The Room Now Available to Watch Online on Tommy Wiseau’s YouTube

Tommy Wiseau is best known for writing, directing, and staring in the cult hit film The Room, which is now, oddly, available to watch in its entirety for free on YouTube. Wiseau isn’t a stranger to doing inexplicable, very un-Hollywood things, though – in fact, his whole career is based upon it.

The film itself is a nonsensical story following a man, Johnny (played by Wiseau) whose fiancée, Lisa, sleeps with his best friend, Mark. It’s widely regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, so much so that it slides into the “so bad it’s good” category, which caused a re-circulation of it for years after. The mystery behind the creator himself and the making of the film was so intriguing that it led to a film of its own: The Disaster Artist, in which James Franco plays Wiseau, and shows the creator in a way no one had ever seen him before.

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Wiseau’s YouTube account, which is unverified technically but seems legitimate, includes several videos, including one brand new one: The film itself, all 99 minutes of it. It’s unlisted, but there’s an additional copy of it, uploaded on September 12, that is listed, under the title The Room Press Screener. So what could have prompted Wiseau to upload his most popular movie for all the world to see?

Likely not coincidentally, Wiseau has also shared on his channel a trailer to his more recent film, Best F(r)iends. Maybe, Tommy is simply re-promoting his work, as there are always screenings on the horizon. Wiseau has other projects in the works too, some of which are related to The Room, so perhaps he’s just looking to reignite some interest in the property.

Wiseau’s enthusiasm for keeping his signature film alive is admirable. When he previously spoke with Screen Rant, Wiseau remarked on how The Disaster Artist had been “beneficial” for The Room, saying, “I noticed in the past few years this very positive response from the media, etc – and I like it.” Wiseau has also expressed a desire to adapt The Room into different formats, including 3D and on Broadway. Considering his proclivity for out-there choices, it’s hard to determine exactly why Wiseau would choose to make the film available for mass audiences to consume anytime, anywhere for free. But we’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth: It seems like now is as good of a time as any for another viewing of this ridiculous cult hit.

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