Lion King’s Beauty And The Beast Reference Is The Movie’s Worst Moment

Disney’s CGI remake of The Lion King contains a very cringeworthy Beauty and the Beast reference that not only takes viewers out of the film but feels entirely out of place considering what else is happening at the time. Following up his critically acclaimed and commercially successful live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, director Jon Favreau took it upon himself to do a CGI remake (using live-action filming techniques, hence why it’s referred to as a live-action remake) of The Lion King, one of the highest-grossing and most beloved Disney animated films ever made.

Coming out 25 years after the original animated film hit theaters, The Lion King remake is almost a frame-by-frame recreation of the story, but with certain updates parsed throughout – to the story, comedy, and music. A significant portion of these updates is played through dialogue and the conversations that some of the characters have with each other. There are also key differences between the animated and CGI films, such as how Scar kills Mufasa. But then there’s the Beauty and the Beast reference.

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In the animated Lion King movie, Timon and Pumbaa are tasked with creating a diversion so that Simba and Nala can get past them. This is when Timon does the hula and presents Pumbaa as a cooked pig, luau style. But 2019’s The Lion King remake changes that scene. Instead of Timon doing a hula dance, he stands on top of Pumbaa and recites the beginning of Beauty and the Beast‘s iconic song, “Be Our Guest”, in which the candlestick Lumière presents Belle’s dinner to her.

Beauty and the Beast was one of the more recent Disney live-action remakes, so it makes sense that either Favreau or the studio would throw in a reference to it, especially since the movie wrapped production long before films like Aladdin and Dumbo released. But the thing is, it feels like more of a pat on the back for Disney and a reminder of what they’re doing than a proper reference. And this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened. Recently, Disney snuck in a reference to A Wrinkle in Time in Avengers: Endgame. That was also quite strange.

Overall, the Beauty and the Beast reference is meant to generate applause and laughter from longtime Disney fans and those who’ve recently seen the 2017 live-action remake from Bill Condon. But the Lion King remake incorporates this reference at a cost to its story and pacing. Given how quintessential the Lion King property is to Disney, the remake needed to justify its modern updates and changes – and this Beauty and the Beast reference wasn’t worth the alteration.

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Twilight: The 10 Worst Things Edward Has Ever Done | ScreenRant

While Twilight might have been a huge phenomenon, and it’s easy to see why in some ways, there are also some things about the series that give pause. While the idea of having a super hot vampire boyfriend is definitely appealing, Edwards wasn’t nearly the romantic, respectful boyfriend he was made out to be. While the books were marketed mainly to teenagers who might not notice the red flags, there are definitely a lot of things Edward did that weren’t so great. Many of these things have to do with how he treated Bella.

We’ve put together a list of ten of the worst things Edward Cullen has ever done.


During Twilight, Edward isn’t sure how to handle his feelings for Bella. He makes her uncomfortable by sending many mixed messages. When Edward reveals to her that he is a vampire, he goes out of his way to feel uncomfortable and scared in an effort to push her away. While this might have been done in a weird attempt to keep her safe and away from him, maybe he really just should have left town for good if he was serious about not messing with her life.


This is definitely one of those romance tropes that need to just go away fast. While if you’re dating someone and consensually sharing a bed with each other, watching someone fall asleep next to you isn’t weird, doing so without their consent is creepy. Edward spent many nights watching Bella sleep without her knowing that he was doing it. While he might think he was doing it to protect her, it’s a really creepy move and not romantic at all.


This is kind of a complicated point because on the one hand, staying at a certain distance from humans was to keep them safe. Also, given the fact that the Cullens never age and have weird traits about them, being close friends with humans could alert people that something strange was going on.

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However, it’s kind of problematic that Edward really doesn’t seem to have any friends outside of his Cullen family. He doesn’t really have human or vampire friends and is kind of a loner.


Edward’s special gift as a vampire is being able to read minds. Edward is unable to read Bella’s mind, however. He often feels frustrated with his fact and expresses his desire to be able to read her thoughts. Although sometimes we would all like to be able to read the minds of others around us, it’s kind of a problem that Edward doesn’t see how violating this can be. He isn’t so great at sharing any of his own thoughts with Bella but seems to think every thought she has should be fair game.


One of the biggest red flags about Edward is how he tries to control what Bella does. He often thinks he is doing so in her best interest, but it isn’t up to him to make decisions for her. He has a very patronizing and infantilizing tone with her. While he might be a lot older than her, which is kind of creepy in its own way, he should respect her more. This problem is most clear when he literally breaks Bella’s truck to try and keep her from going to see Jacob. Controlling much?


Similar to the fact that Edward would watch Bella sleep, Edward also stalked her all the time. In the first book in the series, Edward follows Bella as she goes out with her friends for the night. He follows her to Port Angeles.

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While Stephanie Meyer tried to make this into a positive thing as Edward saves her from men who had bad intentions with Bella, it’s really strange to set up a story where a woman is so helpless without a man around that she can’t go to a small city for the evening with a group of friends.


So many of Edward’s horrible choices and things he does relate to him trying to do what is best for Bella. After the party at the Cullens were Bella is almost attacked after getting a paper cut, Edward decides he has to leave her behind. He literally takes her to the woods to dump her, which is just a weird and creepy thing to do. This is a pretty traumatic way to break up with someone especially considering how he makes his entire family up and move away with him.


Vampires are obviously undead creatures who need to drink blood to survive. As vampires who don’t kill humans, Edward deciding to break away from that Cullen rule was pretty shocking. While he might have justified this by having the people he ate be bad guys, it’s still kind of problematic.

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This makes him somewhat of a vigilante, and while this’ understandable in many ways, it’s also violent and bad.


Edward is overall really controlling, possessive, and jealous. Not traits you really want your romantic partner to have. He was so jealous and threatened of Bella’s relationship with Jacob, even though he had literally abandoned her and put her in a situation where she needed to make new friends. He sets up a situation where it’s like Bella disobeys him by keeping up a friendship with Jacob. This controlling kind of relationship is not admirable in any way.


While the idea of having a vampire or other beautiful but scary creature as a significant other might be appealing, it really wouldn’t be so great. Edward is so unable to cut himself out of Bella’s life that he puts her at risk many times. This is especially true at the end of the first book when he is almost unable to stop drinking her blood after he has to suck the vampire venom out of her. It would have been best for Bella if Edward had left the picture before they ever started dating.

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Supernatural: 7 Times Castiel Was The Best Character (And 3 Times He Was The Worst)

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of Supernatural, but it was Castiel who first nabbed the People’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi character from the show due to his immense popularity. Castiel was originally only supposed to be a recurring character but has now been a staple for the show for over a decade.

There are definite Castiel moments and attributes that make him the best character on Supernatural, and it’s always nice to have a reminder as to why. However, there are also moments he could’ve been counted as a weak character too, and this list will tell you that as well.

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10 Best: Saving Dean From The Future

Castiel’s turn toward the heroes’ side was solidified in this episode, where he first truly displayed his penchant for loyalty by saving Dean from a potential loop into the future. Dean had earlier been forced to visit an alternate future by Zachariah, at the end of which the latter once again planned to send Dean on another adventure, only for Castiel to do the rescue job.

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We were led to believe Castiel’s role was minimal, with him being cast as comic relief earlier on as he was made to wait for hours by the side of the road when Dean told him to wait for the right time to pick him up. However, staying true to his word, Castiel rescued Dean by teleporting him out of Zachariah’s clutches.

9 Best: Being The Only One To Unconditionally Love Jack

Castiel had made a promise to Kelly Kline that he would look out for her son, and he’s so far kept that promise two years on. In fact, Jack is now a son to Castiel, who has always loved the boy unconditionally.

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And by unconditionally, we really do mean that, because Castiel has overlooked any act of maliciousness Jack might have done due to his love for him. Even after Jack accidentally killed Mary, Castiel was the only one of the main characters to see Jack for the inherent goodness that was within him. It was this act that confirmed to us that Castiel was so much purer than Sam or Dean in personality.

8 Worst: Trying To Kill Jesse

Having good intentions doesn’t really justify wanting to kill a child, and Castiel would’ve done just that had he had his way. In Season 5, Castiel arrived to take the life of Jesse, who was supposed to turn into the Anti-Christ. 

Sensing that killing a child would mean saving thousands of others, Castiel prepared himself to kill the boy; he was unsuccessful, as Jesse was too powerful. It was just luck that allowed Jesse to walk free because Castiel was adamant in taking the life of a child. Now that’s not something you want from a good guy character, is it?

7 Best: Retrieving Claire

Even though the main guys are the protagonists of the series, they’ve developed a high sense of apathy when it comes to the vessels of the angels and demons. Castiel totally ignored Claire’s prayers for him to bring her father back, but at least he tried to make amends.

In Season 10, Castiel tracked Claire down in a child services institute after years of suffering the consequences to Castiel possessing Claire’s father. He didn’t need to do it, but Castiel tried his best to be like a father to Claire anyway, resulting in her eventually being placed with Jody Mills, where Claire now has a surrogate family that loves her very much.

6 Best: Watching The Pizza Man

The source of awkward comedy on Supernatural are Sam and Castiel, with the latter being the unquestioned master of this. He’s easily confused by every human societal custom, and his lack of awareness leads to him being adorably ignorant.

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In this instance, Castiel came across some adult-oriented video on TV, while Dean and Sam were sitting right behind him. The only question Castiel had, though, was why the Pizza man kept “punishing” the customer. After Samuel Campbell inquired why he was watching the video, Castiel refused to talk about it because Dean told him dudes don’t do that. Now that’s the kind of innocence we so love and adore about Castiel.

5 Worst: Helping In Removing The Mark Of Cain

The entirety of Season 10 seemed to be built around making us see the main characters as antagonists. In order to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean, these guys would do rather horrendous things, rather than sacrifice Dean for the greater good.

The worst moment was when Castiel assisted in kidnapping Oskar, the only boy Rowena had genuine love for, and then watched as they made Rowena kill Oskar in order to make the spell to remove the Mark of Cain work. This was probably the lowest the main characters could sink to, and Castiel was a willing party to it. He has Oskar’s blood on his hands.

4 Best: Turning On The Angels

In the majority of Season 4, Castiel worked for the other angels and it was a slow turn for him to start to sympathize with Dean. We saw glimpses of Castiel wanting to walk away from the angels’ plans, but he remained loyal until the last episode.

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It was here that Castiel won everyone’s hearts, as he quietly helped Dean by creating an angel banishing sigil and cast Zachariah out long enough to inform Dean that Lilith was the last seal. His epic moment arrived when he told Dean “I’ll hold them off. I’ll hold them all off!” when Raphael was arriving to kill them. It was at this point we knew Castiel would be becoming our favorite angel.

3 Best: Being Loyal To Both Sam And Dean

Even Sam and Dean haven’t been as loyal to one another as Castiel has been to them. We’ve seen the brothers fight and separate several times, but Castiel has never done that. No matter how they treat him, Castiel is always willing to accept them. 

And it’s not just loyalty to solely Dean or just to Sam, as we’ve seen Castiel stick around with the Winchester who is right in that particular situation. In Season 9, Castiel stayed with Sam when the latter was hurt Dean had used him with Gadreel; in Season 5, Castiel was with Dean when Dean was hurting over Sam’s actions in Season 4. This kind of loyalty is what we’d all love to have in our lives.

2 Worst: Being Nerfed

Since Season 7, Castiel has been on the show mainly because the fans love him; other than that, he’s been weakened so hard that his role has been reduced to being a punching bag for new antagonists.

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It’s gotten to the point that it’s infuriating to see Castiel being beaten down so easily, and him matching up against anyone is a cause of exasperation than excitement because we know he’s just going to lose. The showrunners need to make him strong as he used to be, otherwise Castiel’s quality will be even further reduced than it has been.

1 Best: His Introduction

There’s never been a more epic introduction for a character on Supernatural than the one Castiel got. It was built up first, with Castiel’s true visage destroying the station Dean was in, before Pamela had her eyes burned out when she tried to perceive Castiel in his angel form.

His first appearance in the flesh was awesome, too, as Castiel strutted in to greet Bobby and Dean, both of whom were easily incapacitated. Castiel’s monotone style of talking made him a mysterious stranger we wanted to know about and Supernatural was shot up in scale when Castiel proclaimed he was sent to Earth by God.

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Riverdale: 5 Best Friendships (And 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

As a dark take on the popular Archie Comics, Riverdale just gets weirder and weirder each season. While dubbed a teen drama, it often floats into horror territory and even the supernatural.

Despite these shocking twists and turns, and storylines that sometimes leave us scratching our heads, central to the show is the friendships forged among the high schoolers, as well as their parents who all grew up in the town of Riverdale as well.

Some friendships, as is typical with teens, are stronger than others. While some so-called friends will steal your mate when you aren’t looking, other true friends will have your back through thick and thin.

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Which friendships are the strongest on The CW series and which are the worst? The answers might surprise you.

10 Best: Archie And Betty

Close friends and neighbors since they were young and in grade school, even though Betty went through a phase where she thought she had romantic feelings for Archie, and maybe she really did, it’s clear these two are better as best buds.

They might have diverged onto their own paths as the seasons, and drama, progresses. Archie found love with Veronica and Betty with Jughead. But rather than grow apart from one another, they’ve simply become the fearsome foursome. When push comes to shove, it’s clear that these two will always have one another’s’ back, and the backs of their respective mates.

9 Worst: Cheryl And Her Squad

Cheryl seems to follow to the beat of her own drum. But there’s also a squad of girls who follow her beat. Mainly from the cheerleading team, these ladies are often seen following loyally behind Cheryl whenever she approaches someone to deliver a biting remark or exclusive party invitation.

This friendship is clearly terrible since all these girls do is, well, whatever Cheryl tells them to do. And it’s clear she doesn’t respect them, simply using them to boost her appearance and popularity at Riverdale High.

8 Best: Archie And Jughead

They seemed to have lost one another early on in the series but managed to pick up where they left off when they joined together to fight a serial killer and murderous gangs. Markedly different from one another – Jughead the long-time bad boy and Archie the clean-cut athlete – something drew them together when they were kids, and they’ve remained close ever since.

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Maybe opposites do attract. Nonetheless, these two balance one another out. And while Archie has shifted more to the bad boy side of late, they will always make a great yin and yang-type pair.

7 Worst: Hermione And Fred

Friends when they were in high school, and possibly having dated (or at least had a fling) there are clearly some feelings leftover between these two. They shared a passionate kiss, despite Hermione being married to the corrupt Hiram, who was in jail at the time. Maybe their friendship was loyal at one point. But they have led very different lives since high school. And they simply aren’t a good match romantically, nor do they make very good friends.

Hermione backstabbed and used Fred, proving that she wasn’t worthy of his affection. This friendship, or whatever it was, should be shelved for good. And with the passing of Luke Perry and the pending death of his character, it will be.

6 Best: Archie And Veronica

OK, so these two are way more than friends. But they started out as just that. And there’s insane chemistry between them. Even after they had broken up, Veronica still made it clear that she would go to the ends of the earth to protect him – something any good friend would do.

Meanwhile, Archie remained devoted to Veronica, even when she seemingly moved on and he left town.

As their romantic relationship grows once again, so will their friendship. These two are lovers and BFFs.

5 Worst: Josie And The Pussycats

Josie has changed considerably throughout the course of the series. Now singing solo, and seemingly less arrogant and all-consumed by her budding singing career, this might be best considering that her relationship with the Pussycats seemed strained. They were always bending to her wishes as lead singer and songwriter and felt more pressure from her than friendship. They were simply tools to help Josie get gigs and hopefully impress her father by finally making it big.

Theirs was a working friendship that seemingly fizzled out once the band did.

4 Best: Jughead And Cheryl

An unlikely pair, these two don’t spend much time together on their own. But there’s a friendly connection between them that’s oddly cute. Whenever Jughead calls upon Cheryl, she’s right there with her trusty bow and arrow to take down enemies. She met her love Toni through the Serpents and even become one.

Despite her banishment from the gang, Jughead seems to have great respect for Cheryl and seems to understand her, despite the tough exterior she tries to put on. Though he might give her an eyeroll now and then, Jughead and Cheryl have a friendship chemistry that we want to see more of in season 4.

3 Worst: Kevin And Betty

What on earth happened to Kevin? While he might have been a good friend to Betty before, the friendship between these two has all but disappeared as Kevin became brainwashed by a cult known as The Farm. He doesn’t even seem like the same person and has disconnected completely from Betty.

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Betty might be trying to reach Kevin any way she can, as any good friend would do. But unless he snaps out of his spell, this friendship is officially one of the worst.

2 Best: Veronica And Betty

Instant friends, they come from very different worlds but have helped each other through plenty of hardships, and Veronica can be credited for finally convincing Betty to come out of her once prudish shell. The friendship might have gotten off to a rocky start when Veronica swapped spit with Archie at the time when Betty was pining for him. But they kissed and made up and have been inseparable ever since.

The fact that Veronica grabbed what she thought was a single poisonous drink from Betty and drank it before Betty had the chance to shows that these two are true sisters.

1 Worst: Reggie And Archie

More arch-rivals than friends, they competed in school sports, then for the affection of Veronica. After Archie was sent to juvenile detention, Reggie swooped in and became Veronica’s right-hand man and lover. Talk about a bad friend!

Sure, Archie and Veronica were broken up. But Reggie has a pool of women from which to choose. Why Veronica? These two might have helped each other out. But there just isn’t a connection between them that would suggest anything more than friends that will likely lose touch once school is over.

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Chicago Fire: Best & Worst Relationships, Ranked | ScreenRant

Watching Chicago Fire is like watching a replay of a family reunion. A few arguments, loud voices, a few tense moments but most of all, some good times. This is how we can describe this awesome drama that NBC has provided us with for seven years. Chicago Fire is easily one of the best-written shows on primetime TV.

Even with the explosions, deaths, and life saving that goes on weekly, the big draw for Fire fans has always been the relationships. It’s not all about how we felt about Matt and Gabby or Severide and Anna. Chicago Fire shows a bond between brothers and sisters saving lives on a daily basis. It also shows how certain bonds are meant to be broken. Which are your favorite relationships and which ones do you not like? Here’s what we think: Here are the best & worst relationships in Chicago Fire, ranked.

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9 Best: Mouch and Herrmann

The two amigos. Maybe it’s their age and experience. But for whatever reason, they share a special connection. When Herrmann does something wild, it’s normally Mouch who has to talk him out of it or the one who has to deal with the consequences. To watch the two of them go at it is outright hilarious.

Despite many disagreements, they have each other’s backs at all times. There’s a man code that must be followed and Herrmann and Mouch are two of the best when it comes to love and respect. Would love to see more of Cindy and Trudy as the four friends hang out more just to get a vibe of how much fun that foursome would be.

8 Worst: Severide and Casey

In the very beginning, it appeared that these two would be at each other’s throats. In episode one, this was after the death of their friend and the blame game was going on. Maybe it would’ve been cool to have a house divided in a constant power struggle, but the writers of Chicago Fire decided to go another route.

They will still have their arguments but when the time comes and lives are on the line, they always find a way to make it work. Kelly has opened his living situation to Matt and Matt has done the same as both have gone through some tough times. Whether it be breakups or death, they stand firmly in each other’s corners when it matters most. But still, a finer focus on the constant battle for authority would be cool to see as both are strong alpha males. There could be so much more to this relationship.

7 Best: Cruz and Otis

Otis and Cruz are nothing but the younger versions of Herrmann and Mouch. If you want instant laughs, watch these two in action. It also helps that they’re roommates. Otis has insane ideas and unlike Mouch, Cruz usually goes along. Cruz is no stranger to crazy thoughts himself, which makes their pairing so dynamic.

We can probably count on two fingers the number of disagreements they’ve had over the years and that’s a testament to their bond. But just like Herrmann and Mouch, we’ve yet to see them on a double date.

6 Worst: Boden and Severide/Casey

Running a Firehouse is not easy. However, for Wallace Boden, he must run and still delegate command down to his Lt. and Sgt. When something serious happens in House 51, Wallace seeks advice from Kelly and Matt. With three men in authority, we should expect a little more bonding. With the ladies in the house, they will have a girls’ night out. For the men, it’s beer at Molly’s and that’s it. Maybe an occasional cigar on the roof, but why not more?

What disappoints us about this trio is their lack of bonding. Granted, they can sit in the office when things get tight and work out an issue, but other than that, there’s no real chemistry between the three of them.

5 Best: Severide and Shay

Having a best friend of the opposite sex has its advantages. For Severide and Shay, they made it work in ways that had viewers thinking, which isn’t a bad idea. There has not been a better pairing on Chicago Fire since Shay’s death.

Both were strong-willed and that’s where their disputes would stem from. Shay never backed down from Kelly no matter the issue. Her death sent him into a dark place and deep down, he’s still trying to navigate through that abyss. They put their life on the line daily but they never compromised their love for one another. True friendship.

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4 Worst: Matt and Gabby

What was set to be the standard for relationships on Chicago Fire may have turned into what not to do in the same Firehouse. From the start, Gabby held a torch for Matt even when he was with Hallie. After Hallie’s death, Matt and Gabby decided to give it a try. There would be issues, but ultimately, marriage followed.

From newlyweds to foster parents, what haven’t they gone through? But in the end, they wanted two different things and Gabby left the states. Despite the heartache, the two of them together had some great times. When they were on, they were the example of how it works. But when they were off, it was a tornado. To say they were perfect for one another would be foolish. It lasted entirely too long.

Watching these two go through their ups and downs is the same thing we had to endure with Matt and Gabby. Are they right for one another? That remains to be seen but there is a strong connection there. Kelly is hardheaded and still has some trust issues regarding women. Stella has had to deal with her own personal demons before heading back to Severide.

But in the end, fans were rooting for them to make it back to each other by the end of Season 7. It was only right. They both put up walls, but to see them in their happy place is a thing of beauty.

3 Worst: Severide and Anna

The reason this goes on the worst side of the coin is that it never should’ve happened. Love is love, but neither Kelly nor Anna was in the right frame of mind when this relationship began. Anna was sick and Severide did what only he could do. He helped by offering a part of him to save her. At that moment it was predictable but Kelly should have just moved on. They became friends then lovers, then Kelly lost her.

It was a great moment to see Severide leave his childish ways behind but it was a love built on “hero worship”. That’s not to say that Anna didn’t love him, but Kelly deserved more and so did Anna. It was sappy and the end result we all saw coming. All the while, Stella was there waiting in the wings. RIP Anna.

2 Best: House 51 and The Intelligence Unit

Despite the early issues with Voight and Matt, the relationship between House 51 and The Intelligence Unit has been pretty smooth. When one is in trouble and needs help, one of the opposite crews is quick to lend a hand. Will this change with the departure of Antonio Dawson? Or better yet, will House 51 ever trust Hank Voight?

It’s been good to see the two teams work together. To take it a bit further, we can also throw in the good folks at Chicago Med. It’s a total team effort from the Firefighters to the Police to the Medical Staff. They work as one.

1 Worst: Matt and Sylvie

This hasn’t happened yet but the possibility was there throughout the second half of Season 7. With Matt officially over the death of his marriage to Gabby and Sylvie being done with her relationship to the Chaplin, there were a few moments between the two. Neither decided to be the first to shoot their shot, but by the end of Season 7, Matt was set to ask Sylvie out until there was a hiccup. Right before Matt posed the question, the Chaplain interrupted with a marriage proposal to Sylvie. Ouch.

Another heartbreaker for Matt. Now what? Will Matt interfere with their union by speaking his heart or will Sylvie realize that she made her decision out of haste?  They’re honest, love hard, and understand what it takes to make a union work. The big issue is, the writers hinted at it for too long and may have wasted a golden opportunity.

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Harry Potter: The 10 Worst Things McGonagall Has Ever Done

When Harry Potter fans think of Professor Minerva McGonagall, the thing that comes to mind is a strong-willed and fearless leader at Hogwarts. McGonagall is a no-nonsense yet empathetic adult figure in the wizarding world whose accomplishments proceed her. She is one of the most highly regarded witches in their realm and works predominantly to see that Harry and his friends succeed.

Despite her good-natured sense, there are a few things that McGonagall has done that are questionable. While the steps that she takes is undeniably done in good faith, sometimes her moves cause obstacles, either in Harry’s life directly or towards Hogwarts as a whole. Here are the 10 worst things that McGonagall has ever done.

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10 She Sends Students Into The Forbidden Forest

After Draco catches Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneaking off to visit Hagrid, he goes to Professor McGonagall to rat them out. She calls them into her office in order to reward their punishment. And, unlike normal schools, McGonagall saw it fit to send five 11-year-olds into what had been established as the Forbidden Forest to serve detention. This seems like a harsh sentence, especially by McGonagall’s standards. Then again, maybe she saw it as an opportunity for them. She is quite ferocious.

9 She Let Gilderoy Lockhart Make Decisions

Understandably, it would be hard to support Gilderoy Lockhart as a teacher and Dumbledore’s decision to hire him if McGonagall were to keep stepping on his toes. Both in the books and in the movies, it is clear that McGonagall has a certain distaste for the eccentric professor who audiences later learn to be a fraud. Despite knowing this from the beginning, McGonagall routinely allows Lockhart to make decisions. This seems like a huge oversight especially considering it always involves the students. From fixing Harry’s broken arm to egging him on about his delusions about the Chamber of Secrets, the best thing she could have done was to call him out on his lies.

8 Not Sending Students Home After The Chamber of Secrets

Although this was her initial instinct, McGonagall ended up not sending students home after the Chamber of Secrets is revealed to have been opened. Even after Dumbledore’s suspension, when she takes over as temporary Headmistress of Hogwarts, McGonagall still didn’t make the decision to send students home. Students were being Petrified left and right with no knowledge of how or why it is happening. Hogwarts is considered to be a safe place, so perhaps this is her reasoning, but, ultimately, considering the safety of the students, McGonagall should have seen it fit to send them home until the issue was resolved

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7 She Didn’t Let Harry Go To Hogsmeade

One of the most innocent, yet heart0breaking moments from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is when McGonagall doesn’t allow Harry to go to Hogsmeade. Hogwarts students can only go to Hogsmeade after their third year and with a signed permission slip. Even though she is well aware of the Dursley’s and Harry’s living situation, she holds fast to the rules.

Harry sees McGonagall as a partial parental figure, so he brings the slip to her in hopes that she can sign it for him. It’s a telling and touching gesture, yet she tells him that can’t enjoy this little getaway with his friends, since it’s the Dursley’s that need to sign his slip. It’s a tough-love moment, but it’s really sad to see after all Harry has been through.

6 She Tells Students About The Chamber of Secrets

Readers know that it was Professor Binns, the History of Magic teacher, that actually tells students about the Chamber of Secrets, but for the mass majority of people who have only seen the movie, it’s McGonagall who reveals its history. This seems like something that should not have been explained in the midst of a dire situation.

Admittedly, McGonagall is hesitant at first, but she ultimately decides to tell a class full of 12 and 13-year-olds how their lives were in jeopardy. It doesn’t seem like a smart move on her end, but this knowledge does help Harry solve the dilemma in the end.

5 She Gives Hermione A Time Turner

The Time-Turner is a very sensitive piece of magical equipment that even the most experienced witches and wizards have not been entrusted with. It seems strange that McGonagall allows a 13-year-old to use it in order to get to two extra classes. It also seems like this move is condoning an unhealthy behavior. Hermione is a bit over-the-top when it comes to her education, and while it’s an amiable quality to have, McGonagall shouldn’t have allowed Hermione to overwork herself as she did, especially when the only way to do this is by handing over an extremely powerful piece of magic.

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4 She Belittles Professor Trelawney’s Profession

Again, McGonagall is a no-nonsense kind of person, but she really should have known when to bite her tongue. She shows immense restraint when comes to the Dolores Umbridge and her overtaking of Hogwarts, but, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, McGonagall openly belittles the Divination teacher’s profession.

It’s very clear to Harry and the other students that McGonagall, who comes highly respected in the wizarding world, does not believe in or endorse her colleague’s profession. This isn’t something a teacher should admit to, especially to her students. But, as it turns out, it’s Trelawney’s prophecy that acts as the axis for the events of the wizarding world, so McGonagall may have learned to be more open-minded.

3 The Time She Challenged Aurors

During O.W.L exams, Umbridge sends a team of Aurors to evict Hagrid from Hogwarts. McGonagall, who has respect for him, goes to intervene and starts yelling at the Aurors to leave. However, the Aurors take her threat seriously, and they hit her with four stunning spells. The impact is so severe that she has to go to St. Mungo’s Hospital for treatment, leaving Umbridge to be the only professor in charge of Hogwarts.

Obviously, McGonagall couldn’t have known that the Aurors would react this way, but it seems strange that she becomes temperamental considering she’s pretty levelheaded. Had she not reacted to the situation so passionately, students would not have been left at Hogwarts defenseless against Umbridge’s terror.

2 Letting Snape Pass

This isn’t shown in the film, but in the book, McGonagall is part of the fight in the Astronomy Tower that is taking place just before Snape murders Dumbledore. McGonagall is fighting Death Eaters in the halls of Hogwarts, and while doing so, she brushes next to Snape. At the time, McGonagall presumes that Snape is on his way to help Dumbledore, not knowing what his true intentions are. Essentially, she lets Snape pass her, resulting in Dumbledore’s demise. This action haunts her for a time as it seems she puts a bit of blame on herself for Dumbledore’s fate.

1 She Encourages Students To Fight In The War

As things are coming to a head, and the catalyst for the Second Wizarding World War makes its mark, McGonagall serves on the front line. She is exactly the type of person Harry and the students of Hogwarts need to be leading the rebellion. In the book, Pansy Parkinson makes a remark telling McGonagall that perhaps they should give into Voldemort’s whims and surrender Harry.

At this point, McGonagall tells the students that anyone who doesn’t wish to fight can leave. The younger students have already made their way out through the underground tunnels into Hogsmeade, but the rest she encourages to stay and fight. This seems like a strange tactic, no matter how necessary it is at the time, to allow teenagers to put up a fight against a massive group of serial killers.

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The 10 Worst Doctor Who Episodes Ever According To IMDb

There are now eleven new seasons and five new doctors since the reboot of Doctor Who in 2005. Each doctor has had their fair share of ups and downs both on the show and in the ratings. While most of the seasons tend to average about 8 out of 10 stars as rated by IMDb users, every season had at least one episode that dipped down below 7 stars. Great television is in the eye of the viewers, and, for every episode, several thousand viewers have turned out to tell us their opinions. These are the ten those voters liked least.

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10 The Curse of the Black Spot — 6.8/10

This piratical episode from season 6 finds the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) onboard a 17th-century ship. He, Amy, and Rory meet a crew who are being picked off by a ghostly Siren apparition. The men have no way to fight. Worse, they are taunted by a black spot that appears on their hand before she kills them.

Viewers went into the episode expecting a claustrophobic psychological thriller, but that’s not that this episode tried to be. It, like many pirate stories, was just a bit campy. If that’s not your thing, the fact that the black spot is a common myth that’s been told a thousand times will make the episode feel even worse.

9 Love & Monsters — 6.2/10

“Love & Monsters” is one of David Tennant’s early episodes as the Tenth Doctor. In it, an early encounter with the Doctor leads regular guy Elton Pope to create a group known as L.I.N.D.A. to study him. It’s all innocent fun until the mysterious Victor Kennedy joins their group. Suddenly, his friends begin to disappear, and they need the Doctor to save them again.

Reviewers mostly fall into two camps; “Love & Monsters” is either an absolute gem or the worst episode in Doctor Who history. Some people love the humor, while others love the melancholy. Some people love that it tries something new for the Doctor, and some people think the Doctor isn’t present.

8 In the Forest of the Night — 6.1/10

On a seemingly normal day, while the twelfth doctor (Peter Capaldi) was in London, every town in every country in the entire world woke up to find that a forest had taken back over the planet overnight. The Doctor, Clara, and Danny have to keep a group of schoolchildren safe while also solving the problem of all the trees. 

People generally agree that the setting is beautiful and just a bit haunting—the Nelson Column rises out of the forest like a human relic in a post-apocalyptic world. However, people who disliked it say the episode didn’t have a solid story, the characters didn’t do anything useful or found ending a bit trite.

7 Fear Her — 6.1/10

It’s the 2012 Olympics in London. The Doctor and Rose are there to see it, but get distracted by a scary phenomenon—children are disappearing right before their very eyes. In their quest to find out what’s happening they find a little girl who is able to trap people in her drawings, with a bit of alien help, of course. 

People who hate “Fear Her” see it as mainly a filler episode. The alien story wasn’t that compelling, the acting wasn’t that amazing, and the whole thing was either predictable or obvious from the trailer. Even Doctor Who can’t please everyone.

6 Sleep No More — 6.0/10

For the first—and probably only—time Doctor Who tried its hand at the ‘found footage’ storytelling method. We stumble across Clara and the Doctor wandering the halls of a ship under attack and quickly learn that the Sandmen are responsible. The crew has designed sleep pods where they can get a month’s worth of sleep out of the way quickly, and these seem to be the source of the Sandmen’s ire.

Like “Love & Monsters,” viewers were not appreciative of the show trying something new. The episode begins with the warning, “Do not watch this,” and the reviewers that hated it would encourage you to take that warning seriously.

5 Resolution — 6.0/10

Each holiday special is highly anticipated, and the Thirteenth Doctor’s first holiday special was no different. After watching fireworks across several time periods, the fam is called back to Earth in 2019 to figure out what mysterious and ancient threat has been unearthed and revived. When they realize that it’s a resurrected scout Dalek, they hurry to defeat it before it can call a fleet shouting “Terminate!” to Earth.

The Daleks were a nice callback to decades of Whovian history that delighted most fans. Raters generally agreed that this episode wasn’t the best of the holiday specials, but it was satisfying enough. From here on in our list, the worst-rated episodes all star the Thirteenth Doctor. The Doctor regenerating as a woman was widely derided by fans, so it’s worth considering that those opinions may color the low ratings for the next four episodes. 

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4 The Witchfinders — 5.9/10

The Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions head to 17th century Lancashire, where they become embroiled in a witch trial at Bilehurst Cragg. They quickly realize something more sinister is at work though and seek to solve it in order to save the women who are being condemned as witches by the dozen. Of course, aliens are a big part of the problem. 

This is one of several episodes in season 11 that IMDb raters cite as the reason why they’re giving up on Doctor Who. Most of the low star reviews cite lesser writing and that the show has become too overtly about social justice. This episode, in particular, is criticized for ignoring the chief Gallifreyan law of time travel—non-interference in a cultural issue.

3 The Battle of Ranksor Av Kolos — 5.5/10

After the TARDIS picks up distress calls, the Doctor and fam go to the planet Ranskor Av Kolos. There they find a powerful psychic race, the Ux, who have been tricked by Tzim-Sha into building him a weapon powerful enough to shrink Earth so he can get revenge for his previous defeat there. He has already shrunk several other planets, so, even after defeating him, the Doctor must return them back to their rightful size and place with the TARDIS. 

While people applauded the show’s return to “pure” science-fiction with this episode, many complained that it was a bit anti-climactic for a season finale. 

2 Arachnids in the UK — 5.2/10

One of the early episodes for the Eleventh Doctor tells an earth-bound tale of spiders made giant by pollution. The Doctor, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan find themselves in Sheffield trying to find the source of the giant spiders who are killing people, and it leads them to a greedy hotel developer who just wants a quick buck.

After the triumph of “Rosa” the week before, some reviewers thought “Arachnids in the UK” was a big letdown. It involved neither space travel, nor time travel, nor aliens. For people who come for the science fiction, animals-made-bad-by-radioactivity is a little too old hat for an episode that aired in 2018.

1 The Tsuranga Conundrum — 5.1/10

The Doctor and company are trapped onboard a medical ship in a far-flung galaxy, injured and without the TARDIS. An alien entity attacks, and they must quickly defend the ship before it’s completely eaten and they all die.

Nearly 5,000 viewers have rated “The Tsuranga Conundrum” as the worst Doctor Who episode to date. While there are some viewers who, by episode five of the new season, remain upset about a female doctor, the majority of complaints about this episode are about the writing. There’s too much exposition, character development feels shoehorned, etc. We’ll see how season 12 fares.

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Roswell: 5 Best Couples In The Original Series (& The 5 Worst)

Before the CW had Roswell, New Mexico, the WB had Roswell. Both series put their own spin on the book series Roswell High. The science fiction series saw alien-human hybrids from the alleged 1947 Roswell UFO crash just trying to survive high school in the late 90s. While the show was full of alien conspiracies and mystery, it also had a healthy dose of romantic relationships.

The central couple of the series included Liz, a normal teenage girl who loved science, and Max, the biologically engineered king of an alien species. As more of their friends found out the truth, the relationships amongst their friend group grew. Romance was frequently as central to the plot as the mysteries surrounding the aliens themselves. However, not all of the relationships fit well into the Roswell universe.

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10 Best: Michael And Maria

Affectionately referred to as “candy” because of their M&M initials, Michael and Maria were one of the longest-running relationships on Roswell. They also happened to be one of the most volatile.

The duo had very different approaches to dealing with their feelings. Maria wanted to talk about everything, while Michael wanted to pretend they didn’t exist. Over time, Michael helped Maria learn to be calmer. Likewise, Maria helped him to open up. Their bickering and jealousy faded over time until they were one of the most supportive couples in the series.

9 Worst: Max And Tess

Max and Tess could have been a great pairing if Tess was actually who she presented herself as. While the two did have genuine feelings for one another, Tess was motivated to pursue a relationship with Max as a result of a deal made with an enemy.

Not only did Tess worm her way between Max and Liz, but she tricked Max into allowing her to take their child to their alien homeworld. All of her lies backfired on Tess as she eventually had to return to Earth with their fully human son. By that point, any trust Max had was gone.

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8 Best: Isabel And Alex

This is one of the few couples amongst the original characters that were never fully realized. Though the two hung out and were friends, Isabel frequently pushed Alex away, trying to find a more mature match for herself.

Of course, by the time Isabel realized she wanted to be more than friends with Alex, it was too late. Alex lost his life as a result of Tess using her mind-warping abilities on his brain too many times. Showing how connected the two were despite his loss, Isabel continued to take advice from an Alex only she could see until she married someone else.

7 Worst: Kyle And Liz

Kyle was Liz’s first real boyfriend. Though she anticipated they would be casual after a summer apart, he had other plans when the Roswell series first began. In the later seasons, they were excellent and supportive friends, but their season one dynamic was not so great.

Liz was secretive with him, constantly using him as an alibi to avoid her new alien friends getting caught. She spent a lot of the early episodes outright lying to him. Kyle was clingy and jealous, even spying on her. They were not the stuff high school sweethearts were made of. 

6 Best: Liz And Sean

While Liz’s great love wasn’t Kyle, it also wasn’t Sean. That didn’t make their relationship any less fun to watch. Sean was Maria’s cousin who temporarily came to stay with his relatives in Roswell. He also happened to be a bit of a criminal, breaking into bowling alleys to show Liz how to have fun. His methods were questionable, but he certainly got Liz out of her funk. Sean reminded Liz how to be a teenager again instead of an aspiring molecular biologist obsessed with an alien secret. 

5 Worst: Isabel And Grant

Isabel had a habit of crushing on older guys while everyone was still in high school. She always considered herself far too mature for the rest of her classmates. As a result, she found herself attracted to the geologist Grant Sorenson when he came to town.

Considering Isabel turned 18 when she began dating him, the audience had to wonder what someone, who already had a geology degree, was doing hanging out with a high school student. Of course, it turned out that he was infected by an alien parasite, so maybe that had something to do with him getting close to her. It’s an all-around strange relationship.

4 Best: Jim And Amy

Jim Valenti and Amy Deluca were the two parents on the series that the audience spent the most time with. It’s only natural that it also turned out the two had a history.

Jim and Amy went to high school together before he went into law enforcement and she became an eccentric seller of alien memorabilia. Initially, they were both out of the loop when it came to the alien conspiracy, and they reconnected, much to the surprise of their kids. The sheriff was usually very stoic and intimidating in the early episodes of the show. Amy made him much more fun, as he acted like a teenager around her all over again. Sadly, their relationship didn’t seem to last.

3 Worst: Michael And Courtney

Like Tess before her, Courtney joined the show specifically to drive a wedge between a central couple. Courtney debuted in season two, while Michael and Maria went through a rough patch. There was an attraction between the two of them, but the introduction of the alien race the Skins meant it never went anywhere.

While Courtney claimed that not all of the Skins were the same, she spent an awfully long time hiding in plain sight amongst the royal four before even admitting that she was a member of a different alien race. Her entire plot thread revolved around her feelings for Michael instead of the more pressing matter of the Skins versus the Royal Four. She could have been a fascinating addition to the show if she had been used for more than making Maria jealous.

2 Best: Max And Liz

Roswell was quite literally built around the connection between Max Evans and Liz Parker. Though Max observed her from afar as her classmate, the two didn’t become close until he saved her life in the pilot episode. He couldn’t let her die, even though they hadn’t really interacted much in their childhoods.

Though the series found many creative ways to pull the two of them apart including the introduction of Tess, a visit from a future version of Max, and Liz’s father not trusting him, they always found their way back together. The series began with Max saving her life and ended with the duo getting married. What a way to bookend a sci-fi teen show.

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1 Worst: Isabel And Jesse

Isabel and Jesse were a complicated couple. In some ways, they’re very good for one another. In other ways, Jesse just fit Isabel’s pattern of looking for someone “better” than her small-town Roswell life.

Jesse was a lawyer who worked for Isabel’s father. That meant that, when she turned 19 in season three, he was at least in his mid to late twenties. The difference in their level of world experience was a little hard to stomach. The relationship between Jesse and Isabel in season three served to separate her from the larger storyline, detracting from the show instead of adding to it. It’s a shame because Jesse was a great character. Their relationship just felt shoehorned into the events of the season.

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Passions: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Relationships, Ranked | ScreenRant

Running from 1999 to 2008, Passions is unquestionably TV’s most banana-pants crazy and disturbing soap. Storylines featured trips to hell, world ending Catholic mysteries, mind control, and past lives.

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In Harmony, there are no healthy relationships, just degrees of weird and creepy. Some stories are mildly acceptable, while others are just deeply uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the show included sexual violence in nearly every story. Though no family in Harmony was normal, there were some couples worth rooting for, so here are the 5 best and 5 worst relationships on Passions.  


In the show’s early years, Sheridan and Luis were the textbook star crossed soap opera couple. Due to their families’ rivalry, they took a while to get together, but once they realized how much they truly loved one another, nothing could keep them apart.

Even though it seemed like they were destined to end up as a happy couple, amnesia, crazy stalkers and the search for their presumed-dead son broke them up permanently. For awhile, Sheridan wouldn’t let Luis find peace with anyone else, but the series ended with them happily married to other people.


As the series began, Julian and Ivy Crane were the head of the richest family in town. It was obvious from day one that they despised one another. They married for money and power, each leaving behind their true loves.

Their deeply unhealthy relationship spilled over into how they raised their children, causing them to also have troubled love lives. They certainly didn’t have good examples to imitate. Ivy and Julian’s unhappiness poisoned their entire family, even creating collateral damage around town. 


During a trip to Rome, where they searched for Luis’ kidnapped son and got wrapped up in Alistair’s wacky ancient chalice plot, Fancy and Luis became close friends, who clearly had feelings for each other.

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Though Sheridan used every trick at her disposal to keep her niece away from Luis, the duo couldn’t fight their pull to one another. Luis was falsely accused of being the one who sexually assaulted Fancy, but they went on the run to prove his innocence. Once the truth came out, they finally got married and seemed headed for a happy ending.


Crane heiress Fancy was a party girl in Las Vegas when she and Noah met, and got caught up in a mob vendetta. Once they were back in Harmony, they began to have a real relationship, but her family and threats from the mob caused trouble for the young lovers.

Through a series of ridiculous misunderstandings, the pair broke up and reunited at a dizzying pace. It seemed they were the only ones who couldn’t figure out they weren’t meant to be. They became impossible to invest in, and eventually we just lost interest in their story.


It seems impossible to think that Julian could be happy with anyone, but Eve is actually his one true love, and the woman that made him better. They fell in love when they were younger, but separated to live the life expected of them.

After years apart, they were able to finally reunite when the truth about their past came out. They thought things were working out when their long lost son Vincent came to Harmony, but he was insane, leaving death and mayhem all over town. The lovers were able to survive everything thrown at them by supporting each other through every catastrophe.


Though Miguel only saw her as a friend, Kay was in love with him from the time they were in high school. He fell in love with her cousin Charity, an act that sent her off the deep end. Kay used her dark magic to wreck their relationship, even pretending to be Charity and getting pregnant with Miguel’s child.

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Miguel came back to town, wanting to be a family with Kay, who was only using her magic for good, and their child, leading to them getting married. Considering all the truly despicable things she did to him and Charity, we could never buy them as a loving couple.


As Passions premiered, Gwen Hotchkiss was a well-known socialite set to marry Crane heir Ethan. Once Theresa began stalking and scheming to get Ethan for herself, Gwen proved she was equally shady with her own list of nefarious acts.

Fortunately for Gwen, she had the perfect partner in crime in her mother Rebecca. She wanted Gwen to be a Crane more than anyone and did whatever it took to help her daughter destroy Theresa. The twisted mother/daughter duo were one of the soaps’ most entertaining teams to watch.


With their best friends Ethan and Theresa constantly tied up in each other’s lives, it was no surprise that Whitney and Chad ended up falling in love. However, like most couples in Harmony, their love was cursed.

The moment they finally found a little happiness, they wrongly assumed they were siblings and parted ways. When it turned out they weren’t brother and sister, they reunited, but Chad began cheating on Whitney with the psychopathic Vincent. Their relationship was constantly mired in tragedy and lies, leading viewers to want them to move on.


With all the nonsense swirling around Harmony, the only way viewers were able to keep it all straight was through the plans of witch Tabitha and her doll companion Timmy. Timmy only came to life in front of Tabitha, so everyone always wondered why she took a doll with her all over town.

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Even though Timmy was a good character who often stopped Tabitha’s evil plans, the two were intensely loyal to one another. He was lost during an attack from evil Charity, and Tabitha never got over losing her best friend. They were the only authentic, honest, truly loving relationship in Harmony.


Before Passions even debuted, we were being sold on the idea of Ethan and Theresa as the show’s supercouple. They had the classic soap couple look, so we assumed this would be a Romeo and Juliet type story. Turns out it was more Misery.

Their story started with Theresa stalking Ethan, then trying to break up his engagement to Gwen. Despite every over the top, heinous, criminal thing Theresa did, she was billed as the show’s heroine. Though their love story caused the duo and everyone around them nothing but pain and heartache, they maddeningly ended the series happily married again.

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The OC: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst) | ScreenRant

The opening bars of The O.C. theme song and the words “California, here we come, right back where we started from” are enough to make any fan of this teen drama feel very nostalgic. While this series, which aired for four seasons, had traditional storylines about the characters’ love lives, the friendship pairings are what fans really appreciate about it.

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Whether two characters have been best friends for a long time or are connecting with one another despite being from very different social circles, there are some interesting friendships in every season of this show. Here are the five best and five worst friendships on The O.C.

10 Best: Kirsten And Jimmy

Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan) and Jimmy Cooper (Tate Donovan) were romantically involved a long time ago. Now they’re all grown up and both have teenagers who go to the same high school in Orange County.

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The friendship between Kirsten and Jimmy is one of the best on The O.C. because it’s sweet and there are no ulterior motives. In a wealthy town, it can be tough to know who your true friends are since everyone cares about reputation and status. Jimmy basically ruins his whole life because he gets into a ton of financial trouble, but Kirsten is there for him as best as she can.

9 Worst: Marissa And Johnny

Marissa and Johnny Harper’s friendship isn’t all that great, either. Played by Ryan Donowho, we know that he’s into surfing and is also really into Marissa. His past also kind of mirrors Ryan’s since he doesn’t come from a pleasant background.

It doesn’t make any sense why Marissa and Johnny are even friends in the first place. She has other friends and definitely has good friends, and plus, she’s in a relationship with Ryan, so there’s no reason to mess anything up.

8 Best: Ryan And Theresa

Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) turns everyone’s worlds upside down upon his arrival in Orange County, and one of his good friends from childhood is Theresa Diaz (Navi Rawat). Ryan and Theresa’s friendship is one of the best on The O.C. because fans get to learn more about his background through the lens of their relationship. He grew up super poor and in stark contrast to everyone that he is now involved with in his new life.

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Sure, there are some romantic sparks flying between the two of them, but since most fans ship Ryan and Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), it’s fair to say that no one really thinks that Ryan and Theresa are going to go the distance as a couple.

7 Worst: Seth And Alex

Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) meets Alex Kelly (Olivia Wilde) because of his love for music. It’s honestly not super clear if he wants to be friends with her or be in a relationship with her since sometimes, Seth can be really awkward (but you have to love him for it).

Seth and Alex have one of the worst friendships on the show because he wants her to go out with Ryan, and that’s way too pushy of him. He should chill out and let her find her own people to date. These two just never seem to mesh well together and it’s awkward watching scenes of them together.

6 Best: Taylor And Ryan

Taylor Townsend (Autumn Reeser) and Ryan appear to come from two different worlds at first. She’s rich, privileged, and a joiner, and he’s from a broken, poor family and has never really been told that he could do anything.

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When Taylor and Ryan become friends, it’s surprising but in a really good way. Their friendship is one of the best on the show since it helps them both be more compassionate about how other people live.

5 Worst: Summer And Ché

It’s super awkward when Summer and Ché Cook (Chris Pratt) become good friends when she goes off to college on The O.C. Everyone loves watching Chris Pratt on screen, but this character was really crunchy, and it was weird to watch Summer become just like him.

It was just plain confusing to watch these two become pals, and this friendship only served as a reminder that Summer and Marissa tragically weren’t BFFs anymore.

4 Best: Summer And Marissa

Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) and Marissa have been best friends since forever and they definitely have one of the greatest friendships on the show. At first, Summer is more of a ditzy valley girl and it’s clear that Marissa is a bit deeper than that, but they do love each other and they’re always there for one another. They’re the kind of best friends who can go shopping together but can also stay up late and share secrets.

It’s clear that it’s really painful for Summer to watch Marissa suffer so much and of course, losing Marissa is really hard on Summer.

3 Worst: Oliver And Marissa

It’s a bad sign when Marissa becomes friends with Oliver Trask (Taylor Handley) since, if this was a fantasy or horror show, he would be the villain. But since it’s a teen drama, Oliver’s just the guy who wants to date Marissa, steal her away from her friends and family, and make her think that he’s going through a lot of pain and suffering.

Oliver’s a truly bad influence on Marissa, making this one of the worst friendships on the show.

2 Best: Seth And Ryan

Could anyone watch The O.C. without thinking that Seth and Ryan have a truly epic friendship? It just doesn’t seem possible. The two of them share a very tight bond that begins as soon as Ryan starts living with the Cohen family.

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Of course Seth is more of a nerd than Ryan could ever be, so there are some growing pains at the beginning of this friendship, but they help each other through everything that high schoolers go through. They become family by the end of the series and it’s beautiful to watch.

1 Worst: Seth And Anna

Seth and Anna Stern (Samaire Armstrong) have another friendship on The O.C. that just isn’t any good. Honestly, Anna isn’t one of the greatest characters on the show since she’s always annoyed and just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the group. When she goes back to Pittsburgh, it’s a relief.

Seth and Anna become involved in an awkward love triangle with Summer, the person who everyone knows he’s actually supposed to be with. It feels like Seth and Anna’s friendship always has an ulterior motive behind it since she wants to go out with him. Of all the friendships on this popular show, this one is the absolute worst.

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