The Joker Movie Logo Potentially Revealed

The logo for Joker may have been revealed. In the wake of Justice League’s critical and commercial disappointment, Warner Bros. is reevaluating what to do with their DC Comics franchise. They are attempting to salvage what’s left of the old DCEU, but arguably more interesting is their notion to launch a separate line of films allegedly called DC Dark or DC Black. This initiative begins with Todd Phillips’ Joker, which is completely disconnected from the DC films of the past five years. It serves as a 1980s-set crime thriller and takes cues from Martin Scorsese’s filmography.

WB has several Joker movies coming through the pipeline, but Joker will be the first to make it to the big screen. Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck (the man who would become the Joker), the film recently began production well ahead of its October 2019 release date. As a means of getting ahead of the inevitable set leaks, Phillips took it upon himself to unveil the first official looks of Phoenix in-character – both with clown makeup and without. It’ll be interesting to see how the director utilizes social media moving forward, but now we might have gotten a look at the film’s logo.

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The Instagram account den_of_geeks posted a photo of what appears to be the clapboard from Joker. On it, the film’s title is written out in red font. Check it out for yourself in the space below:

Since this picture didn’t come from Phillips’ account (or someone else associated with Joker), there’s a chance this may not actually be from the film. Still, with Joker in the midst of production, it certainly seems plausible. Even if this is a clipboard from the set, it’s important for fans to know this is far from the final Joker logo. Title cards can evolve over the course of a movie’s development (see: Aquaman), and WB isn’t anywhere close to launching the Joker marketing campaign. The film is still more than a year away from release, so in all likelihood, the studio’s marketing department is currently contemplating ideas and will unveil something when the time is right. What’s on the clipboard is a temporary placeholder.

Even though Joker doesn’t have as much riding on it as, say, Batman v Superman or Justice League, its reception could still have a major impact on how WB handles the DC property moving forward. If Joker is a hit, then it will open the door for other Elseworlds-type projects to take hold, offering unique and fascinating takes on DC characters. The potential success of this film could open several opportunities for the studio, particularly in regards to the talent they hire. Phoenix once turned down the role of Doctor Strange in part because he balked at signing a multi-picture contract; appearing in a standalone film had much more appeal for him. There’s no telling where this can go if Phillips knocks Joker out of the park.

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