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The unveling of Marvel’s official Infinity Saga trailer was a surprise delight for fans who attended SDCC 2019, and now it’s available online for all to see. The trailer was also shown again at the SIGGRAPH event in Los Angeles later in the month of July. The two minute and thirty-nine second sizzle reel highlights the major events that have shaken the MCU during its first three phases, as well as the emotional fallout that has hit its heroes as a result.

Used as an introduction to highlight the work of SIGGRAPH keynote speaker, Victoria Alonso, who happens to be the Executive Vice President of Production at Marvel Studios, the video is also being touted as a trailer for the Infinity Saga box set, which will feature all 23 films from the MCU pantheon thus far. Such a boxset was of course seen by most as inevitable, following on from the boxsets each MCU phase has received previously.

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Posted on Twitter in its entirety by Anton Volkov, the trailer starts out with the famous ‘clanging’ of Tony Stark’s hammer, as he constructs his first primitive, yet effective, Iron Man suit in the caves of Afghanistan. Stark, famously played to perfection by Robert Downey, Jr., then launches into a monologue about how the Avengers Initiative all began, starting with something pure and exciting, as clips of the original team members at their best fly across the screen. He then talks about moving on to newer things, the video displaying more recent additions to the MCU, such as Winter Soldier, Black Panther, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, and of course, everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. “This is the path I started us on,” Stark proclaims. Check out the full trailer, in all its glory, below.

The trailer goes on to blast through some of the most kick-ass, memorable events of the last eleven years of Marvel movies, with the haunting voice of Paul Bettany’s Vision, also lost during the events of the Infinity War, waxing intellectual about how the Avengers’ very strength itself breeds challenge, conflict, and ultimately catastrophe. The video culminates with Tony Stark’s tear-jerking final act of self-sacrifice, the snap that saved the world. “What a sweet-ass run it’s been,” Stark says in a moment of bittersweet nostalgia. The end of the video displays all the titles of the MCU movies floating together to morph into the logo banner for The Infinity Saga, which is of course a fitting summation of the story of all that’s happened in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, as well as the aforementioned name of the grand box set Marvel will be releasing for purchase at an as-yet undisclosed date.

Word coming out of SDCC suggested just how epic Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga trailer was, and now that it’s made its way out into the world at large, it’s clear that those notices weren’t hyperbolic. Of course, it remains to be seen if the next chapter of the MCU will measure up to what’s come before, or if The Infinity Saga will end up being looked back on by fans as the peak of the franchise. Either way, millions can’t wait to find out.

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Source: Anton Volkov/Twitter

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