The Masked Singer: All Of Rottweiler’s Performances, Ranked

For three seasons now, the world has been totally captivated by the completely addictive, high energy, and often shockingly hilarious reality series The Masked Singer. The series follows a cast of bizarrely costumed mystery talent as they compete to prove they have the best singing voice and stage presence, all while keeping their identities secret.

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In the series’ brief tenure so far, some truly amazing talent has emerged, including big-name stars from all arenas of Hollywood. The first season included talent such as champion T-Pain, Donny Osmond, GladysKnight, and Joey Fatone, while the second season included multi-hyphenate champion Wayne Brady, Adrienne Bailon, Seal, Michelle Williams, Patti LaBelle, and Raven Symone.

But far and away one of the standout performers so far has been the second season contestant Rottweiler, who was revealed to be American Idol alum and Daughtry frontman Chris Daughtry. Here, we’re taking a look back and ranking Daughtry’s best performances as Rottweiler.

7 “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic

In his second performance on the series, Rottweiler delivered one of his more measured performances with a rendition of OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out.” Daughtry’s voice was well suited for the song, but it felt like a safer choice in many ways.

Add to that the fact that the choreography was tamer than some of the performances he would turn in later, and this performance, though strong, comes in last place on Rottweiler’s repertoire.

6 “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran

In an even more measured performance, Rottweiler showed that he has what it takes to perform pop ballads, not just energetic pop-rock hits. His third appearance found Daughtry performing a compelling cover of Ed Sheeran’s love ballad “Castle on the Hill.”

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Though the performance featured relatively little in terms of choreography, the vulnerable solo allowed Daughtry to connect with the audience and judges in a much more intimate way than the previous two energized songs, even leaving judge Nicole Scherzinger in tears.

5 “Alive” by Sia

Few male vocalists active in the world of music have quite the commanding stage presence that Chris Daughtry does, when it comes to the intensity of his high notes and ability to hold a long note. In his final performance on the series, Daughtry once again proved that to be true with a breathtaking cover of Sia’s “Alive.”

Though not as high energy as some of his other performances, the stunning performance featured plenty of high notes and relentless drive, keeping the judges and audience members on their feet as he breathlessly gave the performance his all. While this final performance may not have given Rottweiler the win at the end of the finale, there’s no denying that it was a powerhouse performance entirely befitting of the competition’s final round.

4 “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

While the early 2000s Killers classic “Mr. Brightside” might often be considered a high energy karaoke classic, Rottweiler managed to turn this popular pounding hit into a slow, soulful song of heartbreak. In the second season’s Christmas-themed episode, Rottweiler came out sporting a Santa hat and turned this song into a broken heart ballad capable of matching “Last Christmas.”

As soon as the song reached the chorus, however, that signature Daughtry intensity came right back to the surface, giving the performance an unmistakable energy and excitement. All throughout, Daughtry never once lost hold of the song’s intense emotions, delivering one impressive vocal run after another as the judges and audience cheered him on.

3 “Maneater” by Hall & Oates

In his introductory performance, Rottweiler quickly established himself as one of the most formidable talents in the season. With a lively rendition of the Hall & Oates classic about broken hearts and cheating ways, Daughtry put his own soulful spin on the spurned lover ballad, leaving the judges temporarily speechless and scrambling to figure out who could be behind the dog mask.

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The crooning nature of his voice, as well as his impressive vocal runs and range, even left the guesses wondering if it could be Nelly or Bruno Mars, proving he has what it takes to rank right up there with some of the most soulful crooners. Accompanied by some strong backup dancers, Daughtry showed that he had potential when it came to getting into the choreography side of things, which is something American Idol definitely never revealed.

2 “Grenade” by Bruno Mars

Rottweiler’s fourth performance on the series comes just shy of ranking as the best of them. Used in season-long teasers, Daughtry’s cover of Bruno Mars’ hit “Grenade” was hyped up for weeks on end, and for good reason. It’s one of the best displays of Daughtry’s vocal range, from his gruff intensity to his crooning long notes.

Paired with some amazing choreography, and even pyrotechnic displays, Rottweiler’s rendition of “Grenade” blew the judges’ minds and left the audience screaming for more. If there were any performance during his run on the series that served as a testament to his talents as a rock star, it would be this one.

1 “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi

Chris Daughtry may be thought of most frequently as a rocker, given his grungy vibe during his run on American Idol, and the career he’s had with his band Daughtry since then. But his tenure on The Masked Singer more than proved he has more range than most give him credit for – and this particular performance of Lewis Capaldi’s heartbreaking love song “Someone You Loved” shows the true extent of his talent more than any other.

In yet another pared-down solo performance, Daughtry tapped into raw emotions with intensely vulnerable vocals, impeccable high and low notes, and breathtaking runs. This performance above all else proved that Daughtry has what it takes to be one of the greats. The judges’ utterly awed and moved reactions more than attest to that.

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