That 70s Show: 10 Hidden Details About Eric’s Basement That You Missed

Fans of That 70’s Show will be all too familiar with the iconic location that is Eric Forman’s basement. This basement was featured so heavily in the show that many fans might even feel a personal attachment to the location. In a way, we all grew up in that basement.

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But a lot of work goes into creating such an iconic location. From specific props to callbacks to other episodes, the Forman basement is absolutely brimming with hidden details that are just begging to be noticed (but might have been missed by even the most dedicated fans.)

10 Check Out The Products On The Shelves

We need to take a moment to appreciate the amount of work that the prop department and set dressers put into this show. Look at each and every product on the shelves in the basement, be it a board game, cleaning supplies, or something else along those lines.

Each and every single product is period-accurate. Not only are the only products on the shelves products that would have been available and used at the time but they are also in the boxes/packaging that the company would have been using at the time that the show takes place.

9 The Reason For The Circle Is “Never Shown”

Okay, we all know exactly what those boys (and occasionally girls) were doing in that circle. After all, the circle is one of the most well-known aspects of the show. But the reason for this circle is not explicitly stated within the show.

Some believe that it was a sneaky way to get around the censors while others believe that it was a cheeky way for people in the know to know exactly what was going on without possibly upsetting more conservative or younger viewers.

8 The Adults Avoid The Basement

Though it seems rather absurd that people would avoid a certain room in their own house, it is important to note that Kitty and Red seem to do their best to avoid going into the basement.

They can often be seen popping down in order to do laundry or quickly grab Eric or tell one of his friends to go home, but they are rarely seen actually spending time in their own basement. But honestly, can you blame them? Imagine the stench from both the hormonal teens and their infamous circle.

7 The Stupid Helmet

When Kelso goes too far, the boys of the group threaten him with the stupid helmet. The stupid helmet is a football helmet that is given to someone to wear when they do or say something that is so daft that they need to be punished for doing so.

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Though the stupid helmet is not often used in terms of plot, it can be seen in the background of many episodes.

6 Eric’s Nerdier Side Can Be Seen

Though Eric is rather obsessed with being seen as a cool dude and often does things that one could say are rather ill-advised in order to impress his more rebellious friends, it is important to note that he has a hidden and extensive nerdy side.

He often refers to the basement as his “bat cave” which, combined with the action figures in his bedroom, hints at a geekier side to the boy that he tries to keep hidden.

5 The Adults Introduction To The Circle

Though the adults do their best to avoid the basement altogether, it is important to note that there was one episode where the adults were not only hanging out in the basement but they were also part of the infamous circle.

Following their accidental consumption of Hyde’s special brownies, the adults head on down to the basement and do exactly what one would expect them to do in Eric’s basement.

4 Eric’s Candyland Stash

In several episodes that feature scenes where the gang is hanging out in the basement, a shelf filled with board games can be seen in the background. One of these board games is Candyland. A detail which seems insignificant until it is revealed that Eric has kept a stash of cash in said board game for the majority of his youth.

It is important to note that this secret cash stash is relocated to his Scooby Doo thermos after it is revealed that the majority of his friends and family are aware of the Candyland hiding place (and that some people have been sneaking cash out of the box.)

3 Period Accurate Appliances

The prop department was committed to the period-piece nature of the television show in which they were creating. They were not about to cut corners and acquire a modern appliance. No, they ensured that they filled their sets with appliances and objects that would have been available to a family of their income level in the period in which the show was set.

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The television, the hot water tank, the washer, dryer, and deep freezer that can all be seen in the different episodes that feature the basement are all period-accurate pieces. The washer and dryer even come in a specific shade of green that was all the rage at the time.

2 Eric’s Ruined Space Command Centre

In some scenes, Eric’s ruined space command centre can be seen. This centre is mentioned during one of the many nostalgic/story sharing moments of the show and we learn that Hyde broke the station when the boys were younger.

Though this small detail is not overtly important to the shows plot, it is a wonderful detail to include as it adds a bit of realism to the show.

1 The Girl’s Introduction To The Circle

Fans may not have noticed this but it is important to note that Jackie did not find her way into the circle until quite late in the show. Donna made it into the circle a bit earlier than Jackie, but it is important to note that the circle is a boys club most of the time.

Which makes sense as the boys can get rather silly while in that circle and the girls often show dislike towards the boys more out-of-hand moments. One could understand why they would not want to participate in the circle as often as the boys like to.

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