The Future of DC’s Young Justice To Be Revealed By [SPOILER]

When it comes to issues of time travel, the Flash family always seems to be at the center of the action. It’s apparently true for the Young Justice team in their upcoming adventure, as it seems Impulse has discovered some horrifying truths about his team’s place in the future of DC’s Universe.

The Young Justice team has faced twists and turns since their reunion in the launch of the new series, but have survived by leaning on their teammates. But with Young Justice #16 confirmed to explore the revelations discovered by Impulse as he ran across space and time…. just what secrets are being hidden from the team? And how will these discoveries affect them going froward?

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DC’s May solicitations announce that the issue will be hitting shelves May 6th, 2020. The main cover art displays Impulse spread across time and space, seemingly being struck by the truths mentioned about. The issue is written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker, with art by Scott Godlewski, a cover by John Timms, and a variant cover by Francis Manapul. Take a look at the cover and official plot synopsis below:

Impulse unleashed! Bartholomew Henry Allen II has traveled to the edges of space and time—and along the way, he’s discovered truths that he’s kept from even his closest friends. Until now. The truth behind the legacy of Young Justice is revealed! What does tomorrow hold for Young Justice?

The Young Justicem was created to fill the void fleft by the Teen Titans as they grew into adults, featuring an ever changing roster of teen heroes who have grown out of the sidekick role but haven’t quite hit adulthood. The original team consisted of Robin, Superboy, and Impulse, although there have been numerous interpretations since the original comic, including a cult favorite TV series of the same name. Since Impulse — the character the upcoming comic issue seems to be most focused around — is Barry Allen’s grandson, it makes perfect sense that he would carry on the tradition of discovering secrets about the future of his friends and teammates.

What truths Impulse discovers is still anyone’s guess. Is the formation of the team actually a product of a larger plan that has been in the works from the start? Are certain members of the team withholding information from the rest of the group? With much of the conflict of the series always jumping between the characters struggles of growing up while also trying to break away from the “sidekick” image, the revelations could truly be about anything.

Young Justice #16 will be available in your local comic book shop on May 6th, 2020.

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