The Perfection Trailer: Netflix’s Horror Film Looks Super Creepy

Netflix releases the trailer for The Perfection. Directed by Richard Shepard, the horror thriller stars Get Out actress Allison Williams. From 2012 to 2017, the pair collaborated on Lena Dunham’s Girls, as Shepard directed 12 episodes of the HBO series. Last September, The Perfection premiered at Fantastic Fest and was then acquired by Netflix. 

In The Perfection, Williams stars as a musical prodigy named Charlotte. The narrative takes a dark turn when Charlotte confronts the new star musician at her former school (Dear White People’s Logan Browning as Elizabeth). Co-written by Shepard, The Perfection features a score by Austrian musician Paul Haslinger (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter) and cinematography by Vanja Cernjul (Crazy Rich Asians, The Deuce). In supporting roles, The Perfection features Steven Weber (NCIS: New Orleans) and Alaina Huffman (Smallville). Netflix describes The Perfection as “overflowing with dizzying horror and sly dark humor.”

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Netflix released The Perfection’s chilling trailer. Early on, a sense of chaos is established as Charlotte and Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) walk outdoors, with the latter exclaiming “What is happening to me?” In the non-interrupted, 25-second opening shot, Elizabeth progressively breaks down as something pulsates within her right arm. From there, The Perfection trailer cuts to various violin shots, with brief snippets of music contrasting subsequent shots of a smiling Charlotte. Audio from the opening sequence plays throughout The Perfection trailer, and the additional layers of sound design suggest that Charlotte is behind the psychological warfare, especially when she wields a giant meat cleaver. Through slick editing transitions, rapid cuts, and frantic sound design, The Perfection trailer is purely Hitchcockian by mostly suggesting violence and gore. The clip ends with a shot of Charlotte looking vulnerable, followed by a blood red title card. Check out The Perfection trailer and poster below.

While Shepard is mostly known for directing classic Girls episodes, he’s also directed several feature films. Most recently, Shepard helmed the 2013 black comedy Dom Hemingway, starring Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, and Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke. As for Williams, The Perfection marks her second feature film after the aforementioned Get Out, in which she played the mysterious girlfriend of the film’s protagonist, portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya. Directed by Jordan Peele, Get Out became a cultural sensation for its sociopolitical themes and psychological horror, with Williams playing a crucial role in the narrative. 

Based on The Perfection’s trailer, there seems to be a touch of Get Out in Shephard’s film. The clip features themes of envy and competition, along with a white character trying to psychologically destroy a black character. In addition, the visual style is similar to Peele’s new film Us. But perhaps the similarities are merely a way to create some extra buzz for The Perfection, as it does indeed appear to be genuinely terrifying. If the film itself carries the same suspense as the trailer, then The Perfection will surely be a spring hit for Netflix.

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The Perfection will release May 24 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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