TRIPLE FRONTIER Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac Netflix Movie HD

TRIPLE FRONTIER Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac Netflix Movie HD
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41 replies
  1. clint brunke
    clint brunke says:

    I was excited for this about 1min into the trailer… then the trailer kept going… and completely showed baiscly the entire plot of the movie…. word to the wise net flix… if you have ben aflec oscar issac and charlie hunam in your movie , less is more with the trailers. show them show some tense stuff a little action and then leave the audience wanting more so they will actually watch the movie

  2. Patrick Andre
    Patrick Andre says:

    Jesus, the amount of broken English in the comments Juan!

    Ben Affleck sponsoring south East Asians green cards or some shit? He's not that great of an actor, no ones that great if Matt Damon's asshole is your lip balm

  3. Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf
    Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf says:

    Netflix CEO sucks. Release this shit in theaters on the big screen. I’m tired of watching it in my house. Fuckin asshole CEOs think they know everything. Not to mention they can make a fuck ton of money releasing it in theaters. I hope Reed Hastings gets fired when Netflix stock flatlines.

  4. daweller
    daweller says:

    I really really wish that, for whatever reason, movies like this were as popular as comic-book movies are today. But I guess majority rules, and the majority wants a 27th Spiderman reboot /salty

  5. David Ashley
    David Ashley says:

    I fully expected this to be out at the theaters! It's really a shame that this isn't going to be played at a movie theater and I have to watch it on my crappy computer at home! Nonetheless, I'll be there at 11:59 waiting for this shit!


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