Thor’s Chris Hemsworth Welcomes Deadpool To The Disney & Marvel Family

Chris Hemsworth welcomes Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to the Marvel family after the completion of the Disney-Fox deal. Although there are many facets to Disney’s now official acquisition of Fox’s film and TV assets, the one that has undoubtedly received the most attention (for better or worse) is the reality that Marvel Studios will have access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four for the first time. Marvel has yet to confirm their plans for the characters, but a major reboot is expected.

While this will mean that new versions of Wolverine, Professor X, and more will eventually join the MCU, the fate of Deadpool may not be the same. Recent reports have indicated that Reynolds will continue to play Deadpool in the future, although whether or not it is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen. For his part, Reynolds has already made some Deadpool-style jokes about the deal and they should continue whenever he appears next.

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Now that Deadpool is officially a Disney character, Thor himself is taking time to welcome his fellow superhero to the family. Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who may make his final appearance in the MCU later this year in Avengers: Endgame, took to Instagram to share a fun image of what he says is Deadpool and Thor’s “love child.”

Even though this is just a piece of art shared by Hemsworth, it does go to show how effortlessly Deadpool can slide into the MCU. He may not wear Thor’s helmet or wield a miniature Mjolnir if it does happen, but the Avengers patch on his shoulder doesn’t look too out of place. Deadpool may not actually be accepted as an official member of Earth’s mightiest heroes, but it would not be surprising if Reynolds drew some inspiration from this art and had Deadpool incorporate recognizable MCU gear into his look next time around, even if it was just for a moment.

With Hemsworth helping welcome Reynolds to the Disney family, fans will surely be holding out hope that Thor and Deadpool can possibly cross paths in the future. We don’t yet know exactly what either of their futures are at this point, as Hemsworth could leave Thor behind after Endgame and Disney’s exact plans for Deadpool are still a mystery. This could result in the two characters never getting a chance to meet on screen, so maybe Reynolds’ Deadpool will get a mini Mjolnir of his own to honor him. Since Marvel Studios has only had access to Deadpool and the rest of Fox’s Marvel characters for a few days, it will still take some time before we know for sure what Deadpool’s future is with Disney, but we can only hope it includes a Thor meet up now.

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