The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Travelers Characters

Travelers is an exciting and interesting Netflix show about, well, travelers – consciousnesses sent back in time to host bodies. These people are also working to save humanity, but they come into these existing worlds, taking over lives filled with spouses, fights, babies, homework, addictions, health issues and more.

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And MBTI is the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, with differing psychological preferences. There are different categories, and based on personalities, behaviors and other traits, people can be sorted into these MBTI groups. Of course, there is more to humans that just these identifiers – but most people will identify with one group over the rest.

How would the characters of Travelers be sorted…?

10 Grant MacLaren – ENFJ

Grant MacLaren is an ENFJ. He is responsive and responsible. He knows what will motivate people. He can find potential in any circumstance and in any person. That is a big part of his job – helping others fulfill their potential and acting as catalysts for growth. As fans watch Grant deal with his Travelers and with Kathryn, they see that he can be a loyal and kind friend and husband (since, like all of these others, his host had a life before all of this) but that his leadership position is the most important thing to him in his life.

9 Carly Shannon – ESTJ

The next Traveler, Carly Shannon, seems most like an ESTJ, since she is practical, realistic and decisive. Her personality helps her move quickly to implement strategies and organize projects, which all quite handy for the team tactician. Whether Carly is working or dealing with issues at home, she is focused on getting results in the most efficient way possible, showing off skills relating to routine details, logical standards and systematic flows. She also does not take anything from anyone, so she can sometimes be forceful in implementing her plans and is a fiesty, smart and bold leader.

8 Trevor Holden – ENFP

It can be hard to place someone inside just one of these categories, but Trevor Holden seems like an ENFP. His host is a popular jock, and his role is the team engineer.

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Therefore, he has these fun and warm traits combined with these practical and efficient ones. Through it all and for the most part, Trevor is enthusiastic, supportive and flexible. He can make connections between events and information very quickly and confidently, which also makes him good at improvising. Trevor is also a caring individual who shows consideration in many different moments and episodes, which is refreshing.

7 Philip Pearson – INTJ

As an INTJ, Philip Pearson has an original minds, with a unique personality and style. As the team historian, he can quickly see patterns in events and develop explanatory perspectives that help the Travelers. He is organized and can get his job done… even with his issues, weaknesses and struggles in life. Philip can also be sort of skeptical, because he is an independent guy with that sort of bad boy, no-nonsense, all-I-need-is-me thing going on (within himself and within his host). When he does trust someone, though, he is there for them and will slowly open up to them, too.

6 Marcy Warton – INTP

An INTP, like Marcy here, is more interested in ideas than in social interaction. These people are quiet and contained, focused, logical and analytical. Since Marcy is a medical professional and since she is dealing with some really abstract things, as a Traveler, these traits seem to be quite helpful. However, as someone who already had a life and then had a love interest, being this skeptical and critical means that Marcy can come across as sort of cold and uncaring. She is in a unique position, but a viewer can’t help but feel sorry for David, which brings about the next point…

5 David Mailer – ISFP

David Mailer is also an introvert, as he is quiet and a little awkward at times but super kind and caring. As an ISFP, he likes to have his own space and time, but when it comes to duties – like his work and his relationships – he is loyal and committed.

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David has a sensitive personality, one that doesn’t like disagreements or conflicts, so he would never force his opinions on anyone. However, he could only take so many secrets and mysteries from Marcy and the other Travelers, so he does have limits – yet remains so sweet and patient!

4 Grace Day – ENTP

Grace Day is stimulating, alert, outspoken – an ENTP! Her quick ways make her resourceful in solving challenging problems (whether she is guiding students at school or helping the Travelers), as she is analytical and good at reading other people. Her energy makes her get bored by routine, which is good, we suppose, since on this television series, anything can happen at anytime. Grace definitely adds some zest to things, whether anyone else wants to hear what she has to say or not. She means well, though, as a guidance counselor and as a counselor of sort to those around her as a Traveler.

3 Kathryn Maclaren – ESFJ

As an ESFJ, Kathryn Maclaren is warmhearted and cooperative. She works with determination to have a happy and harmonious life. She enjoys being organized and keep things orderly. She is loyal and considerate, noticing what others need in their day-by-day lives and trying to provide it. Along those same lines, she wants to be appreciated for all of this… yet she is with a Traveler! Grant’s body is a host, so this disconnect caused even more issues for this couple. When she needs to, Kathryn is not afraid to speak up and say what she is needing in life and in her relationship.

2 Jeff Conniker – ESTP

Not everyone will show off every trait when it comes to MBTI, but out of all of them, Jeff Conniker seems like an ESTP. He always wants immediate results. He does not care about theories or long explanations.

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He is always energetically living (whether he is on the job or with Carly), focusing on the here-and-now and acting spontaneously, without really thinking everything through all the time. These types can often be found being active with others and learning through doing, which we suppose Jeff did… He just did some other, bigger, not-so-great things, as well.

1 The Director – ENTJ

And then there is The Director, an ENTJ. People in this category are frank, decisive leaders, which certainly sounds like this unique character. ENTJs can quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies and then can come up with detailed solutions. They enjoy planning, are well-informed and serve as educators of sorts, passing along information and strategies. However, they can also be forceful when presenting their ideas, as they are logical beings who just want efficiency seen in everything, all the time. Although The Director is a complex entity, these traits all sound like a fit here!

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