The Hills: New Beginnings’ Kaitlynn Carter Struggling After Breakups

After two public breakups in three months, The Hills: New Beginnings star, Kaitlynn Carter is “going through some sh*t”. Carter, a public figure, social media influencer, and online fashion mogul, split from girlfriend of one month, pop-star Miley Cyrus, in late September. This follows split from husband Brody Jenner in August.

The Hills: New Beginnings premiered in June of this year as a sequel to the popular 2000’s MTV series, The Hills, and includes many of the original cast members, including Jenner. The show was renewed for a second season, but as of now has no air date. The second season will cover the separation of Jenner and Carter, who were never legally married but had a symbolic wedding in Indonesia back in June of 2018.

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According to Us Weekly, Carter has defended accusations she has become “too thin” on Instagram by reminding fans she’s been “going through some sh!t”. A fan commented on Carter’s weight after the influencer poster a bikini-clad photo lounging in Palm Springs on October 22. The thirty-two year old replied, “I mean I been through some sh*t lately LOL”. The comment has since been deleted.

“Some sh*t” is an understatement for Carter, whose last three months have been incredibly dramatic. Shortly after The Hills: New Beginnings aired this summer, Carter and Jenner announced they were splitting up, just one year after their island nuptials. Not days later, Carter was spotted on an intimate Italian vacation with Miley Cyrus, fresh off Cyrus’ split from film star husband Liam Hemsworth. The Carter-Cyrus Italian romance came as a surprise to fans, who were still grieving the Carter-Jenner and Cyrus-Hemsworth relationships. The fling was over before fans could even give the couple a nickname. Cyrus broke the fling off a few short weeks later, supposedly not ready to get into anything serious so soon after her divorce from Hemsworth.

As if two public breakups weren’t enough for Carter, shortly after her split with Cyrus, ex-husband Jenner went public with new girlfriend, model Josie Canseco. And as if that wasn’t enough, only a few weeks after Jenner’s announcement, Cyrus showed off new boyfriend, musician Cody Simpson. Both Cyrus and Simpson have been very public about being seemingly “serious” about their relationship online. Recently, Cyrus dug at both her past relationships with Hemsworth and Carter by claiming she had “never experienced romance” before Simpson.

So yes, Carter has “been through some sh*t”, and yet, fans continue to body-shame her on social media. While most of the comments were flattery for the online personality, some of the comments on Carter’s poolside photo shoot included, “You look like you need to eat something .. just a little bit,” and “Oh Kaitlynn u look too thin r u ok you are so beautiful hope all is ok it was nice to see you healthy for a bit modelling it was normal it seems like the new norm, is being shown as super thin is only exceptional.” Carter’s comment, despite being deleted since, suggest her sense of humor and body image both remain intact.

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Source: Us Weekly

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