The Division 2 Guide: Best Perks To Unlock First

Perks are an integral part of mastering the way that combat works in The Division 2. With benefits ranging from increased armor restocking to extra XP, there’s a whole bunch of things to consider if you want to really make your mark as an agent in the game. Luckily, our Division 2 perks guide will sort you out.

There are more than 19 different types of perks to choose from. Because unlocking them is a matter of doing so one at a time (using the rare SHD Tech that you acquire) , or at least in a limited cluster, you will need to be intelligent about the choices that you’re making when it comes to which perks to prioritize over the others at different times in your game experience.

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There are some perks which we think are better than others at ensuring that you’re having a smooth run in The Division 2, so we’ve compiled a bit of a list.

  • Accolade Perks: These types of perks are essential if you’re wanting to front-load as much grinding as possible during this experience. The Accolade perks are important if you want to get a bit of a leg up in the competition early, and they’re probably some of the easiest to acquire on account of needing the least SHD points to get. The perks will reward you for doing pretty much anything firefight related in the game, ranging from getting headshots to other combat-oriented focuses.
  • Restock Perks: When you’re bogged down in a tight spot in a mission and you just aren’t quite sure what your options are, making sure that you’re stocked up on the deadly essentials like grenades and the life-saving armor kits will probably go a long way. The Restock perks give you more of an opportunity to acquire both, which should ensure that you’re well-equipped for whatever the game wants to throw your way.
  • Inventory Perks: Your inventory can fill up quite quickly in this game, but this is probably the least combat-oriented recommendation in our Division 2 perks guide. Compared to the rest, this one just does what it says on the tin and lets you spend less time faffing around between missions to clear space for things that might be more valuable.
  • Armor Kit Perks: Much like the Accolade perks, these Armor kit perks are particularly cost-effective when it comes to picking them up using the SHD points that you accumulate in the game. Armor kits are one of the first things that you learn to use in the game, and they’re a valuable way to keep yourself safe and to keep yourself in the fight. Having more armor kits at your disposal at any one time is definitely going to help in a pinch.

There are a whole other bunch of perks in the game, but our Division 2 perks guide covers some of the most essential to your leveling-up experience. Whether it’s needing to make sure that you hit end game quicker, or ensuring that you’ve got enough juice to make it through some of the Stronghold skirmishes that the game throws at you, there’s a bit of something for everyone in the perk section: it’s all about trial and error.

Another crucial part of doing well in The Division 2 is your specialization. It’s not only about which passive improvements you grant to yourself; it’s also about the arsenal of skills that you can choose to wield as an agent. Unlocking the right perks and modifiers can make a player one of the best Division agents in The Division 2.

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