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Make some space for new faces on that Instagram feed because the stunning season 24 cast of The Bachelor appears ready to make quite an impression on social media. Only one will find love, but nearly every woman will experience a significant uptick in her follower count.

As The Bachelor has blossomed from a heavily watched television show to a cultural phenomenon enveloping all corners of the internet, the type of contestants who have been cast has begun to shift. In the early years of the series, social media was a nonentity and a majority of the contestants competing for love were forgotten once they were eliminated. Now, nearly everyone who makes up each cast is basically a brand ambassador for the franchise. They benefit from the added attention, blasting sponsored content to their Bachelor-obsessed acolytes while also promoting each episode of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The addition of Bachelor Pad (R.I.P.), Bachelor Winter Games (R.I.P., we think) and now Bachelor in Paradise – a summer sensation that may never die – has only increased the importance of casting women and men who not only have captivating personalities but also look photogenic in a bathing suit. That approach only seems to be gaining traction as a new season of The Bachelor awaits.

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In a Facebook post, The Bachelor revealed the 33 women who would be vying for the heart of the lucky chosen one. The announcement read, “We are giving you an early look at the women who may be on #TheBachelor.” The list is replete with the customary cornucopia of blondes, the underwhelming representation of women of color, and the classic two Laurens with different last initials. What’s missing from the rundown is the bios that describe the fun facts and occupations (or quirky honorifics) that help fans distinguish one future Instagram influencer from the next. That will likely have to wait until weeks before the season premiere in January.

What won’t have to wait is the unveiling of The Bachelor. It’s been a primary topic of conversation since Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette ended. As Bachelor in Paradise has run its wild course, perceptions have changed, frontrunners have become underdogs and fringy contestants have thrust themselves into the conversation simply by being enough of a part of the Bachelor in Paradise storyline without looking like a bad guy. Through it all, the man who receives the opportunity to date what may be the most physically attractive cast in the show’s history may be someone who wisely sidestepped the addictive chaos of Bachelor in Paradise.

Before Paradise and and its predecessors existed, The Bachelor contained casts that – though they were even less diverse than they are now – were more relatable to viewers at home. The audience could believe it when someone said they were “here for the right reasons.” Now, those reasons have morphed. The new crop of women on The Bachelor’s 24th season will enter the mansion with eyes on two types of engagements: the one with the ring and the one with the social media buzz. Bachelor Nation is increasingly aware of this new reality, and though it fosters dishonesty and mistrust among the contestants, we all still watch and discuss endlessly because we can’t get enough.

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The Bachelor will be announced on the Bachelor in Paradise finale on September 17 at 8pm on ABC.

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