The Good Place: 10 Best Characters Who Weren’t In The First Season

The Good Place has quite a tight core group of characters who are focused on heavily from start to finish, and they make the show what it is; funny, educational, emotional, and vibrant. However, along the way, there are some amazing characters added, either in supporting or cameo roles.

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This show is packed with amazing characters mainly because the writing is so fantastic, which makes everyone feel important no matter how long they’re involved. With the show being so reliant on comedy as well, even the supporting roles are often able to squeeze in some amazing lines to crack up the viewers.

While fans of the show are still sad that its over, with this list we will take a look at some of the best characters from The Good Place, all of which were added after the first season.

10 Simone Garnett

Simone Garnett joined The Good Place in season three and initially proved to be quite popular. She was brought in as a love rival for Eleanor, with her intelligence and love of ethics making her a better match, on paper, for Chidi. It led to some really funny moments, but that quickly fizzled out.

While her mocking Chidi for his personality flaws was funny at first, she ended up becoming a very judgemental character. Simone seemed to just find issues and faults with everyone and everything and became quite annoying at times. But given that she started out quite entertaining, and is an important character, she deserves a spot on the list.

9 Larry Hemsworth

Something that The Good Place does better than most shows is making incredible references to things in pop culture and the television/movie world. This is something that brings some serious humor to the show and one great example of that is Larry Hemsworth.

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He is the fictional fourth Hemsworth brother that the show creates who ends up engaged to Tahani for a brief period. The show puts a great twist on things by having him be vulnerable as he feels like an underperformer in comparison to his well-known siblings.

8 John Wheaton

John Wheaton is the stereotypical bitchy gossip columnist who loves nothing more than hearing about all the drama and secrets that are going on in the world of the celebrity lives. He is someone who used to give Tahanhi hell during her lifetime, which creates an awkward relationship between them, making for a great plot point.

John does begin to develop a much nicer personality as the show develops and he certainly proves himself to be one of the funniest characters on the show. He is over-the-top and very extra, but that only helps make him stand out amongst the large cast.

7 Brent Norwalk

Much like John, Brent Norwalk appears in the fourth season of the show and is part of the experiment that is set up to prove whether or not people can change. Brent is one of the people who really doesn’t want to change and has several terrible qualities.

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He is racist, rude, and incredibly sexist, which means he angers countless different characters. This leads to a few serious arguments throughout the show and some very funny moments between him and other characters.

6 Other Janets

Janet is one of the greatest characters on The Good Place and provides some of the funniest moments throughout the show because of how she is written. While we get to see Bad Janet quite frequently, we later learn that there are way more versions of this character who is neither a human nor a robot.

Whether it’s Disco Janet or any of the other random creations the show comes up with, they are all incredibly memorable. While they end up being marbelized, they all have such unique personalities and provide different funny moments that it’s a shame we didn’t see more of them!

5 Jeff The Doorman

Jeff the Doorman is the entity responsible for allowing people to travel from the afterlife back to Earth, and he also happens to be absolutely obsessed with frogs. He first appears in season three of the show, and he becomes a supporting character who pops up several times after that point.

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He has quite a lonely life without many people to talk with, so whenever he meets someone he really relishes the chance for interaction. Jeff is given frog memorabilia by seemingly everyone that passes, and his random love for the animal is one of the funniest things in the show.

4 Hypatia Of Alexandria

If you want an example of how effective a good cameo appearance can be, then look no further than Lisa Kudrow playing the philosopher, Hypatia of Alexandria. Immediately, she set the tone for what is supposed to be an incredibly intelligent character by saying that Chidi can call her “Patty.”

The character then takes an incredible twist. Despite her mathematical experience and history, it is hilarious that she doesn’t even know the difference between the number 5 the letter S. Lisa Kudrow plays her amazingly well, and even though she only appears late on, she is very funny and memorable.

3 Derek

Derek is another hilarious character that is added to the show in the second season and is actually made by Janet. He is built to be a boyfriend for Janet to try and let her forget about Jason, and he ends up becoming quite a frequent character.

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While he ends up spending a lot of time with Mindy St. Claire, becoming her partner, he is just a truly magnificent character. He’s very funny and doesn’t quite have Janet’s intelligence or knowledge, which leads to him coming out with some fantastic lines throughout his existence.

2 Doug Forcett

Another excellent character from The Good Place that is introduced later in the series is Doug Forcett. He is an incredibly famous person to people within the afterlife, mainly because he predicts exactly how the point system works before he dies.

He then spends his whole life being determined to get enough points to get into The Good Place, which leads to him doing some ridiculous things in order to be seen as good enough. There’s nothing he won’t do in order to get to where he wants to be, which leads to him going over the top with his actions.

1 Judge Gen

While Judge Gen goes on to become a very important character on The Good Place, she isn’t actually part of the show in the first season. She first appears in season two’s “Chapter 25: The Burrito,” where her power and influence quickly becomes clear.

This character is hilariously played by Maya Rudolph, who brings her amazing dry sense of humor to the show. While the character does have the ultimate say about what goes on in the afterlife, she still has time to binge-watch shows and bring tons of charisma to her existence, which made Judge Gen an amazing character.

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