Kabir Khan reveals why it took him one and a half years to finalise the script of ’83

The Ranveer Singh starrer ‘83 directed by Kabir Khan was supposed to release in theatres on April 10. However, owing to the lockdown the theatres have been shut down indefinitely. ‘83 narrates the story of Indian cricket team’s historic World Cup win with Ranveer Singh playing the role of Kapil Dev who was leading Indian team back then.

Kabir Khan reveals why it took him one and a half year to finalise the script of '83

Kabir Khan while talking to a tabloid revealed that the 1983 cricket world cup is the greatest underdog story ever. He said that one can replace cricket with kabbadi and it would still hold weight.

Kabir Khan after talking to the team of 1983 got to know of several stories related to the world cup that year and what went behind the scenes. However, he found it difficult to incorporate everything into the screenplay. He said that he could only pick 25 stories from the 100 stories he had. This is the reason that it took him one and a half years to finalize the script. The film is not just from the point of view of players but also that of commentators and the spectators.

Kabir Khan also revealed that cricketer Krishnamachari Srikant had got married three months before the world cup. When he got to know that they have been selected to play the world cup he booked tickets to go to the US with six other players. They were supposed to fly as soon as the group stage ended as they were confident that India would be knocked out of the competition. He said that no one believed that they would even make it to the semifinals, but once their winning streak started, the players started cancelling their tickets.

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South Asian countries to face worst economic slump in 40 years, World Bank says

India and other South Asian countries are likely to record their worst growth performance in four decades this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, the World Bank said on Sunday…. .

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US consumer prices record steepest drop in 5 years as COVID-19 cripples businesses

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Peaks of Himalayas now visible from India for first time in 30 years thanks to reduced pollution in lockdown

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Wimbledon to get $141 million after paying pandemic insurance for 17 years

Wimbledon organizers will receive $141 million for canceling this year’s tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic, several reports said.

Since the 2003 SARS outbreak, the Al… .

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Justice still absent 2 years after Assad regime's chemical attack on Syria's Douma

It has been two years since the Bashar Assad regime’s chemical attack on civilians in Syria’s Douma killed more than 41 people and injured more than 500 others. Despite concret… .

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Turkish couple married for 72 years dies 49 hours apart in Rize

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İznik Museum to reopen after 8 years of restoration work

Located in western Turkey’s Bursa province, İznik Museum has been closed for eight years due to restoration work but is now set to reopen with a new name, the Turkish Islamic W… .

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LEGO Super Mario Has Been In Development For Four Years

Lego Super Mario has finally been announced, and it turns out that it took four years to make the combination a reality. LEGO Creative Play Lab’s Jonathan Bennink sat down for an interview yesterday, where he described the process of bringing the dream mash-up between Nintendo’s favorite plumber and Denmark’s favorite building toy to life.

After years of wondering what Mario would look like in Lego form, fans were greeted to an enticing tease from Nintendo during March 10’s Mario Day celebrations, which featured a glimpse of a LEGO figure dressed in a certain pair of iconic overalls. Further details were unveiled a couple of days later with a bombshell video of the new LEGO Super Mario playset, a sort of electronic board game featuring a large Mario figure jumping across a course of LEGO-style mini levels from his classic adventures, filled with equally LEGO-fied versions of iconic Super Mario characters like Yoshi, Bowser Jr., and the ever-unfortunate Goomba. The game uses an LED screen on the chest of the Mario figure and sound effects pulled straight from the games themselves to keep track of the player’s score as they hop along the obstacle-ridden course, collecting coins and making their way to that Bowser flagpole at the end.

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In an interview with The Brothers Brick, LEGO Creative Play Lab Design Manager Jonathan Bennink explained that the project was the result of a four-year partnership between Nintendo and LEGO, an described the story of how this highly-anticipated crossover came to be. He also goes into detail regarding the special LEGO pieces that were created for the Super Mario set, such as the high-tech Mario figure itself, the technology that the game utilizes to re-create the Super Mario experience in LEGO form, and, while he remains tight-lipped on the subject, expresses an interest in releasing further Mario LEGO sets – and even branching out into other Nintendo franchises like The Legend of Zelda or Donkey Kong.

Although the various LEGO-themed games have been available on Nintendo consoles for years at this point, this is the first real collaboration between the two companies. According to Bennink, LEGO even brought on Mario co-creator Takashi Tezuka in order to keep true to Nintendo’s philosophies of innovation and interactivity, in addition to the classic Lego themes of customization and imagination. Like all LEGO sets, everything in LEGO Super Mario can be taken apart to build something new.

The hard work of the two companies shines in the LEGO Super Mario set, as the bright and colorful world of Nintendo’s classic platformer works extremely well in the form of LEGO bricks, not to mention the LED screen-enhanced Mario figure being a technical marvel in itself. As Jonathan Bennink points out, Nintendo and LEGO’s four-year-long partnership means that fans could be looking at further Mario sets in the future, as well as those other Nintendo properties. The idea of a LEGO Zelda dungeon set or a build-able Star Fox Arwing is an enticing one, but in the meantime shared fans of both Nintendo and LEGO will be able to enjoy the fruits of Bennink and LEGO Creative Play Lab’s four years of labor when LEGO Super Mario hits store shelves later this year.  

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Black Widow Couldn’t Have Been Made 5-10 Years Ago, Says Scarlett Johansson

According to Scarlett Johansson, the long-waited Black Widow couldn’t have been made five or ten years ago. Ever since her first appearance in Iron Man 2, fans have been eager for a solo film starring Johansson as former Russian spy Natasha Romanoff. Now she’s finally getting her due, but it arrives after Natasha sacrificed herself to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame. That makes Black Widow a prequel, set during the time when Natasha is on the run following the events of Captain America: Civil War. Black Widow sees Natasha confronting her past with the help of her old Russian family, made up of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), and Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian (David Harbour).

As seen in Black Widow‘s final trailer, Natasha will be heading back to the Red Room where she was trained as an assassin. Bits of her time in the Red Room were shown in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but Natasha’s backstory has never been fully fleshed out. Fans are eager to learn more about Natasha, and it sounds like the film could have a solid box office run, as early predictions suggest Black Widow could earn $115 million in its opening weekend.

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In a cover story for EW, Johansson opened up about why Black Widow has taken so long. There are some who believe the film has arrived too late, since Natasha is dead in the MCU’s present day. However, Johansson believes Black Widow wouldn’t have been possible when fans initially wanted it She explained:

For anyone who said to me, ‘Oh, this [Black Widow film] should’ve happened five or 10 years ago,’ I’m like, it would not have been as substantial. We just would not have been able to do it. This film is happening now as a result of what’s going on in the zeitgeist, and I think it’s pretty cool.

When the MCU first began in 2008, female-led superhero films were far more rare than they are now. This year alone has two female-fronted DC pics, Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984, and last year, the MCU had Captain Marvel. Female-led superhero movies are finally becoming the norm, but it’s taken a long time to reach this point. In fact, the idea of a Black Widow movie has been tossed around since 2012, according to Johansson, but only now it’s becoming a reality.

The question of whether Black Widow is too late seems silly. Fans who have wanted this movie for years will finally get to see it, and those who aren’t interested won’t. What’s important is that the original female Avenger is finally getting her own solo movie, and that’s exciting. Even if Natasha won’t be appearing in any future MCU projects, her story can still be told, and she can get a better ending than she did in Endgame. After waiting years, fans only have to wait another two months before Black Widow enters theaters.

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