Valiant’s Dr. Mirage Comic Adaptation In The Works At The CW

An adaptation of Dr. Mirage is currently in development at The CW. Created by Bob Layton and Bernard Chang, and published by Valiant Comics, the character debuted in 1993. Hwen Fong served as the original incarnation of the ghost-like superhero. In 2012, however, the character was retconned as female, retaining a similar origin story but embued with vastly different powers. The latter will serve as the basis of the show.

The CW is no stranger to comic book adaptations. It’s currently home to the Arrowverse, which will soon air its third annual crossover and expand to include a Batwoman series. The network is also responsible for bringing to life such graphic novel properties as iZombie and Black Lightning – not to mention the Archie Comics-inspired Riverdale. It has even delved into more animated fare, including Vixen, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, and Constantine: City of Demons.

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According to Deadline, The CW is adding to that extensive list with an adaptation of Dr. Mirage. With Reign co-creator Laurie McCarthy overseeing the script, Dr. Mirage will not connect to any of the other CW shows. An adaptation of the graphic novel was attempted before, by Gary Dauberman (Annabelle). Although McCarthy, who will also serve as executive producer alongside Dan Mintz, will work from the previous script, Dauberman will no longer be involved.

Able to communicate with the souls of the dead, The CW’s version of Dr. Mirage will work as a paranormal investigator. In a cruel twist of fate, however, the one soul she can’t commune with is the one she wants to most – that of her husband. McCarthy has a proven pedigree in such otherworldly and procedural fare, having worked on Ghost Whisperer and CSI: Miami. She has also worked on Felicity and Beverly Hills, 90210, which means her experience with serialized drama and romantic elements is equally noteworthy.

It’s unclear whether the character will prove as diverse as in the comics. Regardless, it’ll be a huge step forward for the network, having a female protagonist existing in a realm usually reserved for men. Apart from Olivia Moore in iZombie, the heroes of comic book, fantasy, and detective shows are generally male. As fans of Supernatural could attest, a female-led show of similar ilk is long overdue when it comes to The CW.

Although the character exists in what’s generally known as The Valiant Universe, it’s doubtful further heroes will show up. After all, Valiant Comics partnered with Sony Pictures to produce multi-film franchise around the most popular of them, including Bloodshot and Harbinger. Then again, given how the likes of Arrow are increasingly allowed to use big screen characters, never say never. Whatever the case, procedural elements crossed with an otherworldly serialized arc should make for an interesting blend. Coupled with a wealth of comic-book material to draw from, The CW could very well have another solid hit on their hands with Dr. Mirage.

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Source: Deadline

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