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The Invisible Man 2020 briefly featured an adorable dog named Zeus, owned by Cecilia and Adrian, but did the little pooch survive the film? One of the most memorable parts of The Invisible Man‘s 2020 reinvention is the opening sequence, in which Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) escapes from her abusive boyfriend Adrian’s (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) high-tech home in the dead of night. Without saying a line of dialogue, the film effectively conveys how terrified Cecilia is of Adrian, and that makes every little moment in which she almost wakes him excruciatingly tense.

This includes one time when Cecilia inadvertently kicks the bowl of her and Adrian’s dog Zeus, making a loud clattering noise and causing an incredibly suspenseful moment where the viewer wonders how Adrian could’ve possibly slept through that. Cecilia then runs into Zeus after she’s out of the house, and although she can’t take him with her, she can’t bring herself to leave without removing the inhumane shock collar Adrian has put on the poor creature.

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From then on, Zeus mostly disappears from the story, outside of a few short scenes. Understandably, many animal lovers have a hard time watching a dog die in a film, and may be asking if Zeus lives. Here’s what happens.

While it’s somewhat easy to miss during The Invisible Man‘s shocking, satisfying conclusion, Zeus does survive the film. This is despite the fact that earlier Zeus attacked an invisible Adrian to protect Cecilia, when Cecilia infiltrated Adrian’s home to try and figure out how he was pulling off his scheme against her. Interestingly, that means that despite Adrian behaving like a monster toward Cecilia, he still didn’t choose to kill Zeus for interfering in his plans. Even evil people like their pets it seems.

Anyway, after Cecilia succeeds in killing Adrian in a way that makes it look like a suicide, she leaves the house with Zeus in tow, suggesting he’ll go on to a new life in a happier home. No more shock collars for this good boy, not even one. If a sequel to The Invisible Man 2020 ever happens – and with the box office take, it’s not hard to imagine – one assumes that Zeus will return along with Cecilia, hopefully to attack some more evil people. Zeus will not tolerate such despicable behavior, especially toward his human mama, and won’t hesitate to take another bite out of crime in the future.

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