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Jim and Dwight may have had one of the most tension-filled relationships on The Office, but deep down, there was still friendship and camaraderie rooted there. Throughout the series, we saw Jim time and time again pull hilarious pranks on Dwight. At first, it was because of his dislike for Dwight.

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Eventually, it was more about having fun and messing with his coworker who, over time, became an actual friend to him. With so many comical pranks to choose from, it’s difficult to pick the very best of the best, but we have narrowed it down to the perfect ranking of the top 10 pranks Jim ever pulled on Dwight.

10 The Classic Stapler In Jello Prank

This was the very first prank we ever saw Jim pull on Dwight, and it became an instant classic. Dwight angrily pulls a plate of jello out of his drawer with his stapler seen through in the mold and immediately accuses Jim of being behind it. The best part had to be when Jim asked how he knew it was him…while eating jello.

It was such a typical hilarious moment between the two sparring co-workers and became an iconic moment in The Office history. While it was clear this was not the first prank Jim had pulled on Dwight, it was the first audiences got to witness, and it was honestly a great start to their tense relationship.

9 Don’t Open Until Christmas…

One year for the Christmas episode, Jim pulled out all of the stops in this prank on Dwight. When Dwight first enters, it looks as though Jim has gone through the trouble of literally wrapping all of his belongings and his desk and chair so that Dwight would have to unwrap it all.

Little did he know, or we know, that everything was actually made out of cardboard and then wrapped in wrapping paper. So, when Dwight went to sit down and put his stuff on his desk, everything fell apart, and Dwight promptly fell on his butt. It was honestly one of the show’s funniest moments.

8 When Steve Was Posing As Jim

Jim Halpert is nothing if not dedicated to his pranks. He tends to make them as elaborate as possible, so the payoff is that much sweeter. This is precisely what happens when Jim has his actor friend, Steve, pretend to be Jim.

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The best part was Steve was a different ethnicity than Jim, but everyone was pretending that Steve was Jim the entire time and that Dwight just hadn’t noticed. Steve not only pretended to be him but knew everything about him and even posed in a family portrait with Pam and their two children to make it even more believable.

7 Convincing Dwight He Was Turning Into A Vampire

Back in season 3, there was a bat loose in the office. People were terrified that it had rabies and were trying to shield themselves from the untamed animal. Unsurprisingly, Jim saw this as yet another opportunity to mess with Dwight.

He pretended that the bat had bitten him when it was loose and started exhibiting signs of vampirism. The lights were too bright, Angela’s crucifix necklace was blinding him, the garlic toast Karen was eating burned him when he touched it, and so on and so forth. It was so believable to Dwight that he was genuinely concerned he had become a vampire. It was pure genius.

6 Selling Him His Magic Beans

Jim always had a way of pranking Dwight in sly ways that often left Dwight being extremely gullible to whatever Jim’s next tricky plan was. So when the office was having a garage sale of sorts in season 7, Jim had magic “legumes” he ended up trading Dwight for a $150 telescope.

They were called “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes”, to be exact, and Jim acted as though he was afraid of them, even going so far as to destroy them only to have them “reappear” later on. It was a comical way to get the better item at the garage sale without Dwight realizing he had been hustled.

5 Telling Him The Benjamin Franklin Impersonator Was The Real Man

It was already hilarious enough when instead of hiring a male stripper for the ladies of the office, Jim hired an educational Benjamin Franklin impersonator to speak to them. To take matters further, he convinces Dwight that the impersonator is the actual Benjamin Franklin.

Dwight wasn’t fully believing this but believed he was the historical figure enough to not let it go. He continuously quizzed Ben Franklin on historical facts about his life to try and prove he wasn’t the real thing, but of course, the impersonator knew everything there was to know about the man, making it impossible for Dwight to be sure it wasn’t actually him.

4 Jim’s Pavlov Experiment On Dwight

In this prank, Jim used a scientific experiment to pull another one over on Dwight. Much like Pavlov, he conditioned Dwight to need a mint every time he heard Jim’s computer begin to boot up.

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In the original experiment, Pavlov did this with dogs, causing them to salivate whenever a bell rang because they associated it with when they ate. By the end of Jim’s experiment, Dwight was holding out his hand for a mint when he heard the computer, without Jim even offering an Altoid to him. It proved that his experiment worked and made Jim delightfully happy that he got the best of Dwight once again.

3 Jim Being William M. Buttlicker

When Jim and Dwight both received negative customer reviews one year, Michael decided to work with them on their sales techniques together in the conference room. Dwight pretended he was on a sales call with Jim posing as the customer. Jim quickly turned the tables on him, taking on the persona of “William M. Buttlicker” and becoming angry with Dwight.

He described him as all of the negative descriptors Dwight had received on his reviews. The best part of this had to be when Dwight yelled into the phone, “BUTTLICKER, OUR PRICES HAVE NEVER BEEN LOWER!” in response to Jim’s fake persona’s hearing impairment.

2 “Identity Theft Is Not A Joke, Jim.”

When Jim stumbled across an exact replica of the glasses Dwight wears on a regular basis, an idea started to form in his brain. He decided to replicate Dwight’s entire outfit, which wasn’t difficult to do, and went into work taking on the behaviors and style of speaking that Dwight has.

It immediately angered Dwight, telling him, “Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!” Ending the scene with both the real Dwight and Jim’s fake Dwight going to Michael’s office, yelling, “Michael!” only made it that much better.

1 Calling Michael To Be Dwight’s “Best Mensch”

Jim had taken on the role of Dwight’s “best mensch” or best man for his wedding to Angela in the finale, but he decided to take his history of pranking his friend and doing something good with it this time. He told Dwight he couldn’t be his best mensch because the best mensch was supposed to be older than the groom.

It’s revealed that he had called Michael to come be his best mensch instead and even said it was his “best prank ever.” As much as we love the hilarity that Jim’s pranks caused, we also love the sentimentality behind this incredible gesture for Dwight.

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