Warner Bros’ Live-Action Sesame Street Movie Eyes Anne Hathaway To Star

Anne Hathaway could be participating in Warner Bros.’ upcoming live-action Sesame Street movie. Director and producer Shawn Levy will be producing the adaptation. The film will be based on the kid friendly series that first aired back in 1969. Not much is known about the project’s story, but fans can expect familiar characters to feature in the film.

Sesame Street first aired on the PBS network nearly fifty years ago, and has become one of the most successful educational shows for children. The series focuses on Muppet like characters that educate young viewers on a variety of different topics. A few years ago during one of our interviews, we learned that Shawn Levy would be involved with the production. Warner Bros. has also picked Jonathan Krisel to direct the upcoming live-action adventure. Sesame Street has been on the big screen before, with 1985’s Follow That Bird, then again with 1999’s Elmo flick The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. Outside of those two ventures, there have been several TV specials for the beloved series over the years as well.

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According to Collider, Anne Hathaway has been offered a role in the upcoming live-action project. Hathaway has been offered the role of Sally, which is the same name of a character from the series pilot episode. An agreement for the role has not yet been made, as Hathaway is also fielding other offers.

The first draft for Sesame Street was penned by Mike Rosolio, and Chris Galletta offered a revised version. This wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory for Hathaway, since she’s appeared on the televised series before. In the 2007 holiday special Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, she demonstrated her vocal talents, and sang alongside notable characters Big Bird and Snuffy. Hathaway has also appeared in several Warner Bros. pictures lately (most recently Ocean’s 8), so there’s already a bond established with the studio.

With little known about the project, fans can only speculate for now what the film will ultimately be about. Expect characters like Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and several others to be involved. No word has been given in regards to when the picture will begin production, but with offers being made it could be soon. The film is said to be more of a musical piece, so perhaps Hathaway can offer her vocal skills here as well. There have been no other known offers for roles in the film, but expect more to come as production nears.

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