The Office: 10 Hilarious Dunder Mifflin Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

The Office has a creative bunch of fans who never seem to run out of commentary on the show. They know exactly what it takes to be a lifelong Dunder Mifflin man or woman. These memes prove that the company’s culture has made an impact and isn’t going away anytime soon. Plus, with a ton of familiar Dunder Mifflin faces gracing this year’s most famous Super Bowl ads, the hype behind Pennsylvania’s favorite paper company will seemingly continue forever!

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10 Dunder Bowl

For many people, the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl. This year, the biggest game in the NFL featured some amazing ads. Fans of The Office couldn’t help but notice some familiar faces among the celebrity endorsements. John Krasinski showcased his Massachusettes upbringing with other local celebrities like Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans. They lay on thick Boston accents to talk about the latest features of the Hyundai Sonata. Rain Wilson moves on from sheets of paper to run a sliced bread company. Paul Lieberstein evokes Toby Flenderson in an ad that begs SuperBowl fans not to call out of work the day after the Super Bowl.

9 Street Smarts

Michael Scott isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for his employees. He’s willing to delve into the depths of himself and shares traumatic memories, even if he has to make them up. “Prison Mike” is one of the many delightful characters Mike insensitively created to inspire his team.

He has all of the skills needed to sell paper as well as street smarts. In this case, Street Fighter smarts. Here, we see Prison Mike mashed up with Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Both characters seek to become stronger by facing many opponents. For Mike, the opponent is usually himself.

8 Feel The Hate

If Monday were a person, it would be Toby Flenderson. For reasons that only esoterically make sense, he’s the most hated member of Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s staff.

We don’t know why we hate Toby—we just do. Michael claims it’s because of his position in HR. Considering his relationship with Holly Flax, that seems like a flimsy excuse. Unfortunately, Michael Scott’s near god-like power at the office does not extend to firing corporate employees. Toby may be as welcome as someone burning popcorn in the office microwave, but there’s nothing anyone can do to get rid of him.

7 Self Awareness

Kate Flannery nailed her role on The Office. Her character is meant to be a little bit gross and off-putting. It’s a difficult task for a beautiful woman like Kate, but she manages to give us all the creeps. Even her kid is kind of a jerk.

In this post, Kate calls back to her days at Dunder Mifflin in a relatable way. We all exist in one of two states. Our ideal selves with brushed teeth and clean tee shirts appear in selfies and flood our Instagram feeds. The staff at the gas station down the road know us all differently. Just like everyone else, there is a raw and polished version of Kate. Perhaps she sees Meredith as an expression of her inner slob. We’ve all been there, Kate. Everyone has a Thursday at Walmart look.

6 The Callback Kid

Inside jokes are the primary language spoken by all employees of Dunder Mifflin. Every episode of The Office is rife with callback humor. The writers kept these self-referential moments from making the show stale by letting each joke mature and evolve as the seasons went on.

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When we first meet Ryan, he’s an awkward business school student who sets the microwave on fire. He somehow manages to convince corporate to give him a high-paying role in New York, but, with great power comes great responsibility. Ryan cracked under pressure and committed a blue-collar crime. He was fired and yet still managed to keep a place within Dunder Mifflin.

5 Relatable

One of the many reasons that The Office is as enduring as it is is that every Dunder Mifflin Scranton employee is relatable. We’ve all had Kevin days. We’ve all had an Andy freak-out.

In this meme, Stanley Hudson does what he does best: he fled his desk at maximum Stanley speed to investigate snacks and jump in the pretzel line more than once. We have all had a day at work that could only be saved by a break room cake.

4 Ding!

Every Dunder Mifflin Scranton employee knows that Jim is the closest thing to an adult that they have. When Michael and Dwight team up to create mayhem, Jim finds a clever way to mitigate the risk. He’s the puppet master behind the scenes.

Jim’s control over the office isn’t always covert. In the case of conditioning Dwight, it’s pretty on the nose. Jim spent weeks offering Dwight a mint every time an alert sound played on his pc. After a while, Dwight would hear the sound and immediately expect a refreshing candy. It’s a work of art on Jim’s part.

3 Motivation Monday

Many companies have caught on to just how powerful The Office is. It’s been referenced in plenty of snarky marketing campaigns. eShipper understands the power of a synergistic manager. A great leader can rally his team to accomplish almost anything.

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Unfortunately for Dundr Mifflin Scranton, Michael Scott is not that manager. He does at least know how to throw a great quote on the meeting room whiteboard. The grammatical rules of attribution are a bit confusing, though.

2 The Schrute

There are some iconic symbols of life at Dunder Mifflin. Michael’s inappropriate catchphrase “that’s what she said” is one of them. There’s Jim’s deadpan looks to the camera and Kevin’s infectious giggle. Perhaps one of the least appreciated is the Schrute smirk. Dwight is a serious guy who rarely lets loose. On the rare occasion that he does show amusement or satisfaction, the audience is treated to this chilling little grin.

1 Same

Kevin Malone takes far more heat than he deserves. He’s a lovable guy who just needs a little support. The show spends so much time picking on Kevin that a major detail about his character is often overlooked. Kevin may be the butt of a lot of office jokes, but he’s also one of the most relatable characters to the viewers. Kevin is free. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s living his best life. Only a truly liberated man would sneak off at a party to eat pigs in a blanket, in a blanket.

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