The Incredibles: 25 Weirdest Things About Elastigirl’s Body

While over a decade passed without any of The Incredibles aging, the family has never been more popular with fans. Bob, Helen, and the Parr children: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, may magically meet us from 1962 but their stories and battles are as relevant today as our own. Mrs. Incredible is the epitome of the working mother, giving her all to maintain a healthy, happy family while she maintains a demanding career.

Elastigirl once said, “I‘m at the top of my game! I’m right up there with the big dogs! Girls, come on. Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so.” She then married Mr. Incredible without ever dreaming of the legal woes Supers would experience. Helen adapted to normality better than Bob, perhaps because she didn’t have time to mourn her lost fame while she was the primary caregiver for three children.

Let’s not make Elastigirl’s life a myth of balance. Each day weighs to one side when managing a home, family, job and other roles. It’s all about the big picture, and Elastigirl’s abilities, particularly those she wields due to her own body, have proven useful both off and on the field as she manages home and a returns to crime-fighting in The Incredibles 2.

Seeing the mom take center stage as an independent hero was an unexpected delight in the long-awaited sequel. We wanted to learn more about her awesome powers.

From her obvious capabilities to the nuances only superfans notice, here are the 25 Weirdest Things About Elastigirl’s Body.

25 Charisma Is One Of Her Powers

It’s a weird power to have, but everyone from Gambit to Purple Man to Magneto has had it listed as their power at some point.

Charisma is a pretty fluid power,ranging from simple suggestive power to full-blown coercion, and we’re pretty sure Elastigirl doesn’t have the latter, even if you haven’t cleaned your room or finished your homework.

Still, there’s no denying that she’s a pretty charismatic character, and she has other cool powers gamers can tap into as well, including martial arts, acrobatics, medicine, stealth and military science.

24 She Has Super Strength

“Super strength” may not be listed among Elastigirl’s official abilities, but her mightiness is pretty obvious, whether she’s clinging to the side of a moving vehicle, carrying her entire family (plus cargo), or hurling around heavy machinery like it’s free weights.

While her husband may be the one known for his amazing strength, it’s pretty obvious that Elastigirl has some pretty incredible power of her own.

The very act of carrying her family in an RV during the first film, something that Mr. Incredible wasn’t be able to do, proves that.

23 She Can Stretch Up To 300 Feet

“She can stretch” is a complete underestimation of Elastigirl’s powers. We have seen Elastigirl stretch far enough to stretch far enough to stop moving vehicles, double-punch two villains while kicking another and move through buildings with a single step or two just by stretching her body.

While we don’t know her level of discomfort during a stretch she definitely makes it look easy.

The woman can stretch up to 300 feet, which is no small feat. No, it’s not the 1,500 feet that Mr. Fantastic can pull off, but given enough time, scientific development, and practice, who knows how far Helen could stretch?

22 Sometimes She’s Too Flexible

As with any superhero character, Elastigirl sometimes finds that her powers are as much of a hindrance as they are a boon in her career. The most obvious example is when she is too flexible and gets stuck in sticky situations, such in as a closing door.

One of her best scenes in the first film features a moment like this as she rescues her husband.

This scenario would be incredibly painful and even life-threatening to most of us, but for Helen Parr it seems to be mostly annoying as she contemplates the situation and quickly remedies her position using her abilities and wits.

21 She Can Pretty Much Fly

Who else do you know who, upon witnessing their baby hurling down from the sky, might request that you throw them up to catch said infant?

Elastigirl didn’t even hesitate when Jack-Jack was in need. She’s demonstrated her flight capabilities on several occasions.

Not only can she launch up to 80 feet in the air, but she can create a parachute out of her own flesh.

Those who argue that she can’t technically fly are the same people who argue that Storm and Jessica Jones can’t fly.

20 She’s Invulnerable (To An Extent)

Obviously, Elastigirl is mortal, but she’s largely invulnerable when it comes to physical peril. She takes the hits and keeps on giving them, whether that means dodging a kick or bullet, carrying an RV with her family in it with her own body, or being knocked from a plane in mid-air.

It would be interesting to test the limits of Elastigirl’s powers and see how invulnerable she truly is– without permanent damage, of course. After all, it’s still a Disney-Pixar movie, not Deadpool.

19 She Towers Over (And Out-Shouts) Her Husband

The original The Incredibles film is rife with 1960s references, making it easy to pinpoint where the film takes place. The arguments between Helen and Bob over Bob’s secret hero work, complete with a fuzzy bathrobe and the flicking of a table lamp on in the dark, are a part of that.

A big difference, however, is that Helen not only out-shouts her husband but towers over him in an argument, proving that no matter how big and powerful Mr. Incredible may be, Elastigirl can always be bigger.

That doesn’t mean better; there’s nothing big or great about their arguments. But the two are on more even footing than their initial appearances might seem.

18 She May Be Impervious To Bullets

While it’s not completely proven, many fans theorize that Helen Parr is impervious to bullets. It makes sense given her stretching capabilities.

We have seen many a bullet fired at her with no consequence.

That said, the same can be argued for her husband and children, but with Violet’s force field protecting the family it’s difficult to truly pinpoint who has bulletproof powers.

Given that Edna’s intuitive designs included bulletproof properties, it stands to reason that at least some of the Parrs could use some assistance in that department.

17 She’s Vulnerable To Mind Control

While we could list Elastigirl’s abilities all day, there are several powers that she obviously doesn’t have, and protection from telepathy is one of them. In the events of the second film, Helen is taken by a surprise attack when one of her supposed benefactors, Evelyn Deavor, turns out to be a pretty bitter villain with an anti-technology and pretty much anarchist agenda.

Although it was perhaps the most predictable moment of the film, Evelyn’s deception did reveal that despite Elastigirl’s quick thinking skills, she’s still susceptible to mind control.

16 She’s A Shapeshifter

While Elastigirl’s elasticity is obvious due to her name and just about any scene she stars in, it may not be so apparent that she is indeed a shapeshifter.

While she may not shift into a wolf or bear or any other creature, Elastigirl certainly has the ability to shapeshift into practical things that assist in her day-to-day work, whether it’s a parachute or a boat.

We don’t know the full extent of Elastigirl’s abilities, either, so it’s quite possible that she could stretch herself into a werewolf form if she so desired.

15 She Heals Fast

Although it’s not one of her more obvious powers, nor is it as impressive as the healing factors that characters like Wolverine and Deadpool are known for, Elastigirl has a pretty speedy recovery period.

Elastigirl is able to quickly bounce back after being knocked unconscious.

Any normal person who faced the battles that she, or any of her Super family members, went up against would definitely need a breather before heading back into the game, if not a mini vacation or a hospital stay.

14 She’s Not The Only Elastigirl

Pixar fans may not know it, but Helen Parr isn’t the only incarnation of Elastigirl. The DC character Elasti-Girl, a member of the Doom Patrol, first appeared in 1963’s My Greatest Adventure #80, right around the same time that Pixar’s Elastigirl was fighting crime.

Rita Farr Dayton had the ability to control her body shape and size, shrinking and stretching at will, very much like Helen.

Originally a film star, Rita was exposed to volcanic gas that gave her the abilities that made her into a superhero.

13 She May Have Superhuman Vision

Can you see a stray hair from several feet away? How about a tiny speck of rubble on the shoulder of your lying husband who was supposed to be bowling instead of getting an adrenaline rush from saving people from drama? Elastigirl can, which prompts many fans to believe that the superhero indeed has superhuman vision.

It’s not as much as a stretch as some other fan theories, but it’s also one that doesn’t have as much concrete support as her obvious powers. Still, it’s fairly obvious that Elastigirl has better sight than the average Jane, and Jack-Jack has to get his vision gene from somewhere.

12 Her many different Voices

The different incarnations of Elastigirl have all featured different voices. While Holly Hunter has lent her talents to both films as well as the Disney Infinity video game, Elizabeth Daily voiced the character in the 2004 video game, The Incredibles. Elastigirl had another voice still in Lego: The Incredibles, where Ally Johnson could be heard as Helen Parr.

While all of Mrs. Incredible’s voice actresses portrayed her in their own way, we think her Hunter voice is the most spot-on for her character’s personality.

11 She Does Most Of What Her Husband Does… In Heels

It’s an old but true trope: anything Mr. Incredible can do, his wife can do– in heels.

Why on earth does Elastigirl wear heels into battle?

It’s definitely something that most heroes should want to avoid. Those things would be a hindrance in battle and make zero sense as a part of her costume– likely posing as much risk as the dreaded cape that Edna so heartily despises, yet there they are.

The heels could be overlooked as a part of the 1960s motif or as a nod to the Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire dynamic, but in all honestly it detracts from her scenes a bit. Give the woman some sensible footwear, animators.

10 She’s Skilled At Hand-To-Hand Combat

While we believe that Elastigirl is more of a lover than a fighter in her post-hero days, when she has to fight, she certainly does it well.

It’s mesmerizing to watch her whoop some bad guy booty.

With her agility and graceful moves, it’s a cross between ninja mom and superhero dancer. She does everything with grace and skill, which likely come naturally with a power like elasticity.

While her fighting skills might best be described as improvisational, she certainly can handle herself in a fight.

9 She’s An Accomplished Pilot And Motorcyclist

Helen has some pretty cool non-fighting, non-superpower skills that are frequently utilized in the films.

Rather than gifts, these are talents that she obviously took time to develop.

Between the lingo (which Holly Hunter also studied in order to portray it accurately) and her actions, Mrs. Incredible has proven her mettle as an accomplished pilot.

We had no idea that she was also a skilled motorcyclist until we witnessed her handle a bike so effortlessly in the sequel. What other unseens skills does Elastigirl have?

8 She Doesn’t Get Rusty

Remember when Mr. Incredible returned to superherodom and had that Rocky-esque training montage? Despite the fact that he was the one who continue to save people in secret, he was also proved to be pretty out of shape.

His wife is another story. Helen’s had at least a dozen years of chasing babies, cleaning house, and caring for a family of five. That all likely helped to keep her more nimble than her husband, who did work at an office job.

In all fairness, most chores come so easily to Bob that he probably requires heftier training than Helen to truly stay in shape.

7 She’s Incredibly Resourceful

While other Supers often turn to brute force when grappling with an unexpected situation, Elastigirl is a true artist, using found objects in her work and making them work to her own advantage. Maybe it’s the mother in her, but she is used to working with what she’s got, whether it’s the very weapons poised against her, the vehicles in her near vicinity, or the machinery she’s known to wield so well.

Elastigirl is also the most resourceful in terms of networking. She seems to know the most helpful people, from Frozone, Edna, and Snug, to her new buddies in the second film.

6 She’s Produced Three Kids With Superpowers

Unlike most superheroes who have children, Elastigirl’s body actually shows the reality of family life and three pregnancies. She’s still pretty darn fit for a woman in her thirties. but it’s nice to see a hero with a somewhat more realistic body, particularly after producing three children with superhero powers of their own.

We have to wonder if the elasticity came in handy during pregnancy and delivery.

Regardless, the fact that she managed to give birth to an invisible baby, a speedster baby, and a baby with seemingly ever power is incredibly impressive.

5 She Is The Least Destructive Super

It’s a common complaint among normal people that supers leave too much destruction in their wake. It’s the very reason we’ve had a Civil War between the Avengers, a Batman v Superman fight. It’s also one reason why the Supers had to go into hiding in The Incredibles universe in the first place.

Partly due to the nature of her abilities, but also due to her own quick thinking and graceful moves, Elastigirl is one of the least destructive supers we’ve seen.

In most cases the damage she causes is far less than the damage and loss of life that she prevents in action.

4 She Uses Her Powers For Convenience

What superhero is going to deny themselves the perk of using their own powers in daily life? We’ve seen everyone from Scarlet Witch to Ant-Man utilize their skills under the dome of parenthood, not only to protect their children but as a simple matter of convenience.

Need to separate fighting children? Stretch your arms and keep them apart!

Hear the telltale signs of silence down the hall? We’re pretty sure Elastigirl extended her ears, if not her whole neck, in order to check on playing toddlers during Violet and Dash’s younger years.

3 She Has A Sharp Wit And Is A Quick-Thinker

Holly Hunter proved to be the perfect casting choice as Elastigirl’s voice. Her wry, gently sardonic tone and maternal concern is perfectly conveyed through Hunter’s intonation.

Helen’s sharp wit and quick critical thinking power is often accompanied by some pretty quick speech.

Elastigirl is handed a dangerous situation and forms a plan in minutes, booking a plane, taking care of her family and rescuing her husband as if it’s all a matter of managing a spreadsheet and carpool.

Even as curve balls, like stowaway children, are thrown her way, she takes it all in stride with her quick thinking.

2 She’ll throw a punch

Why did this plot exist at all? The overused suspicious wife plot was a common staple among 1960s entertainment. While people might laugh over Elastigirl punching Mirage in the face in The Incredibles for participating in supposed infidelity with Bob, it does more harm than good.

Pixar could have easily written a more female-friendly story instead of the bitter old rivals angle, which is may be Elastigirl got such a prominent and empowered role in The Incredibles 2 as a response.

1 She Is The Ultimate Supermom And Uses Her Body To Protect Those She Loves

Almost any mother can attest to using her body as a shield, cushioning device, or other instrument in order to protect her child, forfeiting comfort and safety to the point of surpassing logic. Elastigirl goes above and beyond that, scooping up her children and using her own body to deflect explosions, sheltering her kids from dangers they should never have to face.

While adrenaline kicks in to help many parents overcome obstacles, Elastigirl’s very body provides her with the means of protecting her family.

Do you have any info to add about Elastigirl’s body from The Incredibles? Let us know in the comments!

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