Venom Movie Tickets Are Officially On Sale

Tickets for the Venom movie are now available for pre-order. Sony is once again attempting to launch a comic book movie franchise based on the 900 Marvel characters they currently own the rights to. With Spider-Man off in the MCU, Sony is instead turning their attention to several key supporting players. First out of the gate is Venom, who has long been one of Peter Parker’s most famous adversaries. The Venom standalone film marks the character’s second big screen appearance, following Topher Grace’s disappointing turn in Spider-Man 3.

Sony has a lot riding on the success of Venom, as they’re already developing a number of other films for characters like Black Cat and Nightwatch (and a possible crossover with the MCU). The film is only a few weeks away (as of this writing), so the studio has a limited amount of time to get audiences hyped for the anti-hero’s arrival. In the case of many tentpoles, one of the biggest events in promotion is tickets going on sale, and now you can reserve your seats for Venom.

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Fandango’s page for the film has been updated to list showtimes across the country. Fans can now acquire their tickets for both standard and 3D screenings during its opening week, beginning with the advanced showings on Thursday, October 4.

By all accounts, Venom is going to do very well commercially. Projections have it pegged to break the all-time October opening weekend record by grossing anywhere between $60-70 million during its first three days. Of course, where it ultimately ends up will depend greatly on the word-of-mouth, but the early signs are certainly encouraging. And for all the divisiveness of the film’s marketing, viewers seem highly interested in what Venom has to offer. Trailer views eclipsed those of massive hits like Wonder Woman, so it should be able to do well for itself when it opens in theaters.

Sony seems to have positioned Venom nicely to thrive at the box office. Outside of The Predator (which opened this week), there hasn’t been a high-profile franchise entry since Mission: Impossible – Fallout in July. The marketplace will be starved for a tentpole by the time Venom debuts, and the hope is it’ll be able to capitalize on the demand. Additionally, there isn’t much in the way of competition for the comic book adaptation. Many of October’s other releases are critically-acclaimed Oscar contenders (like A Star is Born and First Man), but their target demographic is different from Venom. There won’t be another massive genre picture until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald in November, so Venom could have the multiplex to itself for a while.

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