The Division 2 Endgame Unlock Guide: How to Reach Level 30 FAST

The Division 2‘s max level is Level 30, but it could take some time ranking up all the way if players aren’t aware of how to level up fast. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s The Division 2, a sequel to 2016’s The Division video game, is now available to play in early access and will soon release worldwide on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Regardless of when gets to play, the moment they start playing, one of the main goals will be to get to the endgame content. Unlike what happened with The Division in 2016, this year’s The Division 2 is hitting the ground running when it comes to its endgame content. However, just like with Bungie’s Destiny games, players won’t get to fully experience the endgame content until they, well… beat the game. Getting to that point means getting to the max level – Level 30 – when The Division 2‘s endgame content unlocks.

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In The Division 2, there are four main ways players can earn experience points (XP): completing story missions and side quests are the best ways to earn XP, but taking out enemies and exploring the open world can also produce a good amount of XP, though it will take considerably longer to earn XP by performing the latter two activities than either of the first two. But here’s how players can level up faster in The Division 2 in order to reach Level 30:

  • Unlock XP perks at The White House Quartermaster. Each Accolade/XP perk in The Division 2 grants a boost in XP. There are four Accolades and five XP perks at the moment: Headshot Accolade (additional XP for headshots), Multi-Kill Accolade (additional XP for multiple kills), Weakpoints Accolade (additional XP for destroying weakpoints), Tactical Kill Accolade (additional XP for using the environment), and Survivor (additional XP for staying live for an extended period of time).
  • Complete main missions at the recommended level (and repeat). Completing main story missions in The Division 2 sounds obvious, but sometimes players can get ahead of themselves. It’s best to play the story at the recommended levels and then repeat them whenever the opportunity arises. Replaying story missions grants the same amount of XP, so be sure to keep that in mind.
  • Play with friends/in a group. This is one of those things that can be easier said than done, especially in a looter shooter, but playing The Division 2 with friends or at least in a group is hugely important to leveling up as fast as possible. In The Division 2, each mission scales according to the number of players in a group. So, more players equals more enemies, which, in turn, equals more XP. Plus, players receive XP for all kills by their teammates, so it’s easy to stack up.
  • Complete Ubisoft Club Challenges. Every week, Ubisoft will add new challenges to the Club Challenges section in the Progression menu. Players should select every challenge they can and complete them within the time specified, because doing so will grant additional XP for ordinary things that happen in general gameplay, such as killing certain enemies. The bonus XP may not be much, but it’s better than nothing!

Overall, The Division 2 is structured the same way as most looter shooters, especially similar to how The Division ended up in the long run. So earning XP and leveling up will be the same in both games. However, sticking to the above outline will help The Division 2 players reach Level 30 as fast as possible so that they can check out all the endgame content (which is unlocked after reaching Level 30 and completing a final stronghold.)

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