Watch: Captain Marvel Trailer Set To Destiny’s Child Is Epic

An epic fan edit of Captain Marvel’s latest trailer sets the adventures of Carol Danvers to the hit 2001 Destiny’s Child song “Survivor.” For months now, Marvel fans have been waiting impatiently to see the trailer for what’s almost guaranteed to be the biggest movie of 2019: Avengers 4. That’s despite Marvel Studios never actually announcing a date for the trailer’s arrival. The waiting continues, but last night, fans at least got their second look at footage from Captain Marvel.

The overall response to the trailer has been positive, with many suggesting that Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) looks like a total badass already. Some have criticized the trailer’s lack of explanations surrounding the character’s origin and powers – after all, it’s not like Captain Marvel’s comics were necessarily at the top of the best seller list – and the somewhat generic sounding heroic action music backing it, but those complaints aside, Captain Marvel’s second trailer has brought with it much rejoicing.

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Speaking of the generic music issue, it seems one fan agreed with that criticism so much that she decided to do something about it. Twitter user Gabi (@harleivy) took it upon herself to create a shorter edit of the new trailer, with Captain Marvel’s feats of heroism set to the song “Survivor,” one of the biggest hits to be released by now-defunct pop group Destiny’s Child. The track used is a remixed “epic version” of the title song off Destiny’s Child’s album of the same name. Check the extremely well-done edit out below.

Re-editing movie trailers and/or replacing their soundtracks is of course a long-held tradition online, ever since the early days of YouTube. Admittedly, not all attempts at making such an edit actually work well, but in this case, Gabi’s version of the Captain Marvel trailer is almost too perfect, to the point where most of the comments on her post are some variation of “why did this get me more hyped than Marvel’s actual trailer?” Even more impressive is her claim later on that she whipped the above up in about 20 minutes.

With Captain Marvel’s second trailer now available online, fans will soon return to looking forward to the trailer for Avengers 4, which has recently been rumored to finally drop Wednesday. Other rumors suggest the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home might be on its way soon too, but it’s important to remember that neither Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures – which handles marketing for the MCU’s Spider-Man films – has officially confirmed a timetable for either trailer as of yet.

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