Wesley Snipes Addresses Bad Behavior Rumors On Blade Trinity

Wesley Snipes has finally addressed reports of his almost legendary bad behaviour on the set of Blade: Trinity. The original Blade is credited with kicking off the modern comic book movie trend and featured Snipes as the titular vampire slayer. The movie had great action, a rich mythology, and perfect casting in Snipes, and the film’s unexpected success led to movies like the original X-Men getting the greenlight.

Snipes returned for Blade II, which was directed by Guillermo del Toro, and some fans would argue the sequel is even better than the original. Sadly, Blade: Trinity would prove a disappointing end to the trilogy; Snipes was visibly bored, the action was lackluster and the addition of new sidekicks – including Ryan Reynolds’ Hannibal King – felt like a transparent attempt to launch a spinoff. The movie was a modest success, but its weak reception essentially killed the series. Blade: Trinity would soon become the stuff of myths with reports of Snipes behavior during filming, including staying in his trailer all the time, ignoring his co-stars and clashing so often with director David Goyer that he’d only communicate with post-it notes – which he’d sign ‘Blade.’

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Snipes himself has never really addressed these reports, but in a new Vice interview, he finally opened up on the subject. Comedian Patton Oswalt – who had a small role in Blade: Trinity – has claimed Snipes stayed in character the entire shoot, which Snipes refutes, stating ‘Once again, I’ll say to you, sir, look at the source of information. I didn’t know Patton Oswalt was a method actor. Would he know the difference?‘ The actor also denied he mostly stayed in his trailer with a succinct ‘False.’ Snipes doesn’t quite refute the infamous post-it note rumors, however.

“That may have happened. I wouldn’t say it was frequent. Because our whole crew was banished to another side of the island of production. The only way we could sometimes get messages since we didn’t have the radio, was to get it there by courier or pigeon sometimes [laughs].”

According to other comments from the interview, Snipes was reluctant to commit to a third Blade and feels the blame for the final product was laid at his feet. Apparently, the original idea for Blade: Trinity was a Mad Max-style adventure where Blade would have to fight for mankind in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with vampires. Snipes was said to be on board with this concept, but once the story was changed to Blade vs Dracula, he turned against the project.

While Blade: Trinity isn’t quite as awful as its reputation would suggest, it was a major letdown following the first two movies. The movie is somewhat notable for Reynolds’ quippy performance, which feels like a dry run for Deadpool in some ways. While Trinity ended the series on something of a sour note, Snipes mentioned some potential upcoming Blade projects, so hopefully, he’ll get to redeem the series in the near future.

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