lords, both sequels to BioWare games, but it is also the developer of Fallout: New Vegas, a sequel to Bethesda’s Fallout 3. However, the company recently started devoting itself to its own properties, including its crowdfunded Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Its recent success got the attention of Microsoft, who bought Obsidian back in November.

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Obsidian’s newest title, The Outer Worlds, was unveiled at The Game Awards. The trailer shows a game with a steampunk kind of feel that also has a very retro wasteland vibe that is very reminiscent of Fallout. The trailer announces that the player has arrived at the edge of the galaxy, “the frontier of space,” a place that has become overrun with corporations, which explains all the retro advertisements seen throughout the video.

Obsidian partnered with Take-Two with this new title before the company became part of Microsoft, which means The Outer Worlds will not be an Xbox One and PC exclusive: it will also be on the PS4. The trailer also announces that the game will release sometime in 2019. Perhaps what’s most evident in the trailer, though, is how very much like Fallout the game appears to be. Not only does the game have that same vintage vibe, but even some of the outfits resemble those seen in Fallout games. Even the camera shots feel familiar. The trailer also mentions that The Outer Worlds comes from the original creators of Fallout, as well as the developers of Fallout: New Vegas, so these similarities are apparent for a reason.

With the complete train wreck that has become the release of Bethesda’s Fallout 76, The Outer Worlds seems like the Fallout game that fans have wanted all along. It’s an obvious throwback to titles like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and because it’s an original IP, shouldn’t come with the baggage that the franchise now has, thanks to the issues with Fallout 76. When The Outer Worlds releases next year, it’s likely to appeal to players who feel like they got burned by Bethesda.

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AQUAMAN “Amazing Worlds” Trailer (NEW 2018) Amber Heard, Jason Momoa Movie HD

AQUAMAN “Amazing Worlds” Trailer (NEW 2018) Amber Heard, Jason Momoa Movie HD
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The Flash Premiere Had The Arrowverse’s First Batwoman Easter Egg

The fifth season premiere of The Flash surprised fans by making the first official reference to the existence of Batwoman, months ahead of her first scheduled appearance during the annual Arrowverse crossover event this winter. The episode also dropped a number of references to the classic comic book mini-series Crisis On Infinite Earths, which has been hinted as an eventual occurrence in the future of the Arrowverse.

Batwoman’s arrival in the Arrowverse was first announced shortly before San Diego Comic Con 2018, when the news broke that The CW was considering developing a television series based around Kate Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne who unintentionally followed in his footsteps when she became a vigilante. It was later confirmed that not only was The CW developing the series, but they intended to introduce Kate Kane as part of Elseworlds – the next annual Arrowverse crossover event. Ruby Rose, of Orange Is The New Black fame, was ultimately cast in the role of Kate Kane.

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The nod to Batwoman came near the end of the third segment of “Nora.” The action of the episode centered around Nora West-Allen, the future daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, accidentally traveling back in time to before she was born and meeting her parents shortly after they got married. Barry quickly realized something was up when Nora seemed more concerned about spending time with him than doing the same with Iris and asked Nora, point blank, if that had anything to do his disappearance during a crisis in 2024, which he had read about in a future newspaper. Nora responded by showing Barry a newspaper from her time – the year 2049 – and confirming that he never returned home and that she grew up without a father.

Published 25 years to the day after the original article from the future, which was first seen in the first episode of The Flash, the 2049 article discusses the same crisis, but with a bit more detail. The 2024 article mentioned The Flash disappearing while fighting alongside Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl. The 2049 article lists a larger number of heroes being involved in the battle, including Batwoman. The article says:

“But in the years following the crisis, accounts only grew more contradictory. Some eyewitnesses remember dozens of other heroes present, including Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Elongated Man. Others remember heroes thought lost in time, like The Atom, or from other worlds, like Supergirl. Some even contend they saw Reverse-Flash leading an army of ‘shadow demons’.”

It is interesting to note that Batwoman is mentioned in the same sentence as Green Arrow and Elongated Man – two heroes who frequently fight alongside The Flash on Earth-One. Until now, it had not been confirmed what Earth in the Arrowverse Kate Kane would be based on, though most assumed she would be from Earth 38 – the same Earth as Supergirl – as that would make it easier for the two to team-up in the future, in the same way that Batman and Superman frequently join forces in the comics. The wording of the article would suggest, however, that Kate Kane will be from Earth-One.

The mention of Reverse-Flash leading an army of shadow demons is another point of interest, given that shadow demons were the main mooks of The Anti-Monitor – the villain of the Crisis On Infinite Earths mini-series, where The Flash seemingly died saving the multiverse. The article also makes mention of The Psycho Pirate – another super-villain who had a major role in the events of The Crisis. It has long been suspected that the Arrowverse would eventually reenact Crisis On Infinite Earths in live-action and this latest bit of news about Batwoman from The Flash premiere seems to make that probability all the more certain.

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Assassin’s Creed: 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – the latest installment in Ubisoft’s wildly popular video game franchise – has finally landed on shelves. Set in Ancient Greece, Odyssey gives players the opportunity to assume the role of a mercenary from either Athens or Sparta, and to take part in a mythology-infused recreation of the Peloponnesian War.

The game features an even greater emphasis on the RPG elements first introduced in its predecessor, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and boasts multiple endings that are triggered by the player’s actions. Odyssey also sees the return of the controversial Hitbox combat engine which debuted in Origins – albeit in a significantly enhanced form. Thanks to these and other challenging core mechanics – not to mention the daunting size of the game’s virtual environment – Odyssey should prove suitably tough for more casual gamers. But for seasoned veterans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise? Not so much.

Indeed, gamers who have followed the series since the very first entry way back in 2007 aren’t likely to struggle. On the contrary, we expect them to flourish, putting to good use the skills and knowledge they’ve gleaned from the past 11 games in the series – not to mention the six spin-off entries – to finish the main quest in record time.  This will leave them free to start focusing on tracking down Odyssey’s hidden Easter eggs, secret areas, and other bonus content clueless rookies don’t have a chance of tracking down unaided.

Here’s a list of 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

20 Find The Legend Of Zelda Easter Egg

Of all the many classic video game franchises, few are as unanimously beloved by both gamers and developers alike as The Legend of Zelda series. The team at Ubisoft clearly rank amongst this iconic Nintendo series’ admirers – as the easter egg they tucked away in Odyssey proves.

In a tip of the hat to the most recent Zelda instalment, Breath of the Wild, a Korok – a small humanoid figure made out of clay, flower petals and twigs – can be found on the Pandora’s Cove coastline. Although this hidden tribute is now the most well-known Easter egg in the game, experts had no trouble tracking it down on their own within mere days of Odyssey’s release!

19 Achieve The Secret Ending

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey marks a dramatic change in direction for the franchise – from purely action/adventure outings to something closer to an action/RPG hybrid. This is reflected in how important the player’s actions are to the game’s overall narrative, and in particular, how that narrative reaches its climax.

Indeed, what the player decides to do – or just as importantly, say – will determine how events unfold next, and ultimately determine which of the game’s multiple endings they achieve.

Most players should be able to reach at least one ending.

If you complete every side quest and make all of the right decisions to unlock the secret, ultra ending, ensuring the best possible finale for your mercenary.

18 Visit Atlantis

As soon as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Ancient Greece setting was announced, fans immediately began speculating over whether the fabled lost city of Atlantis would be part of its virtual environment. The good news is that Ubisoft hasn’t missed a trick, and Atlantis does indeed count among the many sunken locations scattered across the game’s humongous map. The bad news? It’s highly likely that only experts will be capable of uncovering the most eagerly anticipated (not to mention coolest) secret area in Odyssey.

The steps involved are extremely taxing, requiring players to traverse treacherous terrain, solve fiendish riddles posed by the Sphinx and dispatch a bevy of mythological horrors like Medusa, the Cyclops and the Minotaur!

17 Recruit Legendary NPCs Early

Over the course of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players can enlist NPCs to serve as crew members aboard their ship, the Adrestia. Recruiting a high calibre crew is a great way to upgrade the Adrestia – so the trick is to bring legendary NPCs into the fold. Casual gamers will wait until they unlock these characters by completing quests, however experts are aware of a hidden mechanic that speeds up the whole process.

There’s a less publicized gameplay mechanic which enables you to recruit legendary NPCs by defeating them in combat using non-lethal takedowns.

Better yet, once your ship’s roster is made up entirely of legendary NPCs, you unlock the “Argonauts” trophy, too!

16 Regain The Cyclops Eye

One of the most frustrating moments in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey arrives early on, when you’re forced to give up the Cyclops’ Eye during Sequence 1. It’s not exactly the most classy of disposals, either: to put it bluntly, you squeeze it up the rear end of a poor, unsuspecting goat. If you’re scratching your head over this last revelation, then just trust us: it makes sense at the time!

Rookies will write off the Eye as a lost cause, but experts up to speed on the game’s secrets won’t give up so quickly. By engaging in an exhaustive goat-hunting expedition in Kephallonia, they’ll recover this valuable artifact, earning the dubious “Stink Eye” achievement, as well.

15 Change Their Ship’s Figurehead

Long-time fans of the series will recall that in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you could easily customize your ship’s decorative figurehead as part of the normal upgrade process. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that carries over to Odyssey – and only expert players are likely to work out the secret method of doing this.

For starters, you need to defeat a boss – not exactly a walk in the park itself, by the way – and then behead them.

Once this has been take care of, if you scroll through the inventory of ship upgrade options, you’ll see your new souvenir listed. Select it, and voila! The Adrestia will have itself a brand new (and rather creepy) figurehead!

14 Track Down All Of The Cultist Clues

The underlying mythology of the Assassin’s Creed franchise incorporates several shadowy organisations – and Odyssey is no exception. The latest entry in the series introduces the nefarious Cult of Kosmos, and players aiming to get the most out of game’s story need to track down and eliminate key members of the group. In order to do so, they’ll have to swap their mercenary’s helmet for their detective’s cap, as the cultists’ whereabouts are only revealed by clues sprinkled through Odyssey’s sprawling Ancient Greece setting.

Some of these hints can be uncovered with little effort, whereas others will prove elusive to all but the most seasoned of gamers!

On the plus side, all of this running around pays off, as only players who chase down every single cultist will get to experience the game’s whole story.

13 Unlock Evie Frye

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – the ninth video game in the main series – is headlined by twins Jacob and Evie Frye. Of the two siblings, Evie is arguably the more memorable – which is probably why she’s an unlockable character in Odyssey. Now, before you get too excited, bear in mind that Evie is a legendary NPC, so you won’t get to play as her directly.

Still, it’s incredibly cool to recruit her as a crew member on your ship, provided you’re an Ubisoft Club member with enough XP to afford her. See, unlocking Evie requires players to part with 7,500 XP in exchange for the “Master Assassin” badge, which only long-time fans of the franchise will have amassed!

12 Access Battle Royale Mode

Battle royale games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are currently the hottest thing on the block. Making the most of modern online multiplayer capabilities, games in this genre pit a pack of players against each other in thrilling, last-man-standing contests.

Obviously, this stands in stark contrast to the single-player, open world experience offered by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – until experts stumble across the “Call to Arms” sidequest. Found by scouring the island of Melos, this mission – which requires skilled players to wipe out 99 consecutive enemies – represents a thinly-veiled attempt by Ubisoft to acknowledge (or should that be “cash in on”?) the popularity of the battle royale genre!

11 Find The Black Panther Easter Egg

Black Panther is currently the second highest grossing film of 2018, and with that success comes a considerable fanbase, too. At least some of the developers at Ubisoft fall within that category, if the Black Panther Easter egg included in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is anything to go by. As experts will have no doubt already discovered, the game contains a fairly faithful recreation of Black Panther’s two most notable scenes: the duels that occur at the base of a waterfall.

This is staged at the Gortyn Waterfall, where players can first spectate on the melee using Eagle Vision.

That’s not all, though: it’s also possible to clamber up the cliff where the fight is going down, and actually confront the pair of brawlers yourself!

10 Discover Sam Fisher’s Goggles

So far we’ve focused solely on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Ancient Greece setting – which disregards the fact that certain sections of the game are set in a present day safe house. Anyone unfamiliar with the franchise’s convoluted (some would say downright insane) science fiction elements, just trust us when we say that this does make sense.

Regardless of whether or not you buy into this more far-fetched aspect of the Assassin’s Creed mythology, there are multiple Easter eggs to dig up during these segments. Not all of these relate to the franchise either – just ask the experts who’ve unearthed the iconic, three-lensed night vision goggles worn by Sam Fisher, the protagonist of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell games!

9 Stumble Across The Sword In The Stone

The team at Ubisoft has done a remarkable job of recreating an utterly convincing (albeit wildly fantastical) rendition of Ancient Greece in Odyssey. This awesome attention to detail is reflected in almost every aspect of the virtual environment, particularly the character and weapon design. We say “almost”, because at least one item experts will undoubtedly come across whilst roaming the game map definitely does not fit the time period depicted: the Sword in the Stone from Arthurian legend. Fortunately, this gag is an intentional mistake on the developer’s part.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove this legendary blade from its Lakonia resting place.

That’s a real shame: historical accuracy be damned – there’s always a place for Excalibur in our armory!

8 Locate The Rabbid Figure

Another easter egg squirrelled away in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s modern era safe house setting, the Rabbid figure is hard to spot if players blitz through these sequences. However, experts tend to favor a more methodical approach – even when confronted by the franchise’s moments of less than engaging gameplay.

These long-time campaigners will cast their eyes over every inch of the safe house, which means snooping around each room, no matter how empty it appears to be. This will eventually lead them to the shelves of a particularly untidy room. Here, they’ll spy the Rabbid toy – a cute shout-out to Ubisoft’s all-ages Rayman franchise, accompanied by a line of dialogue (“Bwaah?”) associated with these bunny-like characters.

7 Acquire The Epic Unicorn Skin

It doesn’t matter what mythology we’re talking about: unicorns are invariably treated as an incredibly rare species. Certainly, this carries over to the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where players can indeed transform their horse into one of these awe-inspiring creatures – provided they can get their hands on a unicorn pelt.

They sport an eye-watering 6,400 Drachmae price tag!

Rookies who are feeling flush will plump for either the Black Unicorn or undeniably amazing (though sadly, non-flying) Pegasus skins, purchased with real-world cash from the Ubisoft Store. On the other hand, genuine experts prefer to earn their keep, and will trawl merchant stalls for the appropriately named, randomly-spawing Epic Unicorn skin, which leaves rainbow hoof prints.

6 Home Town Pride

The developers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey hail from Ubisoft’s Montreal headquarters, based in Quebec. Like the citizens of any city or town, these guys and gals are proud of the place they call home – so much so that they managed to sneak a Quebec-related easter egg into the game!

It’s something that will almost certainly go unnoticed by less observant gamers, but experienced players – the type of people who scan the entire game environment for secret material – will discover a travel magazine whilst rifling through the safe house. The destination this mag is promoting? Why, Quebec, of course! True, it’s not exactly the most exciting bonus content in Odyssey, but it’s a nice touch all the same.

5 Put The Arena Spikes To Good Use

A key trait which separates veteran Assassin’s Creed players from newcomers is the willingness of the former to experiment with their surroundings. Take the spikes that dotted around the Arena in Odyssey.

Rookies will probably dismiss these as mere set dressing and completely ignore them once the fighting breaks out.

Don’t expect experts to make the same mistake, though. Already clued up on just how interactive the game worlds in the franchise can be, these gamers will immediately identify the potential for the spikes to deal damage to their opponents. The next thing you know, the edges of the Arena will begin to resemble a shish kebab vendor who trades in skewered would-be gladiatorial champions!

4 Reminisce About The Frye Twins

It turns out Assassin’s Creed Syndicate isn’t the only instalment in the franchise to take place in London – Odyssey does, too. True, the vast majority of the game is set in Ancient Greece, but its modern era sections unfold in London, something that won’t come as a shock to more attentive players.

After all, just by gazing out of the safe house windows, you can take in a decent view of London’s famous skyline, with what tourists would recognize as Big Beg especially prominent. What’s more, if you allow yourself a moment to properly contemplate the sight before your eyes, you’ll even trigger a line of dialogue that references Jacob and Evie Frye, the lead characters in Syndicate!

3 Discover All Of The Underwater Locations

As you might expect from a virtual environment that recreates the entire Aegean Sea, Atlantis isn’t the only submerged area on the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map.

The ocean floor of Ubisoft’s vision of Ancient Greece is littered with dozens of hidden locations brimming with valuable treasure.

Anyone prepared to embrace their inner Jacques Cousteau will be in for a real treat. That said, given the sheer amount of exploration required to pinpoint all of these sunken locations – fun fact: at 130km², Odyssey’s map is 62% bigger than the already massive world of Origins – we’d wager only experts will visit all of them.

2 Get All Of The Other Endings As Well

Sure, everybody wants to get the best possible Assassin’s Creed Odyssey ending – you know: the super secret, totally awesome one we mentioned earlier. Even so, part of being an expert is also having a completist streak, which is why we think they’ll figure out how to achieve Odyssey’s eight other possible endings, as well.

This might not sound like much, but it’s actually quite a feat, for two main reasons. First of all, this game is absurdly long – the main quest alone clocks in at 40 hours of gameplay – so repeating it again and again is no picnic. Secondly, they’ll need to ensure they get every single word and deed right, in order to arrive at their desired conclusion!

1 Climb Up The Naked Statue

Full disclosure: this entry is unashamedly juvenile in nature, given it revolves around players scaling up a male statue and dangling from part of its anatomy (three guesses which part). Regardless, we’re positive that even the most mature expert will decide to do just that, when they pass by this landmark early on in Odyssey – honestly, it’s just too hard to resist.

You’ll be rewarded for your childish antics if you do.

Performing this act initiates a wry line of dialogue from the player’s mercenary, which just goes to show that Ubisoft definitely predicted this becoming a thing. Although to be honest, they hardly needed the talents of one of Ancient Greece’s oracles to foresee it!

Did we miss out any other things that only experts know how to do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Let us know in the comments!

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Charlie Cox Thinks The Defenders Was Too Slow, Still Wants Season 2

Marvel’s The Defenders miniseries had its issues, but Charlie Cox thinks there’s potential for a second season. The Daredevil star, who’s currently doing promotion for the third season of the Netflix Marvel universe’s flagship show, discussed the possibility of bringing all the New York heroes back together, and what needs to be different this time around to ensure it doesn’t continue to be the least-viewed Marvel series on the streaming service.

Cox isn’t the first actor to speak out about season 2. In March, prior to the release of Jessica Jones season 2, Krysten Ritter shared that if the opportunity came about, she would do another season, but that she didn’t think there were any plans to go down that path. However, more recently, at Baltimore Comic-Con, Mike Colter (who stars in Luke Cage) joked that the crowd didn’t cheer enough in response to a mention of The Defenders season 2, but then replied to the increased applause, “Alright, alright, maybe we can do something.”

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Now, Cox is adding his two cents, and he’s even more positive. Speaking with Metro, Cox revealed how much he enjoyed working on The Defenders. He said he got “a little kick out of” seeing how the four unique heroes came together, and worked side-by-side. The issue, Cox believes, was the format, agreeing with many fans that the season “felt too slow,” but that he thinks this is because there was an emphasis on setting things up naturally, and then they ran out of time to put a focus on the actual team-up.

Cox went on to praise showrunner Marco Ramirez for his ability to meld the very different heroes into one show, calling it a “mammoth undertaking” that “he did fantastically.” But moving forward, he sees the benefit in keeping things on a smaller scale. “I would like to see a story that is more in keeping with the show’s that we make, which is a little bit more grounded, a little more boots on the ground. I don’t want to see us try and compete with the Avengers in terms of the scope.” However, though he clearly has hopes for a season 2, Cox isn’t aware of any progress made toward making more of The Defenders.

Frankly, despite how cool it is to see worlds merge and superheroes team up, it’s hard to see the benefit of another season. The various loose ends from the final episode will (hopefully) be all tied up by Daredevil season 3, and it’s undeniable that the show was fraught with mistakes and plot holes. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in some capacity. Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel TV, made some intriguing comments last month, hinting that perhaps another season could involve a different group of heroes as the Defenders. Considering the wealth of captivating supporting characters the connected series have offered, this could be an idea worth exploring for Netflix.

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Magic: The Gathering Pro Sacrifices Worlds Slot to Protest State of the Game

In an unprecedented turn of events, Magic: The Gathering professional player and Pro Tour champion Gerry Thompson has chosen to remove himself from the game’s World Championship this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thompson is one of the most recognizable faces in professional Magic, as he is a well-respected competitor who is a frequent writer of strategy articles and the co-host of a popular Magic podcast.

The Magic: The Gathering World Championship is meant to be a celebration of the past year of the game’s competitive scene, taking 24 of the best players across the globe and pitting them against each other in different formats to crown a winner. The tournament features a $300,000 prize pool, with even the worst finishers taking home $2,500 just for showing up and playing. It is often used to preview upcoming sets to get people excited for new Magic cards as well.

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Thompson’s decision to forgo the festivities is a powerful protest, as he is sacrificing $2,500 at the minimum alongside the chance of winning $100,000 and valuable pro points. The latter is essentially Magic‘s ELO system, with more pro points awarding incentives such as invites to Pro Tours and appearance bonuses for attending tournaments. In a Reddit post, Thompson outlines a number of issues he feels are present within Magic‘s current professional player system and beyond. Although there are many issues, here’s a sample of what Thompson is criticizing:

“Wizards of the Coast (WotC) does not pay professional players a living wage. This, in and of itself, is not a requirement. However, if the goal is to sell the dream of playing on the Pro Tour, there should be something in place to make that worth achieving. Between qualifying becoming more and more difficult, especially with the goal posts continually changing, and the lack of reward at the top, the message currently being sent is ‘don’t waste your time.'”

Thompson makes a number of other insightful statements, but the glimpse into the pro player lifestyle in Magic that he offers is a bleak one that has been criticized by those within the game for a number of years. While Wizards of the Coast has actively attempted to improve these elements, it has been a slow and painful process that has seen players seek greener pastures in Hearthstone and other card games instead.

As of this writing, Wizards of the Coast has only offered a brief statement regarding the protest, suggesting that the company believes it is taking steps to improve some of Thompson’s points of contention while also promising it will do better in the future. Ultimately, part of Thompson’s argument is that these promises have been made multiple times in the past, so it’s hard to imagine much of a positive response from the pro player community regarding the initial statement from Wizards of the Coast.

Thompson’s protest has garnered a lot of traction on social media as well. His initial Tweet linking to his Reddit post already has over 2,000 likes and 1,000 retweets, and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from other professional players:

For many fans of the game who aren’t familiar with the pro scene, Thompson’s protest could be the wake-up call they need to help garner support for the pro players who increase the game’s visibility and appeal to viewers. While it’s unlikely Magic can ever compete with games like League of Legends and Fortnite in terms of Esports viewership, there’s no reason to believe it can’t be a legitimate competitor to games like Hearthstone – especially since Magic has had an online presence for much longer than Blizzard’s card game.

It remains to be seen what’s going to happen from here on out, but Thompson’s sacrifice to make a point for his fellow competitors while they still compete for thousands in prizes is not likely to be forgotten soon, and could be the genesis for some major, sweeping changes to Magic‘s pro player system as we move forward.

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