The Myers-Briggs® Types Of One Day At A Time Characters

One Day At A Time may be a reboot, but although it shares the same setting (an apartment) and premise (a single mom living with her kids) as the ’70s and ’80s original, the Netflix series definitely has some magic to it. After three seasons, Netflix announced that they would no longer be making any more episodes, which is sad news since this is an incredibly great show.

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Starring Justina Machado as strong solo mom Penelope and Rita Moreno as her hilarious and sweet mom, the series is big on funny moments and social issues, too. And the characters feel totally legit and real. Here are the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of One Day At A Time characters.

10 Carmen: ISTJ

Played by Ariela Barer, Carmen is Elena’s good friend who moves to Austin after her mom and dad’s deportation to Mexico. Carmen prefers to dress in a goth manner and has black hair with a streak of color in it, bangs, and she also wears dark lipstick.

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Carmen is unfortunately dealing with a very serious issue that no teenager should have to face. Because she knows that she has to move away and leave Elena, she’s a Responsible Realist or ISTJ.  ISTJs are considered “realistic” and “orderly.” They are also considered to be amazing friends who will be loyal, which definitely describes Carmen because she helps Elena realize who she really is and share with her family that she is gay.

9 Max Ferraro: ISTP

Ed Quinn plays Max on One Day At A Time, a major love interest for Penelope. She is really adorable with him and acts like a high school girl with a crush, which is so sweet to watch.

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The best part about Max is that he cares about Penelope and knows that she takes anti-depressants, and he’s compassionate about everything that she has been going through. When it comes to his MBTI, he would be an ISTP or “Logical Pragmatist.” He knows that people face hard times, especially since his job is a paramedic, and the reason why he and Penelope split up is that he dreams of starting a family someday. The official description of ISTPs is that they “can remain calm while managing a crisis” which sounds just like Max. Penelope definitely sees him as a strong person to lean on.

8 Victor: INFP

James Martinez plays Victor, Penelope’s ex-husband and the father of her children. Deadbeat dads are a staple of sitcoms and other TV shows, and Victor could fall into that category, too. Things are a bit more complicated, though, because he has a drug addiction because of everything that he has experienced in Afghanistan.

Victor is portrayed as a stubborn person who insists on staying in Afghanistan, and it seems like he really refused to make things work with Penelope and his family. His MBTI would be INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” INFPs are “sensitive” and “complex” and when they are in a tough situation “they may tend to become cynical, aggressive, and prone to acute self-doubt.” That sounds like Victor, who turns to substances when he’s struggling.

7 Lori: ESFP

Lori (Fiona Gubelmann) is the most light-hearted character on the show. She works in Penelope’s office and we don’t know a ton about her. What we do know is that she isn’t super intelligent.

6 Dr. Leslie Berkowitz: INTP

Dr. Leslie Berkowitz (Stephen Tobolowsky) is the doctor at the office where Penelope works, and he’s a staple of the show since he hangs out with the family on a regular basis. He’s a nice person who is a bit awkward (but that’s part of the humor, of course) and he’s in love with Penelope’s mom Lydia which doesn’t work out for him.

His MBTI is INTP or “Objective Analyst.” He’s one of those people who is awesome at his job since he’s a doctor and that’s a big deal, but when it comes to his social and personal life, well, that’s a struggle. INTPs are “cognitive” and “reserved.” They don’t like being the center of attention and “can be tolerant of a wide range of behaviors of those around them.” That describes how he deals with his daughter who walks all over him.

5 Schneider: ESFP

Schneider is played by Todd Grinnell and he’s such a wonderful part of the show. He’s hilarious and kind and is really there for Penelope and the gang. He basically wishes that he could live in Penelope’s apartment and drops by all the time, and he sometimes even acts like he’s part of the fam, too.

Schneider may be the landlord but he’s fairly immature and silly. He is also portrayed as a bit of a ladies’ man (or at least he wants to be).

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His MBTI is, like Lori, ESFP. He really likes socializing and it’s clear that staying in his apartment by himself isn’t his jam. ESFPs don’t like “not being appreciated for the help I give” which is definitely him as well. He wants the family to love and respect him.

4 Alex Alvarez: ISFJ

Penelope’s son Alex (Marcel Ruiz) is so cute and funny, but he is a truly remarkable person. Although he is so young, he seems to be wise beyond his years and he really gets what is important in life. He adores his older sister, Elena, and he really respects her.

Alex’s MBTI is ISFJ or “Practical Helper.” He is “kind” and “patient” and “thoughtful of others” just like the official description says. Sure, he wants to be liked just like any other kid does, but he’s really caring toward his family.

3 Elena Alvarez: INFP

Elena (Isabella Gomez) couldn’t be anything but an INFP or “Thoughtful Idealist.” She is an idealist since has strong ideas about the way that things should look. She wants respect and rights for everyone no matter what and she is portrayed as a really intelligent teenage girl.

She is a real “individual” which is another one of the descriptions, along with being someone who would prefer not to hear any negative comments from other people. She is brave and comes out to her family, and she cares about many social issues, too.

2 Lydia Riera: ENTP

Lydia, played by Rita Moreno, is an amazing character. Funny, strong-willed, and with a massive heart, she takes care of her family with such flair. In one opening scene, she has her morning routine down pat and sings while getting breakfast ready for the family.

Lydia is an ENTP or “Enterprising Explorer.” These are MBTIs who find being alone stressful along with “too many details.” She is “lively” and “independent” and wants to do things her way which is so much fun for viewers to tune into. While she enjoys living with her family and being with them all the time, she wants to make sure that she’s living her own life, too.

1 Penelope Alvarez: ENFJ

Penelope is one of the best TV moms, and her MBTI is ENFJ or “Compassionate Facilitator.” The official description sounds just like her: “As leaders, they tend to be adept at building consensus and inspiring others.” That is exactly what she does with her family.

When ENFJs are having a hard time, they will feel bad about themselves, which Penelope can definitely do. She has many personal struggles, but in the end, she’s an amazing mother and she is doing her best.

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