Watch Big Brother Brazil Contestants Find Out About the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Big Brother Brazil contestants had no idea that the coronavirus pandemic was happening, until today. The housemates were united in their fear for the outside world as they heard the news. Below fans can see the Brazillian contestants shock as they hear about the severity of the situation.

Network shows all over the world are being tested by the outbreak of the coronavirus. CBS, Bravo, ABC are among many networks that have had to postpone popular shows such as Survivor, the housewife’s franchise, and The Amazing Race. The entire world is at a standstill trying to figure out the best move to keep one another safe.

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The Big Brother franchise has had a rough couple of days thanks to the pandemic. Recently viewers noted that Big Brother Canada guests had no idea that there was a world virus as the contestants mentioned around their kitchen table that they couldn’t hear the audience as they usually could make out the sounds of people sitting down in their chairs. While in Europe, Big Brother Germany announced that they would be airing a live show that would inform the housemates about the COVID-19 and include messages from their loved ones. Reddit shared that Big Brother Brazil producers had informed their cast of the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus. The guests moved into the stage house in January before the news from Wuhan, China was leaked about the outbreak, so they had no idea what was happening outside of the Big Brother mansion – check out the clip below:

In the clip, which is in Portuguese, the cast was gathered around on the living room couches waiting for the announcement. The roommates are all smiles as the host greets them and said he had an announcement that will be breaking with their protocol telling them that they are in a national emergency due to the Wuhan epicenter of the virus. As the host described what was going on in the outside world some began to cry while others held up their hands in the sign for love. The Big Brother host quickly tells the participants that the situation was not a joke. After the gravity of the situation sank it, the video informed them that their loved ones are doing fine, and a wave of relief washed over their faces. The host then went onto say that certain participants would be able to explain a bit better about symptoms and the healthcare system making it seem as if there was a doctor or two inside the house.

Fans of the franchise called on the reality show to inform their participants as a moral obligation. Many of the Big Brother’s worldwide producers wanted to continue with the information blackout but essentially caved in the end. Fans can also watch as Big Brother Germany tells their cast about the latest news.

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