Venom Blu-ray Featurette Focuses on She-Venom

The Blu-ray release of Venom isn’t for a couple more weeks, but a new featurette has been released online which focuses on She-Venom. While Venom had been adapted in Spider-Man 3 prior to this most recent film, Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Anne Weying (aka She-Venom) was the first time the character has ever been adapted for a live-action film.

Venom was met with mixed reviews from critics, but the film still managed to be a huge box office success. The movie has managed to pass $800 million worldwide, which surpasses Wonder Woman, as well as every film in the X-Men franchise. While Venom continues its box office run, which is getting an extended run in China, the release of the Venom Blu-ray is nearing. Just in time for the holiday season, the Blu-ray will have a number of bonus materials including deleted scenes and featurettes, one of which will partly focus on She-Venom.

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In a new video released by IGN, fans are given a behind-the-scenes look at She-Venom. The featurette includes interviews with director Ruben Fleischer, Williams, and Kevin Smith, who all talk about Anne Weying’s importance in the Venom comic books, as well as the inspirations behind the character for the movie. Smith also talks about how lucky the filmmakers were to get Williams in the role, and that it was a treat to see the character become She-Venom on the big screen. The full video can be seen below.

Since Venom was a huge success for Sony, the door has seemingly been opened for them to adapt several other popular Spider-Man characters. While Tom Holland is currently playing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony is expected to continue their Spider-Man universe by giving characters like Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Nightwatch, Silk, Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Jackpot their own movies. Sony will also be releasing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soon, which is also expected to get its own spin-offs and sequels.

Early reactions to Venom compared the movie to an early millennium superhero flick, but many comic book fans seemed to enjoy the movie. With the mass amount of money Venom has made at the box office, a sequel is inevitable. It’s also a safe assumption that Sony will make even more money when the film gets its home release, especially since the holidays are right around the corner.

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Venom will be available for digital download on December 11, 2018, and on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k UHD on December 18.

Source: IGN

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