Todd McFarlane Teases Spawn Movie Announcement Tomorrow

Todd McFarlane has teased his fans once again, saying that a Spawn movie announcement is coming tomorrow. While McFarlane is popular with comic book fans because of his work on Venom, he is probably most known for being the creator of the character Spawn. Created in 1992, Spawn is a hellish antihero who went by the name Albert “Al” Simmons when he was human. Simmons was formerly a United States Marine, before being promoted to a position in the CIA and becoming a skilled operative within a black ops unit.

Simmons is eventually killed by his partner, after the agency discovers that he no longer thinks the CIA’s actions are moral. Because he killed innocent people during his career, Simmons gets sent to hell, only to make a deal and return to Earth as a Hellspawn. Spawn has only made it to the big screen once, in 1997, when Michael Jai White played the character and Mark A.Z. Dippé directed. Spawn’s first movie received mostly negative reviews, but that hasn’t stopped McFarlane from trying to make a second film. McFarlane teased fans ten years ago about a possible Spawn sequel which never came to be, but it now appears that fans will be receiving news about the next Spawn movie from McFarlane himself tomorrow.

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Posting on his Instagram account, McFarlane created a video of him standing next to a costume from the 1997 film to announce the upcoming news. While the video is rather short, McFarlane comments that there will be an announcement coming tomorrow about the progress of the next Spawn film. McFarlane captioned the video, telling people to tune into his Instagram feed tomorrow at 12pm CST to hear what the news is about. His full post can be seen below.

Despite the first film not doing incredibly well in 1997, Spawn has remained a popular comic book character. While a new Spawn movie had been rumored to be happening for several years, a new Spawn animated series could also potentially be in the works after the film releases. Spawn previously had an animated series which ran for two years on HBO, from 1997 to 1999. As for the upcoming film, Jamie Foxx will be playing Spawn and Jeremy Renner has been cast as Twitch Williams – the brains of the detective duo Sam and Twitch.

Even though McFarlane has been talking about another Spawn film for a decade, it actually seems like the film is finally coming together, now that the movie is forming its cast. Blumhouse Productions is set to produce, working with McFarlane to make a low budget superhero movie. Spawn will be McFarlane’s feature film directorial debut, and with his obvious excitement for the project, one can only wonder what the announcement will be tomorrow.

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