Titans: First Look At Nightwing Costume In Season 2 Set Video

Star of DC Universe’s Titans Brenton Thwaites appears to be wearing the Nightwing costume as Dick Grayson in a season 2 set video. Titans season 1 introduced the DC Comics characters most associated with the Teen Titans team: Dick Grayson aka. Robin, Rachel Roth aka. Raven (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan aka. Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Kory Anders aka. Starfire (Anna Diop). While audiences got to learn more about each of the core four characters, Dick’s storyline was arguably more central than others. In Titans season 1, Dick left Batman behind, and eventually burned his Robin costume, but he still had unresolved issues with Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen) that were addressed in the finale and season 2 premiere.

Still, as hinted in the second episode of Titans season 2, titled “Rose,” Dick isn’t ready to leave the costumed superhero life behind, but he’s no longer Robin, as Jason Todd (Curran Walters) has taken that mantle. Fans of the DC Comics have long suspected Titans would show the original Robin’s transition to Nightwing, and that particular storyline was even teased recently by showrunner Greg Walker. Previously, Thwaites himself teased the arrival of the Nightwing costume in Titans season 2, so fan suspicion is undoubtedly warranted. Now, fans may have gotten their first glimpse of the live-action Nightwing costume – albeit accidentally.

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On Instagram, Titans actress Minka Kelly posted a video from the set of season 2 featuring herself, Thwaites and Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl. Check out the video, uploaded to Twitter by Titans Brasil, and a screenshot below. (As of publication, the video is still available to view on Kelly’s Instagram stories.)

Though the video is dark and blurry, since it was filmed on a night shoot delayed by rain, Thwaites can briefly be seen wearing a mask and superhero costume – but it doesn’t look like the Robin suit. Only a portion of the suit’s chest piece can be seen, but it appears to be a bird symbol reminiscent of the one adorning Nightwing’s costume in the comics. The lighting also makes it difficult to discern the colors of Thwaits’ suit, but the bird symbol could be blue, set against the otherwise black costume.

Although Dick evolving into Nightwing, and even Nightwing’s costume, have been teased previously by members of the cast and creative team, this is our first look at Titans‘ take on the DC Comics hero. Of course, it’s not a full – nor official – look at the Titans Nightwing suit, but it does appear to be confirmation the costume will be included in season 2. That makes sense, considering Dick currently doesn’t have a superhero suit but is training up a new Titans team. After all, he’ll need something to wear once they actually return to superheroics, and as he mentioned in “Rose,” the mantle and costume of Robin are already taken.

Still, it remains to be seen when Dick first suits up in the Nightwing costume in Titans season 2, and how he acquires it, whether it’s created for him by Bruce Wayne or comes from somewhere else. With only two episodes released so far, there’s still plenty more to come from Titans season 2. At least now fans know to look forward to the official reveal of Nightwing in Titans this season.

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Titans season 2 continues Friday, September 20 on DC Universe.

Source: Minka Kelly/Instagram (Titans Brasil/Twitter)

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