The 5 Best & 5 Worst Episodes Of New Girl Season 6 (According To IMDb)

New Girl has been stealing our hearts since it first came to our television screen in 2011. Even though its 7th and final season ended in 2018, this quirky and relatable group of characters is still making us laugh. The sixth season was the last full season we got of this hit sitcom, so we made a list of the 5 best episodes, and of course, the 5 worst, according to IMDb. While almost every episode still cleared a 7/10, there are definitely ones we loved on a whole other level, and ones that didn’t quite make the cut.

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10 Worst: The Cubicle, Episode 12 (7.4/10)

This episode scored the highest of the bottom 5, and honestly, a 7.4 isn’t much to cry about. However, we could’ve asked for a little bit more with such a promising episode. When Cece starts a new job as a modeling manager, things don’t go exactly as planned for her when the boys try to find her new models. On the other side of the loft, Jess offers to pay for Robby’s medical bill, before realizing that it was incredibly high, and finds herself in a sticky situation. This episode is full of dumb, good-looking men (perpetuating the stereotype Cece tries to break), and a whole lot of weird Jess.

9 Best: House Hunt, Episode 1 (7.7/10)

This episode was the season premiere of the sixth season, and it didn’t disappoint. Jess is struggling with her residual feelings for Nick, and Cece and Schmidt are trying to find a new house with a rather incompetent real estate agent (who just so happens to be Aly’s younger sister).

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Fun fact: that’s ACTUALLY the actress’s younger sister IRL. This episode is comical, sweet, and relatable, and definitely got us excited for what was to come.

8 Worst: Last Thanksgiving, Episode 7 (7.3/10)

This episode is a complete train-wreck, both for the characters and for its score on IMDb. With Schmidt’s father visiting, Jess trying to break up with Robby, and Reagan dodging the Thanksgiving dinner, this whole episode is cringy and, honestly, kind of heart breaking. Happy Thanksgiving?

7 Best: Glue, Episode 15 (7.9/10)

This episode will make you laugh until your gut hurts and then fill your heart so much it might just double in size. When Reagan lands Nick a gig to sell his book at a bookstore, he and Jess stay up all night trying to make copies of the book.

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Spoiler: the glue makes them high, and it’s pretty hilarious. On the other hand, Winston is trying to propose to Aly, and boy did this make our heart melt. We’d all accept a proposal from Winston in this way, to be honest.

6 Worst: Es Good, Episode 9 (7.3/10)

This one is a hot mess, and that’s putting it gently. Honestly, when does it ever work out when Jess tries to be deceitful or one-up someone? And even more honestly, it’s just pretty cringy to watch. Robbie and Jess, who are casually dating, go on a double date with OTHER people. Yikes. To top it all off, Schmidt and Nick are trying to “out scam” the construction workers, who… aren’t actually scamming them? Yeah, we’re not sure what anyone was thinking in this episode.

5 Best: Operation Bobcat, Episode 16 (7.9/10)

This episode is honestly equally as awkward as the others, but somehow managed to include enough charm to land a 7.9 on IMDb.

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To be frank, Cece and Schmidt are literally celebrating their “Bone-iversary”, and Jess is trying not to be sad on Valentine’s Day, but you know what? These characters are pretty endearing in all their quirkiness, and we’re laughing along with their weirdness.

4 Worst: Rumspringa, Episode 17 (7.3/10)

This episode had a lot of promise, but it ended up being pretty awkward and ridiculous. When Jess is about to become principal, Schmidt and Nick take her to Solvang to an incredibly strange event, where they end up being trapped in a cellar. If that isn’t weird enough, we find out that Winston is actually married, and is trying to convince his ex-wife to get a divorce so he can marry Aly. This show never ceases to amaze us, but even that’s a little much for us.

3 Best: San Diego, Episode 21 (8.3/10)

Taking the silver medal at a whopping 8.3/10, this was the second last episode of the season. Jess goes to Portland with her dad to handle her conflicting feelings over Nick, but actually ends up setting her dad up on a date (what Jess does best, right?).

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Nick also finally breaks up with Reagan in a hilarious and totally douche-bag way, yes, he LITERALLY gets off the train and lets her ride away alone. If that’s not enough, this episode is THE battle of the Winstons, and we’re still laughing about it.

2 Worst: Hubbedy Bubby, Episode 2 (6.6/10)

Being the only episode below a 7/10, this episode clearly didn’t match the others in this season, landing at a sad 6.6. This is that episode where Jess and Cece are campaigning for Hillary Clinton, and while this may seem like a brilliant feminist-filled episode, it’s actually pretty face-palm worthy. If you’re a university or college student, this episode should offend you. Or just a human being, really.

1 Best: Five Stars for Beezus, Episode 22 (9.2/10)

Of course, the season finale had to be the best one of the season, right? Well, it was, and scored a brilliant 9.2 on IMDb. This episode will make you laugh your head off and then slam you in the face with romantic goodness and fill your heart with joy. Cece is pregnant, making for a funny sequence of events that leads to Schmidt being the last to find out. But most importantly, Nick and Jess have a hilarious and absolutely sweet moment that we’ve all been waiting for. This episode was all we ever wanted, and was written and carried out in the best way possible. We’re impressed, and boy we’re sad it’s all over.

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