The Batman: Matt Reeves Teams With Rogue One Cinematographer

Cinematographer Greig Fraser is teaming up with writer-director Matt Reeves on his upcoming DC Extended Universe movie, The Batman. Following a few years of uncertainty about the film’s progress and whether Ben Affleck would be reprising his DCEU role as an older Caped Crusader, Reeves’ The Batman is moving along at a steady pace now. Indeed, it’s currently on track to begin production in time to make its scheduled June 2021 release date, with Robert Pattinson attached to star as a 30-year old Bruce Wayne.

While Reeves has yet to officially cast any roles beyond the eponymous one on The Batman, there’ve been rumors aplenty about who could end up playing iconic DC characters like The Penguin and Catwoman in the film (assuming they are, in fact, part of Reeves’ script). There’ve even been rumors about the movie’s cinematographer, with frequent Quentin Tarantino collaborator Robert Richardson having actually had to come out and deny his involvement with the project. Thankfully, The Batman has since found its DP for real.

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THR has now confirmed that Fraser will be The Batman‘s cinematographer, following last week’s rumors about Richardson. In an official statement issued to the outlet, Fraser said “It’s great to be working with Matt again”, alluding to the fact that he and Reeves previously joined forces on the acclaimed vampire movie Let Me In (an American remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In) back in 2010.

In the years since he worked on Let Me In, Fraser has served as a DP on an eclectic combination of films, ranging from fairy tale re-imagining Snow White and the Huntsman to the true story-inspired Zero Dark Thirty and Foxcatcher, and even the Star Wars spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Most recently, he served as the DP for Adam McKay’s Oscar-winning satirical Dick Cheney biopic Vice, and is currently working on Denis Villeneuve’s in-production Dune adaptation. Based on his schedule, it’s safe to presume that The Batman will be Fraser’s next movie after Dune.

Fraser’s an intriguing pick to bring The Batman to life, all things considered. His films are generally quite visually striking and tend to draw from a more shadowy, grittier color palette, which makes him an excellent fit for Reeves’ (supposedly) detective noir take on the Caped Crusader and his day to day crime-fighting activities. That should further help to distinguish Reeves’ vision of Gotham City and its protector from not only DP Larry Fong’s approach on Batman V Superman, but also the many Batman films that were made in the years before the DCEU (Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Tim Burton’s Batman movies, and so forth).

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Source: THR

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