THE SCORPION KING 5 Official Trailer (2018) Book of Souls, Action Movie HD

THE SCORPION KING 5 Official Trailer (2018) Book of Souls, Action Movie HD
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30 replies
  1. L Shadow177
    L Shadow177 says:

    Ok so my chronological order for the scorpion king movies probably go like this: the scorpion king 2 rise of a warrior, the scorpion king, the scorpion king 4 quest for power, and the scorpion king 3 battle for redemption but i dont see how the scorpion king book of souls fits in the timeline cause its not showing a number 5 saying its a continuation so this might be a attempt to reboot the scorpion movies in there own way and i call this trash for them doing this trying to reboot or maybe they took another step back and this movie is in like the scorpion king and the book of souls is before the quest for power

  2. DarkLord
    DarkLord says:

    Its like im watching the king of the north or something like that from "the 100" series scorpion king was 1 movie this titles are just parodies for me….

  3. 1990hareth
    1990hareth says:

    the only thing i can said (this is a crime for this industry WTF)
    they fucked up this movie
    just stole the title to get some views
    i think all the movie was shoot with mobile camera with tripod
    don't wast your time with this Trailer ….

  4. Raffaele
    Raffaele says:

    I remember at the start of the mummy there was a part when scorpion king made a deal with some God who gave him his army (anubis I think) and I have been looking a lot to find the movie where they took that part from but there was no movie….and now they make this stupid movie….waste of time and money, it is just rubbish…

  5. MaximumMadnessStixon
    MaximumMadnessStixon says:

    Honestly… for a silly no-budget, direct-to-video sequel… It's actually not too bad.

    It's cheesy and entertaining, and is probably the best of the Scorpion King sequels. Granted, that's not exactly high praise. But I had fun with it. For something you can watch for free on Netflix, it's worst seeing once. It's made by the same director and studio team that made Tremors 5 and 6, so that kinda tells you the quality to expect. If you thought those movies were fun for what they are (which I did), this is along the same lines.


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