WB May Recast Flash, Ezra Miller Writing His Own Script in Attempt to Keep Role

Ezra Miller may be recast as the star of The Flash unless the darker script he’s writing can change Warner Bros. and DC Films’ minds. Miller joined the DC fold a few years back as part of Zack Snyder’s vision for a larger DC universe when he first cameoed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As his role in the world grew, though, plans for a solo movie had trouble settling into place.

The project went through several different directors before Game Night’s John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were hired last year. Despite the promise of their addition, The Flash has not found it any easier to get off the ground. The multiple delays have frustrated those eager to see Miller’s take on Barry Allen given star treatment instead of a supporting role like he had in Justice League. Now, we may know why the film has taken so long to get off the ground, as Miller may be recast in the role.

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The news comes from THR who report that Miller’s days as Barry Allen may be numbered. The star reportedly does not see eye-to-eye with the take that Daley and Goldstein have, which has resulted in him teaming up with comic book writer Grant Morrison to write a new script for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo film. Warner Bros. agreed to let Miller write his own draft of the script that could be done by next week, but if they don’t take to Miller’s script, they will likely recast the role – unless he then agrees to stay on for Daley and Goldstein’s approach.

This last ditch effort by Miller to see his “darker” vision for Flash make it to the big screen will likely force WB to choose if they’d rather have Miller or Daley and Goldstein attached. They are now staring at the possibility of having to recast a third member of their original Justice League lineup, after Ben Affleck left as Batman and Henry Cavill’s days as Superman are reportedly over too. With Miller’s contract hold on The Flash expiring in May, it has put a countdown clock on resolving this matter. They just recast Will Smith’s Deadshot so that Idris Elba can take over the role, so Miller will need to deliver a can’t-miss script if he is going to stay on.

Since Daley and Goldstein’s reported light-hearted approach fits better with their plans for the future, it would appear that a recasting is the most likely outcome here. DC Films president Walter Hamada has not been afraid to stick to his guns and move the DC universe in a particular direction even if it means losing established stars. Since he’s been willing to let Affleck, Cavill, and Smith walk, it is difficult to see Miller being the one who gets his way when everything is said and done. Plus, if they did choose his script, then Daley and Goldstien would likely depart the project themselves.

While one does have to admire Miller’s own passion for the character and the project, this appears to simply be a case of him wanting to take the character one way and the studio looking the other way. With recent reports pointing to a late 2019 start to production on The Flash, it will be much easier for the studio to recast Barry Allen than find new directors who can bring Miller’s script to life. Should the role become available, it will quickly become one of the biggest available gigs for a young actor in the superhero movie landscape.

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Source: THR

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