The Division 2: 20 Hidden Locations Only Experts Found

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has been out for a little while at this point, and players have now had quite a bit of time to sink their teeth into the game and uncover most of the hidden content lying far from the beaten path. That’s no easy feat, of course—the game features a lengthy main campaign with more content than most similar games at launch, and discovering it all takes a considerable amount of playtime.

While players can anticipate a nearly forty hour run-time on a first playthrough, there’s more to Ubisoft’s new looter shooter than meets the eye. There are tons of Easter eggs and small details littered throughout their almost alarmingly-accurate rendition of Washington D.C. The first game in the series may have struggled to deliver content on even the most basic scale, but the recently-released sequel makes up for that in spades.

From a series of hidden caches in strange places to a set of cryptic comm links and a plethora of end-game baddies against whom to face off, it’s safe to say that watching the credits roll doesn’t have to signify the end of the game’s playability. In fact, those who already beat the game without coming across most of this stuff may well want to jump back in to check out the things they may have initially passed by during their first journey through the American capital. There’s more out there than could possibly be digested in one sitting, but here are twenty of the best hidden locations that only experts found in The Division 2.

20 Grand Washington Hotel’s Suite 3 Secret

Continuing the precedent set by the original game, each of the main story missions in The Division 2 features a hidden room containing useful loot intended for inquisitive, eagle-eyed players. Arguably the most useful of these hidden loot caches can be found in the first mission’s Grand Washington Hotel location. In the re-purposed laundry room found in the hotel’s basement, an item can be looted from a body propped up against a large tub full of clothing. Though it doesn’t appear to be lootable, searching it will reveal a key to Suite 3, which can be found in the hotel’s upper levels. This won’t give anyone access to any high-tier gear given how early in the game it is, but it can be useful to newer players looking to get a bit of a head start.

19 Hydden Treehouse

One of the strangest new secretive additions to the Division franchise has come in the form of the weird so-called ‘Hydden’ Hotels scattered throughout the map. In total, there are only seven of these to find, with the final one becoming accessible once the other six have been found. These locations often host some pretty cool gear, so those yet to come across one will definitely want to keep their eyes peeled. This one can be found just north of the Washington monument in West Potomac Park, slightly to the east of Lincoln Memorial Circle and and to the east of Ohio Drive. Shrouded by some trees and bits of shrubbery lies a hidden treehouse— one of the game’s six Hydden Hotels.

18 Demon Hunter Mask

Struggling to find something to do in the late game? Already finished with the story and can’t quite come up with a reason to return to Washington D.C.? Well, Ubisoft has listless high-tier agents covered. There are twelve legendary hunters to be found throughout the city, each with intelligence specifically designed to act like players rather than bots. Each sports a unique mask, and taking them down will give squads the ability to wear those masks themselves. The hunter wearing the Demon mask can be found after shooting a group of targets in a specific order in a building in D.C.’s Downtown East district. Be careful, though— he won’t go down easy.

17 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Reference

Odds are that most fans of Ubisoft’s The Division 2 will be at least casually familiar with Far Cry, one of their other well-known open world shooter franchises. While Blood Dragon was more of a spin-off than a dedicated sequel, it has remained one of fans’ favorite entries, and the developers paid homage by including an arcade cabinet sporting the title’s logo in a building in Judiciary Square. Just east of the area’s stronghold, players can find an old arcade housing a few bandits. While it can be tough to appreciate one’s surroundings while the bullets are flying, attentive players will notice a few embedding themselves in a familiar blue and pink logo.

16 BBQ Joint Hydden Hotel

This Hydden Hotel is only a short stroll from the first one we mentioned, and players looking to hit up each of theses locations can easily cross these two off at once. Wedged between Henry Bacon Drive NW and 23rd Street NW in West Potomac Park, players can come across a relatively hidden platform playing host to some loot crates and a sign reading “Hydden Hotel BBA Joint. Take a sausage, not my gear.” Look out for a stack of crates piled up against a brick wall, that’s the most direct entrance to this less-than-acclaimed barbecue stand, hopefully there’s something useful to be found there.

15 Milicamp Hydden Hotel

Another Hydden Hotel, this time located just south of the White House—an area with which most agents playing through The Division 2 will be pretty familiar. This hidden locale, dubbed the Milicamp Hydden Hotel, can be found in the circular lawn just south of the White House grounds. Players may be able to spot a small yellow balloon atop one of the structures near the center of the lawn—a telltale mark visible near each of the first six hotels. Once inside the hotel, which is actually adjacent to a stack of shipping crates, players can read a sign poking fun at everyone’s least favorite gaming topic: loot boxes.

14 Wraith Mask

Another of the much sought after hunter masks available in The Division 2, the Wraith mask, much like the aforementioned Demon mask, won’t be found out in the open. Instead, players will have to salute a flag just south of Capitol Hill. Doing so will spawn in the hunter wearing the Wraith mask, and he will promptly wipe the floor with anyone unprepared for him. As previously mentioned, these high-tier hunters really are nothing to joke about. They were clearly intended for high level players nearing the end of the game, and any under-leveled player pushing their luck probably won’t last very long in this fight.

13 Ghoul Mask

This is one of the most arbitrary and puzzling masks to get, and it’s worth noting that most of these hunter encounters have to be done at night in-game. To get this quest started, enter a sewer in West Potomac Park near the BBQ Hydden Hotel. Follow the tunnel, then take the stairs to the right and interact with a laptop at the far side of the platform. After that’s accomplished, head to the western end of the reflecting pool near the Lincoln Memorial once it’s dark out and shoot a flickering light bulb hanging above a shipping crate. This should spawn in the next masked hunter.

12 Pennsylvania Avenue Hyena Comm

Completionists are no-doubt scouring the map for the ten hidden Hyena comms scattered across Ubisoft’s version of the District of Columbia. While those who enjoy sussing these things out don’t usually resort to walkthroughs, there’s an easy spot on Pennsylvania avenue that everyone should know about. At the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave and Alexander Hamilton NW players should come across a bright yellow school bus and a hot dog cart right alongside the Downtown East district border. One of these comms is sitting on the ground right next to the cart—this is probably the simplest one of all to come across.

11 The Rockin’ Pete Hydden Hotel

Referred to as the ‘Rockin’ Pete’ Hydden Hotel, this is perhaps the most out-of-the-way of these loot spots save for the final one, and it can be found in the East Mall district. Head east and enter the area’s subway system—a rather rude, foreboding message will emblazon the proper entrance. From there, head down into an abandoned subway terminal, and an open car can be found near the complex’s easternmost wall. Upon entering the train, players will be greeted with yet another Hydden Hotel sign. Be sure to check in at each of these secret areas, that’ll grant access to the final one once it can be opened.

10 Crimson Mask

Just north of F Street Northwest and slightly west of the border to Judiciary Square players can find a pair of phones hidden in two buildings on opposite ends of a small plaza. Interact with one of these phones, and then immediately sprint to and activate the second one. If done at night, this should spawn in the hunter sporting the Crimson mask. This is one of the most straightforward hunters available in the game, and players just starting out on their quest for each mask may want to start here. There’s plenty of cover and few distractions to come between an agent and his or her opponent.

9 The Vosberg Hydden Hotel

Just south of the Milicamp Hydden Hotel lies the next secret loot stash. This one is hidden in a large stack of beige shipping containers. Keep an eye out for that telltale yellow balloon, and it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find. This feels like one of the more lived-in Hydden Hotels, and it definitely carries a certain vagabond appeal. The sign here reads “We ain’t here right now, but feel free to grab a beer, put on sum [sic] tunes, anything you like, but do not touch the big weapon crate behind the bed.” The next logical step here is to go open the big weapon crate behind the bed.

8 Midas and Revenant Masks

Few of the hunter masks in The Division 2 make all that much narrative sense and feel more like Easter eggs than genuine missions. However, the Midas and Revenant masks require some actions so arbitrary that it’s a wonder anyone actually discovered them. Head to a drained pool in the courtyard of a hotel in the West End and do jumping jacks in it once night falls. This, for whatever reason, will cause two hunters to spawn in, which must be taken out at once. This one probably shouldn’t be attempted solo, as it’s obviously doubly difficult when compared to most of these fights.

7 Navy Plaza Hyena Comm

Another one of the game’s ten Hyena comm collectibles can be found in Navy Plaza, which is located in the eastern section of the Federal Triangle district. There’s a control point wedged in between D Street NW and Pennsylvania Ave, so players will need to take control of that before exploring further. Once that’s been taken care of, head to the intersection of D Street and 8th, face the Navy Plaza and head through the door in front of the fountain. A Hyena Comm titled “First Council Meeting” can be found in the hallway just through that door— so that’s two of ten at this point.

6 It Lives

References to Stephen King’s It have been cropping up in more than a few games recently, and there were more than a few small nods to the novel and recent film adaptation in last year’s Far Cry 5. The trend continues with the release of Ubisoft’s The Division 2, and it remains as creepy and mockingly sinister. Players have reported spotting a red balloon— a classic symbol of one of Pennywise’s victims— just beyond a grate in the West Potomac Park sewers. At the moment, it seems that screenshots are few and far between, but some players claim to have seen more than one balloon down there. Those sick of tracking down masked hunters can go search for something far more disturbing instead.

5 Ghost And Specter Masks

Aptly named, these two hunters are by far the most elusive and difficult to defeat in the game. Rather than standing their ground and fighting like every other masked assailant, these two opt to head for the hills at the first sign of danger. To get them to spawn, interact with a console in the basement of the Washington monument. This marks three grave sites, which must be visited and saluted. After that, interact with that console once again, and then search the grounds near the monument to find these two hunters. Careful; they’ll book it once the shooting starts, so players need to have enough firepower to take these two out in no longer than a second or two.

4 The Poopy Hydden Hotel

Yes, that’s seriously what it’s called— whoever’s naming these things clearly isn’t putting much effort into their work. This spot can be found in West Potomac Park south of the Vosberg Hydden Hotel and slightly east of a control point. Buried under another stack of shipping crates, look out for a yellow balloon floating above an empty, hollow container. Be sure to interact with the check in sign at each of these locations, as this should provide access to the final Hydden Hotel, which is also pretty close by and stationed in one of the most high-profile, least secretive areas in the entire game.

3 Downtown East Hyena Comm

This is perhaps the most out-of-the-way Hyena Comm, as it’s in a fairly obscure spot which most players won’t be likely to search all that thoroughly. Head to the intersection of 13th Street NW and F Street NW in the Downtown East section of the map. Once there, find the small bit of scaffolding near that neon green Philadelphia Eagles bus. Hop up onto it by way of that red crate, and then proceed through a window into a room containing, among other things, the “Runners” Hyena Comm. Since a majority of these things can be found lying about in the street, this may be the one that’s left completionists scratching their heads for the longest time.

2 Final Hydden Hotel

Once all of the other Hydden Hotels have been visited, head back to the Washington Monument and capture the control point if that hasn’t yet been accomplished. Once inside, slide down through an elevator shaft and enter a maintenance room in the monument’s basement. A series of lights on the far wall represents all of the Hydden Hotels that have been checked out, and, if they aren’t all lit up, that means some backtracking may be necessary. Across from that is a fairly conspicuous button which, once pressed, opens an egress door. Waiting inside is a special message meant for dedicated Division 2 adventurers which we won’t spoil here.

1 Phantom, Death, Diamond, And Cross Masks

Players questing for all of the hunter masks available in The Division 2 should probably either leave this one for last or wait until they have an able-bodied party of compatriots willing to fight alongside them. The max party size allowed in the game is four, and the more will certainly be the merrier in this case. Head to the garden ice rink in the East Mall district. From there, head into the small storefront adjacent to the rink and pull a lever hidden behind the counter. This will cause the remaining four hunters to spawn in, and they must be fought all at once. The good news is, should players collect some but not all of these masks before going down, they will remain in their inventories.

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