The Romanoffs Trailer Teases Eight Stories & Decades Of Emotional Baggage

Amazon’s new series The Romanoffs is less than a month away, but the marketing campaign is just getting started with a new promo that promises the series will feature eight original stories full of emotional baggage. The series isn’t just a star-studded affair, with a cast that includes the likes of Isabelle Huppert, Corey Stoll, Aaron Eckhart, Amanda Peet and more, it also marks Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s return to television since since his acclaimed ‘60s-set series ended its run in 2015. 

Since Weiner is behind the new series, it’s no surprise to see familiar faces like Christina Hendricks and John Slattery in the new promo. They appear briefly along with a few quick glimpses at some others in the huge cast, such as Andrew Rannells, Diane Lane, and, as seen in a funny out-of-context scene, Kerry Bishé and Noah Wyle, who are taking shots with a very formally dressed gentleman being asked not to toss his shot glass over his shoulder after taking a drink. 

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In all, the new promo seems to be selling the new series more on its tone than on the enormous cast. Previous trailers have focused on the sheer amount of star power Weiner has at his disposal, and while that’s certainly going to garner plenty of attention, it’s also a positive sign that The Romanoffs has more up its sleeve than a laundry list of familiar faces. Take a look at the promo below:

So far, Amazon’s marketing for the series has been an interesting thing to watch. The Romanoffs isn’t exactly an easy sell, since its an anthology whose first season consists of eight original stories following around different groups of characters. The only thing connecting these otherwise disparate stories is that they each have a character (or characters) convinced they are descended from the Romanov royal family. Again, not exactly an easy concept to sell, but given the talent behind it, The Romanoffs is nevertheless one of Amazon’s most anticipated new series this fall. 

Perhaps because it’s a shorter season than the usual 10- or 12-episode series, The Romanoffs won’t be a binge-watch, but rather, after a two-episode premiere, the series will be delivered in weekly installments. That could be an attempt by Amazon to encourage a lengthier conversation around the series, but it could also be because that’s the way Weiner wanted it done. The Emmy-winner was notoriously secretive and weary of spoilers with regard to the storylines in Mad Men, so it comes as no surprise that his new series will likely be just as ambiguous about what’s around the corner with each new episode. 

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The Romanoffs premieres Friday, October 12 on Amazon Prime Video. 

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