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In the series Twilight, the Cullens are seen as a powerful clan due to their intelligence and each member adding their own abilities, vampiric or not, to the mix. The Cullens consist of Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward and recent members since Breaking Dawn including Bella as well as her daughter Renesmee who was born half human-half vampire.

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Some Cullens have spent their long years and sleepless nights studying the piano, or medicine while others have very powerful mental skills that they’ve had to learn to control. Some Cullens have none of the above and are just simply not as smart. Keep reading to see which Cullens we’ve ranked from least to most intelligent.

9 Rosalie 

Rosalie, while intelligent as well, is the lowest in our ranking for a few reasons. Rosalie is quite jealous throughout the movie, showing low emotional control given how long she’s been alive. Unlike her vampire siblings, Rose doesn’t have any abilities either, so she’s not challenging herself mentally like the other Cullens are.

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In Breaking Dawn we see her soft spot for Bella and Edward’s daughter Reenesme which gives her some credit back for the years she spent being unnecessarily mean to Bella. There’s also no mention in the books or movie or her academic performance or skills. The things we do know about Rosalie paint her as a materialistic and quite self-absorbed person.

8 Esme 

Esme Cullen was turned vampire by Carlisle on the brink of death from a suicide attempt. Esme lived a hard life as a human, experiencing abuse in her marriage as well as the loss of a baby. What makes Esme intelligent is her ability to put herself aside for her family and loved ones. Esme has the capability for self-sacrifice and selflessness which in his own way is a superpower. Even in her vampiric life, Esme’s soft and supportive nature is not easy and takes maturity to possess.

7 Emmett

Emmett Cullen is the tough one of the clan. He’s burly and big and strong. Much like Rosalie’s character, he is not written as a technically or conventionally intelligent person. Him and Rosalie together made sense as they were the shallow ones of the clan.

Although, Emmett’s intelligence comes from planning. Emmett has never missed a fight in the series because he is essential to them. He is a good fighter for many reasons, including his strength but also including his ability to understand the other person’s next move or even their weaknesses.

6 Alice 

Alice Cullen is intelligent in the sense that she has a lot of mental skills. Alice has the gift of premonition so she can catch glimpses into the future, she also develops this ability better over time. Although, up until the later movies these were sporadic and came to her instead of her channeling them.

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In the final battle with the Volturi, we can see Alice showing them what would happen if they fight. The whole battle that we see is actually Alice’s vision and didn’t happen. This was to show them that if they were to fight, the Volturi would lose a lot of important lives.

5 Carlisle

Carlisle turned vampire in his mid-20s in the oldest of the Cullens after Esme. He was turned in the 1600s, making him the oldest and most experienced one as well. Part of his intelligence comes from his experience and wisdom.

Carlisle also studied to become a doctor, giving him conventional intelligence. Carlisle also has the gift of self-control. He is able to turn others into vampires and stop himself from consuming their blood and killing them. This type of self-controlled is practiced and skilled, adding another dimension to his intelligence.

4 Jasper 

Jasper was not very focused on in, and especially in the films, he was very undeveloped as a character. In Eclipse, we see a little bit of his past, but other than we don’t know much about Jasper.

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What we do know about Jasper puts him high on our ranking. Jasper can manipulate emotions. For example, he can make someone feel calm if they are angry. He uses this in very detailed and subtle ways to help the intensity of emotions we see throughout the series. In New Moon, he was still new to denying human blood, but by Breaking Dawn he has full control of it. This also shows Jasper’s emotional control and intelligence as well.

3 Bella

Bella’s always been intelligent, even as a human. The books and films both explicitly show that Bella is already smart without the extra heightened senses that come with being a vampire and we can see this amplified after being transformed. Her intelligence and control is seen through her management of her ability to mentally shield all other vampire abilities.

In the final book and the last two parts of the Breaking Dawn, movies is when we learn that Bella has a mental shield. They spend a good chunk of the film trying to teach Bella how to control it and let people into the shield as well as shield other people, which she successfully does in the final battle against the Volturi.

2 Renesmee

Renesmee Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella was born with some interesting abilities that she learned to control very early on. She is able to project memories and feelings through touch.

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Renesmee also has the ability to penetrate shields as well and we can see this through her tactile communication with her mother Bella, which we know has the shield ability. Even though Renesmee is the youngest of the Cullen Clan, she is intelligent beyond her years.

1 Edward 

Edward Cullen is ranked number one on our list for many reasons. The first reason being the obvious, his telepathic abilities. Telepathy is a mental ability in which Edward can see/hear people’s thoughts, excluding his wife Bella. Edward talks about how he’s learned to listen to one specific voice at a time instead of letting a sea of thoughts overwhelm him. This takes a lot of intelligence and skill.

He’s also graduated high school many more times than most people and has talked about how he loves reading in his free time, which we’re sure had made Edward knowledgeable on a plethora of topics. Also, add in the fact that he’s an expert pianist which gives him an extra edge for this ranking.

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