The 10 Worst Ellen Degeneres Show Episodes According To IMDb

It is with a heavy heart that we let people know that not every single one of Ellen Degeneres’s episodes are a homerun. When looking at the IMDb page for The Ellen Degeneres Show, there are over 3,000 episodes and 16 seasons so far! Due to the sheer amount of episodes, laughs, stars, and interviews, not every episode or season is even ranked on the site.

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However, the ones that are ranked are clearly because of two things: they’re either super good or really bad. In this case, we’re taking a look at the worst episodes of The Ellen Degeneres Show, according to IMDb users. From season one all the way to today, fans did not go easy on Ellen. The poor rating of the episodes could be because of the guests that were on or because the interview just wasn’t all that exciting. Nevertheless, we all know Ellen bounces back after each and every episode.

10 Kaley Cuoco, Steve Spangler, The Wanted: Score 4.5

In 2013, Ellen had actress Kaley Cuoco, author Steve Spangler, and band The Wanted on her show. Marking the 51st episode of the 11th season, viewers only ranked this episode 4.5 out of 10. During this time, Kaley had just got married to ex-husband Ryan Sweeting and was still killing it on The Big Bang Theory. 

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Author and science extraordinaire, Steve Spangler, most likely performed some science tricks and tests on Ellen. Meanwhile, boy band The Wanted discussed their reality TV show The Wanted Life. The only problem is, it appears no one wanted this episode…

9 Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake: Score 4.4

In the sixth season of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift made an appearance for the 46th episode. At this time, Ellen was helping Taylor Swift promote her album Fearless, while Taylor also performed her song “Love Story.” In the same episode, Ellen had another guest — Justin Timberlake! Timberlake decided to surprise Taylor and congratulate her on her new release.

8 Allison Janney, Chord Overstreet, Gavin DeGraw: Score 4.2

In another 2013 episode of the 11th season, Ellen had actress Allison Janney, actor Chord Overstreet, and singer Gavin DeGraw on the show.

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Allison talked about her show with Anna Farris, Mom, while Chord talked about his rising appearance on Glee. And as per usual, at the end of Ellen, Gavin performed on stage live. With a rating of 4.2, I’m guessing fans didn’t like the combination of this trio.

7 Michelle Obama, The Jonas Brothers : Score 4.0

Former First Lady of America, Michelle Obama, appeared on the first episode of the sixth season. Ever the conversationalist, Michelle told Ellen what a fan her daughters were of The Jonas Brothers, which was adorable considering the Jonas Brothers performed for the audience and the First LadyWith a duo consisting of Michele Obama and the Jo-Bros — it’s weird it was only rated a 4.0!

6 Lena Dunham: Score 3.3

In 2015, Girls actress Lena Dunham appeared on Ellen to talk more about the show. With Ellen, she discussed taking running lessons for her role of Hannah. She also talked about using social media and the negative side effects that can follow along. And although Lena is a fabulous actress, fans apparently expected more from the episode.

5 Kim Kardashian West: Score 3.2

Who would have thought that anything with Kim Kardashian West’s involvement wouldn’t perform well? In the 15th season of The Ellen Show, Kim popped up on the 145th episode.

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In it, she discussed how upsetting Khloé’s situation was, considering the video of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson cheating on her was released a couple of hours before she gave birth to her beautiful baby True. While this episode may have had a solid amount of viewers, it only received a 3.2 rating.

4 Jim Belushi, Mo’nique, Joss Stone: Score 3.0

Granted, the first season of The Ellen Show kicked off in 2003, so the number of ratings during the first season wasn’t really high. During the 32nd episode, Ellen had actor Jim Belushi, actress Mo’nique, and singer Joss Stone on air. With just a score of 3.0, I guess no one was really interested in Belushi’s I’m With Her or Mo’nique’s Good Fences. But in 2003, Joss Stone was very much on the rise during this time.

3 Christina Applegate, Jeff Probst: Score 2.8

The year 2003 seems so long ago, but during the 37th episode of the first season, guests Christina Applegate and Jeff Probst only got a rating of 2.8.

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In 2003, Applegate was working on a few projects. She was in View from the Top and Wonderland. Applegate also played Amy Green in Friends, and she was in Grand Theft Parsons. Like Ellen, Jeff Probst is also a host who was actually acting in Fillmore! in 2003.

2 Andrew Garfield, Snoop Dogg, Beck: 2.8

I’m stunned that this group of superstars only got a rating os 2.8! In the 31st episode of the 15th season, actor Andrew Garfield, Snoop Dogg, and Beck all made an appearance. Snoop Dogg sat down with Ellen to discuss his VH1 show (also featuring Martha Stewart) while Beck sang “Up All Night” in front of a live audience. At this time, Spider-Man star, Andrew Garfield, was in Breathe and the live production of Angels in America. 

1 Justin Hartley, Bobby Moynihan, Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold: 2.4

Shockingly, according to IMDb, the lowest-rated episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show featured The Young and the Restless and This is Us star, Justin Harley, SNL star Bobby Moynihan and Dancing with the Stars duo Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold.

Already in the 15th season, it’s surprising that not too many people were fond of this episode. Could it be because Ellen has so many celebrities and episodes on air that not every episode is going to be a hit? Time will tell — Ellen announced this May that her show will run through 2022.

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